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europa, wooden vagina-stage, heartplane tattoos

hola comrades!!!

ok, most impo’tent: if you hadn’t noticed, afp & the ensemble are about to come to europe. like, wicked soon, in about two weeks.

i recommend getting tickets online if you know you’re going, you never know.
please forward these dates to ANYONE you think might want to know about these shows. that’s important, i am relying on the fanbase to get the word out on the street.

the dates:
Feb 4 – Electric Ballroom, London, London and South East
Feb 6 – Divan Du Monde, Paris, Ile-de-France
Feb 8 – Gaswerk Kulturzentrum, Winterthur, Zurich
Feb 9 – Fri-Son, Fribourg, Friburgnemn
Feb 11 – Le Bikini, Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées
Feb 13 – Sala Apolo, Barcelona, Barcelona
Feb 14 – Caracol, Madrid, Madrid

tickets are on sale now for all these shows at:
buy in advance! some of these places are small and will hopefully sell out.



i’m heading to london early (around the 31st) and am actually hunting for a place to practice….
so if you live near camden and have a piano or a decent electric keyboard with speakers,
will you have me over for tea? seriously. i need to practice and am without gear. within close tube-range of camden would be great.
email beth and give her the scoop: beth (at) amandapalmer (dot) net.




this has been working awesomely so far, so here we go again.
yes! yes. the danger ensemble and i are looking for crash pads throughout europe.

like our punk ass forefathers….doing it on the cheap and keeping it real – so we are looking for a comfy crash space for 5 sassy australians, possibly a hot tour manager/lighting designer and one lonely little AFP.
we don’t need a palace.. but a bed to rest our heads, get a cup of tea and check our emails would be AWESOME. (if you live near general humanity, life, stores, art and parties – we like that too. and we love pianos.)
we will repay you with love, merch and concert tickets (for you and whoever is helping out).
and will regale you of stories of how rock and roll it is to check your email all day when you’re on the road.

these are the cities and the dates we are looking for:

in or near Paris, France. – Feb 5th and 6th.
in or near Winterthur, Switzerland – Feb 7th.
in or near Fribourg, Switzerland – Feb 9th
in or near Toulouse, France – Feb 10th and 11th.
in or near Barcelona, Spain – Feb 12th.
in Barcelona or somewhere en route from Barcelona to Madrid, Spain – Feb 13th.
in or near Madrid, Spain – Feb 14th.

if you can help or know someone who can please email steven (at) amandapalmer (dot) net!  He loves you already.
if you write and you DON’T hear back, please don’t poke. we’re sending this call out so late that steven will probably be barraged. please be pateint.
thank you thank you.




as for food, yes….we’re still hungry.
imagine that. you guys fed us brilliantly the last time around, and now i can’t even imagine not doing this.
we love you and will trade you love and tickets for food. and you can hang out backstage and drink our beer and wine.

if you can bring food to ANY of the shows, please e-mail food (at) amandapalmer (dot) net and we’ll give you instructions.
dessert foods kill us, so please don’t bring us cakes and cookies and evil foods.
last time around in europe, everyone brought cake and chocolate and we got fat.
loving the belly is one thing, but for christs sake, keep us healthy.



that’s all for now in the touring department.

no, wait, one more thing.

we’ve confirmed support for london and paris and it’s a WONDERFUL band i’ve been itching to play with for YEARS.
they’re called detektivbyrån and they sound like a wonderful tripping movie soundtrack come to life.
they gave me their CD at a gig ages ago and i’m happy i finally snatched them…go listen….



in the life department, i feel incredibly productive.

i have no feelings.

i will have some feelings in the spring, maybe.

i took a bath last night.

it was 4 degrees outside.

when it’s that cold, my tub refuses to actually become warm enough to feel like a real bath.
the water is just not hot enough.

so i boil two pots of water on the stove plus the kettle and i run back and forth between the bath and the stove for the entire
duration of the bath and it’s a whole activity.

i can’t even take a bath without doing something else at the same time.

something is wrong with me.


i have written over 500 emails in the last 4.5 days.

i have played the piano.

i have broken 3 bass strings in 2 days.

i have done my dishes.

i am on fire.

but it’s freezing here, dudes. it’s just unfair.

jason webley came for a visit. we emailed TOGETHER.
we did take a break and got some dim sum and looked at the dead fish in chinatown and walked around and ran into an amazing old lady in an antiques shop who showed us her photo
album for 45 minutes. she used to tour with her sister in the late forties and early fifteis. they played guitars and wore dresses. she had a picture of her and her sister with FRANK.
i wanted to quit everything and stay with her forever. there is no evidence of their group (the hickory sisters) on the internet. they only toured for
six years and then came back to boston (in the early 1950s) to run their parent’s store. and she’s still there. she’s 85, i think.


