2012.11.08 blog

things are going fast. going at the speed of life.

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i’d come back to boston two days ago, instead of flying straight from vienna to toronto, to see anthony, who is sick if you missed the last blog.

neil came with me. he is an amazing husband. he gets the gold medal, the purple heart, the husband of the year award, whatever. he flew back from europe just to see anthony with me, just to hold my hand on the plane. then he went back, twenty four hours later.

today i was about to get on the plane to toronto and the flight was delayed. at the same time, anthony was having a routine check-up with the cancer doctors. they freaked and admitted him to the hospital saying they had to start treatment immediately, they couldn’t wait. i drove over and got to be with him for half an hour. he’s scared.

it starts now.

i’m in the airport now. the flight is delayed.

i’m sitting here thinking….what the fuck is important?
my national canadian radio press tomorrow?
my best friend?
my husband?
my career?
my pride?
my band?
my crew?
my record?
the money?
the love?
i don’t know.
i don’t know.
all of it.
i don’t know what i’m going to do.


i do know….i’m about the flip the script on you.
tomorrow (or late tonight depending where in the world you are) the “do it with a rockstar” video launches (if all goes according to plan).
it seems perfectly timed.
it’s one of the most alive things i’ve ever made in my life.

stay with me.
stay with me.
stay with me.

p.s. i’m here. i’m listening. what is there to hear?

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