droppage & dollage

Things That I Need To Tell You About But Will Not At Least Not In Great Detail:
1. how cabaret is going (incredibly well, and almost over).
2. how my recording with tristan is going (fucking awesome, and his record release party will be in boston on december 12th, save the date mofos)
3. how the preparation for my forthcoming australian tour and album release are going (great thanks)
4. how it went taking the house band from “cabaret” into the studio to record an indie-rock soundtrack starring ME (pretty rad)
5. how i recorded a song with lance horne for his new record (also rad, and hilarious: the song is called “i hate the little prince”)
6. how with all this happening i have barely had time to pee this week, but actually honestly i have, and you’ll read about that below.
to begin with, that last blog reminded me Why.
after reading all the comments, i realized that part of what is wrong when i post too much information (“I HAVE TOUR! I MADE RECORD! I AM ATTACKING YOU WITH INFORMATION THAT NEEDS NO RESPONSE UNLESS IT IS TO SAY YAY AMANDA YAY!”), everybody reads it but nobody responds and i don’t know who’s listening (or reading). then i post something like the blog the other day and read all 300 comments and remember who the fuck you all actually are (and every time i read a “long time reader first time commenter” comment i assume there are OTHERS LIKE YOU lurking endlessly out there). and i like getting all your stories back: your foibles and your deaths and your tallnesses and fatnesses and skinninesses and outgoingnesses and ingoingnesses and the rest of y’alls weirdnesses. i need to read – i think – more than i need you to read about mine.
blog bait.
two days ago, @_superkate_ bravely took my computer to the computer hospital to have more memory installed, and i was promptly informed that the logic board was fried and i probably wouldn’t see my computer for a week.
do you know what this does to amanda palmer?
apparently, it cues her to promptly drop her iphone in a toilet, which is precisely what i did that same morning after scurrying into my bathroom to pee while still wearing my outdoor coat. the phone slipped from the coat pocket straight into the toilet and somewhere in the backlog of blogs is the descrption of the slow-motion horror scene that played out when i dropped my blackberry in a scottish porta-loo a few years back. it was the same blur of PLOP OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as my hand dove into the mire to save my poor child. hoorah for mac – the phone remained illuminated even when submerged in pee. it is now (under the advisement of my tech-god @indecisean, and many others on twitter) recovering quietly in a bag of risotto on my heater in the kitchen until tomorrow.
so i have no phone and no computer. i’ve been writing phone numbers down on pieces of paper, fielding important calls on lee’s cordless telephone, and generally feeling fantastic as i walk around with nothing in my pocket AND no waiting 12,198 emails to come home to. the reckoning will be painful, but the reveling is blissful.
i’m slightly sickened by how (i can now see) my brain has been re-wired to think in 140-character quips, and how i view the landscape with hungry photographer eyes. it’s not bad, it’s not good, i just know now.
now. now? i am writing this blog on an old mac i bought from noah, my housemate, for $200 as a sacrificial tour mailing-list depository at the merch table (chances are you’ll see it at the merch table, with casey, on the dolls tour). i’m writing it in a sticky and will send it via gmail to sean, who will post it. this blog will have no pictures when i sent it to him – because i have not taken any and all the pictures that might have been interesting are In Risotto (which is like In Flagrante Delicto for iPhones) – but surely some goodness will be plugged in by the time it makes its way to you.
i spent the day rehearsing songs by the dresden dolls. the dresden dolls are my band.
we’re about to go on tour.
this entire week i’ll be rehearsing with brian from 2-5 pm, then heading to the theater for my 6:15 call and performing “cabaret” every night with two shows on friday. i’m also playing a solo show on wednesday and we’re going to record the whole band (and me) live, singing the songs of “cabaret”. the gig’s sold out, but expect a recording to surface sometime in the spring. the two boston dresden dolls shows are close to sold out (night one is closer to maxx than night two, apparently people like our first record better). you can RSVP/get tickets for night 1 at http://bit.ly/DD112rsvp and night 2 at http://bit.ly/DD113rsvp
it never ceases to surprise me when someone tells me they love my music, but don’t know the music of the dresden dolls.
for those of you who need a primer (and maybe you guys can comment with some favorite dolls clips)…i don’t really know where to start….but here:
the dresden dolls is two people.
me and brian viglione, who is the best drummer in the world (and i’m not kidding).
here we are:

photo by lisa gordon (may 7th, 2002)

we met almost 10 years ago, on halloween night, october 31st of 2000, right upstairs in the house i still live in.
i was throwing an art party, and played my shy little angry songs on piano. brian had been brought over by a guy we both knew, sean setaro. he saw me play piano and knew in that instant that we would be a band. i didn’t take much convincing. a year later, we were getting ready to record our first record, and then we went on tour, and we got sort of famous in some places, and then in 2008 we decided to take a break.
if you do not know my band, you need to know my band.
the band is REALLY REALLY FUCKING good.
i was musing about how to pepper you with various clips of the dresden dolls Doing What We Do, and decided that the video for “girl anachronism” is still a classic and a good start for the uninitiated.
this was the video clip (we didn’t have youtube back then children, it simply lived on our website as a file) that someone sent to trent reznor, and he thought it was so good he invited us to come tour with Nine Inch Nails, which we did, in 2005.
here it be. it’s still pretty rocking after all these years, now with OVER A MILLION VIEWS:

this video was shot at my house by michaerl pope, who was living here at the time, using almost every available apartment space and our garden, for about $5,000 (which we borrowed from Ron Nordin, one of the bands earliest, and ongoing, patrons). in retrospect, we owe a lot of our success to this clip…it also impressed the shit out of roadrunner records, who were the only label who would sign us.
wanna see something cool? mr viggie rehearsing for tour playing “girl a” just last week from his place in NYC (shot by our friend ronnie):

anyway, back to the story…from 2000 until about 2008 i slept, ate, breathed, and sweat nothing but the dresden dolls. i toured non-stop until i fell over in a pile of emotional exhaustion.
now, sitting at the piano and rehearsing all of our old songs has been like taking a weird nostalgia-laced amphetamine.
all of these songs live in my motor memory, and some of them i haven’t played AT ALL in any form for 4 or 5 years.
today brian came over and we talked about what to play on tour. we started re-kindling our Rock Love.
remember rock love? this is what rock love looks like:
and we’re going to rehearse here, at my house, like the old days. we’re on the top floor instead of the basement, so now instead of zea banging on the floor to tell us to shut up, it’s going to be casey banging on her ceiling. and tomorrow night, we will do what the dresden dolls do: talk for a few hours, play for a few hours, and then eat for a few hours.
happy almost-birthday, us.
when my phone stops being in italian rice (and i considered that it might come out of the sock with culture shock, saying “EHH!!! pronto!!!!” and grabbing it’s balls at me) i will send pictures.
also, i want to tell you about my favorite band. be prepared.
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  • http://twitter.com/arch4ngel Dr. Sarastiel

    I am so excited you guys are touring again, and coming to my hometown no less. o/

  • Talya

    (losing my comment virginity here so hello!)
    I wish I had discovered the Dresden Dolls earlier than this year, I was quite into panic at the disco around the time you guys toured with them so I narrowly missed finding you then but I am so glad I have your music now because I can actually appreciate it now that I’m a wee bit older!
    Whether it’s updates on your career or a heartfelt rant it is always interesting to read! Hope your iphone ends up working again, can’t wait for your tour here in oz! I will do my bestest to get tickets!

  • fuck_maturity

    as much as I enjoy the just AFP tours Australia has received these past couple of years. My first love were the Dresden Dolls and although I only ever seen them once that show that saw all those years ago is definatly the concert I always refer to as one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. Therefore I really hope that the Dresden Dolls do come back to Australia sometime soon.

  • mav

    I’m just confirming the assumption that there are lurky blog reader type people =p
    I first heard the dresden dolls when i stole/borrowed my brother’s ipod – the first nonparentally sanctioned music and I fell madly in love with it. I tend to be a lurky blog reader because I can’t really believe that my pedestrian life and comments would be interesting to someone who has punk rock love and awesome shows with cool friends, but I’m here.

    Also, can Brian come to Australia too? And play dolls songs and be awesome and here? Please? I would do happy dorky dances and bring veggie foodstuffs for you

  • Elias

    I will be there. In the front row. In three weeks. YOU better be ready!