olga, who designed the lovely site, made me a necklace of wooden wings because i coveted hers so badly.
but i decided it worked better as a belt (or as we’ve been callin git around here, a vagina-stage) and beth took a picture of it for me.

i get mad compliments on it.



hayley wrote:
I was wondering though, if you ever got your New Years Eve kiss. At the Grand Ballroom last year (NYE 2007) you mentioned that you are always on stage at midnight and that it is frustrating because you never get to kiss anyone (while everyone around you does) – This year’s show was post-midnight so maybe you got lucky? ;)

afp answers:
um, no. i didn’t. another year.


katie wrote:
there’s been a few rumors floating around the interwebz; is it true you were in a porno when you were younger?

afp answers:
TOTALLY true. kim airs, who ran a great local sexuality boutique for women called “grand opening” used to host an amateur porn film night at the coolidge corner.
there would be a bunch of entries and all the tapes would get burned after the screening. my friend sandy and i made a great lesbian porn called “voodoo dykes”, in around 2000.
my screen name was Conni Lingus. hers was Jumbo Lila. it was terrible, and great. i have a copy of it somewhere. when i’m feeling really desperate for attention in
my late hundreds, i’ll post it to the internet for laughs.


Steve wrote:
On the subject of questions, tattoos and the interpretation of art: where, oh where, did the heart/plane/arrow/pen symbol on “Yes Virginia” come from and/or what does it mean? I really like it, am considering getting a tattoo of it, and don’t want to find out after the fact that it’s a Crip tag. Not that I think you’re gang affiliated. Just curious.

afp answers:
it’s not a crip tag, dude. i drew it myself. we call it the “heartplane” logo when using it on things.
i like to think of it as an interpretable symbol that combines the battle spirit of art and love.
there’s a picture of me drawing in the Virginia Companion….let me see if i can find it…..

ah, here we go.
it was on the NIN tour, (you can see the little NIN tour book on the table).
brian took this picture.

and there’s a few other lovely tattoos on the dolls site featuring said drawing….
all the dolls tattoos live up at, by the way, and if you have one, you can email it to beth (at) amandapalmer (dot) net









(tattoos from david, amanda, meghan, emily, leigh, shelly, amy, hayley)

you’ll be in fine company.




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  • je..e


    Pretend the three studio Dolls albums and WKAP do not exist, and you are going into the studio right now to record an album. You have every song you’ve ever written finished and arranged exactly how you want it; what songs make it on the album?

  • Sally

    Thank you Amanda, for bringing up and getting me hooked on Detektivbyrån. Though I’m a Kaizers Orchestra fan, so I guess I’m biased toward Scandinavian things and that style of music…

    Now can you bring Detektivbyrån to the US on your next tour? I don’t have enough money to go to Sweden (or Norway).

    • sarah

      I’m (also a kaizer fan) hooked on them too now. their sound reminds me of the soundtrack to amelie.

  • Lena

    Is that a pic from “The Pretender” I see?

    One of my very favorite shows. Kudos!

  • Treason

    The tag, “things that make people look at your crotch but not in a bad way” is the best tag ever.

    I wish I lived in Europe so I could house and feed you! :(
    Hope the touring goes well and you eat heartily and sleep comfortably!

  • Robink

    This Friday a group of my friends and i are going to the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco, I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to make it this year but next year you should definitely come (or even perform? wink wink). It’s a masquerade-ball-burlesque-cabaret for fans of Edward Gorey, all things macabre or just dressin’ up! It sounds exactly like your cup of tea!

  • susieprue

    i love “the vagina stage.” one of the girls i work with swears that customers look at her crotch when she takes their order. i oughtta make her a showcase for her girly spot so at least the crotch lookers have something to see other than her fly. too funny! i just get the boob lookers. maybe i should wear more pants…
    i’m not in eurpoe nor do i have any friends there to assist you with food or housing, but just outta curiosity (and perhaps to stimulate recipe swapping for those who will be nurturing you), what kind of dishes do you crave when you’re out on tour? i seem to remember some vegan or vegetarian dietary restrictions, too. someone sent me a killer vegan “mac and cheese” recipe and i’m more than happy to pass it on to anyone who will be hosting y’all. your devoted public may be curious!

