UkuleleHead is OUT!! WEBCAST PARTY is TODAY @ 6 pm!!!

aloha comrades….

(photo and pineapple art by desi, of course)

the day has come!!!
you can now download the album digitally HERE, for a minimum donation of 84¢.


the physical packages/bundles (photos & info below) are going to be up for sale at THREE O’CLOCK TODAY (boston/NYC time: check your time-zone HERE).

so now you may be asked….what should i do?
i’ll give you some options:

is pay the minimum 84¢ for this record so that i can pay back radiohead (for the cost of their publishing, etc) and paypal, and then DONATE on top.
if you’re kinda poor, donate a dollar. if you’re really rich, donate $100. or $1000. if you’re, like, a gazillionaire, donate $1,000,000,000. if you do that i’ll buy an island for us all to have a party on forever. YAY!!!!!!

is to just download the record for 84¢ and pay no more pay no more.
that way radiohead makes their money on the songs they wrote, i break even, and i get to see how many people have the record. yay!

is download the music for free, have a friend email it to you, or otherwise own it and enjoy it without paying for it.
honestly, that’s no skin off my back. if radiohead doesn’t KNOW (and neither do I) that you’re downloading this music, i don’t have to pay their publishing fee.
and i’d rather you have this music than not have it. so go ahead and take it from the cloud. yay.

is nothing. in this case scenario, you decide that it’s just too much of a pain in the ass to listen to my record AT ALL. please don’t do this. find a way. this record is good. yar.

whether you pay $1,000,000,000 or absolutely nothing for this album, i NEED YOU TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT. YOU. YOU YOU YOU.

i REALLY DO. i have no label. i have no huge promotional machine.
it’s me, sean, beth, hayley and my publicist sending out an email to the magazines and outlets of the world. and i am relying on twitter, this blog and the email i sent out to do EVERYTHING.

you will not read about this record in rolling stone.
you will not see billboards for this album in the subway.
you will not hear these songs on the radio (unless someone at college radio or some other DJ decided to like it and take up the cause, and if you’re a college DJ, help me out for christ’s sake).

i need you to tweet about it, email your friends about, put it on your facebook, and otherwise SPREAD THE WORD.

this is the way we do shit now.

once you donate – TELL PEOPLE.
twitter the link to the record and tell people that you donated. if you feel like it, tell them how much.
if you love the record, tell them that too.

actually, this is a good time to tell you: we will be giving away prize packages all day today to people tweeting about the album using the #UKULELEhead tag on twitter. to make things even more enticing, thanks to the lovely laura vogel who was at the evelyn evelyn NYC run helping out, we have an exclusive version of “high and dry” on solo piano we’ll trade you if you tweet about the record. the piano-cover-of-a-ukulele cover was mentioned HERE in this blog, and a lot of you really wanted a copy…now, here’s your chance. click HERE on instructions for download.

and also…we don’t expect promo to only be on twitter. it shouldn’t be, it’d be great to have it EVERYWHERE! if you have a blog, blog about it.
if you know someone who writes about music, TELL them about it. email them a copy. tell them to spread the word.
if you have a much more creative mind, put it to work. do things.
create a little album shrine with hibiscus flowers surrounding the album in your office cubicle for all to see.
send me pictures.




the preparation is coming along like gangbusters.

i’m working on some gorgeous arrangements of the songs (never to be repeated), and much of the webcast will be sad and lonely, because…
well, the songs are pretty sad and lonely.

but not all will be sombre and depressing.

lee has put all the plants on the top floor on WHEELS.
beth, kayla and hayley showed up last night from new york with LOTS OF HAWAIIAN ATTIRE & DRINK UMBRELLAS.
i have three different coconut bras to choose from.
neil is landing at 5 pm and has promised to wear “a variety” of hawaiian shirts. sounds suspicious.
michael pope gets in tonight from NYC and we’re going to KILL THIS SHIT.
casey and her two sisters showed up form NEW HAMPSHIRE like 15 minutes ago, with popsicles.

beth has a supply of red bull. hayley has a coconut mug. kayla has a lobster hat.

look how ready we fucking are.


have questions ready.



and here, my dears, are the bundle options…..ready for ordering today at 3 pm HERE.