  • Steph

    I’ve actually been having a massive Dresden Dolls binge recently.
    Backstabber has been on serious high rotation on my itunes. (video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N0sBo1cfNU)
    I fell in love with the Dresden Dolls years ago and didn’t realise Who Killed Amanda Palmer was out until after the Australia tour was over :(

  • ZenJenn

    I am so damn happy the Dolls are doing the tour. Seriously. And I am so happy to read this blog and I just….fffff I love you. Seriously. Love love LOVE. =D It took me alot of hell but I am going to come to the show in Dallas, there, if you will meet with fans after the show (or do a NINJA GIG WITH BRIAN, YESSSSS!) I shall hug you both and tell you both that I love you then promptly ask you with puppy eyes if you’ll sign all my Dolls CDs and DVDs because yes, I have them all, and I will never get rid of them because I love them so hard. Even if I become a homeless lady I’ll be lugging around my supermarket cart with my Dolls/AmandaPalmer stuff, seriously. XDI cannot wait to read more from your blog. I am SO happy that you are happy, really, I am. This blog post made my night. Can’t wait to see the show!!! I wonder if you two will start writing more songs together? :D That would be fantastic.Either way, I love you.I love Brian.VIVA THE DRESDEN DOLLS.>D FUCK. YES.love,~Jenn

  • StinkerBelle

    Here’s another lurky blog-reader…and the mental image of your iPhone grabbing it’s balls at you really is shockingly adorable :)

  • Alanna

    Remember not to eat that risotto once your phone is out!

    I had been reading these blogs for a few years and i slowly drifted out of reading them until the last blog, which has got me hooked again. I’m also another lurker :D
    Keen for rock love!

  • saint roux

    back when you and brian toured with panic at the disco in 2006, i was a wee little 14. i had heard about you through the online grapevine, googled you, and fell in absolute love. i almost think i spent more time that summer looking up the dolls and lucent dossier than i did sleeping. that’s probably accurate. i remember wanting so bad to go to the show in cleveland that summer, but i was young and had no car and no willing parent. much to my continued distraught, i watched the youtube videos a few days later to see none other than you and brian and little ryan ross in all your collective fabulousness playing a cover of IMAGINE. my favorite song. in my city. without me.

    i remember later reading a blog post of yours relaying the story of that song. and how no one fucking got it and no one got you. i’d like to tell you that even then, in my young 14 years, i got it. i understood– i’m still understanding. i’ll always regret not going.


  • http://twitter.com/stuaker Stuart Bast Baker

    Heard Girl Anachronism in 2005, when I was 14 and have been hooked ever since on your stuff, Dolls, solo, whatever. I live in New Zealand now, please tour there sometime! Hopefully a gig in Wellington?

  • PolitelyOffend

    This makes me really happy. I actually taught a friend a few songs out of the DD companion today on ukulele. It was the first time I had played in public(even if I was just teaching) and a group of high school kids (who were covertly listening) came up and complimented “Coin Operated Boy” after I finished playing it on uke. Just looking through the companion book and playing the songs made me even more psyched to see you guys play. So, has Brian seen Cabaret yet?

  • wesssels

    It’s interesting how I was actually turned on to the Dolls.
    One of my best friends was a Dresden Dolls addict, so I had naturally been exposed to a lot of the music (I remember listening to Truce on repeat one night as we drove the 45 minutes from the nearest city back home), but I never considered myself a fan until she purchased the Virginia Companion. Mind you, she isn’t even a piano player, or much of a musician at all; she’d just purchased the songbook as a form of merch, a commemorative item. A pianist myself, I picked up the massive book and started hammering out some of the tunes.

    It was in this way that I fell in love with the band. I learned a majority of the songs not by listening to them on repeat, but by playing them over and over and over, becoming quite obsessive myself. Naturally, the play counts began racking up as well, but it was always the songbook, learning the way each song was laid out, learning the small intricacies in the piano part, that lent a new perspective to the listening experience. i’ve always felt as if i heard the Dolls on a different level because of this. There’s always the Scream Your Head Off And Break Piano Strings Just Because You Fucking Feel Like It level that everyone knows and loves, but there’s a certain artistry beneath it all, obviously. And I always felt a special connection to the artistry, to the actual music, in this fashion.

    and that concludes my Random Post About Learning About The Dresden Dolls, which indeed is a virgin post.

    rock love. <3

  • http://twitter.com/UncannyJay Jason

    I am also one those people who discovered you first after you released WKAP. (Specifically, I discovered you via Neil after you two started dating and Warren Ellis of all people on Twitter) I’ve been a devoted disciple ever since.
    My exposure to your work with Brian is pretty limited, but I can’t fucking wait to see you and him bring the fucking house down on Halloween. Me and all my friends from #LOFNOTC (who all came into my life thanks to you) will be there rocking the fuck out.

    Rock <3

    • PolitelyOffend

      <3 Can't wait to see you again Jay <3

  • http://twitter.com/dwaq David

    “how i view the landscape with hungry photographer eyes” x1000 for me (probably unsurprisingly).

  • Gen

    Oh man, watching the Girl Anachronism video gives me the same kind of Dolls nostalgia. The makeup, the stripes, Brian’s drumming, woah. I remember the first time I heard a Dolls song back around ’03ish, I was just like ‘wow this is….. this’. A totally awesome energy flows off of you and Brian and hits me hard every time I hear a song or watch you play. Whenever I try to explain my love of the Dolls to someone who isn’t a fan, I can’t really. I end up putting a song on and saying something like ‘it’s just… you know… well, shit. /listen/ to it’. That’s why your songs have been my favorites for years, because I can’t exactly explain why I love them so much.

    I notice the same thing whenever I get cut off from my technological third arm. I realize that instead of experiencing things and keeping them as memories right away, I store them away in my head in blog or tweet form, and it’s only after that I really sit down and process all those events into my brain. I’m too busy thinking ‘don’t forget to blog this, don’t forget to blog this’ that I end up not even thinking about the actual event. It’s this odd little chain of events that I don’t realize I’m doing until I’m cut off from it.

  • abrokengirl

    Wow. Rock love is young and kind of skinny. Does this mean we get Dresden Dolls Amanda back? She was hot. WKAP Amanda is hot too, more balanced and grown up.

    I will add to the “how I met the Dolls” stories. I was taken to a concert as a friend and had never heard a single song (Yes Virginia tour), watched half then spent the other half outside talking and hugging and being exhausted and listening to the live show in the background. The next day I went and bought 3 cds in an old fashioned record store and they were played non-stop while they dragged me into a mid(?) life crisis and back out the other side. This music can be dangerous, you have been warned.

    Songs to try for the uninitiated: Delilah, Bank of Boston Beauty Queen, Thirty Whacks, Half Jack, Boston, Necessary Evil and of course Sing. But every other DD song in the whole world is awesome and must be heard.

    • Veronica

      I would add Truce. Fantastic crescendo, the end always gives me goosebumps.

    • Veronica

      I forgot! And what about Gravity?

  • http://jennahasnoidea.wordpress.com Jenna

    Ok, I will admit, this is my first time posting, but i couldn’t resist mentioning it… If you’re coming over to Australia, you should totally come perform at my ridiculously awesome venue in Gosford (it’s above Sydney on the Central Coast) called the Rhythm Hut (but that’s only if you’re looking for a small venue cuz it holds about 300 max)… Small world, my friend in college actually did some sort of opening for you and Brian once when you guys went through cleveland, I think…. Allison’s a bellydancer violinist juggler and I think she and a few friends did a bellydancing cabaret type performance (which i’m sure happens at a lot of your shows, so if you don’t remember that’s cool), and I remember being so bummed that i missed seeing that show… My favorite dresden dolls is coin operated boy, but my favorite AFP is guitar hero. I think you’re awesome. Come hang out with us at the hut! http://therhythmhut.com.au

  • Meghann Sunners

    The words of Coin Operated Boy were on the wall of my best friend’s bedroom when I was 17. We would spend lazy afternoons playing pool, listening to The Dresden Dolls and eating garlic bread. Rediscovering the albums recently I realised that they were tinged with nostalgia and innocence which is a bit weird given the content but still. They make me think of summer days, lemon lime and bitters and gardens. And my friend’s art, and my dreams of my art (still very much in progress) And when you come back to Australia I will see you and it will be brilliant.

  • http://twitter.com/glennwolf Glenn Wolfschoon

    I just hope a new Dolls record comes out soon

  • http://twitter.com/StoveOVEN Throup Poutine

    fuck, i’ll always remember the night i saw the Dolls hosting RAGE, everyone else had fallen asleep and here i was listening to these great songs without even feeling droopey eyed.

    and then you put on The Rainbow Connection and my inner child sat next to my 15-16(the age i DO forget) year old self and told me i better buy all the fucking dresden doll CDs or else i was a huge dickhead.
    so glad to hear you’re making sweet sweet music together again and i’ll see you for sure next time in Aus :)

    thank you for teaching me how to love music.

    • http://twitter.com/donfabulous don fabulous

      oh yeah, i forgot to mention… that night on RAGE was it, the moment when i fell in love with you guys. Rainbow Connection (all the way ;-)

  • The Lucky One


    Bring the Dresden Dolls to RUSSIA pleeeeeease!!!

