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the rebellyon. the deal with roadrunner records.


well, goddammit.
it looks like one person’s innocent belly picture:
has turned into a mass movement of belly love.
i love belly love.

someone started an official “Rebellyon” website.
and there are over 300 bellies up at the thread (that is SEVENTY pages long, holy shit) on the shadowbox:

check this:


who’d have thunk it.
this is why i fucking love you guys. i couldn’t have thought this up in a million years. righteous.

a bunch of feminist blogs have posted about this fine phenomenon of belly pride…

and the guardian UK just ran a piece on it…holy shit….

….but some of them got the label story wrong.

so let me clarify, on the record, so shit is straight:
i am still on roadrunner records.

some of you may be curious about how this all works, so i will try to simplify.

in 2003, i signed a contract that bound us together to make 3 records with 4 options
(meaning the label could opt to drop me after each release, but i couldn’t leave of my own free will).

the first record was The Dresden Dolls.
the second record was Yes, Virginia.

they didn’t count No, Virginia against our contract (sad long story).

Who Killed Amanda Palmer was the third.

i had put a solid year of my life and $80,000 of my own savings (that will never be paid back by the label – another long sad story) into this record.

right before the european tour i went to the new york offices of roadrunner to say hi and check in.
my a&r guy (my main contact at the label) sat me down in his office and said he wanted to discuss the “leeds united” video.
he told me that there were certain shots that they wanted to either cut completely or digitally alter to “be more flattering”.

my favorite quote from that meeting:
“i’m a guy, amanda. i understand what people like.”

to which i reply: where have you been for the last five years?
do you have any idea who i am, what band i’ve been in, what kind of music i write, who my fans are….who didn’t send you the memo that i’m not britney spears? i’m not TRYING to look hungry. i’m trying to look HOT. there’s a difference.

the big irony here, like i said before, is that i am totally vain about shit like this.
i will be the first one to run screaming from photos where my fat little belly is rolling over my jeans and taking center stage.
i’ve been mistaken for pregnant so many times. it’s always funny. AND embarrassing. i was born with a fat little belly and i love wine. there’s just no changing things,
unless i want to live on salad. and i love salad, but not all the time. i also like pasta. even when the rest of my body is JACKED, RIPPED and SLAMMIN’,
my fat little belly happily stays in place. it’s just so.
i am used to it. and i have learned to Love the Belly.
still, however proud i may be of it in it’s natural state, it’s still not something i go out of my way to flaunt.
but this video….i mean, look at it. there’s just NOTHING there that anybody could really object to, even by MAINSTREAM standards.
so i was really perplexed. and i told the label i wasn’t changing anything. they backed down.

a few weeks later i had a meeting with the owner of the label. he said he thought it was a shame that someone as smart and talented as me could not make a commercial record that they could sell. and he thinks that someday i’ll see the light and write some better songs.

i told him i made exactly the record i wanted to make.

more than exactly.  i think i’ve made an INCREDIBLE FUCKING record.
i really do.

he shook his head and felt sorry for me.

i feel sorry for them. they are trying to sell pieces of plastic in a digital world.
but they’re barking up the wrong tree if they think they can katy perry or avril lavigne me into the walmarts of the world.
not into it.
never was.
i never wanted to sell millions of records as my primary goal, nor did i want to be a pop star.
i am very fucking happy with what they sneeringly call my “cottage industry” life.

so i think the relationship is rather doomed, from a creative standpoint.

i asked to be dropped a few weeks ago, so i could move forward in freedom.
they refused.
they have until june to decide whether to drop me or not.

let us pray.

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  • sarah

    annnnnd iiiiiiiiiiiii will always love you. xD
    my bellies not up there yet.
    i stained it with blue sharpie couple of weeks ago. it’s not going away, but when it does, you bet you’ll see my FAT belly up there!

  • Emily

    I see my belly up there!

    The whole not liking bellies thing is ridiculous. I’m so glad that you stood up to them, because they’re fuckwits.

  • Tanya

    you are the only singer that has made me feel fine about my belly.
    the label should appreciate you for preventing teen depression.

    i love you, your songs, and your belly. :]

  • ainsley

    i love the rebellyon. i love your strength.
    my belly is the one with the kissy mark on it.

  • Em Wylli

    I’m so proud of you Amanda for standing up to RoadRunner! That’s why I started the official Rebellyon Website. We need to band together and be strong, promote a healthy body image, and keep the Belly Love Alive!!!

    Em Wyllie

  • Jennifer

    Bravo for standing your ground. Bravo for staying true to yourself and your belly.
    Long live Belly Love! Long live your ‘cottage industry’. You are loved and you are appreciated. If RR can’t see that, then to Hell with them.

    (I spent nearly an hour last night on the rebellyion site- it’s truly amazing to see the ‘power of the people’ in action. VERY inspirational.)

  • ashleigh

    Even in Belly, they still believe you’re a worthwhile investment.

    That’s either an insult or a fucked up complement. I hope it works out in your favor.

    I love the fact that you’re a *real* human, not digitally altered. Seeing photos of your pitt fuzz (in the past) made my pitt fuzz stand up and cheer. Thanks for refusing to alter the video, it’s one more step to a world where real bodies and all their shapes can happily exist. (and yes, I run screaming from unflattering photos too… )

  • Jill

    Rock the fuck on, Amanda!

    Your record is amazing, and you are amazing. You are such a role model and a wicked chick. Fuck those record dudes up the butt with their tummy issues.

  • Michael

    So totally ridiculous. The record is great and I don’t know of anyone who has heard it and said, “Wow, that record is lousy!” Just because you’re not raking in the millions over it (or, rather, just because the record industry isn’t raking in millions) hardly makes it a bad album. The problem lies in their marketing and their lack of sense in how to handle you, not in you or the album.

  • lady sparx

    what a load of shit the music industry has turned into.
    and is it any wonder coz of fucktards like that A&R guy, just coz he wants to jerk off at music videos
    it all makes you wana go meh

  • Levi

    fucking contracts… horrible, horrible!

  • Sean

    What assholes!! Write better songs? What the fuck!? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!?!?!? FUCK ROADRUNNER FUCK THEM FUCK THEM FUCK THEM!!!! I’m fucking pissed.

  • Renee

    They won’t drop you because you are the best damn artist on their label. See you tomorrow.

  • reveuse_eternelle

    There’s just not many artists at all who blog and talk with their fans, sign autographs after every show, let their fans in on the “inner workings” of touring and the music industry, autograph stacks and stacks of pre-ordered CDs…why can’t record labels see that? Because they’re too busy focusing on what they think “works.” I know it probably won’t pay the bills, but at least you inspired people being true to yourself. That’s why artists can be immortal.

  • Loo_C

    I LOVE you. I fucking LOVE YOU.

    It’s so amazing to finally have someone who stands up to assholes like that.
    The ReBELLYon is one of the most inspirational and plain awesome things I’ve seen in a long, long time.

    And yes, you have. You have made an INCREDIBLE, AMAZING record.

    Also, I don’t know if you know, but not only has the guardian article been published online, it’s actually running in the print version!

    I just noticed my icing covered belly’s up there! Row 21, first picture on the left.

  • Sally

    Row ten, last picture on the far right. That is my rockin’ belly.

    It’s such a shame the way society functions. Thank god there are people like you, Amanda– strong, intelligent, talented women with integrity and a brain and a will and a smokin’ hot Belly– to fuck with the system. Thank you for doing what you do and standing up and (literally) making your voice heard. Although you may not be “famous”, to the people who do know you– WE know you’re amazing. We know you’re talented and pretty damn good looking too. And we’re inspired by you, Belly or not.

    Hopefully this gets attention and people see the light of how fucked up the industry is. And hopefully, they either see the outpouring of Belly Love and eat their words, or you find the creative freedom and support you deserve.

    Because this whole thing is as much about loving yourself as much as it is about creative freedom and battling the social institutions that perpetuate the unattainable, unhealthy ideas and the pursuit of money over everything else.

    And as for Katy Perry? Who needs kissing girls when you can write brilliant songs about masturbation?

  • big larry

    road runner can lick my fat 4 inch cock.

    • Andy

      I find all this record label sad but fascinating. I’m curious about why No, Virginia didn’t count as a record towards your contract? Also, does your solo record count as Brian’s third record with them, even though he’s not on it?

  • stix

    you are amazing.

  • Charly

    I’m glad you stood up to them. Roadrunner is insane! There’s nothing wrong with the songs you wrote. The songs on the album are freaking fantastic! The lyrics are very good and quite tight on a majority of the songs. I hope they let you go. You deserve better.

  • Gwen

    Your standing up to them, and now so so so many fans standing up to Roadrunner and their treatment is very very cool.
    Also, I feel bad for the owner of Roadrunner–if he can’t see WKAP is a fucking amazing album, he must be blind.

    Bellies united! (:

  • Izzdella

    I hope what you hope….Your record company sounds horrible!
    By the way it will be very cool if you get your freedom..
    Hugs your fan

  • Natalierose

    i’m a guy, amanda. i understand what people like.”

    I burst out laughing when I read this. I think that’s enough of a response.

    i’m not TRYING to look hungry. i’m trying to look HOT. there’s a difference.

    YOU GO, GIRL! You whip his ass into shape!

    Wait, if you made 3 records for them, why do you have to stay? Can you leave in June even if they decide they want to keep you?