…and now the time has come:
**PLEASE NOTE – because the folks at bandcamp are awesome, ALL of your orders come with a digital copy of the record which includes lyrics & bonus content. you’ll be able to get it in MP3, FLAC, apple lossless, and all sorts of other varieties.**
limited vinyl
* “Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele” limited-edition, numbered, translucent cherry-red vinyl (limited to 1,000)
+ immediate digital download of the album
ukelelehead t-shirt
* printed on super-soft fabric, and available à la carte due to popular demand from YOU: the official UkuleleHead t-shirt, mofos. we’ll have aqua for you double-rainbow-lovin-happy-types, or BLACK for the rest of you.
+ immediate digital download of the album
vinyl + t-shirt + button bundle
you guessed it…
* “Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele” limited-edition, numbered, translucent cherry-red vinyl (limited to 1,000)
* the official UkuleleHead t-shirt
* some UkuleHead BUTTONS
+ immediate digital download of the album
4. THE “KAYLA PAINTED THIS UKULELE” BUNDLE (limited to 50 blue & 50 red ukuleles) – $250
kayla painted this ukelele bundle
click to see: red uke | side detail | back detail
**PLEASE NOTE: because there will be 50 red and 50 blue, you will have a choice of which color you want upon checkout. in the event one color sells out first, it will be marked as such/unavailable for purchase.**
* a one-of-a-kind beautiful mahalo ukulele, hand-painted by artist Kayla Oberlin with an exclusive UkuleleHead design.
* a recording wherein i’ll sing a haiku written by you (or whatever 20-words-or-less-you-choose), accompanied by the magical ukulele (recording will be emailed to you)
* the t-shirt, vinyl, an AFP hurricane glass, a “vintage-ad” poster, a custom ukulele pick, a signed “glamour shot”, a recycled UkuleleHead can-lid magnet, and more!
+ immediate digital download of the album
i painted this fucking ukelele myself bundle
* a mahalo ukulele, hand-painted by me me me, inspired by radiohead lyrics from the record (you can find individual/detail shots of all of the ukuleles in my new blog HERE, and read the making-of blog with photos and video HERE). you’ll be able to see the entire ukulele when the store goes live on tuesday.
* a personal phone/skype call with yours truly, during which i’ll play the UkuleleHead song of your choice, or simply just talk to you about Your Mom.
* a recording wherein i’ll sing a haiku written by you (or whatever 20-words-or-less-you-choose), accompanied by the magical ukulele.
* the t-shirt, vinyl, an AFP hurricane glass, a “vintage-ad” poster, a custom ukulele pick, a signed “glamour shot”, a recycled UkuleleHead can-lid magnet, and more!
+ immediate digital download of the album
amanda and her ukeleles
**PLEASE NOTE: because there will be 6 unique ukuleles up for sale, you will be able to select which design you want upon checkout. when someone grabs a particular design, it’s “SOLD OUT”**
6. THE “TAKE THE iPHONE, LEAVE THE CANOLI BUNDLE” (limited to 3) – $1,000
take the iphone, leave the canoli bundle
* a black 32gig iPhone 3GS (previously owned by my associates at #TeamChaos), accompanied by a DVDR which’ll include tons of UkuleleHead content such as music videos, tons of outtakes from my album-shoot, alternate album art, and more.
* a personal phone/skype call, during which i’ll play the UkuleleHead song of your choice for you, as a private little serenade (note: my repetoire is limited, but we’ll email and i’ll do my best).
* a recording wherein i’ll sing a haiku written by you (or whatever 20-words-or-less-you-choose), accompanied by the magical ukulele.
* the t-shirt, vinyl, an AFP hurricane glass, a “vintage-ad” poster, a custom ukulele pick, a signed “glamour shot”, a recycled UkuleleHead can-lid magnet, and more!
+ immediate digital download of the album 

all of the things you are seeing here were designed by BETH with the photos that DESI took…and everything is going to be shipped from beth’s joint in NYC.
things are available in limited quantities, so please, order TODAY if you want any of the packages or vinyl. we expect them to vanish.
kayla is working on a new ukulele design as we speak and it’s going to be GORGEOUS.


i’ll hopefully see you all tonight at the webcast.