  • http://twitter.com/pixiekatie Katie Sebald

    I was aware of the Dresden Dolls because I wanted to go to the NiN tour you were on and I was trying to convince my folks to let me go. They didn’t. It was on a school night. I was in high school. I get it, but I still make a sad face thinking about it. As is, I haven’t heard any Dresden Dolls and I’m contemplating keeping it that way and just showing up at the St. Louis show and seeing what happens. That also just so happens to be on a school night, but I’m in law school now and that affords me certain privileges, such as the freedom to occasionally be utterly irresponsible and no longer needing to convince my parents of anything at all (even though I do my best to at least convince them they don’t need to worry I’m going to fail out or otherwise get into too much trouble).

    Since everyone else is sharing Dresden Dolls stories and I have none, I’m going to share a dropping my iPhone in the toilet story. The iPhone was actually quite a shock to my system. I went from a Sanyo Katana which was an old flip phone. It was nice cuz it didn’t butt dial people like its predecessor, but all it did was make phone calls (which, really, was all I thought phones *did* back in the day). We got irked with Sprint so during the advent of the smart phone I kept my sad primitive phone to avoid a new contract. Then one glorious day, we canceled our service, went to the AT&T store, and my whole family got iPhones. Since then, I’ve expected to be able to imdb things on demand, google anything I don’t understand, prove people wrong (or right, just as often) when we’re arguing about a useless bit of trivia, and generally pay a bit less attention in class. Then one day, there was The Incident. I, too, needed to pee, so I did what all of us people with girl parts do and I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and prepared to sit on that toilet contraption, but before I could go about my business something not biological in nature squirts into the toilet. From my back pocket. And sinks to the bottom. Perhaps if I’d had the good sense to dive in after it I would have been able to do what you’ve done, and since the toilet had not yet been peed in this would have been a perfectly reasonable thing to do, but I freaked out, ran into the bedroom with my pants around my ankles yelling about my phone falling into the toilet and asking my boyfriend what I should do. He responded, “I don’t know about you, Kate, but I’d probably fish it out …” Something about his sarcasm knocked me back into reality and I ran back in and fished it out. Somewhere in there, the pants disappeared and when I got back into the bathroom, the phone was still glowing. I fished it out, excited it had not yet drown, but then it went blank and I later learned this is where I went wrong — I tried to turn it back on. Bad move. Apparently turning it on while it’s still wet is what fries it. I’m somewhat miffed the internet gods did not beam this extremely useful and important information straight into my brain or my phone might have been saved. I did take it all apart and dry it off with a hair dryer on cold, but in the end it booted up once, gave me false hopes, and beeped its last. After that, I had to go two whole weeks before I got a new phone because I didn’t have one of those “free upgrade” things (they’re not really free at all, are they? Liars) until a few weeks later. There was a brief period of connectivity withdrawal, but I did get to the point where I enjoyed the freedom from constant contact. Does it ever bother you that people can just get hold of you whenever it strikes their fancy and that, for some odd reason, you feel guilty if you don’t drop whatever you’re doing and pay attention? Didn’t we used to just accept that sometimes people are out living life and that they’ll get back to us when they feel like it if we just leave a message after the beep? Most voicemail doesn’t even beep anymore. I think I may make a habit of turning the thing off on occasion.

    As a final thought, I listened to an interview Neil did today and your thoughts on how being without your technology makes you feel reminded me of something he said about kids not being bored anymore. I’m 23 and I used to spend a hell of a lot of my time doing things that I made up because I’m just old enough that a lot of my childhood that I remember was without the internet. I read a TON and I wrote a lot of awful stories (and some I’ve been told were actually good, but I’m afraid to read them considering what is likely good for a child whose age can be shown on one hand) and the swing set in my backyard became everything from a space ship to the deck of the Titanic. The only time I’ve written a story, or pretended in general, since then was when I was doing an internship in Iowa the summer following my junior year of college. I was bored as hell the whole time because I don’t make friends easily largely due to the fact that I find so much comfort and contentment in books and video games and other such made up worlds. So I knew no one in the entire state save my co-workers who were largely natives that had their own friends and lives. I’m glad to have a life and I value my ability to keep up with friends despite being far away from them all at school, but now that the thought has been put in my head, I would like to be bored a bit more often. That said, I hope your freedom from your technological leashes gives you ample time to be bored, though I have this feeling Cabaret and the piano will see to it that’s not the case. One can still hope.

    Best of luck with rehearsals and the last few performances of Cabaret and I hope to be drunkenly rocking out to your songs that I don’t know in the near future.

  • http://twitter.com/sarachilimandra Sara A

    This appears to be the post to come out (so to speak) as a lurker. So out I come :D

    I am insanely excited that you have Aussie tour plans. Hopefully, you can smuggle Brian over in a suitcase (y/n?); I’ve only ever seen you play solo and would love to witness the stage-joy that is a Dolls show. My introduction to the Dolls is actually a little funny. I was in the choir at high school and we performed as part of the Massed Choir in the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival. One of the songs featured in 2005 was a (heavily edited) Coin Operated Boy (no, really!). A new friend of mine told me it was a Dolls song and encouraged me to further explore the music. I fell in love.

    I’ve also taken to playing appropriations on piano/guitar/ukulele. I say ‘appropriations’ because I don’t always follow the sheet music. Sometimes because I have an urge to play differently and other times my hands hurt just thinking about what’s written (eg. Bad Habit, wtfwhoplaysthatfastouch). Music hurts, people! Especially when you have wrist problems.

  • http://twitter.com/missalicebmbds Miss Alice

    Hey Amanda,
    I remember my friend telling me for months about bands she liked, usually when we were bored in school and everything was a welcome distraction, though not for our teachers. Especially when she would sing to me and went “do you know this song?”. The day, in 2005 I think, she made me write down the Dresden Dolls and go look you up was a wonderful day. I went out and bought CDs and played then continuously.
    Then I went off and fizzled for a couple of years in a mire of teenage poverty and too-much-homework, and being-too-young-to-go-to-gigs-even-though-I-desperately-wanted-to-but-they-were-school-nights-and-even-if-the-venue-let-me-my-mum-wouldn’t, and being just a bit crap.
    And then I went through a rough patch. A really rough patch. I went to the CD rack that had been delegated to a dark corner since I got a laptop, and I found my Dresden Dolls albums. And I listened to them over and over again, and they helped. And my mum said she was glad I’d put them back on again, because she likes them. She thinks you’re awesome. Which, coming from my mum (whose tastes don’t always agree with mine), is high praise indeed.
    And now I’ve gone to uni, and around the same time as that, I discovered you on twitter. Best thing ever. And I’m in Paris, a long way from home in London, and nobody had heard of you until they met me – their lives are now greatly improved. Slowly, I’m gathering people so that I’ll be able to rally the troops next time you’re here.
    I’m glad the Rock Love is back. It makes me so happy. (So does You And Neil.)
    So thanks, Amanda, for all that.
    Love, Alice xxx
    OH AND if the iPhone comes out all Italian, will it be like Spanish Buzz in Toy Story 3? Because that will be immense and awesome and I think it should happen…

  • http://twitter.com/donfabulous don fabulous

    ok, the brian-practice video just about gave me goosebumps. i fell in love with the dolls primarily as a reaction to the incredible chemistry between you guys… but that was quickly followed by adoration for your musical abilities. This video reminded me of how incredible Brian’s drumming and musicianship is.

    I never saw the dolls play and have always regretted missing your last melbourne gig.

  • http://twitter.com/AHisme Ayala

    I was reading this blog while stuck in an hour long traffic jam, listening to “yes, virginia”. When I finished reading, I noticed the traffic was moving again, and also noticed I was already driving for an hour and a half, and remembered you mentioned pee. It then dawned to me, that I too, had to pee. Badly. (I didn’t notice it before because obviously I was so into reading this blog..) Thank you for reminding me of that basic body need. Unfortunately, I was in the highway and the nearest gas station was about 40 miles away. The traffic was still not moving fast enough, and every time I pushed on to the break, I need just increased.
    As I got nearer the gas station, I changed lanes like a mad woman resulting in a bus nearly coming in to me. Lucky for me, I didn’t die or pee my pants, I made it to the gas station running and waving my hands. There was a line there, to which I pretended to almost cry how I (truthfully) almost had an accident. They let me get through and all was well.

    Now if only you wouldn’t have mentioned peeing… ;)

  • stripdancinglemons

    I would be so excited if you and Brian were to come back to New Zealand and do a few shows. Never got to see you both playing any of the times you came here as The Dolls. Luckily I’m in a position where I can save like a demon and travel for a weekend :P

    Good luck with everything, and fingers crossed that your phone doesn’t do too much ball grabbing. Mine did that to me once, I had to pimp smack that ho back into place.