    And to the post as a whole: Amanda Fucking Palmer, you are my hero. Sincerely. You inspire love, self-worth, and power. (Not power as in greed and abuse of power, but power as in non-man-hating, feminist ideal power. You encourage the strength in all, regardless of just about anything.)

    And you are fucking sexy, by the way.

  • andee

    I watched the video — and for the life of me I can’t even see what Roadrunner are griping about — I mean, it’s such a stupid non-issue anyway, but really! Sounds to me like they’re grabbing at straws.

    And I predict a smooth transition for you from the label world to the do-it-yourself world.


  • casket4mytears

    What can we do Amanda to get thee bastards to pay you back for the album and drop you? What’s their justification for not paying? If it’s lack of sales they might want to try PROMOTING shit they want to sell. *stabs* And the album is so incredibly viable it hurts. I could pick out a few singles that would do fabulous on alternative stations; why can’t they? UGH!

    And getting you dropped, since that’s what you wish? Shall we email them belly pictures with Free Amanda on them? (You remember the Free Fiona fiasco several years ago, don’t you? It was fabulous. Sony seemed to be shelving Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine disc and fans mailed apple after apple at them. Turned out it was partially Fiona’s choice because of re-records but it definitely promoed the album and told Sony to beware).

    I’m so down to help. Just ask.

  • Cassandra Lee

    You go, girl! Love the Belly, EMBRACE the Belly. We all love the Belly.

    I see my friend Laney’s belly up there :D

  • MistrsEvilKitten

    Write some better songs?! What the hell? Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne could NEVER give me chills and fill me with joy the way your songs do! Your songs are pure talent! In fact, they (Katy and Avril) make me want to vomit with their bending to male whims to be popular. I am so sorry that people could treat you so wrong, because you are far from deserving of it. But hey, as a feminist I get grief as well… People treating me like I’m Satan for wanting to be a good person. Amanda, you help me feel like I’m not alone… “they are trying to sell pieces of plastic” is exactly what I believe because it’s TRUE… But everything is so chaotic and twisted that it’s as if we’re wrong.

    When I met Brian at your last show in AZ I told him to tell you that I admire you SO much for being real and strong and for you to never change… I hope he did tell you that, or that you at least read this.

    “I’m a guy amanda, I understand what people like.” WHAT THE FUCK?! So if you’re a girl, you DON’T?! *hiss* That was SO insulting! That bastard has it all wrong…I’m just amazed that people that you work under can be that far away from your style. Greedy, selfish, unsubstantial bastards….

  • number81

    yeah — too bad you aren’t free from the contract yet — i certainly don’t know everything about the biz (in a band that is getting some attention — learning quickly) but i think the dolls / AFP could do pretty damn well off any label… besides distribute your physical records, what the fuck has Roadrunner even really done for you guys lately? now that people know who the dresden dolls are, they are pretty worthless, except that they give you a bunch of shit and get a large cut, I’m sure — you’re now a word of mouth band and this is a now a word of mouth industry — radio is becoming less and less relevant – and videos are pretty much dead since the demise of TRL. labels are living somewhere between dead and dying. distribute your records digitally on your own and keep all the money. but you probably already know all of that…

  • Bret

    Is this real? Of course it is Bret, Amanda said so.

    Sheesh! I can’t believe this. As witnessed by the previous exchange. Roadrunner. The Metal! label. Cottage industry. Waddafuck?

  • Stilldawn

    Join Ani at
    I highly doubt they would tell you to lose the belly!
    which is beautiful

  • Alex

    “I think you meant phat” – love it.

    My life is better because you exist and contribute your art and beauty to this world.

    There will always be people who don’t understand, you know this, we all know this, and those people will be obsessed with their wrinkles and their fat thighs and their grey hair until they’re crying themselves to sleep because they can’t remember what it feels like to be excited about anything.

    Their loss. I like laughing far too much to stop now, so I think I’ll keep it up.

  • Gee

    Hey- I just wanted to say that I think you (and your belly!) are fucking amazing, and the way you’ve handled this has been equally funny and badass. You’re a brilliant songwriter and the people at Roadrunner are fools for driving you away.

  • maxine

    oh, this roadrunner thing, what the fuck? what you’re doing is positive, beautiful ART. and good fucking music, with incredible ideas behind and the performance of it. bealkjskjfkljwahhhh. you’re (solo, and with the dolls) are basically the only artist(s) on roadrunner that are doing something really innovative. as a label supporting largely “alternative” artists (albeit many have quite a following), they should really be happy to support the creativity. goddamn.

    and by the way, i’ve spent most of my life hating myself. i read your belly blog one morning in bed, got up (and i was mostly naked), looked in the mirror and fell in LOOOOVE with my belly. thank you.

  • Nika

    Hizzah to the creative differences bit. Your label reps need a hot cup of tea, and a whole bottle of reality pills. Your belly is an inspiration to all, Amanda. What will you do if you leave roadrunner though?

  • manders

    most record companies don’t see the beauty in something that isn’t mainstream. there’s a sort of exhilaration in finding new music that you don’t hear on the radio or on television. for me, it’s a sense of accomplishment and excitement to find new music that no one’s ever heard of. it’s beauty. most record companies want this cookie-cutter pop star to represent them. god forbid someone should break the mold and be original and write songs that actually mean a damn. fuck cookie cutters. i’m glad you’re who you are.

  • OneStar

    *cheers in the background*

  • Maverick

    “i’m a guy, amanda. i understand what people like.”

    You misunderstood Amanda! By people, he meant cancer cells. They love freakishly skinny people to death!

    You are amazing and I can say, as I guy, that I love everything you do.

  • quentin Beck

    exactly. girls who are all bones look disgusting and unattractive. i speak for me, but hopefully the rest of the population attracted to women and say…. we love girls with curves….
    thanks so much for your hard work…. and the connection you share with your fans through blogging and everything(hugs…etc.,love…) you are so fuckin’ strong. you’re what i call a real fuckin’ musician…. people like you keep me alive… serious… love, quentin….bye.. :)

  • Max

    Rub my belly!

  • James (friend of Bill)

    From the point of view of someone that helped a band get dropped from a label that didn’t want to drop them, I need to ask you the following question: what is the incentive for Cees to either drop you or support you?

  • {[henry]}

    aaaah… if only that breakfast summit with liz,pink,bjork,tori, and avril had gone a bit differently…


    you rock your “cottage” and there are plenty of people who love you for it

    {[may the belly gods be with you]}

  • Elizabeth

    I actually assumed something like this was happening. I’m glad you cleared it up though. I adore the belly solidarity but there is a lot of misinformation flying about.

    I will cross my fingers. I hope that they let you go. The aren’t doing their job and you deserve better. (And wtf at record labels sounding like bad husbands….)




    “not into it.
    never was.
    i never wanted to sell millions of records as my primary goal, nor did i want to be a pop star.
    i am very fucking happy with what they sneeringly call my “cottage industry” life.”


  • Melissophobia

    I fucking hope they do drop you so you can continue your own way….I love your belly and everything about your body and I’m fucking glad you feel the same way..

    AND I love your album AND I’m glad you put so much into it…I’ve so been enjoying everything about this album, all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into it.

    Long live ReBellyOn, and AFP


  • Tom

    good fucking on you amanda palmer. im in good old adelaide at the moment loving w.k.a.p absolutely fucking sick! its amazing. know that you have affected me in the most wonderous ways with your intelligent, articulate and passion driven music. fuck roadrunner r’s. come back to adelaide and we’ll belly dance around the balls in drunken protest x

  • stepha

    hahaha your label contact means “i’m a guy, so i swallow whatever impossible bullshit the media feeds me and refuse to use my own brain, or just plain don’t have one.” and the record owner clearly hasn’t learned the value of true visceral expression, which more people will identify with than any mass-produced mediocrity.
    You are courageous; you are fighting for the self-respect of women and the liberation of their bellies everywhere, with only your fierce recalcitrance as a weapon. That, and your defiant aversion to the fake
    i Love You so much!!!

  • Amy

    Amanda Fucking Palmer, I adore you, your belly, and your eloquent words even when angered.

    Really, you’re my favorite.

  • CherriSpryte

    That’s my belly! 6th row, 3rd from the left. It took a LOT for me to come around to the belly love (i’m of the bigger-bellied variety), but I’m here now so yay.

    Amanda, your music – DD and WKAP – gets me through the damn day. Seriously. All Katy Perry’s music has ever done is make me worry about how bisexuals are getting a bad rap.

    You have made a fucking fantastic record, and flip off anyone who tells you otherwise.

  • solangel

    Wow. This is why I admire you. This is why I traveled to see you 3 times on the current tour, This is why I jumped in a strangers car to get a ride to Rothbury to be able to spend a weekend with you in that lovely tent over the summer. Thank you for not giving in and being you. Its fucked up when the people that are supposed to support you say horrible, demeaning things like that. Not to mention sexist things. Ugh! I hope they decide to drop you. You deserve waaaaaaay better. And I am sure you know whatever the outcome is, you will have fans like me who will always support you and appreciate what you do. You truly are an amazing woman Amanda Fucking Palmer. (and a fucking hot one at that!) Long Live the Punk Cabaret…and the rebellyon.

  • LMS

    I’ve struggled with body image my entire life…often going to the point of an actual “disorder.” Belly solidarity makes me want to cry tears of joy.

    Fuck yea!

  • Presto

    Amanda, you’re amazing!!!
    Your label guys are fucking idiots and I hope they’ll set you free

  • maggie

    i work the door at a local bar/club here and am used to tons of indie bands that are amazing and that no one has heard of and tonight there was a showcase for someone on a major label and there were so many fucking fake people just schmoozing and it freaked the hell out of me and i remembered why i will always be indie and poor.

    you rock because you are real.