  • Beck

    Do you need food and or lodging in Adelaide, Australia?

    I am sure I could manage it and I am in walking distance to the Governor Hindmarsh where you are scheduled to play.


  • Al-eh-grrr-uh

    IT SEEMS my comment was misplaced so here goes again
    with ask AFP….

    1.”Sing” inspired me to design a tattoo- a sunflower with the first refrain of the song spiraling around the center. Would you like to see the design? I would love it if you told me what you thought.

    2.How do you take your coffee/ what is your favorite coffee drink?

    3.What eyeshadow & lipstick brand do you use?

    4. What is your favorite album from the Cure?

  • Me

    Europe is so fucking lucky. (I always make sure to suggest your shows to my far away friends. As well as to my close-by friends.) I hope that you have an amazing time.

    500 emails is an amazing accomplishment. I struggle to reply to one or two emails a day. If I could, I would give you some of my sloth-ness if I could have some of your motivation. (Even if you’re not into an exchange, the offer is there for anyone in need of extra sloth ‘check her to see if she has a pulse’ levels of inactivity. [I will likely read this during the manic work week and realize I would like to take myself up on the offer.])

  • david westway

    hi. i’m david. cool to see my picture on here. i don’t know what else to say.

    you make me happy. thank you.

  • Andy

    hi! I had a question for you, i know that you love theatre (which has always really impressed me because im a musical theatre major) what are some of your favorite shows? and if your schedule ever slowed down would you ever audition for a show? either on broadway or at a small local theatre? if so what would be your first pick?

  • Crymxin

    I know what you mean about not feeling anything. I currently feel the same. and I just found out that I may pregnant with the child of the man I am madly in love with and since we’re you (19 & 20) We’ll most likely be forced to get married but I am having trouble really feeling anything. This guy and I split last May and we were engaged and we just spent the last several month hurting each other. So I dont know how to feel.

    You are not alone in the department of numb unfeelingness of DOOM.

    Much love for the Amanda!

  • Natalierose

    “i have written over 500 emails in the last 4.5 days”

    HOLY CRAP. You are some kind of… e-mail Ox. God bless you Amanda Palmer, and all the love in your heart.

    Also, love the vagina wings and the fact that you made a dyke-y porno. I think I can die happy now.

  • June_Miller

    You’re much more productive than I, at the moment. But I’m working on it. It’s the money. It’s always a bitch.

    Hey, I remember that belt buckle. Not the vagina stage (which is awesome and makes me think of vikings, strangely), but the actual buckle itself. I thought it was an SF cityscape for some reason, though. Just too wrapped up in the moment, I guess.

    The phrase ‘Valkyrie vagina’ just popped into my head, while we’re at it. Odd-ball.

    You definitely should check out the Edwardian Ball. Fucking, I should, for that matter. I still have yet to attend. But homeslice up there called it. OH SHIT I just checked it out and Rasputina’s getting up in that bidness? Damn. Now I really suck. But yeah. They actually get groups that you’ve played with a lot to perform (Rosin Coven, Vermillion Lies) and it’s just…wonderful and spooky and are pretty much right up your alley. Unless you’ve already been to one before. Then I’m just talking out my ass.

    Whatever, man. You’re going to Europe around my birthday, but I’m going to motherfucking Alcatraz. At NIGHT. I may have the shit scared out of me, but it will rule. I’m not going to lie: I am giddy.

    It’s second place to an authentic cup of tea, though. Point taken.

    Feelings are hibernating.

    Spring will be good, let’s hope.

  • Brianne

    I realized just today that, every now and again, I mix up my love for music with an almost romantic love for the person playing it. This has only ever occurred, with one exception, in the magical, musical people who I know personally.

    You are the exception, and thank you for being it. I’m positive that it’s because of how connected you are to your fans, and how I feel like I’m a part of something incredible, along with you and every other fan of yours. I love what I know of who you are how you are the way you are as much as, and in the same was as, I love the music you make.

    Thank you, and best of luck with food and shelter in Europe. I’m sure it will be amazing, I hear there are some pretty wonderful people over there.

  • Baxter

    I had a dream last night that I accidently killed a pigeon and you were horribly disappointed in me.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize.

  • Logan Kerlee

    Very cool tattoos Amanda. I don’t know if I’ll be getting that one.. but someday I might. Right now I’m trying to find a picture of a gorilla that looks badass. They’ve always been my favorite animal since I was born pretty much. I’m a gorilla kid. OOOohh OOOoooh Ahh AHHH!

  • John W

    I wanna give you a hug.