  • cateflamingo

    it just amuses me so much — not only that ipods have such a magnetic attraction to toilet bowls filled with pee — but that the occurrence is so common that there is a crowdsourceable common-sense standard bit of advice about what to do about it (see rice, sock etc)

  • lucy rose

    When I was twelve years old, I (on a whim) bought “The Dresden Dolls” from my local retailer. I had only heard two of the songs, “Gravity” and “Coin-Operated Boy”. For two years, I lived that CD. It only moved out of my shitty stereo-box when I was pillaging my mom’s U2 and Rocky Horror soundtrack. I fantasised about bashing out “Bad Habit” in music class, I begged my parents to buy me a keyboard bigger than my four-octave CASIO, I shaved off my eyebrows (I’m blonde and nobody noticed).
    Fucking I love you and Brian Viglione and The Dresden Dolls. Because you showed me punk cabaret and you wear bowler hats and stripey tights and you publish sheet music with hand-written notations and you make funny faces when you drum and you use the piano as a percussion instrument and you gave me the courage to buy my first piano two years ago at the tender age of fourteen and I love it so fucking much and you sound like dark chocolate and.

  • http://twitter.com/AnnieneStockton Anniene Stockton


  • Zesty.Lo0n

    Oh, dear sweet Amanda, I’ve known of The Dresden Dolls all along, as I was turned on to you in 2004. Girl Anachronism changed my life. You and Brian fueled my theme songs of adolescence. To be perfectly honest, I was almost afraid of you going solo… until I heard it and honest to god creamed in my skivvies a little. I was so proud of you, and so happy that your music continued to blow my mind. I also used to read your old diary on thedresdendolls.com almost habitually, that is, when I wasn’t grounded and had a chance at the computer. 22 now, I can keep up with you a little more freely, and I’m waiting for the day I can see you in concert again. <3 Hope your phone heals, luckily I've never had that happen to mine. Keep up the awesome, you continue to woo me with words and sound.

  • http://twitter.com/DrSchneider P. Schneider

    This is my favourite DD live clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvSuLUd0vS0

    • http://twitter.com/iamed2 Eric Davies

      That blew my mind. Thanks for posting it!

  • Bori

    Oh my gosh. I still love the Dolls better than any band except Radiohead and Pink Floyd, but I think you can probably forgive me that…best gig of my life? Dresden Dolls, Sydney, 200…6? in a tiny little upstairs bar. I played clarinet on the stairs. Unforgettable night.

  • http://twitter.com/iamed2 Eric Davies

    As I live in Winnipeg (a place of which you are aware, but, I think, may never visit), I must everyday console my sorrowed heart that I am missing out on the glorious goings-on represented in this blog. I have no money to travel, and won’t be able to make it down for Cabaret or the Dresden Dolls reunion, both of which I’d consider to be once-in-a-lifetime experiences worth blowing all my cash. This is why I am hoping beyond hope that you do a Dresden Dolls webcast.

    A word on the webcasts: I’m not sure you understand how important and amazing they really are! For me and perhaps other latecomers or people very far away, this is the ONLY connection we have to a live performance. Think of how important and amazing and not-the-same-as-an-album your live shows are, and imagine that completely absent. These webcasts, for me, for us, are a replacement for that loss, an I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-a-live-show for the unpriviledged. The Ukulelehead release and the most recent webcast were incredible experiences for me. The first inspired me to buy and play a ukulele (my first instrument that I can actually sing and play and have it sound good). In the second, I played my ukulele with Delilah and the two new songs, and got to PLAY WITH AMANDA PALMER (not really but maybe close), and be perhaps the second or third person in the world to play those couple songs. When I look at it that way, I almost feel more priviledged than the people in the room (…almost). The webcasts are more than just a way to get over 1000 people in a tiny room, they’re a connection for the unconnected.

    I want to be connected to the Dresden Dolls.

    – Eiríkur

    P.S.: Seeing Brian play, I realize he is exactly who I wanted to be when I was 10.

    P.P.S.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpeWHPtviFQ . There need be no further introduction.

    • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer

      we will try really hard to webcast as much as possible…..thank you (and others here) for shouting this out.
      i forget sometimes. shall work on it.

    • http://twitter.com/i_justdontknow i_justdontknow

      I sat in my living room all by myself with my ukulele, Forsythia, during the Ukulelehead webcast. You’re right: it was like getting to play with Miss Palmer, sort of. The webcasts are an invaluable experience to those of us on the west coast or other places-that-are-not-Boston.

  • wbm, Anna

    The songs of DD that I introduce people to first are always (except things like ‘Girl Anachronism’ or ‘Coin-operated boy’) ‘Gravity’ and ‘Bad Habit’… But recently I fell in love with ‘The Sheep Song’, aww. And again I’m so inspired by your blog, I don’t know how you, Amanda, do it, but… almost every new post makes me thinking ‘aw, she’s so amazing’, this music is so amazing, I love it I love it I love it I love it’. Hope I’ll see you live someday, I insist on visiting Warsaw again (and maybe playing sth with me :D)

  • http://twitter.com/RydiaRoads Robin Jones

    The first song I heard/saw was Girl A. I didn’t know what to think of it, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, I just couldn’t get over how insane this girl was on the piano. I’d never seen or heard so much emotion or passion in a song. I messed around on the website and heard a live recording of Good Day and that was it, I was hooked.

  • http://twitter.com/Miss_Temple Miss Ehehehe

    Please, please, please come to Germany, too! I miss the Dolls!

  • ThePlagueRatSkylar

    For the last few months the pretty much one of the only things I’ve been listening to is The Dresden Dolls. I have soaked up almost every song and video I could find on the internet. I must admit that I’ve only very recently discovered the dresden dolls. This kills me because I feel like I have completely missed them. I was thrilled when I heard that you were going on tour, but alas, I cannot travel to go see you. Oh well. Perhaps one day : D

  • http://twitter.com/wtvlguy wayne quirion

    Would a show in Maine have killed you? Actually never mind, it might have, it’s Maine, we have been lame for years.

    • http://www.pokerschoolhq.com Poker School

      Does anyone do shows in Maine? I seem to think that might be a destination that is left off the map for most touring artists :/


  • Catalina Bestia

    OK, so, I kinda need to tell yu smething, erm, serious.


    Can’t travel from Chile.

    Please. Please.


    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *cries blood*

  • http://twitter.com/MollyHalloran Molly Halloran

    I can’t wait to see you and Brian on Halloween. I’ve seen you before but never the Dolls, and I’m so excited I could burst. I’ve been listening since 2005 to songs that sound like they came from my own heart and dreaming of seeing the two of you live.

  • Cheshire Jen

    How can people not know about The Dresden Dolls if they love your music? Like….that boggles my mind.

    In any case, I’m usually a lurker. Generally I start to write a comment on something somewhere on the infinite space that is The Internet then figure that no one wants to hear what I have to say and then promptly ctrl-A and delete. Thank you for being awesome and appreciating your fans as people with thoughts and feelings.

    Also, I sincerely and desperately hope that you tour with Brian in Canada soon!! At least by 2012. I’m moving to Ottawa for grad studies and will only be 2 hours away from Montreal and won’t have to take a 12 hour bus to see you!!

    Lots of love,

  • shinsei

    “Girl Anachronism” got me hooked too, and is still up there with the best Dolls videos.

    Hey Amanda, I wanted to share with you the marathon bloggery of how my wife and I celebrated our anniversary with you and Cabaret and how amazing the whole thing was – “thank you” is inadequate: http://shinseidesigns.blogspot.com/2010/10/resurrecting-blog-for-post.html

  • RiverVox

    Once upon a time there was a woman with a husband and a baby and a job and she was exhausted and numb but surviving. One day at her job she met a Boy. The Boy had dark hair and blue eyes and a leather jacket. Something in the back of her brain woke up a bit. The Boy said she should listen to Tori, that she would like it, and she did. One day she asked the Boy, “Who is Neil? What’s this about a Dream King?” and a little door opened in her black and white world and she entered the glorious Gaimanverse. While listening to Neil’s LastFM station, she heard the Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer and suddenly she was fully awake. Good Day and Half-Jack and Ampersand et al were like shock therapy. She remembered who she was and what she loved and the Music brought her back to life and back to her Self. She was astonished to discover that she was married to a guy with dark hair and blue eyes, (who doesn’t wear a leather jacket because he’s a vegetarian) and they live happily and he is babysitting while she goes to hear the Dolls in November.

  • marthamay

    When I first heard “Coin-Operated Boy”, I knew this was a band I could not only listen, but hopefully make babies with someday. That, or at least acquire a coin-operated boy from. I have since entered a long term relationship will a man who is, in many ways, my coin-operated boy. Unfortunately, his charge is a bit more. Evenings out cost more than nickels and dimes; it’s no longer the 30s. So I have returned to my original goal of enjoying their music, and making the babies. Luckily, I will be at your Chicago show, where the first will definitely occur, and the second will be on my to-do list.

