New AFP Shirt-Series + Spring Merch Sale

With March drawing to a close, it’s about time to do some good old fashioned Spring cleaning and welcome new things into the world…AFP-style.
For a very short time, we are offering the first in a new series of limited edition shirts, as well as a coupon for $20 off all orders above $75. In other words, grab some goodies on Post-War Trade that you’ve been meaning to get around to ordering, and get the new shirt for FREE.


This tee – designed by Félix Marqués – was created after a Twitter conversation Amanda had in February about “true fans” and entitlement. The front reads “haters exit stage right, pursued by a bear” and the back has an Elizabethan-era “TRUE FAN” shouting “Get thee to a nunnery!” at the heavens. (Don’t get the reference? Then you should read more Shakespeare, dammit!)

Head on over to the shop as stuff’s selling quick, and you’re going to want to grab this first shirt in the series before it’s gone forever. And don’t forget, be sure to use the coupon code tomato for $20 off $75!


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