  • C

    What can you tell us about the new years show? Will it be as good as last year? tell me I need to go and I’m there.

    • Madove

      I do not yet totally understand – if you have a contract for 3 records, and you have made three (4…) wonderful records, haven’t you done your duty and deserved freedom?

  • jewn

    this blog hadn’t even been posted yet when i left for your show tonight, and now there are a ton of comments already. crazy!

    i like seeing my belly up there, and all it’s alicorn glory.

    as for the show tonight.. brilliant. you, the builders and the butchers, zoe, lyndon, the danger ensemble.. all so fucking beautiful.. talented and funfunfun. i really wish the crowd would’ve been more into it, though.

    thank you, amanda fucking palmer, for a great night.

    and yes, fuck the man!

  • Alexandra

    That’s incredible how much pressure we can get from society. To tell us how to be or what to be.
    and even if somehow your selling trend is “I am myself”, it seems like there is pressure. it’s complete contradiction. Bravo, people at roadrunner, you didn’t get it.

    Fuck, women are not made of plastic, we’re all organic for god’s sake!!

  • Xenjn

    Okay, wow. Roadrunner is bullshit. Your album is breath taking. Astounding. *__* I’m in complete and utter awe. I really don’t know what to say, I’m speechless. Fuck them. No wait, don’t. That would be gross. XD They don’t deserve your hot bod. XP Haha, really, I am at a loss of words.

    DX Wow, this comment is SOOO inspiring. XP Yeah…Just don’t stop, okay? Keep going. Brush off their bullshit like I know you do. Keep touring. And for GOD SAKES. DX COME TO ARIZONA. T___T *Sob sob* I wanna see you liivveee!! XD Yeah…nightnight.


  • Nightingale

    Hello Amanda,
    I want to tell you a little story.
    I own a pair of jeans, called the hunger-trousers, thats because there are perfect fit when my body-mass-index is under 17. I have some food-allergies and i was very thin, because my body wasnt able to take the food. Besides this i had a little eating disorder. When i was sorrowful, i stop eating. that was terrible. In my bad times, i had 45kg body weight by a height of 170cm. In fact, it was an anorexia nervosa without dieting and without peer pressure, because the reason was not to look thin. i dont care for good-looking in this times. And in that bad times, my little belly of nothing was still rolling over my jeans.
    however, i thinked, there are organs in it and there are need place. But i understand how someone get to think he/she looks fat with a bodymassindex of 16.
    Now i know, that the not-eating in depressiv periods was just autoagressive behavior.
    Why should i take the punish for things, other people do to me?
    And then i see you and, hm, you look like a normal well woman, you look wonderful and you sing these wonderful songs of living your way of live and i think by me, i want to be that for wich i was born and not longer a punchingball and not longer punch myself and be hungry to sacrifice me. i swear to me (And yes its fucking like Scarlett O’Hara) I’ĺl never be hungry again! After that it was a hard time of unlearning. By the way, the food allergies leave me by degrees. I am healing. The hunger-throwsers are undersized now and there will be nevermore the perfect fit because i have a belly now, a little like yours, and i will never miss it. I think, when your trousers tells you, that you are to fat, you better throw away the trowsers, not the belly ;)
    You dont look fat, you only looks not hungry and that is something, i am be pleased with.
    Sorry my english, i’m from germany, the time of school is long ago and the beolingus-dictionary is my best friend and i need hours to write that *g* ;)
    With Love!

  • Liz

    I just found out about all this after seeing the belly pics on your myspace.
    Those fuckers!
    I can’t believe they have the nerve to tell you something like that.
    As for the video, you are absolutely gorgeous, and you have an amazing body. A hundred times better in my eyes than any of their pre-programmed pop stars.
    And as for your so called horrible record, FUCK THEM. Your record was fantastic. They don’t know fucking art when they see it.

  • Tina

    We do not need another plastic-doll belly, we need yours =D
    You’re amazing, don’t ever change that!

  • Christopher Hernandez

    well it seems that Roadrunner records is in dire need of cock sucking boy and girl artists that do nothing but some fake astetic (i know i spelled that way wrong) of hit after hit so that way they can flood the radio with a new piece of crap that. That stations will tire out before the actual album hits stores and it’s always never a surprise because i rather Rip the cd off of my friends hardrive all because he’s the one who buys them anyway. Also because of people doing what i do and other people stealing music which to me makes more sense because the music that people steal is all usually the crap that UUggggggggghhhhhhhhh. So Amanda I cant believe they dont get it. Your great you have accomplished what many dream and aspire to do. And if your wondering if i rip or steal your music let’s just say that yours and some others are the only ones worth picking up. I would also pay you for your cd again out of my pocket just so i can feel justified that it got to you the artist, i promise you $20 bucks somthing damn it cause it’s just fucked up. Well i have enjoyed all three albums thank you

  • SecretxStar

    Bellies are fucking hot!

  • procrastinating

    Yay! My belly is up there! :D

    Seriously though, Amanda… You are the finest role model here. SO many people, (and I’ve had this discussion with a fair few people now, thanks to the ReBELLYon) have spent years agonising over their ‘imperfect belly’, and you’ve shown us the light, honestly.

    It’s about time we stand up to this, and I am absolutely behind you and extremely proud of you. Well done, Amanda.

  • briar

    yay my Belly is in the top row. I feel like I’ve done something for the world, a little bit, and it feels just dandy.

    you are a fucking legend, ms palmer. please continue to do whatever it is that makes you amazing.


  • Seán

    All Roadrunner appear to care about is money.
    If they drop you, you’ll find a whole queue of better labels with better deals just waiting for you to be available.

    No, you’re not Avril Lavigne and thank heaven for that. Where she sells records to 12-year olds you are respected, admired and loved by the whole range from 6-60. Kids grow out of Avril and Britney, nobody will grow out of you.

    You have something the manufactured pop babes can never have and is beyond price – you have integrity.

    And a cute belly too!


  • kReEsTaL

    Excellent article, thanks for your explanations. Isn’t it ironic they refused to drop you although they think you’re doing – more or less – unflattering shit?

    Indeed, where were they the last years, not to know your persona, our fucking fan devotion to AFP, and the way WE LOVE YOU AS YOU ARE, and maybe because, right, you’re different from the Avrils and the Kates and any other “plastic beauties”.

    Sincerely, don’t change anything. I’m a big Tori Amos fan, and she changed some things, which make her less raw, less wild. I loved her in her beginnings, not so stylish, with her big ears under her red hair, her live shows were BRILLIANT. They still are, but they’re polished, as is her latest records, unfortunately.

    I never want you to become a polished AFP. Please, stay true to yourself. Maybe you don’t know it yet, but this fight between you and the label is helping women, may they have a little fat belly or not. I admire you. I keep on listening your record 2 or 3 times a day. Don’t fucking change anything, please!

  • P.

    Your belly is art, Amanda. Fuck Roadrunner, you can’t stay in the same label of fucking Nickelback!

  • Jane

    I love your songs and your art (as in the videos you do etc) and I love the way your fans have responded to this. Roadrunner are jerks, they think someday you’ll see the light and write better songs, WTF? You write great songs, so what if you don’t sell millions of records. the people who buy your music/come to your shows appreciate your music and love you. I think it was Iggy Pop who said I’d rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I’m not. The world already has enough fake pretty pop singers, it needs Amanda Palmer. Hell, these days even Britney Spears doesn’t want to be Britney Spears.

  • P.

    It will be difficoult for you to write “better” songs, Amanda….because, for me, you are at the same level of John Lennon and Freddy Mercury about songwriting….i’m serious, your songs are near the perfection…

  • Russ

    If they refuse to drop you, there are only two possible reasons:

    1) You are making them money.
    2) You are not losing them much money and they still think they can make a lot of money off you.

    So sorry. That sucks.


    • DJ Particle

      or 3) they’ll try “you’re still signed with us but we won’t accept any more music from you” in an attempt to keep her from releasing music outside of her label.

      I hope not, but I believe it’s good to be prepared for such a situation.

      • Russ

        That would totally suck. I’ve heard such stories.

  • rara_avis

    Have you read what one girl wrote unter her picture? “I had to have my gall bladder remove in 2007 due to Anorexia in Teen Years. I’m trying to love my belly. Scars and all!”
    That’s what this is about!

    It’s makes no difference, Amanda, if you had a belly like yours or a stomache like Madonna (and oh my…does that look good?!) or a body like Notorious B.I.G. for what’s happening now (great selection of artists, isn’t it?).
    And I remember Britney Spears getting on stage looking “fat” AND drunk and still that’s not my biggest problem with her.

  • Mary

    thats I love and respect you (and your integrity)

  • crazyasuka

    I admire your patience.

    The line “i’m a guy, amanda. i understand what people like.” would have sent me into a fit of anger, and the world would not exist anymore.

    Thank you for standing up to it. I hope you can get out of that deal.

  • Marina

    Amanda, Your strength lies in the fact that you ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOU ARE…and this leads the way for others to accept themselves as they are rather than blame themselves for not being someone/something else. This is your path and Brittany CAN’T walk it; only you have the gifts and abilities and innate faith to keep stepping forward living your own truth.
    Those who cannot see your shining light are missing out…and people who appreciate you as you are don’t care about them *shock gasp* or their manufactured pop opinions.
    In a manufactured standardised plastic-pop world, your path is even more relevant to those who NEED to find resonance with an alternative truth that does not connect value to appearances and the size of one’s bank account. Thankyou for being you, from my soul to yours.