    Needless to say, I adore you both, and have been on your bandwagon for quite some time. Now, I can finally see you play (damn being born in 91). I look forward to seeing the Dolls reunited, reenergized, and ready to rock. Please, go crazy.

    In case either of you are in a baby-making mood come Nov 17, I will be the one in the tutu. Find me.

  • http://alittlepracticality.blogspot.com/ AmyK

    In Flagrante Delicto for phones. Lol.

  • Veronica

    My particular affair with the Dresden Dolls began only two years ago. I live in Spain, you know, in the Canary Islands and if it wasn’t for the internet I would probably never have discovered you, and as you see I did that pretty late, compared to most of the fans. Somebody had showed me Coin-Operated Boy before, in 2005, but that song didn’t really impress me, and actually I still don’t like that song as much as others. The song that made me fell in love with you guys was “Sex Changes”. So vigorous, so ironic yet so sensitive, such a strange (and fucking adictive) mixture of musical styles, it was so attractive to me. And it was all downhill from there. I remember being unable to listen to anything else for about six or seven months in 2009. Then I discovered your blog and twitter and began cyber-stalking you.

    I think you might like to know something… I can clearly remember being quite a different person before listening to the Dresden Dolls and after doing it. Music that flooded me with so many different emotions, lyrics to which I could deeply relate and made me think (that has happened to me before with The Cure, Radiohead and George Michael -who’s a great songwriter-). I could not let it go without diving into it. “The Perfect Fit”. That song kills me every time I listen to it, almost literally. Fuck, I MUST go see you live some day.
    I love you guys so much. LONG LIVE ROCK LOVE AND PUNK CABARET!!!

  • http://twitter.com/lichtstrom_ Luminous Flux

    My turn to come out of lurkerdom, I guess, though I’ve commented to you on Twitter before. I started on the Dresden Dolls because the video to “Backstabber” made me laugh my ass off. I also greatly appreciated your oversharing, as I was trying to curb my own TMI-raging-mouthrunoff habits, and a (very strong) part of me resented and resisted this process. (Still does.) I’ve seen you sharing less over the years, but I like the fact that *different* oversharing occurs, like your art debate with Neil turned into song. There’s something beautiful in that kind of growth and change.

  • http://www.theaudreywright.com Oddjester

    As much as I do love and adore your solo stuff I have truly missed the Dresden Dolls. I am so happy about the return of Punk Cabaret.
    Hopefully your poor phone will come out of the pasta and be fine. If it isn’t then prepare for the fun of calling up the “Phone insurance people.”
    Now I have to tell a story. Over a year ago I got a new phone. It was pretty and the first one I have ever had that could go on the internet (though it doesn’t really like to. It takes forever to load a page so I try not to go on at all with it).
    Anyway I got this phone very shortly after my baby was born. I had the phone for an hour or so and I was home alone with the baby when she projectile vomited all over me. I mean this was the stuff of horror movies. I was seriously looking around for the special effects people. My clothes were soaked and the poor baby wasn’t too happy after all of this. So I set her down, stripped my clothes off so I wouldn’t get her puke back on her and stripped her down as well. I put all the clothes immediately in the washer and set it to soak setting for massive clean. Then I washed both me and the baby.
    Well as soon as I got out baby fell asleep for a nap so I decided to call my husband and tell him about the epic puke….only to discover (insert dramatic music here) that the phone was nowhere to be found and in fact……..(music gets louder and then abruptly cuts to silence) it was in my pants pocket in the washing machine currently soaking. So I ran to the washer in slow mo quietly shouting “Noooooooo” cause the baby was sleeping and did in fact find the brand new phone mixed in with the clothes, water, laundry detergent, and puke. Somehow looking at it, I just didn’t think rice was going to do anything. The poor phone had yet to be used for any phone calls and had soaked for at least 20 minutes in the water.
    So I called the phone dealership who gave me a number for their phone insurance people who directed me to fill out a form on their website and then call them back. So I went to their website and began filling out the form only to come to a little box that asked me to explain the damage. It had a few short examples like “dropped, water damage” but I didn’t think that simple terms would do justice to the sad short life of my phone. I noticed that the box didn’t appear to have a word limit (much like this comment box) and so I went ahead and began to type out the saga of the phone in Arlo Guthrie style (with full orchestration and five part harmony and stuff like that) telling the whole story and leading up to the part of the box and not knowing what quite to put in it. I proof read my epic and was quite proud of it. I sent it along and finished the form and then called up the insurance place again.
    I was transferred on to a young man who viewed my answers one by one asking me about my answers and then finally got to the fully described phone saga (which I believe I titled but can’t remember for certain). There was a brief silence as he read it. Then burst out into laughter and couldn’t breath. It took the poor boy a few minutes to calm himself before he could speak to me again. No one had ever done that on one of these forms I guess. He decided to write it down as water damage, which I was quite unsatisfied with but I was cheered when he said the company would replace the phone at no charge. I’ve had the new phone ever since and got it a case to help withstand all the damage I put phones through.
    So that’s my story of my puke damaged water damaged phone. I do hope that your phone comes out of the pasta as happy as ever. If it sadly doesn’t though, make sure to have fun with the insurance people.

  • http://twitter.com/chantpleure sophie byrne

    When I saw you play for the first time it was as the opening act for NIN at the beginning of their massive tour at the London Astoria. I was SO excited to see NIN not least because the boy I had a massive debilitating crush on would be there. It was such a bad crush I couldn’t even look at him without feeling that overwhelming whooshing feeling in my stomach and every time I thought of something funny to say the words would die in my mouth as soon as I tried to say anything.
    The first night was such a surreal experience, there I was at the front surrounded by friends about to hear songs that helped me through so many tough times live, I just needed to get through the support act. And then you and Brian came on stage, I was apprehensive because I knew nearly nothing about your music but it was brilliant! I distinctly remember you screaming your way through ‘Half Jack’ and I was in love. I kept turning to my friends and smiling, grinning stupidly because it was so perfect.
    The next day as we were waiting in the queue to get into the Astoria, I was sitting next to The Crush and trying not to look at him lest I dissolve into a puddle of human goo. He was telling me about how he’d been out to some club the night before and both you and Brian were there. He said you were really nice and very pretty. My teenage self took those words and stabbed me in the heart with them! A couple of hours later you walked past and WAVED at him like you knew him. All I could do was glare like a stupid girl and both you and Brian walked off.
    I have always felt stupid for glaring at you like that, it’s doubtful that you even remember but there you are.
    Me and the crush never got anything going, I was always too afraid of Fucking It Up, so I ended up fucking it up without even trying.

  • kypri

    I never really comment on your blogs, though I read every single one, because I don’t like to be the one of the wealth of people all saying the same thing. I guess it seems to me like if you have fewer comments, you’re more likely to read them? Having a huge backlog of to-read must seem daunting.

    Anyway, I am delighted to hear about the Dresden Dolls’ return to the stage, although I do desperately wish you’d come back to Montreal :)

  • http://twitter.com/neversaynikki neversaynikki

    I think I had almost forgotten the extent to which I love Brian Viglione until I watched that video.

    I remember now. He’s kind of fucking incredible.

    One week until NYC. <3

    Also, phones like toilets. It's a postscript to Murphy's Law, or something. Have phone near toilet, phone will find toilet.

    Tell it Ciao, from me.

  • tor

    would like to say i am lurker (cuz it sounds fun) but am not. after peering at you for a bit on #himselftwitter, decide i like you asmuchasifnotmore and am a new “fan” (weeks, not months) very much inspired by your music/art/blog. enchanted by ‘girl anachronism’ and that energysexy drum rehearsal clip. look forward to seeing DD in Nov and reading more of your blogs, which imho are incredible. ever consider being an alternative punk talk show host?

  • Chay Nicole B

    i have been waiting since i was fifteen years old to see you and brian play together as the dolls. i’m now 21 years old and will finally get the chance! i’m traveling from northern indiana down to lexington, ky on the 14th to see you and i could not be more excited!!

    the dolls music changed my life, and it has been there at my side through six very devastatingly painful years. listening to the songs “slide” and “half jack” still make me feel like i’m not alone in the emotions that come through in those songs – whether or not those are the emotions you intended to come through, i suppose i’ll never know. but to believe, just for a few minutes, that someone else feels those same emotions and has possibly been through the same situations… it gets me through some days.

    and there’s nothing better than screaming the last lyrics of “truce” at the top of my lungs ;)

    i thank you and brian for being so amazing and creating such deep and heartfelt music. if not for the dolls, i honestly fear that i would still, as a 21 year old woman, be wrapped up in the plasticity of mainstream pop music. thank god that’s not the case. i have a feeling it would be very draining to try and BREATHE and LIVE and FEEL from the incredibly cliche and synthetic lyrics of lady gaga.

    when i found the dolls, i found not only music that i loved and lyrics that i could relate to, but something that i felt i could be a part of and belong to – i felt like i could finally BE MYSELF while listening to this music, telling others about it, and connecting to other fans. i no longer felt like i had to conform to being this person often portrayed by mainstream music: a heartbroken princess like taylor swift or a glitter encased party girl like kesha. i could BE MYSELF – an artsy, confused, eccentric, sometimes angsty person. your music and image gave me the courage to be myself.

    i could never thank you and brian enough.