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  • insignifikunt

    I will be up at 5am to order and stay up for the webcast! Woohooo



  • insignifikunt

    p.s. love the earrings.

  • laurieanne

    I only have access to a computer during the day because it’s my room-mate’s and she’s at work so there is no chance to see the webcast as it happens. Wah. Will it be recorded so that we can see it at a later date or time? Please??? Good luck with your merch!


    I’ll probably get one of the kinda fancy bundles when I have more than 5 bucks in my account. Promise.

    I actually get to see the webcast for once. :D

  • Alex_druchii


    (I loved the double rainbow song the other day :P)

    buuut….I payed with a facebook post the piano high & dry song but the file is not right…I can’t uncompress it :'(

    so sad 6 pm in boston is midnight here in barcelona xD I guess I’ll watch the whole broadcast tomorrow morning…:P

    a lot of love for you…you’re great…big…wonderful….double rainbow even….

  • Skyler Corbett

    I tweeted it to @radiohead. Maybe they’ll give you a boost! ;)

  • Kaitlin E

    I am so excited for the vinyl! And to see your lovely face on your webcast tonight~


  • Mel Hughes

    aiming to get a $250 package YAY! can’t want for tomorrow morning.. what a great thing to wake up to.
    also, was that the version of exit music played in australia? it is amazing.

  • Raphael Kabo

    Twote! And I will write about it in our zine. :) Love you Amanda!

  • Kimberley Belton

    I’m heartbroken that I will miss the webcast this afternoon, but I have ALREADY played “Idioteque” about four times on my wee weekly radio show (wee as in I have tens of listeners!), and will play THE ENTIRE ALBUM this weekend. It is perfect since my show (“Aural Improbabilities”) features cover songs.

    And I’m SO TEMPTED by the $250 package, even though I’m fairly broke and can’t really justify it, because it is so so pretty and I love stickers and buttons. Plus recorded haiku. Recorded haiku!! (Would I be able to play that on my radio show as well?)

  • Ryan_Anas

    Congratulations on your Album release!!!!! I’m so excited for you, and my ears!!! And the world! ROCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vasily_A

    damn damn damn why i’m not rich :( no, not like that. why am i so f*cking poor =(
    i really want a painted uke/phonecall thing, but turns out that i don’t even have 84 cents to pay radiohead now. but i just must hear it, so i’m downloading for free now, and i promise to d/l it from your site and donate as much as i can, okay? just for your awesomeness :D
    anyway gonna share the link both on my facebook and :) you prolly should visit that too and post the link, haven’t seen you there for a very long time.
    good luck!

    • Vasily_A

      ok, i found a nice way to promote it. there’s a site,, on which you can just talk to random strangers. there are lots of horny perverts there though, but i met some nice people too. so i’m gonna go there and just tell people to get the album :D

      • Guest

        Great idea. Could also hit up if you’ve got a webcam, might be able to do something visual with the album art(I think there’s a way to freeze an image instead of showing your webcam, third party if not officially) as well. Of course, then you’ll be dealing with visual dicks instead of just textual…

  • David

    None of the pictures of the ukes work…

  • Umbrellasky

    Hello Amanda,

    I really would like to help. I’m not famous and I’m not rich however I am a member of a website/forum called and I have created a thread in the ‘music’ section of the forum asking music lovers for their support. You can find the thread here:

    I hope it helps to spread the word the love and the wonderful sound of your music!

    Long Live The Punk Cabaret!

    Madalaine McCabe
    England, UK

  • Sam D’Arcy

    If I was rich I’d go for one of the awesome uke/phone call options. Damn being a poor, unemployed university student. Instead I shall download the digital and pay you whatever balance is remaining on my credit card right now. From one struggling musician to another :)

  • Wicked demon

    I love you sweety, come back to Colorado so I can get another kiss!

  • Joey O.

    Got the EP ASAP yesterday (and paid more than 84 cents but less than a million dollars) and it’s lovely…”High and Dry” gave me chills.