    Shining back at you always sister :)

  • Mormolyke

    This is terrific!

    I wrote an essay last year about the music industry, which I think is going through what might be one of the purest examples of a Marxist revolution ever to occur in the real world. It’s long, and maybe a little sloppy, but I’m kinda thinking I should rewrite it to include your story.

    • Mormolyke

      (Let me totally pimp my essay by posting an excerpt, heh! But I think it’s relevant.)

      In applying Marxist theory to the model of the music industry, however, the technology has arrived which gives the Proletariat such an edge, potentially rendering the Bourgeoisie as obsolete as the feudal system. In the last twenty years, advances in computing and recording technology have made professional recording facilities available to almost any musician; no longer do musicians need to sign their copyright away in order to raise enough money to pay for studio time. The staggering effect of the Internet is challenging the rule of recording companies to an even greater extent, as musicians discover they no longer need their record labels for the once-impossible task of promoting and distributing their own music. The Internet has even made the physical manufacturing process itself obsolete now that mp3’s have become the new musical commodity.

      Additionally, the music industry has not attempted to stem the coming revolution with the necessary radical adaptations, such as making concessions to the Proletariat or embracing the new technology. Indeed, the opposite is true; record companies at first chose to ignore the Internet, then tried to shut the barn door after the horse bolted by suing members of file-swapping communities such as Napster and pouring billions of dollars into “digital rights management” and copyright protection easily circumvented by hackers and end-users. Meanwhile, record contracts with artists have, if anything, become more exploitative, demanding even larger percentages of sales from the last areas of profit available to artists: tours and merchandising.

      Given the resultant unrest, the music industry has the potential to become the first large industry in the world to experience a social revolution in precisely the way predicted by Marx a hundred and fifty years ago. Conversely, given capitalism’s proven power to adapt, it is possible that the music industry will find a way to survive these challenges and commoditize the output of new technologies, just as it commoditized the anti-capitalist message of punk music in the 1980’s and the antiestablishment mystique of independent labels in the 1990’s.

  • Laura

    I’m so glad you didn’t back down. You’re sending the message to all these girls and younger women that it is OKAY to be healthy. It’s okay to eat pasta and drink wine without a 50-mile run, some ex-lax and a dose of self-flagellation afterwards. We don’t all have to look like we just came out of Auschwitz for men or for anyone. THAT is liberating.

    Your belly is not big by anyone’s standards. But it’s very beautiful.

    Laura xxx

  • Ara

    Thank you. That’s all I can say, really. By standing up for yourself, you’re standing up for everyone else, as well. All too often, women will cave into these ridiculous demands, and that makes things harder for the rest of us who are just trying to be ourselves. We are worth more as human beings than our waist-size.

  • Bryan F Irving

    Hi there, I write for TWF Magazine and would be interested in putting together a piece about this. I’ve added my email if you are amenable to this :)

  • BrassyCassy

    I see my belly! With my quaint little wire ampersand!! :D

    All I can say is, Amanda, I am so proud of you. Not just for making the most epic&brilliant record I’ve ever heard, but also for not taking anyone’s sh*t about it. Roadrunner doesn’t know what it has. And I guess it never will, what with its majorly skewed standards.

    LONG LIVE the belly & LONG LIVE the PUNKCAB. <3
    I can't wait to mourn your passing tonight at the Cabaret Metro!! :D :D :D :D


  • KL

    I hope they do what’s best for both of you. And your fans think you made an amazing fucking record too. Stay awesome. ♥

  • Kabouterprinses

    I think you made a INCREDIBLE FUCKING record, too. i listen to it ALL the time. I told some of my friends what RR said to you, they told me: but, i don’t think it’s amanda’s goal to become the new britney OR to get incredibly rich.. i think she just wants to be able to pay her rent.

    AND THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU, they only hear me talking about you.

    I feel sorry for you that you put that much of your savings in the record, and roadrunner not paying back any of it. it’s sad. but i love you? haha, you’ll always have MY love! that’ll make things better :’) as if…

    I hope RR decides to drop you. i pray to god they do, punk cabaret is SUPPOSED to be FREEDOM
    this is not freedom at all

    <3 love,

    love love love love love love love love love love for you, your hot belly, and your incredible fucking record

  • Tonnitus

    This is Roadrunner records right? surely you and Brian are the most lithe, athletic looking people on that label? Are you sure they didn’t mean they wanted you to grow a beard and get tattoos?

    The music ‘business’ is doomed (good riddance)….the day it finally dies will be a great day for MUSIC! The underground won’t even notice, all that will happen is that the rockstars and crooks that the industry supports will fade and we’ll be left with true artists with depth and real character.

    Death to False Metal! (a good portion of which can be found on the RR label)

  • Bridget

    Damn the man! The only way they can perpetuate bad music into mainstream (i.e. the Barbie dolls) is to treat someone like a fucking cardboard cut out. You’re more of a role model for sticking up for yourself (and your body!) than some of the other “artists” out there who slather on fakeness at every turn. The world needs more women like you: working brain cells, a backbone, and pride in what we are!

  • Almiscaro

    What an assholes! Fat belly? WTF??? Have they seen any good belly
    dancers? Probably not… (which is a pity by the way).
    Anyway, great video, great script and GREAT energy! Long live the punk
    cabaret! :)

    Belly-fan salute.

  • HalfMar

    I never thought you would blog about my belly, but it’s up there! Crazy how this thing has grown, but absolutely fucking great! I really can’t believe how RR could say you’re belly is fat in the video, ’cause it isn’t. I never have seen it as fat, more like a i-want-one-of-those belly ;) As for the record, it really IS an incredible cd that never gets boring. You’re an amazing artist Amanda, and I’m glad you’re sharing your talents with us. I hope things will sort out for you soon, and you can move on with all the freedom you need.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!


  • julia

    There are also posts at about it… and on the dresdendolls LiveJournal community, someone started a project where we all take a line from Leeds United and write it on our stomachs. Fuck looking hungry, men don’t know what everyone likes. Stay strong.

  • Clara

    “and he thinks that someday i’ll see the light and write some better songs.”

    Seriously, that just made me furious that line. Who the fuck is some tosser in a boardroom to tell the people out there what is good and what not? There’s a reason why your music is constantly playing (why you’re my soundtrack in the morning drive so I can sing my lungs out in the rush hour, why your music and others like it I constantly shove at people to listen to) and the other cheesy plastic pop flits into my playlists and off again. It’s there, it’s fun to dance about to, but where the fuck is the substance?

    I am planning my belly photo as I type. Belly Love!!!! Maybe I can get my other half to show his belly love as well. Whoop whoop!

  • bettyboondoggle

    “i’m a guy, amanda. i understand what people like.”

    Please tell me this man hasn’t procreated. No more sexist, entitled morons like this in the gene pool.

    That said, I’m rather glad this story’s come to light because I’d never heard of Ms. Palmer or the Dresden Dolls before all this. I’ve missed out!!

  • Oskarr Najh

    Fine. This is what we call a “CASUS BELLI”.
    Make a war and put your guts in the balance.

  • meredith


    Thanks for the clarification — this confirmed what I thought was really going on with you and Roadrunner. I work for a label myself, an artist-owned DIY indie, so I understand exactly what is going on with you from a contract standpoint … and it saddens me to see stuff like this go down. Especially for stupid superficial reasons, particularly since my label is currently promoting a compilation CD to benefit National Eating Disorders Association. (If you’d like to come headline one of the shows we’ll be putting together in ’09 to further benefit NEDA and show the world some belly solidarity, drop me a line … :)

  • marissa

    wait, after all this, they … WON’T drop you from the label? that makes no sense. roadrunner are even stupider than i thought.

  • melissa ann

    i love you, amanda! you are so strong and awesome and you tell those jerks what’s up! fuck that shit. your record is AMAZING and it’s a shame they’re too stupid to truly stand behind you.

    i’ve had friends who have had really bad experiences with roadrunner and i really hope you can get out of there ASAP and deal with folks who deserve the honor of working with you.

  • Morgan

    Get a lawyer (or a better one), find a loophole. You are obviously smart, find a way to fuck them back. It’s not revenge if they’re trying to ruin your groove. It’s justice.

  • sally

    I knew the second I first saw you that you were special. I loved the music, lyrics, your style, your voice and wow Brians energy, …. I came home and shared your music with my daughter. I knew she would love you as she sorts through reality and manufactured crap to find connections to her true self. There are not a lot of women in the music industry who are as true to themselves as you are. This belly love proves it. Love the belly pics from fans. I think your fans are pretty special too!

  • aaron

    Having been on Roadrunner records myself I totally relate to everything your saying. I wish I could remember what Ron Burman and Case told me after our 2nd record. Regardless you have a nice cottage industry going for you…Good Luck!!!

  • Maaike


    no doubt about that!

  • M.

    I remember being mildly shocked that you signed with RR in the first place because A: I was familiar with their roster and B: I knew that you were never going to be “mainstream”.
    I agree with you that they are being sexist pricks about the belly thing, and binding contracts DO suck (many of us have learned the hard way what “in perpetuity” means). The thing is, they helped you to get where you are. Connections, fans, and raw talent didn’t hurt – but those “little pieces of plastic” being sold at Targets in Nowhere, Delaware are a huge part of what got you the mentions in the Rolling Stones and Spins of the world, and you know it.
    There are people who are always, always going to buy your records, and there are people who lost interest when someone heard of you outside of Boston. Don’t lose sight of who you are or where you are going just because some suit tells you your gut ain’t pretty. But do be aware of the things you are saying and doing right now because they don’t always reflect on you in the most positive way.

