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shoveling out.

mother fucker.

i shoveled out yesterday.
i shoveled out today.
i shoveled out tonight.

must we shovel endlessly?

the answer is yes.
we must shovel until we die.

but comrades, we shovel bravely.


winter in new england is such a beautiful bitch.

currently at my parents (dear old house).

i went down to new haven. came back. buried.
it’s the holidays, which seems to make everyone more emotional and
and with the addition of cell phones to our public landscape, if you
travel by plane or train, you will hear all their hearts aching. loudly.
people aren’t private anymore, they’ll cry and wail and scream at
their boyfriends girlfriends and mothers and friends while you sit
next to them on the bench at the station,
or wait for the plane to take off. “ALL I WANTED WAS…” “I SWEAR TO

we’re all in our own little reality shows nowadays. you can watch, or
you can turn back to your new york times and muffin and read about
people killing each other from a distance instead.

it does seem like everything conspires against you when your heart is
i went to the airport yesterday to pick up my sister alyson, who lives
in europe now.
her plane was an hour late.
i stood at the international gate, watching all these reunited happy
couples joyously making out and trundling off together to be in love
in the snow.

shovel shovel.

anything under there?

i can’t believe my folks are selling this place.



in brighter news,
if you hadn’t heard, “katy perry” showed up at my show in LA.
she’s been confusing us lately, what with the radio hit in which she
sings “i kissed a girl, and i liked it”.

but she’s stated in the press that she’s never kissed a girl, thus
causing SOME to refer to her a fake lesbian
or “thesbian”.

we wonder if she’s cashing in on the recent cultural bi-manic “girls
gone wild” obsession.
some of the gays love it. some of the gays hate it.

i just wanted to make out with her.
ok, and maybe tie her up with gaffer tape.
it also fits in interesting with the sad voting in of prop 8 in
california recently.
for those of you in europe/australia who haven’t been reading the
news, gay marriage was recently
re-banned in a state vote. people have been very upset about it.

here we go, yo:

steven, margaret cho, afp and tora-as-katy:


also, exciting, full-circle news:

the SHIRT that everyone has been asking for is finally here, in bulk.
beth designed it (it was one of the reasons we MET, actually…she
read my idea in a blog, made the shirt, and brought it to a show….
and now she’s my assistant. go figure) and blake (yes, blake), printed
them up on his magical silk-screen machine.

they are $30 and you can get them at the one and only


three down comforters

and i’m still not warm enough.



time to get emo.

and i know you have a heavy heart
i can feel it when we kiss
so many men stronger than me
have thrown their backs out
trying to lift it

good night


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