    Please oh please come to Louisvile someday!

  • Justine

    detektivbyrån, yes I saw the wermland video once, thanks for directing me back to them, Amanda. They’re cool.

    • Justine

      Oh yeah, PS: that’s freaking amazing that you get to do shows with them.

  • Alan ^^

    You know, one of the most amazing things about you, apart from you’re music of cores, is that you always seem to find time for you’re fans in these blogs. Its certainly what makes most of you’re fans madly in love with you

  • Tess

    I would love to come to you Melbourne show, but being under 18, I can’t.
    I have actually cried about this.
    Please do another gig!

    Tess x

  • callistosmile

    If you can’t find people to host you might try the site you might not be able to get everyone in the same house but it’s a pretty good last resort. the people are generally pretty chill and would probably be sympathetic to the food issue as well. good luck!

  • kamini

    it’ll totally make my year if you wrote me a lovely email.
    p/s: i’m not a huge fan of yours PHYSICALLY(meaning, my mom does not allow me to purchase stuff online,therefore i could not get your merchandise), but hell, im definitely your hugeass fan mentally.

    love you always,truly.

  • Jess

    Hola Amanda!
    I’ve already sent an email to Steven because of the place in Madrid, since i live 5 minutes walking from the venue
    And i sent him this drawing too, but here you have again XD

  • Phil

    I found a picture of The Hickory Sisters, but that’s all.

  • Fundamentally Judgmental

    HEEEEEEEEEY. What about eastren europe :(

    • Phil

      And northern! (It’s warm here in the summer)

  • Anael

    Hola Amanda!!

    I´m so so happy because of the european tour notice, really. The only problem is that I´m 17 and the sala concerts in madrid have forbbiden the entrance of the youngers of 18. If I won´t can go, it wil be horrible, SO MUCH HORRIBLE… but that´s the cruel reality.

    Anyway, I´ve been asking you to come a lot of time, so I´ll do all the posible to go. If I go, I´ll take to you some cookies or anything similar, would you like it?


    Anael, from Madrid

  • Ledh

    Isn’t it difficult to stay as down-to-earth as you are with all these people fawning all over you and turning your art and music into permanent things on their body (and souls)? You are always so sweet to fans, take your time to meet them and talk to them. I really admire that in you. It must be difficult though, not letting the fame and awe run with you instead of staying clearheaded?

    also, thanks for keeping me sane during these difficult times of exams and dullness.

  • Anael

    Last new Amanda: The Caracol sala have just written to me saying that I won´t can go.
    Fucking shit U_U Fucking fucking shit.

  • jewn

    i can’t wait for springtime either. it’s been in the negateens here in michigan lately. the fact that it’s been so ridiculously cold gives me the right to make up words.

    here’s one of the best springtime songs ever by one of my favorite bands ever in hopes of sending some love, warmth and early spring your way:

    springtime is the season- of montreal

    The summer’s good for tulips
    Though pansies disagree
    They find the heat most distasteful
    And humidity far too grim to stand up tall
    And bargain with the bees
    They prefer to droop and mope
    And wait for autumn’s breeze

    The autumn’s good for pumpkins
    Though apples don’t approve
    The trees that they’ve been living on
    Now forces them to move
    And rudely lets them to fall
    And sends them quick to their demise
    Without so much a bon voyage or even a goodbye

    The winter’s good for penguins
    Though brown bears must object
    When talk comes to the joys of winter
    They must interject
    “Hibernating in the snow just isn’t where it’s at
    Because sleeping makes you skinny
    And we bears like to be fat”

    The springtime is the season
    Where everyone’s a friend
    Loneliness and desperation both come to an end
    No matter how you died through winter
    In spring you’re born again
    Your life might not be going good
    But spring helps you to pretend

    of montreal is wonderful at making me feel better. they basically rank parallel to you in my heart.

  • david westway

    detektivbryan is pretty cool. here’s another band from sweden you might like –

  • david westway

    sorry. this is my last comment. another band from sweden i think you’d really like is

  • Kabouterprinses

    if you ever decide to do a gig in or near hasselt, belgium, i will gladly let you borrow my house (and maybe even my neighbours or my brother-in-law’s piano). i have lots of beds and couches and extra mattresses, all sorts of tea and my mom is a mad healthy-cooking woman, she would also be extatic to have you, and whoever is in your crew, over.

    not that that is ever going to happen, but well yeah. one can hope.

    also: my day started off bad, it got worse, and i just felt like going to bed and NEVER waking up again when i finally came back home. then i read this and it made me laugh like mad, really, a vagina-stage? i want one of those.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you in a little over 2 weeks. Today when i was going home, i felt the first jolts of excitement, right back after i realized: oh, but first another 2 weeks of this madness, and i went back to being miserable.

    and, i’ve never seen so random pics in you blog, i think, the first 3. it actually made me smile. thank you for making my day.