  • DJ Particle

    Experiences like this are why, even if the improbable happens and I’m approached by a major label, I will not join one. I like the freedom I have with a self-created label and internet distribution.

    I’ve noticed that as a whole, pop music has not changed much since about 1997, when the media companies started to converge more and more. After all, “why change what works”, right? *grrrr* Compare 1967 to 1977. 1977 to 1987. 1987 to 1997. You can hear the difference. Now compare 1997 to 2007. Where’s the growth?

    The growth is in the independent-spirited artists like you that the RIAA tries to either ignore or, what it looks like in this case (where one of their own acts tries to diversify), beat down. They want everyone to be either a tortured rock band, a rapping ‘gangsta’, or a vapid pop prince/princess, and woe to anyone who breaks the mold.

    I’ve said this before as an example: If “Weird Al” were 20 years younger (and therefore start his career in the late 1990s), he’d have never broken in.

    SALUT to your efforts, Amanda! Strength to the re-belly-on! Commit RIAAcide! :)

  • andrea

    Reading that made me laugh because it is just so ridiculous. Sigh.
    At least the record label part. The belly love is AWESOME!
    You made a great record which is obvious from all the internet response and people coming to your shows, and people taking the time to put pictures up of one of the most sensitive areas of their body to show you support.
    Some people you just want to shake and say just listen to this music, look at what I’m TRYING to do….am I doing it? Not what you want me to do but what I want to do, what I want to accomplish, am I doing that? Yes, YOU are. Not all music is for everybody. I mean it is for everybody but it’s not going to appeal to everybody. Understandable. Realistic. But when I look at music or any type of art I ask myself, “what is this artist trying to tell me, what do they want me to see, not see, decide for myself? what are they trying to do and are they doing it?” Even if it’s something I don’t like or I’m not totally into I still respect it if they accomplished what they set out to do, they did it well, and they got their message across. Because that was their point, I think, and just because it might not appeal to me they still did it, they are doing it, and somebody out there is really getting it. And those guys at RR should see that in you and what you are doing. Ya I know, “money greed money money flat stomach must have good radio songs money” is the video loop of most of their brains and no matter how great the response is to the music to you it’s not going to matter to them unless they get the response they want, the commercial money response. But you know, and I know, and everyone else around here knows that you did good. As a fan, I could not look to you and ask for more that would make me happy then what you are doing right now. You get more respect from me for what you do than any other artist I can think of and if they can not even take a second to try to see that then yes, you must move forward.

    All my love,


  • Merve

    wish you had your own recording company =) who knows,maybe someday you will have,and name it :bellylove records =)))))
    i’ve read all the story and OMG i think you have balls.i wrote about shirley manson’s solo album in this page a few days ago,and after that she declared that her company had dropped her.and there were many details like your story
    both of you are confident,talented,self realized and BEAUTIFUL don’t deserve to be treated like that.
    who do they think you are?you are not fucking you are really loved and listened in teach place of the world.Russia,China,Turkey…etc
    we love your belly =) we love you
    god bless all the bellies

  • Maeli

    I don’t want you to become another britney or avril…
    I love WkAP
    I love you

    once again: FUCK ROADRUNNER !!!

  • faith

    amanda i fucking adore you and your belly and your voice and everything youve ever done!

    Fuck them fuck them fuck them.

    And you should check out tehy also posted about this!

  • Helena Handbasket

    I posted about it on the CA NOW blog too, and sent people to join the Rebellyon!

    (I’ll have to update with the correction that you’re still stuck with Roadrunner though.)

    I’ll be seeing you in Seattle, and I can’t wait to see your gorgeous belly!

  • Paul

    Well, you’re still fat, bitch.

  • feeblemind

    Yikes. Have they no ears at RR? Well, I guess this post just sums itself up: 1,000,000 belly pics can’t be wrong!

  • Chris Hanson


  • Anaon

    Well, there’s people who care about how many cds a belly can sell and other people who write songs like “Have To Drive”. Different languages, different worlds… Your artistic world is fantastic, it’s yours, it’s a whole and it includes your belly! ;) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • guitargeek

    Stunning inanity on RR’s part. I’ve long said that the worst part of the music business IS the music business.

    Want my advice? Talk to the people at Anti Records. I think you might get better treatment there, and besides… you’re labelmates with Megadeth and Nickelback at the moment. ::blurf::

  • Lindsay Nack

    i love that you stand up for your belly… and remember, we love those hairy armpits too!

  • Anonymous

    I mean this in the nicest way possible, but man you got some pasty ass fans there.

    • anon


  • pedro

    Oh my god! Who gives a fuck about this fat bitch?!! Lose some weight and quit grossing people out with your disgusting lard!! Go outside and chase a ball around for awhile. Fuck!! It’s not that hard to lose weight! Tie a cheeseburger to your dogs tail if you have to but fuck keep your fat bitch ass out of my face

    • anon

      I agree with this man

    • Ames

      Really? Just…really?
      I hope this brings a sense of fulfillment to you life and validates your sense of self worth.

      • pedro

        Don’t worry it does.

      • anon

        “hurdy hurr, you are a nerd on the internet that makes comments on ppls blogs and therefore you have no life. I say this by using the same terms as you although my oppionion is different and therefore this does not affect me”

        • Natalierose

          The difference is we do it while following the rules of proper spelling and grammar (this includes capitalization).

        • June_Miller

          Are you from ONTD?

          Because this would make a lot of sense. That, and if you’re 15.

    • i think you meant phat

      Thanks proving the point that moronic sexist assholes do still exist.

      • Anonymous

        lmao yeah bro, it’s only sexist when it hurts a woman right?

    • anon

      aw crap, who told 4chan

  • Ames

    You’re a wonderfully talented artist. I’ve stood in the cold and snow to see you live BECAUSE you’re a wonderfully talented artist (and a darned nice person to boot)! I’ve yet to meet any of your fans that didn’t appreciate you for exactly who you are as opposed to an iconized image. By all means, seek out a new label and get the respect you deserve. Road Runner can say goodbye to any business from me again. I’d gladly look at your belly any day. :~)

    • pedro

      My fat lesbo senses are tingling. . . .

    • anon

      the jew-nose smiley shows your real intent of trying to mine gold from her.

      also: fatty

  • pedro

    Also, all you people supporting this bitch are just being exploited so she can make money off of you. “i never wanted to sell millions of records” Come the fuck on! Do you actually believe this bullshit. She’s just manipulating you fat fucks into buying her shitty music. Congrats on sucking cocks you fat fucks!

    • Ape Man

      I really think this whole belly thing is basically some bullshit the A&R guy made up to justify to himself why he and the other label guys were uncomfortable with the video. My take on the whole situation is up at me blog The Ape Man if anyone is interested.

      I mean, maybe I’ve completely misunderstood the video. But if not, I would say it’s not too hard to see why it would make record execs uncomfortable.

      • Ape Man

        To narcissistically expand on my own point, it’s a bit like Dan Froomkin at the WaPo – he was making the editors vaguely uncomfortable because Froomkin’s online writings were making his in-print counterpart (the pathetic Howard Kurtz) look like a fool.

        They couldn’t say “stop embarrassing our bad media critic and the other members of the media by writing good media criticism.” So they dinged him for whatever was within easy reach, in that case that he needed to be “balanced” and that the name of his blog was “misleading.”

        It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that cracks about a woman’s appearance would be what was in easy reach in this situation.

        • Natalierose

          You make an interesting point.

          I didn’t question the explanation that the record executives actually thought a woman’s mid drift showing that wasn’t toned and/or anorexic-looking was problematic to them. We do live in a society where that’s not far-fetched at all.

          But I hadn’t considered that other aspects of the video make them uncomfortable.

          However, the execs never asked to pull the video entirely, just to edit the shots of Amanda’s mid drift– which leads me to believe that is actually what they were concerned about.

          • Ape Man

            Well, to be clear (and I understand my POV is basically unfalsifiable so it’s not worth a whole lot) but I’m not alleging that this is conscious. I assume that the label execs really believe that what they object to is the “uncommercial belly” in the video.

            I don’t know whether it means I have an overly pessimistic or overly optimistic view of human nature, but I find it much easier to believe that the conscious mind of the A&R guy cast about for an explanation for his mounting unease than that an otherwise intelligent person watched that video and had the reaction “The only thing keeping this off the christmas lists of every red-blooded American boy is that bit of female flesh there.”

            I mean, come on.

          • catnmus

            Sorry, but your scenario is not likely. Record execs make a LOT of money by knowing what “they think” sells. Saying that this was all subconscious “gut feeling” by the executive of “I just don’t think the public will like it” with no CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM of any kind, is just not believable. After all, I’m sure they spent a LOT of money on that video, and the label gave her a solution – cut a couple of shots of her belly. If they were uneasy with anything, thinking the public wouldn’t like it, well then, what about the gay kissing? Didn’t you notice that? Didn’t the record exec?
            PS, I’m not on the side of the record exec at all. I’m just saying I think it was exactly how it was reported here by Amanda herself, no more, no less. Nothing “subconscious” going on.