    -Long Live The Punk Cabaret, Indeed-

  • Chay Nicole B

    i have been waiting since i was fifteen years old to see you and brian play together as the dolls. i’m now 21 years old and will finally get the chance! i’m traveling from northern indiana down to lexington, ky on the 14th to see you and i could not be more excited!!

    the dolls music changed my life, and it has been there at my side through six very devastatingly painful years. listening to the songs “slide” and “half jack” still make me feel like i’m not alone in the emotions that come through in those songs – whether or not those are the emotions you intended to come through, i suppose i’ll never know. but to believe, just for a few minutes, that someone else feels those same emotions and has possibly been through the same situations… it gets me through some days.

    and there’s nothing better than screaming the last lyrics of “truce” at the top of my lungs ;)

    i thank you and brian for being so amazing and creating such deep and heartfelt music. if not for the dolls, i honestly fear that i would still, as a 21 year old woman, be wrapped up in the plasticity of mainstream pop music. thank god that’s not the case. i have a feeling it would be very draining to try and BREATHE and LIVE and FEEL from the incredibly cliche and synthetic lyrics of lady gaga.

    when i found the dolls, i found not only music that i loved and lyrics that i could relate to, but something that i felt i could be a part of and belong to – i felt like i could finally BE MYSELF while listening to this music, telling others about it, and connecting to other fans. i no longer felt like i had to conform to being this person often portrayed by mainstream music: a heartbroken princess like taylor swift or a glitter encased party girl like kesha. i could BE MYSELF – an artsy, confused, eccentric, sometimes angsty person. your music and image gave me the courage to be myself.

    i could never thank you and brian enough.

    -Long Live The Punk Cabaret, Indeed-

    • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer

      aaaaaaaaggghhhhh. thank you.

  • Stav

    wait wait wait… so does this mean THERE WOULD BE A RECORDING OF A.R.T.’s PRODUCTION OF CABARET?!?!?!?!
    You’ve know idea how much happiness this would bring!

  • Janna Avon

    I know this is a long shot, but I will be the happiest fangirl on the planet if you guys play Bank of Boston Beauty Queen at the NYC show. I’m coming all the way from Vancouver BC to see you! I’m really excited.

    I am also excited for the Cabaret recordings!

    I hope your phone survives!

  • loramusica

    Guys, PLEASE come to UKRAINE !!! I`m singer and have to say that you`re my personal inspiration! Here in our country people just started to use all internet media features, and they are trying to feed their hunger like: online-lessons, books, etc. and of course, watching YOUR online performances. But we want to see your LIVE show :) And I dream to learn and grow with the teachers like you!


  • itrademyoldshoesfornewfeet

    I consider myself a big fan of you amanda, but to tell the truth i only got to know you via wkap, and that was because of neil always bringing you up(i was a regular reader at his blog) its like he gave me to you, and i only have the dolls first cd and i’ve only heard it a few times. its good its just i guess i get so caught up in what you are doing now and its soo fun. you always have something going on. And you inspired me even just by your blog.but i’ve been a afp freak with everything else you been doing. i gotta get more on the dolls though.

    ps isn’t your favorite band the legendary pink dots?

  • Christine

    I am sososososososo excited for november as I am going to see you guys live for the FIRST TIME. I remember how sad I was when I thought you were never going to come back together. but you did. yes. XD

    And I can’t wait for tristan’s cd!!! hopefully you’ll tell us about it soon!

  • Kelly Shea

    Two years ago. My husband, son, daughter and I were planning our trip to Cork, Ireland to visit dear friends for a few weeks over Christmas. Found out that another dear friend Igor was planning a Christmas party that would take place while we were away; unfortunately, we would have to miss it. While he was looking for music suggestions, I asked him to play a White Stripes song in my honor since I wouldn’t be at the party. He asked me if I had heard of the Dresden Dolls. I had not. He sent me the video for Girl Anachronism. My jaw dropped. He sent me the video for Coin-Operated Boy. I was mesmerized. How had I not heard of this band? Where had I been??

    The year 2000 bore the Dresden Dolls; it is also the year of my first-born. Here’s where I had been: I had just recently taken on a completely new life role…. as a MOTHER. (me? yikes!) My son Liam was born March 2000. My father passed away suddenly after a brief bout with lung cancer in July. 2000 was a rough year for me. Other things got put on hold, like discovering great new music.

    After Igor introduced me to the Dresden Dolls in November of 2008, I couldn’t get enough. It was also right after Who Killed Amanda Palmer? came out. I was in love. Since then, I first saw you play live at the Highline Ballroom in NYC in June 0f 2009. Then again at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn with the Nervous Cabaret in November 2009 — my own personal victory was bringing two friends to this show to whom I had introduced your music. They are now hooked as well. Was also thrilled to be able to meet you (and Neil and Beth!) after this show and chat for a few minutes, give you a drawing my daughter Rory had drawn for you, and receive a big AFP smooch.

    Last weekend, I drove up to Cambridge with a friend and we experienced the 10:30 Cabaret. It was absolutely amazing. Disturbingly beautiful. Beyond words. Really. And a sweet young man at the next table publicly proposed to his girlfriend (they had traveled all the way from Chicago!)

    Now, I eagerly await one week from today, when I will finally get to experience you and Brian play together live. Halloween at Irving Plaza. Wow.

    • Kelly Shea

      How could I forget Evelyn Evelyn in the Village in June of this year? Yes, I was there too. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

  • Frida

    Please, you have to come to Norway!
    I started to listen to you when I was 10 years old, now I’m 12.. I love you Amanda and Brian.
    And by the way, do you reply all the fan-emails? I have sent you one..

    You are my inspiration~ Come to norway, pleeease, pleeease, pleeeeeeeeeas!!

  • Tuesday

    Shocked that someone could claim to love your music and not know of the Dresden Dolls, moreso because as I read it I turned to my mother and complained that the Dresden Dolls weren’t getting the love they deserve and she had the audacity to ask who the Dresden Dolls were.
    Eugh, I feel so dissappointed in her right now.

    Anyhoosier, movng on, Dresden Dolls are amazing, and I’m thrilled to here you guys are touring again, I just wanted to post and join in with the corus of people asking for one of your shows together to be webcast. Great as it is to hear about you guys playing together again after all this time, it would be even more amazing to see it, and unfortunatley it seems unlikely that my woefully-ignorant mother will fund a quick trip across the ocean to see it happen live. :/

    Hope your iPhone survives it’s ordeal and that your computer comes back in full working condition, lossa love. xx

  • Kay

    Let me share my finding-out-about-the-Dolls story.

    It was late 2004 and I was using WinAmp to listen to mp3’s back then. WinAmp had a section of the program where they streamed audio & video. It had about 200 songs for audio and maybe about 50 in the video section.

    I was working in a call centre for a specialized program and during the late part of the year, we were lucky if we only took 4 phone calls each day. We had loads of time in between calls to fuck around online.

    I decided to watch every video WinAmp had. And when I came around to the Dresden Dolls’ Girl Anachronism, I lost it. I had never seen anything like you two nor have I ever heard of anything remotely like you. I watched that video over and over.

    The very next morning I went out & bought the CD. I brought it into work and spent the rest of the year poring over every song. Every time I listened to it, I discovered something new to fall in love with.

    Your music has been so engrained in my life since 2004. I fucking love you & Brian.

  • http://www.soverywhat.tumblr.com Julia

    …i fucking love you guys.
    nine days until i see one of my favorite bands in the world.
    see you at the wilbur.

  • http://atrus.wordpress.com/ Atrus

    Huh, weird. As an Italian who only know the US via TV shows, I always thought the grabbing balls at someone thing was a very American thing.

    And I really need to get the rest of the Dolls albums. I only have ‘As is for accident’ and it rocks.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CL5ES3PDHUBT67RJ2DXMADTKA Mei

      grabbing balls is universal. ;)

  • Ryan_Anas

    I just can’t get over the fact that just as you raised the question of whether twitter or blogging have a positive or negative effect on the mind and the flow of creativity, you find yourself with no way of accessing either easily. It’s almost kind of beautiful. That said, I’m sorry that an expensive and essential tool to your way of living is in danger and you will have to do so much catchup work. I hope your Iphone resumes functionality shortly… crotch grabbing or not.