  • MamaLlama

    Try a jelly bath…
    It may sound strange, but they really are wonderful!!
    They hold the heat in the water. These little bath things are beyond amazing! I love them!
    (No, I don’t work for them…I just really love these little boxes of mystery)

    Funny thing…I had a some small ones in my pocket the night we saw you at the Wonder in Pdx and was going to pass them to one of the Dangers upon exiting…but I got caught up in the exit mode… I was down those horrid Wonder steps before I realized I’d forgotten!!! Next time I swear!!

  • Matthew

    ohhh god, I would love to see you in Poland! you may wanna think about it. :) big X!

  • feeblemind

    I really want to go to the Paris show, but I’m pretty tight money-wise AND I live in Holland. Are there any other AFP fans from the Dutch side going to that show? Maybe we can hook up and see what we can work out with traveling and staying overnight. For now I’m on my own (boohoo, sad me).

    (This could be a cool social experiment: how do AFP fans help each other out? :))

    P.S. London would be good too, btw

  • Garrie

    Sweetness!! I’m dropping in on London on the first & second of february for some sights, exhibitions, camden shopping and hopefully a good party. If you have a good feeling about any non-private shindigs then please let me know.. Otherwise i’d love to say hi if I see you around chalk farm. All the best & hoping that your productiveness carries onward a rewarding experience in europe.

  • Shayla

    I too have the heartplane tattooed on my shoulderblade. It was my first (and currently my only) tattoo but I don’t think I have a single good picture of it to send. it’s a hard place to photograph well.

    It’s a wonderful tattoo though. When I was at Warped Tour I had a girl run up to me just to show me the heartplane tattoo on her arm. I felt like I knew her, just because we both shared such a strong interest in the same thing… Even though I only spoke with her for less than 3 seconds and I couldn’t hear a thing over the band that was playing.

  • Patricia

    Hi Amanda,
    I can’t WAIT until you’re at the Sydney Opera House! One question – do you know if they will allow cameras in to the show? I know you have an awesome cameras etc policy, but the Opera House’s website is giving no clues if I’ll need to leave mine at home or check it or whatever….sorry for the rambling, I’m just hugely excited!
    I’d bring food along, but I’m probably coming straight from work, and the Opera House is a few hours away from my place…anything else you guys need?

  • eleanorruby

    your porno reminded me of me and my best friend’s totally campy, sometimes david lynch-y short films, which we’ve been making on and off since our senior year of high school. i recommend the mischievous man (guy) with a plan if you ever have twelve minutes to spare for a lowly fan. we have a very strict work ethic. we decide we’re going to make a movie; we come up with a plot; we come up with a basic idea to base each scene around, and then we improvise the rest. if we totally lose ourselves, we re-shoot, but we force ourselves to finish within a few hours — editing and everything. regardless of the outcome, working on these is always ridiculously fun.

  • Kate

    It’s funny you mention the heartplane tattoos, because a bunch of my friends have been getting tattoos lately and, although I’m completely needle shy, I was thinking that if I never got a tattoo, it would be a teeny tiny little heartplane on my wrist, since it’s the only thing I can’t imagine ever being ashamed of, even when I’m seventy.

    Wow, that was a run on sentence.

  • Fudgestix

    I’m just watching the inauguration on the BBC in the UK, and I could have sworn I saw you wearing a giant scarf behind one of the trumpet players! If it wasn’t you, you have a double :)

    Have a great time!

  • gender_fuck

    I’m kind of bummed that my HeartPlane tattoo didn’t make it into the blog. It’s on the site, but some blogging would be nice. Then again, I didn’t get it for show.

    I wish you needed a place to stay in the Chicago land area. Then I’d be set.

  • SA

    Amanda: please quit hating on the fat. Some of us are, you know, fat, whether or not we eat chocolate and cake. And some of us figure out how to love ourseives regardless, and are tired of hearing “oh no, FAT!!!!” If you’re going to be an icon for outcasts and a champion for bellies, you gotta let go of the fat fear.

    • CH

      Woah there, chill your beans. I’m fat too, well i’ve lost a lot of weight recently after changing the way I eat completely and the rest of it but that’s neither here nor there.