          • Ape Man

            Obviously we’re both welcome to our opinion, but the “X group of businesspeople makes a LOT of money and thus they must be acting rationally” is not borne out by experience. People make decisions for reasons that are a complete mystery to them, at least as often as not. The farther you move from creative fields (and label execs are about as far as you get) the less and less likely it is that the person even understands that their mind HAS inner reasoning that’s not accessible to them.

  • Anonymous

    Uggh what is it with men and bellies? Is it really nessecary to sexualize every single part of our bodies like that? Now I’m not prude, I enjoy a bit of attention now and then, but some guys really take it past the line. Just this summer, I was at the beach with my sister and mother, just minding ourselves and trying to get a bit of sun and relax. Well, these two guys in their thirties or late twenties walked by and and one of them made a couple of not-so-subtle remarks about my sister at one point. We took it in stride and really din’t pay attention to them then, but in hindsight, i wish we had. Later when we were done for the day, we were walking back to the parking lot, and saw them standing by the entrance. They saw us when we were 30 feet away, and one of them stepped infront of me and my mom got scared, she said ‘You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air’. I whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said ‘FRESH’ and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I can say this cab is rare, but I thought ‘Naw forget it’ – ‘Yo homes to Bel Air’
    I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8, and I yelled to the cabbie ‘Yo homes smell ya later’.
    I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, to settle my throne as the Prince of Bel Air

    • Amanda rulez
      • Anonymous

        Aww C’mon. Cheer up emo kid. There’s no harm done in fallin’ for something like this, I mean this is the internet here, we can afford to not be on our guard 24/7. It’s perfectly harmless as long as you don’t stoop to the point of tossin’ around foul language at others over it – oh wait :).
        Really it’s not that big a deal. You kind of give off a vibe like a religious kid who has just seen two girls kissin’ for the first time. Sort of conflicted really, like he opens his mouth but the words won’t come out, he’s chokin’ now, everybody’s jokin’ now, the clock’s run out, time’s up over, pow!
        Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity, oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked, he’s so mad, but he won’t give up that easy, no he won’t have it, he knows his whole back’s to these ropes. It don’t matter, he’s dope, he knows that, but he’s broke. He’s so sad that he knows when he goes back to his mobile home, that’s when it’s back to the lab again yo. This whole rhapsody better go capture this moment and hope it don’t pass him. You better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it, you better never let it go. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime. You better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it, you better never let it go.
        You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime!

  • Paulo Alex

    On this issue with roadrunner i feel particularly proud to be your fan.

  • Daki

    Oh how I loathe the music industry. You fucking rock. Long live the belly!!!!!

  • jimmy jazz

    Roadrunner sound like sexist fools; you’ve written many great songs that are really accessible without being pandering, obvious, etc. And you’re doing a good job of being hot! So congratulations for an all-around solid body of work.

  • amythecat.

    feel the bellylove.

    • anon

      I did, but then I cleaned up my act and started working out instead of sitting inside with my computer and whine about that not everyone thought i was sexy.

  • Brittany

    My belly is first!
    I hope my russian is right. I would look like an asshole if it was wrong.
    But still.

  • Pooh

    If you want to know what God thinks of money, look at the people he gave it to.

  • Rebekah

    People who entertain just to achieve fame are idiots…because it seems to me that EVERY uber famous person ends up in a bad place. And it’s their own fault. So I laugh at them.

    And you know what sucks about people without good bellies? When you poke them in the stomach it just about breaks your fucking finger. (I’m proud to say that I’ve never hurt anyone’s finger that way)

  • Shannon

    Rock on with the belly thing. they’re on crack. About the cottage thing, I feel conflicted about it. I really want you to be huge because I think your music is that good – everyone should hear it. And I’m sure I’m not the only one guerrilla marketing for you by putting WKAP and Dolls albums in the front of the row every time I’m in a music store.

  • Carly

    There need to be more people like you in the music industry.

    That’s just awful that they don’t even care about your opinions and don’t care about creativity anymore. It’s all fake.

    …which is why I love you. ‘Cause you aren’t. Keep making music! <3

  • Stephen Hines

    Are you kidding me? Roadrunner Records said that shit???? Are they fucking imbeciles? WKAP is one of the greatest albums I’ve EVER heard. Fuck them! And your belly is sexy as hell!!! Hopefully you can get them to drop you so you can be free from their stupidity. Long live the punk cabaret!

  • Allie

    this is why you have our undying respect.
    thank you!

  • Jon Gabso

    Goodonya, Amanda!

    I have always thought you to be a fantastic artist and a beautiful person. Watching you perform with Brian in The Onion Cellar at Zero Arrow was incredibly touching and inspiring. Why anyone would talk that level of shit to you is befuddling.

    On Roadrunner, I’ve always thought, even before I knew of the Dolls, that Roadrunner was a shit label that sold shit music. Then I discovered the Dolls and loved the first album, and later on I was confused to find out it was released on Roadrunner. How does a talented artist like you who creates fiercely original art like yours get signed to a label that houses Nickelback and Cradle of Filth?!?!? I just looked at their roster, and out of the tons of bands they have, I only like two. You and Glassjaw. Fuck Roadrunner. I hope the best for you, and I have no doubt that the second Roadrunner lets you go, you’ll have a flurry of far better labels investing tons in a bidding war over your work. Tons of great labels who would understand you, your work, and your gorgeous belly. :)

    • Jon Gabso

      oh and also, when i watched the video, I didn’t even notice your belly. What kind of asshole would watch a great video like that and pay attention to your belly and suddenly hate everything else?

  • darkgoblin

    record labels are dead anyway they just need to be buried!

  • haushinka

    YAY! belly in pink pjs right there at the top BELONGS TO ME!

  • C

    Jesus H Christ, are they fucking serious? They should be thankful that they’ve got someone as phenomenally talented and creative as you, Amanda. What killed me was this: “and he thinks that someday i’ll see the light and write some better songs.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the songs you write! They’re awesome. But it’s all about making the most money, isn’t it? Fuck the artist, we want a product. Assholes. Shit.

    /rant. Belly love forever.

  • Natalierose

    Wow, I’m very sorry to see some trolls got lost on the internet and found their way to your blog, Amanda.

    I came back to this post because I realized in all my rambling the other night, I forgot to mention how much I love the Leeds United video. It is, without a doubt, my favorite video produced by either you or the Dresden Dolls to date. I was impressed by the production value, for one, but that only added to what was already a great concept.

    The video is intriguing, fast-paced (without being ADD), and very, very sexy. Not to mention queer-tacular. I watch this video and it is obvious you know exactly who your fan base is– and clearly you care for and identify with them. I can’t get enough of this video. And, so you know, I’m very, very picky about music videos. About 98% of the time I walk away thinking I could’ve done a much better job, But this video is downright spectacular! Thank you for it.

    Also, was it fabulous having your name spelled out in lights?

  • L

    Ok, the belly thing has now gone viral enough that it’s brought out the trolls. So we can assume that it has generated a ton of free marketing, and RR didn’t have to lift a finger except to diss you. As it stands, why would they want to let you go? This may only have proven how a “cottage industry” can actually work for them… [/devil’s advocate]

  • Samus Aran

    Is there any way to expedite the process on their end? If they plan to drop you, any legal loopholes to make it happen now rather than wait in this limbo for months on end?

    I bet Trent would welcome you with open arms…

  • Siris

    Thank you for standing up for what you want and what you believe in.

  • Denise

    I think it’s funny that the a&r dude thought you were making records to get boys. And that what he likes is what everyone likes.

    Your music does amazing things to my brain. Your stage persona is hotness personified. Wear what you want; just keep making music! Hoping that RRR decides to get out of your way rather than hang onto you by the ankles to keep you from awesometude.

  • la glitch

    ha. ‘cottage industries’ are the fucking way forward. haven’t they heard what NIN are doing? are they totally in the dark about CASH ( wankers.

    amanda, you are fucking beautiful and those guys are arseholes. i hope you get released from that nonsense.


  • Sarah

    You’re so an amazing person, Amanda, so fucking true and talentfull.. Thanks for the explanations. And YES, you’re HOT!

  • andy

    We are with you Amanda! :D

  • Michelle

    Hi Amanda! I also blogged about your label problems for Shameless Magazine, which is a Canadian feminist magazine for teen girls. I think taking a stand against the record label was a fantastic move and is something girls who otherwise would be stuck with Avril and Katy can really look up to and be proud of! You rock Amanda, and your music is fantastic. I can’t wait to hear your new album.

  • val


  • Sara

    You look super hot in the video and I think it is rad you stood up to your label! Thank You!

  • belliesarebeautiful

    i’m glad you’re getting the support you deserve. however i think it’s important, when working in activism, to make sure that in your excitement, you are not rolling over others out there doing the same work. has existed for a couple of years now, and hosts bellies a fair sight larger than those I see in your screen grab. For that reason, it’s important work. The further away from the arbitrary ideal, the harder it is to love yourself. It’s no surprise that record label’s idea of fat will be skewed. And I think it’s wonderful that your audience is letting them know that there is more room for flexibility, even within the perception of ‘normal.’ But there’s more hard work to be done, and it should be done carefully, and with positive intent, and not from anger, as that spark only lasts so long. Which isn’t to say that the work done here isn’t important. It just would be nice to see some acknowledgment of/for the pre-existing work done at

    • Julie

      Oh get over yourself, really. It’s not even Amanda who started Rebellyon.

      • belliesarebeautiful


  • June_Miller

    Wow, dude. So, good news/bad news with all the belly love.