    BTW, not to shamelessly self-promote but you can definitely hear AFP’s Magical Uke Songs on the Internet Radio: YNot Radio ( played “Creep” yesterday afternoon already. :)

    • Joey O.

      Err, “Fake Plastic Trees,” not “Creep”…

  • Hannah Smith

    I love love LOVE the EP, going to buy the record (I’ve been listening on Bandcamp) and the t-shirt as soon as I can find the money! Thankyou!

  • Elise

    If only I had 1000 dollars to spare!

  • Lisa Vollrath

    Listened for free yesterday (twice), LOVED IT, paid bills this morning, and discovered that YES I had dollars to send, so am now happily listening to my own copy, and sending love and good thoughts in your direction for a Happy Fucking Release Day!

  • karohemd

    I already downloaded it yesterday in the presale for $10 and I will encourage everyone to do the same.
    I absolutely love the cover art! :D

  • rr

    Hey Amanda,
    You mentioned cool radio DJs possibly picking up your cause. You might try the folks over at MPRs The Current, this is right up their alley. They are like college radio DJs, but with an MPR sized listener base.

    Good luck lady!

  • Moonykins

    I am getting a lot of 403-errors, which is making me a sad, sad panda. Fingers crossed they will be working by the time stuff is released! Ah, if only I was rich. Definitely grabbing a t-shirt though <3

    And figure out what your-time 6 PM is in my-time (aka Danishland). Yes. :D

  • Meredith

    How do the Pandora people get ahold of music? I hope this all shows up on my Amanda Palmer station soon… ;) Meanwhile, I have my eagle eye set on one of the red ukeleles…three impatient hours and counting…

  • Tori



  • groovie86

    I also get a 403 error when I twitter and try to download the bonus track :-(

  • melanie

    I want to buy your record and give you $, but I don’t want to use paypal. Can I send some $ to a webgoblin and have some music e-mailed to me? Or is there an alternative to paypal?

  • Chromezombie

    One day I will photography you. And you will be forever apart of my Photography Portfolio and kick off my dream career for doing promo shots of all the artists I love who are unestimated with their Awesomeness.

    I will!

    Now, off to blog about the awesomeness of these packages and your new album and everythingggg.

    ilu AFP.

  • carlos

    fukin great! congrats!

  • feeblemind

    Your 12-year-old self can now be satisfied. This is MORE exciting than Lady Gaga. I’m listening to the digital download as we speak and I LOVE it, and posting messages on my FB wall about it :) oh and tweeted too btw. Congrats and have a great party tonight – it’ll be sleepytime in the Netherlands by then…

  • AmyK

    “The guitar even a woman can play.” LOL. The packages look beautiful, congratulations and good luck to you.

  • PEARL.

    LOL that’s immense

  • Fraulein Kiil

    I am in love with Kayla’s lobster hat

    And congrats on the album – it is absolutely beautiful

  • Kirstin

    Amanda, in the next few days I’m planning on getting your new album, and I’m SO STOKED for it to listen! I promise I’ll donate at least a few dollars from my broke ass so Radiohead won’t own your first born child.
    You rock, sista!
    <3 Kirstin

    p.s. – I was also planning on passing on the news on my blog and facebook account! Hooray for promotion!

  • kjersti

    tweeted that shit!
    and I’ve showed my friends your stuff.
    currently watching that party although it’s one in the morning here (sleepy yay). I like listening to you talk. and I like the coconut bras.

    I am flat out broke and can’t afford to donate even one dollar, but I WILL in a month or two. swear t’god.

  • Heather

    Hi Amanda,
    I’m not sure if you are still taking questions for your “Ask Amanda” segment or not, but I shall ask anyway. I couldn’t get through with the, I think it was, “” so I thought I’d ask here in case you pull questions from here too.

    “Amanda, do you have any tattoos? If so, what are they and what is the story behind them. If you don’t have any, would you ever want to? Conversely, what would you get? Where and why?”

    Thanks for your time, beautiful!
    Much Love,

  • Santnamor2013

    Hi! I am watching you guys on the web´s party! So, it was funny!

    I really liked the songs + the extras (L.Gag* and D.R. song!)