      I’m pretty sure its not about ‘hating on the fat ‘or whatever, the point was just being put out there that real meals are needed, you know, mainly for nutrtional value, like to keep body’s working and healthy and such.
      And like its cool that you’re cool with yourself, but it doesn’t mean that everybody would be or even should be or that they should censor what they’re saying..
      Or whatever, I don’t know, I’m way not articulate enough to get across entirely what I’m getting at, and now I’m a little bit mad, so I won’t bother, but what’s the use in talking an offensive view on something and nothing, making it seem like something has been said when it was never intended that way. Negative man.

  • betlem aus barcelona

    hi amanda,

    i just asked my roommates and i can’t provide you and the crew your place to crash… but i think i can cook some food. i will consider it. the problem is i’m currently working and studying at the same time and i hardly have time for anything else, but fuck it, i’m sending that email soon. so i remember i read you guys like vege/fish food, don’t you? i can cook cuttlefish (?) really good. and my tortilla de patatas just kicks ass, it’s well known all over the world!

    hehehe anyway. i’ll think about it and send the email. i would love to be involved in this very very much because of the experience, and also to give something as reward for some much love and strenght i found in yout music.


    i go to sleep

    good night/whatever is your daytime right now! :)))))))

  • trax

    Hi !
    You mentionned a few days ago that you listened to Nouvelle Vague in repeat, I just wondered if you’d heard about Hollywood Mon Amour: it’s basically the same people doing the same kind of music, but instead of rock songs it’s based on movie soundtracks from the 80’s. It’s really worth listening and I just saw them live last night in Paris, they were really great. I saw that you can get the CDs from, but if you fancy a LP version you can get it while you’re in France.

    Detektivbyrån are really cool, thanks for that discovery. I can’t wait to see them live in Paris, along with you !

    Shit, I actually posted a comment on a blog. Shit.

  • amelie

    A book you should read : “Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain”, by Oliver Sacks.
    I read this interview of the author and it made me think of you :
    “Musical memory is probably one of the most largely spread and the most resistant web in our brain. That’s why musical therapies are efficient. They have access to a submerged part of our psyche, where memory, emotion and identity are bound. There is no form of intimacy greater than two persons playing music together.”

  • natalie910

    Alright, question for you..I saw a couple of blogs ago that someone asked if they could use one of your songs for a school project, and I saw your reply, but I’m wondering if it would be okay to use one for a senior yearbook type video? Because the video would obviously get sold to seniors, but it wouldn’t make a profit, it would just cover the cost.

    Random I kow, but just wondering.

  • Lee

    The Westboro Baptist Church is protesting at Lexington High School on March 13th
    Are you going to the counter protest?
    Personally I’m not sure yet if I’m going, since it’ll be giving them the attention they want. But on the other hand I want to support the students there because I remember how stressful it was when we had the protesters outside the school on the day of silence

  • Aerya Autumn

    I be curious…how does one break a piano string? Since I just have a Roland ep-60 keyboard, I guess I wouldn’t have that problem. It’s been a query bugging me since the first broken-string Twitter post.

  • Brad

    Wish I was in Europe, now!

    I’d imagine you’re well sorted for accom when next you’re in Bris, but food can certainly be arranged, if’n it helps at all?


  • FO

    No dates in Italy as usual.

  • An_ne

    Hallo Amanda & Cia!
    Me and my best friend are going to see you in Barcelona so see you soon!
    Per certo, I like your belt of Köln, it’s a very nice city (especially his Dom). ;-)
    Good luck and see you in Barcelona!


  • tiny_little_dot

    I want to hug you!

    Also, I am going to tell my friend who lives in Paris that she should try to make it to your show. Because your show I went to in Philly made me cringe with joy! It really did. I almost never go to concerts but i am so glad I went to yours. And I got to meet Beth who I think is wonderful :)
    You’re wonderful too, of course. But I fear I was awkward-city when I met you.
    ( i am the one in the orange hat: )

  • Shiny

    Baths are fun.
    I think I prefer the weather your getting from that of Australia this past week. 38 degrees celsius these last few days. Makes me want to not have to wear clothes.. Or skin.

  • Antònia =)

    Can’t wait to spread the love with you in Barcelona!!!

  • Mirko

    We have the same apple laptop ehehehe.
    what you do, both with your music and this blog is so refreshing and means a lot to people, me included; so thanks for being Amanda fucking Palmer :)

    Respectfully, a fan from Italy

  • James Byam

    Little Tiny Circles!

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