    Bad news first: Because you’re getting a lot of exposure about this through articles on certain websites, you could get folks who usually only read celebrity gossip blogs posting shit comments. The Dark Side of the internet rears its ugly head.

    You might also want to consider it not such a coincident that these comments started popping up after you pretty much publicly diss the label (rightfully so, in my opinion) by showing people that they can be assholes, followed by announcing your impending departure from them. So, yeah, if Roadrunner is posting lame troll comments, then they really do deserve to blow this motherfucker right here. Punk-asses.

    Does it matter where a new label is located? Because I can think of a couple not only on the West Coast, but I think in the central states as well.

    Good news: Belly love is a-motherfucking-mazing. I hadn’t seen all the bellies, so seeing them all together is…awesome. As well as puns, I love puns. God bless The Rebellyon. I will join you, one day. When I have a camera.

    Anyway. You’re pretty tough. I doubt some e-fucks and a really warped record label’s opinion could interfere with that, somehow. They shouldn’t. Don’t worry.

    Fuck that Katy Perry noise.

    edit: I am a bit curious: If you’re leaving the label, do Brian and the Dolls come with?

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to say that as someone who is in recovery from an eating disorder, the rebellyon site and support is a beautiful thing to see. Both you and your fans have touched me. Thank you.

  • Groovymarlin

    Wow! Well, I agree that there was nothing offensive or even controversial about the video. I mean, it rocks, pure and simple. But your (very lovely, by the way) belly was barely even visible. They make it sound like you had it out there on display flapping around like a flag or something!

    Well you keep on fighting the fight, and rocking. I am ashamed to admit that this controversy was my introduction to your work, but now that I’ve found you, you can bet I’m going to be buying your albums! Thank you ma’am!

  • Chad Curry

    Commerical songs? Cuz we’re all so blessed that they vomited Nickelback on the world. As always, sales are more important than creativity, originality, or, oh yeah, talent.

    WKAP renewed my faith in music. There has been plenty of great new music, but very little that gave me that feeling that I had the first time I heard The Cure, The Smiths, David Bowie, etc. and WKAP did. I can’t count how many people that would have never known about you, the Dolls, or anything other than what they are forcefed on the radio have been amazed, and some even in tears, when I played your stuff for them.

    I know money makes the world go round, but it’s art that’s our spirit and soul. Thank you for that.

  • SeanOsman

    Hey, I’m a guy and I think your voice and your body are both really hot. I did think the video was a bit strange, but I didn’t think for a second that you looked fat.


  • Connie

    Amanda, we love you and your belly and your record.

  • Jamie

    God, moral of the story: record labels are fucking evil.


  • Bason yo face !

    Amanda, you mean your “new” A&R guy right ??
    Me luvum you belly !!

    The Bason

  • Robyn

    “I’m a guy, Amanda. I understand what people like.”

    What a genuine, bona-fide cockmongler that guy is! If he honestly thinks that people are going to be watching music videos just to make critical notes on the state of the singer’s belly, then he has a very sad life indeed. Jerk.

    Belly Love, Motherfucker.

  • maevele

    So, how can we actively help.? Is Roadrunner getting regular links to he rebellyon? Would 50,000 irritated letters get them to destupid themselves?

  • http://outsideartist outsideartist

    If they were smart they would simply shut up,play the music and prehapps…You might do a Viedo on your FEET! while Playing Piano!
    In Boston we went to the Mothers Day Fund Raiser,and I was mystified…by your dancing feet!!!
    HOW could you ever Play With out your feet??
    DID You ever try it?
    as for me and MY belly…we go way back….coffie stains and all…
    If tits were hanging about the camera would they then protest??
    DAMit! The people that cant be real can go chase them-selffs
    The rest of us will enjoy the show!
    “Good Booze Mother Darling”you Fag Bag you” as was scripted in my Mothers 1950’s Year Book !

  • Jessica

    “i’m a guy, amanda. i understand what people like.”

    Well, I am a lesbian, I buy records, and I know what *I* like! It’s not Katy Perry, (despite her blatant insistence that she likes kissing girls).

    It’s hot, unmanufactured, unconventional women who stand up for what they believe in. Thank you for having the guts (uhh, no pun intended) to show off your gorgeous bod completely unedited and undeprived.

    I hope you can get out of your contract and move on to better things. Keep rocking. <3

  • L

    Holy crap… it’s made the newsletter!…

  • Simon Tongue

    It is album of the year as far as I am concerned… I am trying to imagine if it would be a slightly better album if you were slightly thinner…

    RR seem to be a great label to be on if you are selling millions ( I am sure Nickleback and Slipknot have nothing to complain about) but rubbish if you are not. Machine Head were only re-signed because the European version of Roadrunner were selling loads of their albums and they produced one of their best ‘cos they wrote the album they wanted to having no pressure from the label to conform to what should be popular…

    It is of course rediculous that labels can drop artists at any times but artists can’t drop labels and all the other shit that contracts contain… hopefully it will become more and more like football (in terms of power) where the players have the power and the clubs have to bend their back to keep them.

    It is interesting though, they want you to sell more records… show me the advertisments for the album… I am unsure I have seen one.

    The more and more bands that self release (if they can) the better as far as I am concerned.

  • STV

    Hi Amanda!!!
    I hope you get a chance to read this, but I guess it will just melt in with the rest of he comments!

    want to get out of your contract? try a thing like this:

    it’s common knowledge that if you want to make good music, it comes down to being an expensive hobby! There’s very little good music that sells millions of records! Nobody needs another Britney, nobody needs major labels! Labels like Constellation release 3-4 CDs a year, but I buy every single one as it’s always top quality music!

  • xen

    Not that you aren’t totally aware of it, but you look wonderful and they are indicative of what annoys me so much with mainstream popular culture. Fight the good fight. You are the talent and don’t let the bastards forget it.

  • Madeline

    The first time I watched the “Runs in the Family” video, I quickly texted my buddy and said: “You know, I like that Amanda Palmer looks like a real person.” (He agreed.) Because I remember looking at you and thinking: “my stomach is like that, my legs are like that, and she’s got so much more courage than I have, showing them like that.”

    So, clearly, what made this exec uncomfortable was not your belly, but your BALLS.

  • Lola

    That really sucks…I think yer fab

  • joe

    as mentioned by others: one would hope that if you’re not living up to their expectaions they’d just drop you. i know i would. but since you exceeded MY expectaions on wkap i’ll leave it at that. saw you in ferndale when it was, yes, fucking cold outside. great show that i actually stayed for in its entirety (pretty rare). betting me and my oldest son were the only father/son fans to see you so far. i’m usually the oldest guy at shows these days but this time i think i was the second oldest. nice.

  • joe

    promote wkap? are you kidding me? rr is too busy drinking sammy’s tequila and jamming nickelback down everyone’s throat.

  • Angela

    We won’t even get into how messed up the record industry is right now, but I’m very impressed with you- and we always knew you were no pushover, as anyone who listens to your songs would guess.

    Thank you for taking a stand for something that needs it, and hopefully the corporate world will look around and see their own beer bellies and shattered self images sooner rather than later.

  • Ashley Elizabeth

    Thank you, Amanda, for reinforcing that we’re more than the sum of our parts. You remind me of the Maya Angelou poem “Phenomenal Woman.” Even though you’re clearly pretty, it’s your passion and creativity that make you beautiful. You’re an individual and not another mass-produced-for-easiest-marketability, cookie cutter, Pro Tools starlet. So FTN (fuck that noise) if someone in an office, whose only concern is the bottom line, doesn’t get that you might not want to be just a product or short lived flavor of the month. As long as you’re sincere there will be people who care enough to find your songs. And they’ll spread the word.

  • Kate

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this kind of stuff recently, Amanda. Male musicians are celebrated for their individuality and difference – Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Mark E Smith. But women have to conform. WIih a few (very few) notable exceptions (Bush/Harvey/Patti… you…), women have to either conform to the hardbody pop, winsome floaty indie lady, or sanitised rock chick stereotype. Nothing else is allowed. Not by the audiences, but by record labels and media (can you BEAR to read another ‘women in rock’ feature?)

    I think you’re great precisely BECAUSE you’re walking your own path and not conforming to established stereotypes. Mucking around with characters, playing with genres, and looking like you’re LOVING it.

    Take heart, Amanda. There is an army of us who love you because of it. Lead on.

  • Becca

    This made me think of the documentary I just watched- “Before the Music Dies”.
    It talks about EXACTLY what Amanda is experiencing here.
    I highly advise everyone to check it out if this blog interests you.

  • JB

    I’m confused. You’ve made 3 records that they accepted.
    It seems to me that this fourth option should be either ‘create a new contract’ or ‘go your separate ways’.

    What else could they do? Leave you hanging, unable to make another album? If so, for how long? (Yes, I recognize that this is sounding an awful lot like the Prince/(Sony?) mess, but I thought that was “You owe us {N} more records!” “No!”, rather than “You’ve fulfilled your contract. Please sit there quietly for the next year or 2″?

  • charity

    Amanda, we at ReGen Magazine love you and have your album on the short list for album of the year. So, ignore the label and stay faithful to who you are.

    Charity (

  • alexraup

    As long as your making music Amanda, we will be behind you to give you all the fucking cottage industry support you could ever ask for. I don’t care if I have to go to a soup kitchen every fucking night, I will always be there the day one of your records drop.

  • Collin Kelley

    Narrow-minded publishers, record labels and agents…fuck them all. We’ll be here to adore you when you start your own record label. Chanting and praying even as I type this, dahling.