    OMG you are in the DRESDEN DOLLS!!?? They are my favorite band of all time!!!! What are the chances that you would play with them?!? Far out. Do you like, do tambourine or something?

    Amanda’s wind and fire, Brian’s earth and water.AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I kind of envy and of your fans who don’t know the Dresden Dolls yet. I first fell in love on an early Spring day in March of 2006. Within the same week one friends had given me a computer that was capable of transporting MP3 files to an MP3 player, and another friend had given me a bunch of songs on a mixed CD, including Half Jack and Coin Operated Boy. I had heard both of these song before. For Christmas of 2005, She had asked for “The Dresden Dolls” We listened to those songs in the garage at the mall. The same day her boyfriend gave me a mix including a clip of Elmo singing “The Elmo Song” (this is the song/la la la la/ Elmo’s song) interrupted by Homer Simpson’s classic “Why you little” Then “I am Evil Homer”. I reveled in my cleverness of placing that little clip before Coin Operated Boy.

    Inspired by this new way to listen to music while on the move, I wet to the Park that I always went to in my youth. I walked and I listened. The fun, manic, fuck all the loneliness in my life tear it up and throw the shreds into the air combined with the deep reaching soul gutting reevaluation how my parents and my upbringing have effected my life and the person I am.

    The playfulness, the tenderness, the rock, the love. The Dresden Dolls.

    I can’t put my happiness to word

    Love, Ry

  • bignewfan

    love. love. love.

  • http://gabrielgrub.blogspot.com/ June_Miller

    Before I lived on my own, when I was still a senior in high school, one of my favorite activities to entertain myself was sitting in front of my house, smoking cloves and drinking tea and daydreaming while my computer was blaring music in the background. I would usually do it on overcast or rainy days, just because I like them more. The main two artists I would play when I did that was Regina Spektor and the Dresden Dolls. It was the most relaxed and happy I’ve ever felt. It was before I touched pot and when drinking wasn’t the norm for me. I look forward to somehow recapturing that happiness, someday, without the aid of the other two. I’m relying on synthesized versions of euphoria, these days, to get by. It’s entirely unfortunate.My favorite Dolls songs have always been “Bad Habit” and “Slide.” I don’t know what that says about me as a person, let alone as a fan. Honestly, I appreciate both songs musically, is all it comes down to. The subject matter doesn’t necessarily ring familiar for me in either one, but “Slide” was always my favorite song to just look at the rain and the clouds t0. And think. Those eerie piano notes, leading to the breakdown at the end…sigh. It’s rough, but it’s beautiful. “Bad Habit”…just makes me feel alive, because of how beautifully it’s structured. The piano, how it was sung, the drums, THE LYRICS. Choirs of angels seem to sing hymns of hate in memorandum.Shut the fuck up, that’s GLORIOUS.You two are glorious.I expect everyone will be blown the fuck away by you two performing together, again, especially if they weren’t able to before. I can recall having a hard time choosing between watching you or watching Brian when I’ve seen you…you’re both just bad-asses. Brian Vigilione IS the best drummer in the world, really. I can only imagine what kind of crazy-assed energy is going to be flying around when you guys actually hit the stage for the first time in so many years. A webcast would be SO DOWN. I’m still seein’ ya on New Year’s Eve, either way. Plan on it.(I’m still pitching Viggie Smalls as a nickname, though..)

    edit: 102810: Upon further realization, and listening to “Bad Habit” again, I retract what I said at first: This song DOES relate to me and ring familiar, it just took a few years for it to take effect.

  • Kestrel

    It was back in 2004 when I went to that GothRock-Indie-Party in Eastern Germany (Halle an der Saale, to be precise) which my boyfriend and two friends did and still do when a song I didn’t knew so far entered the dance floor and I stopped my conversation in an instant, just to listen, and after a few seconds – just to dance. I loved the song and asked for the band and a few days after this bought my first Dresden Dolls-Music after read a lot about that band in the internet.
    I loved it heartfully from the very beginning. From that day on I reinvited “fandom” for me. “Fandom” was something from my early teens – I’d always thought if I would have only one day more to live I would travel as long as I made it find Robert Smith to tell him how much his music meant to me but then one day when I was 16 or something I’ve met him at Loreley-festival and I told him what I wanted to tell and after that it wasn’t fandom any more it was just gratefullness. And I thought my fandom-days had come to an end.
    But when I stumbeled about The Dresden Dolls when I was 33, I fell in that same entangled love again as I’d fallen once when I first listened to The Cure. I simply thought “That is it”. Dot.
    I loved everything – the music, your voice, the way you perform and that special way of just Being-you that is (as far as I can say from a distance) still part of Brians and your way of living. And which is still as enchanting as ever. I’ve written you a few times over the years to ask you how much money it will take to bring you to a concert in that club in Eastern Germany – I never received an answer but not only when I’ve read your blog-entry about these email-thunderstorms in your mailbox each day a few months ago I understoond that you never read them (but still would like to bring you to play here and to pay for it – maybe one day it’ll work – hint, hint ;-)).
    Anyway: One day you decided to A) tell the world that you’d like to marry Robert Smith and B) are in love with my favourite writer ever from Neverwhere on – and I giggled and thought: “Okay – that’s how it should be”. ;-))
    I was sad recognising that The Dresden Dolls seemed to split up forever after your Solo-Album (which I liked a lot but there was always something missing – some of the power and rhythm that’s part of the Doll’s music) and now that you make that anniversary-tour I am sad to know that I would not be able to see it (for Europe is far away) but simply hope you’ll create some new songs as well which I can buy and be happy about.
    Dear Amanda, what I want to tell you (for time has changed and we don’t need no young-girl-faked-a-blackout-in-the-first-row-of-a-concert-to-steal-her-way-backstairs-to-tell-Robert-Smith-he-is-simply-awesome-and-then-left-him-standing-there-and-went-away-to-live-happily-ever-after-thing anymore):
    – Your music and the Doll’s music had lightened up lots of my days and they still do.
    – Your videos are some of the best I’ve ever seen and I still enjoy them every now and then just to have a good time while making a break from work (I’m working as an editor with endless night-shifts ;-)).
    – Never you shall stop about reflecting on fame or whatever (as you did in your last Blog entry) but you shall know: From my personal point of view you’ve done the greatest job so far people can do in general: You reach people’s hearts. And that’s a lot to be proud of.
    Thank you, dear.
    And whenever I’ll be able to give something back in supporting you or the Dolls – I’ll do.
    Long live the punk cabaret! (That much about “fandom” ;-DD)
    Hugs over the ocean. And may the computer leave you alone for some more days :-)

    • Kestrel

      P.S.: What I have to add: My daughter’s four years old now and the first CD she ever asked for (starting with it when she was two and she likes to listen to “Uhr” – “clock” in german) was “The Dresden Dolls” (with a very german accent sounds like DreeeesdänDollz” *gg* and the song she loves most right now and always sings along is – tadaa ;-)) – Elephant Elephant ;-))))

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7EQHQJI6ICYLJ3R33FA5DLRJLU Gynne

    Well I suppose there could almost be no better time to toss out my own “first time commenter”. I don’t believe I could express to you how overjoyed I was to hear that you and Brian were having a reunion. I’ve very much enjoyed your solo work but I fell in love with the Dolls back in 2006 during my freshman year of college (I’m in my 5th year of college now, Yikes!). The magic of the internet allowed me to check out music I couldn’t possibly hear while I still lived at home with my parents as they have dial up internet. I’ve been a solid fan ever since. Although you tour extensively, gosh I don’t know how you do it, sadly I have never been able to see you or the Dolls in concert. It’s not gonna happen this year either because you aren’t coming anywhere near North Carolina. I guess my only chance was when you were in Asheville. I love that town and I’m constantly looking for reasons to visit it, and I really regret not being able to make it (see, I don’t have a driver’s license, or a car, or gas money let alone money for concert tickets). Maybe you’ll go back there one day though. Maybe then I’ll be able to afford it. Until then, I’ll keep on keepin’ on bein’ one of your broke supporters. Much love. -Dana G.

    • http://twitter.com/my_blue_dish Brent Johnson

      I remember the days of dial up internet, and downloading music at the rate of about 10 minutes a song. I remember I was just excited to be able to get music on the internet regardless of how long it took to download. Know that I am looking back on it, I don’t know how we were able to tolerate it. However, I still know several people on dial-up as well. Most of them are still on it because that it their only choice. I few of my friends have started considering satellite internet though. This might be somethings useful to your parents as well. I actually have an entire blog dedicated to this, and would love to have you check it out at mybluedish.com/blog.

