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webcast/art contest in San Francisco with OK GO!

hola comrades!

we played in vancouver last night….it was EPIC (what an incredible crowd) and there is now no doubt that the EVELYN EVELYN tour of the united states of america & canada is going to be historic.

highlights of the night included our drum set falling apart, tora from the danger ensemble coming to call backstage (how i’ve missed her), and (omg real twins) tegan and sara showing up and regarding our twin-like activities with much’s tora and her girlfriend. don’t ask about jason…

and then today, we made a pitstop at jason webley’s house, and then spent time with family and friends, like this little webley:

and now? the nightly catchup.
one of the best parts of my job is the weird RANDOM shit that comes in that i get to discover after a day or week of being disconnected.
sometimes an entire show is rescued because we can rearrange plans just in time. sometimes it’s a band playing some far-off place the same night i’m there with a day off, sometimes it’s an invitation to speak somewhere or do guest vocals on a song, and occasionally the fates align and i get to interact with you, good art gets made, and i can see OK GO and webcast all at the same time.

now is such a time…..


this is me being EXCITED in jason’s parent’s backyard in seattle:

the fine folks at creative allies are swooping me away on my san fran off day next week with for an incredible webcast…
tune in to on monday the 24th at 6pm PST (9pm EST; check HERE for what time it’ll be for you, wherever you are). i’ll be playing live from the campus of ex’pression college for digital arts in emeryville, CA for half an hour and doing a little bit of a q&a, then OK GO are gonna come out and rock your face.

look they’re art.

we love art.

so….(wait, watch me tie this all together)

we’re gonna do an ART CONTEST, and here i turn it over to all y’all art types, and there are many of you.

being that i’m all label-free and on my own now (RA RA RA RA & full blog HERE if you missed it)…
the theme for the artwork? this: a visual representation of Amanda Fucking Palmer being unrestricted, independent, and FREEEEEEEE.

if you will: your interpretation of my emancipation, but through your own artistic vision.

the deadline for this stuff is going to be august 31st, and then i’ll be choosing a winner (which will be announced on or before september 15th). the winner will receive an AFP prize pack, as well as a hand-drawn picture – BY ME – on the back of my setlist from the webcast. who knows, mebbe i can get OK GO to throw paint on it or something, too. they seem kind (i actually played with them a few years ago, they were really nice).

last but not least, creative allies is going to be exhibiting the art — 12 pieces including the winner — in september-october in a gallery in san fran…

click HERE (or the banner below) to sign up for creative allies and for more info.
i’ll be sure and tweet a reminder about the webcast next week.

more tomorrow (mebbe even another fun contest), but for now ima get crackin’ on e-mail and you should get crackin’ on a freedom-art-entry…

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