  • Darren

    For someone like you, creative freedom is a necessity. Your work is brilliant, unique and a joy to listen to. If RR Records is going to force you away from your style, what makes you you, let us definitely pray they’ll let you free.

  • iris benson

    Okay, so I know that this issue is about artistic integrity and not about the aesthetic of your belly and you don’t need reassurance about the beauty and flatness of your belly. I get that the actual appearance of your belly is beside the point but …you look gorgeous in that video and so does your belly.

  • Sverker Lindeberg

    Amanda Palmer,

    I found you and the Dresden Dolls a couple of weeks ago, through listening to Neil Gaimans music chanel on (neilhimself), and I am sooo much one of your devoted fans.

    Since then, I have listened to WKAP and DD like reeeally much every day, watched the videos and I just love you and what you do so much that I can't describe it any better.
    Yesterday I ordered the Book and tshirt, and it's soooo cool that you are working with Neil on the book!

    And the Rebellyon. WOW, thats jut awesome. I'll send a pic of my own belly right after writing this ^^

    Keep upp your A-W-E-S-O-M-E work Amanda Palmer!
    We all love you, we CARE, we are awesome, magical and the most non-judgmental and accepting people there is :-)

    Hugs Sverker, Sweden

  • Jodie

    I feel ya, Amanda. Had a very similar conversations myself (though clearly not with roadrunner). Still recall the time my first agent told me that, at 5’2 and 95lbs, I was ‘not compliant’ with with ‘society deemed actors’ should look like and I should ‘try the gym or something’. Yes, I was (am?) anorexic, but I’m still too ‘fat’.

    Fuck ‘em all. You’re better, I’m better.

    You’ll never be what people expect and that was the first thing that made me fall in love with your music. They say they feel sorry for you? I feel sorry for them; must be hard stuck in a twisted little world striving towards unattainable perfections that can’t possibly be created without a surgeons knife.

    Be you. Be strong.

    Oh, and, yeah, you did look fucking hot in the video.

    Thanks for the blog lovie.

  • ro_shambo


    Always have been a fan, always will, fuck.

    Screw record labels.

  • Alex T.

    And just when I was starting to like Road Runner (they represent Opeth as well). What a petty thing to have a meeting about.

    For what it’s worth, sorry you had to go through that, ma’am.

  • olehmann

    I am absolutely amazed something like this is happening. One would believe that a label that calls itself “One of the largest truly independent record labels” could even think (if I can call it “think”) this way. I have being looking at their catalogue and believe me that there is not by near an artist like AFP and The Dresden Dolls (not even Dream Theater). Neither there is one single other artist there that would have made me ship the CD to Mexico (I still haven’t found it here yet). Honestly I hope they finally decide to drop the contract so you can move in any direction your belly commands you to!

  • Christian

    “i’m not TRYING to look hungry. i’m trying to look HOT.”

    Believe me girl that’s what you do! :)

  • belindashort

    I work in a brewery and have a little belly too, even though I’m constantly busting my ass to make beer. It doesn’t matter how much i work out, I always have it (I’m sure the beer helps).

    Good luck with the record.

  • Lolly

    That coming from the record label that released “I want to be a Hippy & I want to get High” says it all really.

    Fucking thumbs up for standing your ground. You look fabulous in the video.

  • inkmartyr

    Amanda – I recently saw your show @ Common Grounds in GVille and I was BLOWN away by the sincerity and humbleness of your performance. The way you connected, sang and joked around, it was surreal. Your “Record Label” song was humorous but, myself as well as others, I’m sure others, could definitely read between the lines. Hold on to your stance as I believe you will and use this fucked up experience as ammo for your Freedom Record ;)

    You are an incredible person and I love the way you embrace your “fucked-upness” as I like to call. That’s my philosophy and you know what – it works!
    Keep it real Amanda FUCKING Palmer!!

    ps. If your ever in Tampa – you got a place to stay. You, GOD and the posse, the more the merrier

  • bai

    amanda palmer, you are amazing. I know this sounds perhaps silly, but sometimes I have to ask myself “what would amanda palmer do?” and while I recognize that such things are based on an opinion I have of you based your music, and bits and pieces of interviews or something, but the point is that even if I am mistaken or ridiculous for needing role models when I am 26, I am glad you are one of them. damnit, I want to look hot, not hungry too. I want to have the ‘guts’ to enjoy life and eat as I please without the oppressive pressure of the stupidity of some image in my head telling me that I am wrong. I am finally getting treatment for an eating disorder that has been screwing with me for a dozen years, and so, it is nice to think, wwapd? she would say, fuck you! thank you for being so fucking awesome.

  • Hannah Conley

    The “an official “Rebellyon” website” link brings up a GoDaddy page with a bunch of links to sites about how to flatten your belly and get rid of belly fat. I thought you might want to know.

  • PerfectImperfection

    who cares what they say,we dont want their commercial bullshit wich u could never be part of(if u were,we wouldnt be ur fans..) and surely they dont know what sexy means,cause if u r not sexy then,what is sexy..?

  • Miss Em

    You’re gorgeous. FUCK that stupid record company and their bullshit body image nonsense. Who are they to dictate beauty?

  • Granville4879

    Sorry but it looks like someone has hijacked site! :(

  • koma

    fuck you bitch

    you wanna speak to me directly or something ??

  • Patience1222

    Gah! Amanda your a badass in every way possible. haha I love all your music and who the hell do they think they are to try to push anyone around, its not about the looks the glamor or in my opinion even the money. Its about being independent, and expressing yourself. People like that piss me off, its what worries me about getting into the music business. I have a big mouth and a rough attitude and i’m to independent for my own good, You should make your very own Record Company ^_^ That’d be bad ass haha.

  • Elsa Gumula

    I totally agree with you, now to be musician you have to be a model, and to make art you have to make money. Really really depressing. Your art is different. I’m from France, where everybody knows Katy Perry or Avril Lavigne, and, even if my English isn’t good enough to understand everything you say, the things I understand makes you really different, and unique, and exceptionnal. So, don’t change a hair for them. I beg you, continue to make fucking awesome music. I may listen you sing and play hours and hours. If you change into one of these proper and polished musician, that will be a tragedy. The wonderful musical world you have created has to stay as different and amazing and beautiful !!!

  • Alice Richmond

    here is a lovely thing about your belly, quite apart from hotness or non-hotness or any other aesthetic consideration: it’s storing estrogen for you. when you hit menopause, your symptoms will likely be much less severe because of your belly. it’s the reason for the “middle-age spread” in women. the body is storing estrogen in that fat in order to make the transition from fertility to what-comes-after easier. better bone density, fewer symptoms.

    i don’t know what happens to the liposuction queens. perhaps the body, in its infinite economy, stores some extra fat someplace else to serve its purpose. or, perhaps they foil it so precisely that they have to live with the natural consequences of same.

    i heard a female psych(iatrist? ologist?) speak at a women’s health event at Kenyon College several years ago. she had a book out, and i’m sorry i don’t recall the name of her, or of it. in it, she described both the media effects on self-image and the relationship to eating disorders, and a global study that found that body fat rations by decade are consistent around the world. they seem to follow procreative development and ending, such that during the years in which women are best suited to become pregnant, we carry an amount of body fat that would see us through a year of famine–enough time to carry and nurse an infant to the point of likely viability. etc.

    i also saw a silvertone photo exhibition once of just women’s bellies, with demographic information underneath each one. after several minutes, it was astonishing to realize that a belly could be a biographical instrument. no wonder they are so vulnerable! the whole of a woman’s experience is written on her belly.

    belly love.

  • Alice Richmond

    That belly is your buddy. It has purpose: in that location, part of its job is to store estrogen for slow release when you approach/experience menopause. One of the worst mistakes a woman can make is to have liposuction there.

    An eating disorders expert was part of a global study of women in each decade re: body fat (%, distribution, etc.). What they found was that the averages were consistent–regardless of country or culture. (This was within the last ten years, and I apologize for not remembering the researcher’s name–I heard her speak at a women’s health symposium at Kenyon College in 2006 or 2007 and they had only published the results recently.) The results broke down, roughly, like this:

    During infancy/babyhood/toddlerhood, the average supports the completion of neurological development–even when the mother’s food supply is inconsistent. (The myelin sheaths around nerves and neural pathways are made of fat.)

    During the most common child-bearing decades, the average natural % was sufficient to sustain a woman for precisely enough time to be pregnant, give birth, and breast feed for three months during a famine.

    During menopause, the average is sufficient to store estrogen (and other hormones) such that menopause symptoms are mitigated, and bone density is maintained.

    There’s quite a lot more to it, especially in terms of how the body makes use of the kind of fat and its location. But the bottom line is that your belly is a really good genetic sign that you will experience a healthy menopause and post-menopausal period. :)

    Tell THAT to the lollipops.

  • Media Agency

     “I had to refresh the page  times to view this page for some reason,
    however, the information here was worth the wait.”

  • Hil

    Wow, the people who mistook you for prego must think I’m carrying octuplets! lol  you’re gorgeous inside and out. 

  • Agent Buzz

    One of the things I love about Amanda is the way she belts out a song with her ukelele. Another is the way she turned her toes in suddenly to punctuate a certain point in “Creep”. I showed the video to my daughter, who is a drama student.

  • Brian V.

    For the record Amanda:
    1) I love your “Who Killed Amanda Palmer Album” and
    2) I think you look amazingly beautiful and sexy in all your videos

  • fu kyou

    Join N.E.E.T. recordings

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