    So about L.Gag*, yes indeed she is childish…at first, I thought she was another pop musician going really huge…and I liked 2 songs from her (the first and the last)…but not long after I wrote it to you, I started to get tired of her…especially when I found out that stupid band that follows her on concerts. L.Gag* is not only childish, but also luxurious, a ridicules fame-seeker, narcissistic (she is really it!) and a dummy! LOL! I think I started to hate her…you just confirmed to me.

    Ok, I also understand what you said about POP music….certainly true…it is technically weak when compared to other music styles…but anyway, I don´t listen to music because I find it technically good…heheh…but simply because I like…I am not a musician…hehe….

    please be careful with this stupid young girl…she is too powerful, controversial, rich and had been offending other artists just today (I saw in the news). She might decide to attack you, and you might not have enough power or help to avoid it… you should not be concerned about the age of your opponent but what guns and skills he carries.

    ps. Today here in my country, I group of christian extremists just raised their voices against L.Gag*…it is funny to see that the extremes attract each other.


  • Foreverwaiting4now

    So when do we know the winners of the prize packages you said you’d give away all day to people tweeting about the album on twitter? #UKULELEhead. I would love to know more about that. And thanks so much for the alternate version of High and Dry. You are much too kind, Amanda. The webcast was amazing….I can now go to bed very happy. Goodnight, lovely Amanda!

    -Aimee Williams

    Oh, and P.S. Please read the comments/notes on your paypal orders. I bought (2) of the shirt packages and I want one of each color but it only let me choose one color upon checkout. So watch out for that. And thanks again for everything!

  • Brandon

    Miss Palmer, I really can not express in words my joy. The heart and soul you put into your craft, the care and time, it’s phenomenal. I love you. You are a true voice. Please don’t ever stop.

  • Luphisto

    Bought the album and wish I could pay more than I did. Also been systematically posting all the forums/blogs I go on.
    Hope you make a killing and the webcast goes swimmingly
    much Love, your fantastic

  • MyNewBikeisBoss!

    Loved the webcast. It wasn’t perfect, but it was honest. That is why we love you!

  • insignifikunt

    The webcast was awesome despite the technical difficulties. THANKS!

  • Bradcryan

    Hey amanda, just wanted to let you know I fucking love this EP, i linked it on my band’s facebook status as well as two other pages for different music projects of mine, and my profile of course.

    One thing i noticed is that your “special thanks to” lists Jason Webley twice, dunno if this was a mistake or you’re just really thankful ;)

    Good luck with sales, I hope you succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

  • Biskat

    Awesome webcast! Loved the coconut bra, brilliant ukeleling (ooh, a verb that should be verbed more often) – and it was lovely of Neil to stand around in the goth Hawaiian shirts! I didn’t join in with the “Never have I ever”s, as I finished my rum early in the night.

    But what happened to ‘no drinking in preparation for Cabaret’? Hope your hangover isn’t too severe today… but if it is, take heart that a lot of fans will be in the same seasickness-inducing boat.

  • EsM

    You may have already seen this, but I thought on the off chance you hadn’t, you’d like to know it exists. The double rainbow cocktail. It made me smile –

  • Peter Bergstrom

    so with about 1500 people tuning in to the webcast party, and the vinyl, the “i painted this my fucking self” Uke’s sold out, and i have no idea what else sold out at this point, maybe the internet sold out as well, How do you feel about this little experiment?
    We may not be millions, but a fairer crowd of wonderful people never did exist as the community around Amanda Fucking Palmer. Cheers and Happiness.

  • kjersti

    just wrote a blog entry about your new album. so there!

  • terrell gibbs

    I love the album!

    terrell gibbs

  • Kaisa Teperi

    I bought your album via Paypal, tried to download the mp3, and then got this error message and no music files. Clicking “starting again” just takes me back to the first page I visited, where once again I get to pick my format, name my price and attempt to check out…

    While I understand that you can’t be anyone’s personal IT support person, I couldn’t find any instructions on what to do on bandcamp. And I thought you might be interested that people aren’t necessarily getting to dl the music they’ve already paid for.

  • wouldyou
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