  • http://twitter.com/Josiah93 Josiah Spenner

    I heard “girl anachronism” around the age of 12 from my sister’s best friend, and thought it was good. I discovered I was gay, and was incredibly alone two years later. I listened to Backstabber on your myspace page. I silently sat through mandatory church lessons during my freshman year, wondering who I was and what I wanted. I couldn’t have an intimate relationship with a guy, and couldn’t tell a soul. Religion was killing me slowly, I didn’t think it was supposed to do that. I realized the world was fucked up. The library next to the church had a copy of Yes, Virginia… I hid it in my bag from conservative parents. The titles were taboo themselves. Quietly I ripped it to iTunes, put the files on my iPod, and deleted the album on the computer. I returned it the next day. For the next six months, I listened to the music that saved my life. Listening to music that had an intellectual meaning, that SAID SOMETHING. I picked the songs apart one by one. It was possible to live life differently. Now, three years later, I follow your blog, listen to every bit of music you guys put out there, and live my life for me. I have had the experience of seeing you live in San Diego a few years ago. I couldn’t speak. How do you tell the person you respect and revere that they saved your life? I suppose it is simple.The songs on Yes, Virginia… showed me one by one that “yes, the world is fucked up, but it’s ok. You’re not alone.” I can’t thank you & Brian enough for that. Love- Josiah

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X5UKGUVQPMVEYUCQXDA4F6JFS4 Natalie

    how do i love you and brian? let me count the ways… no, never mind, my mind can’t handle that many ways right now. i wish i could see you guys. i live an hour from boston, and it’s killing me that i can’t be there for the show when i’m so close. unfortunately, i’m still in high school and both shows are school nights… so i’m really hoping for a webcast :) or a show on a weekend. whichever. hehe. much love even though i can’t communicate it in a true-life hug like i’m dying to do -natalie <3

  • savedfan

    The Dresden Dolls saved my life, literally. I was having a horrible time in high school, was looking for new CDs to save me from the drudgery that was my life, and stumbled upon the first album at Borders. Lucky for me since I never buy CDs from Borders. I decided the album art was worth the overpriced purchase. “Girl Anachronism” grew on me immediately, and “Bad Habit” put my thoughts into song better that I ever had. I didn’t do anything drastic to myself because I had to wait for the next album to be released. That anticipation saved me, and for that I thank you and Brian. I also introduced you to a few other friends, and we have been AFP lifers ever since.

  • http://www.myspace.com/delinquentfigment Figment

    yes. video, girl A=sick. brian=sick. Rock Love. is there any other kind?

  • kmwilliams

    If/when The Dresden Dolls make it back to London I promise to shower you both with rose petals and an epic firework display of glittering glistening ROCK LOVE. (It’s almost the four year gigaversary of the Roundhouse shows, you know… I will SING, light a sparkler and hold it aloft until it sputters out in your honour! Both nights. xo )

  • http://twitter.com/xKaramariex Kara Pompeo

    the first song i heard was coin operated boy about a year ago after that i listened to dresden dolls songs and i loved them i then found out more about you and wkap and i just love everything you do i have all the dresden doll Cds and wkap and your most recent ukulele vinyl and i just love your music i also think you have a really cool writing style your lyrics are so awesome. i really hope youll come to a show in detroit i would love to go see it.

  • Berthablue

    So excited to see the Dresden Dolls for the first time on Halloween! My life will be complete then, and I can die happy (but hopefully I won’t for another 50 or so years).

    I’ve totally dropped two phones in the toilet. One fried out entirely, the other one was rescued, indeed, lit up even, from the murky depths of… toilet stuff :/ I shook it off, scrubbed it with hand sanitizer, and kept it for almost a year! Hope your phone lives as well!

  • http://twitter.com/xKaramariex Kara Pompeo

    the first song i heard was coin operated boy about a year ago after that i listened to dresden dolls songs and i loved them i then found out more about you and wkap and i just love everything you do i have all the dresden doll Cds and wkap and your most recent ukulele vinyl and i just love your music i also think you have a really cool writing style your lyrics are so awesome. i really hope youll come to a show in detroit i would love to go see it.

  • http://twitter.com/i_justdontknow i_justdontknow

    Once, I was so alone. I was twenty, and I had lived at home for much too long, in a black-hole town. I was packing up my room that summer, the summer that I was to turn twenty-one, and was at long last escaping to California to go to school for music. My family was away that summer, and so I was alone, collecting the fragments of my life together, sifting through the filth for memories, literally and figuratively buried up to my knees in Things and Ghosts.

    I remember days that summer when I found it hard to get out of bed. I was afraid for the future, and frustrated that I was so frightened to leave the home that I had hated for so long. My one friend that summer was a girl I had known for a few years. She already lived in California, but we had gone to high school together. She had convinced her grandmother to let me live with them for the months leading up to school, to help me acclimate to Southern California. She listened to They Might Be Giants and the Decemberists and to the Dresden Dolls.

    We had Heroes Pretend that summer. We were inspired by a line from a Belle & Sebastian song. Our heroes distracted us from chaos and loneliness and the fear of leaving behind our lives.We filled incriminating notebooks full of the most ridiculous stories, stories that should never see the light of day, stories that would have been acceptable and cute at twelve or even fifteen, but which were dangerously juvenile at almost one and twenty. But they helped, lord above, they helped. And I think that that makes it okay, maybe.

    We withdrew from the world and built one of our own design. We were happy there.

    And then she played Coin-Operated Boy. I think I might have cried the first time I heard it. If I didn’t, I certainly had wanted to. I watched the video, and I was mesmerized. I was that girl in the video. What was her name? Amanda Palmer? I want to be her someday. She’s honest, and apparently she understands, and maybe I don’t have to be scared or embarrassed that I was lonely enough to create my own Hero to make it through the most trying transition of my life.

    But somehow that song remained the only one I’d heard from the Dresden Dolls until after I started following Miss Palmer on Twitter almost two full years later. Then I downloaded her album. I fell in love with her music, and even more importantly, I fell in love with her as a musician, artist, and human being. I immediately downloaded all the Dresden Dolls albums, and I swear I was so upset with Past Me for not doing it sooner. Here were kindred spirits. Here was music that hit me. Here was an artist that, while maintaining the aloofness of a stranger and recording artist, also became intimately important to me as a person. Miss Palmer became my role model as a fellow musician as well as a friend of sorts.

    I was run over by a truck back in August while I was riding my bike to work. It is a miracle, an absolute miracle, that I am alive and that nothing was broken. This semester, I have had to attend physical therapy twice a week which has caused me to miss so many classes that I have been dropped from music theory. I had to beg extra scholarships from the school in order to even attend, because I had lost out on my role in the opera, because I couldn’t–and still can’t walk without a cane, which cost me one thousand dollars in scholarship. I’ve lost so many hours at work that I am terrified they’re going to fire me.

    See, the thing is though, even though all this is happening, life is still good. I’ve seen better days, but I don’t care. I just got my ticket in the mail to see the Dresden Dolls live in San Francisco on December 31. I don’t have a car, and I don’t have the money for bus fare, but I’ll make it there somehow, and it is something to look forward to. I can’t think of a better first rock concert to attend, because Amanda Palmer and the Dresden Dolls have more than influenced me; they’ve also, without knowing it themselves, been my friends and encouragers through two of the hardest times of my life.

    I apologize; this has gotten out of control. It is much too long.

    • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer

      totally not too long and massive points for the oasis reference.xxxxxx see you there.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CL5ES3PDHUBT67RJ2DXMADTKA Mei

      There is no such thing as “too long”. It shows you’re one hell of a thinker! If you’re not a writer, you should be. This is a great comment! :)

  • Brenna

    I have an emotional Dolls discovery story, but today is not the day to tell it. Today I wanted to put in a vote (on the wrong channel, in a very rude way, with my apologies) for The Mouse and the Model for the HalloweenNYC concert. It’s a song that’s gotten me through a lot, and it would mean a lot to hear it live. I love your music and your candidity. Keep on keeping on.

  • Em Cee

    My Dolls Story (because I don’t know if I’ll ever get to tell you in person):
    When I was in eight grade, in 2005, my sister would play ‘Girl Anachronism’ non stop. Loudly. I would be two floors up and still hear it. So one day, I decided to ask her what she was listening to. She excitedly showed me the video, which floored me, because it was pretty and different and chaotic and fast. I’m a fast thinker and a fast talker so I like when music is at that pace.
    I took it upon myself to totally absorb the cd, which I had in no time. It has this way of lifting me up and giving me energy that I search for in the music I listen to but that I rarely find.
    As an aside, my sister was going through a rough time, and I know your music helped her a lot.
    Through the years, I kept listening to and loving The Dresden Dolls and there was a natural continuation that lead to listening to your solo record and reading your blog. Your songs are cathartic and honest and hopeful, and your attitude is inspiring.

    I’m sure this is like a bajillion other comments that have been left, and I greatly appreciate it if you have read it. Thank you for your beauty.
    Punk Cabaret IS Freedom.

  • Wolf

    This is the most important thing I have to say, and I’ve come out of my eternal lurking to say it: I am so fucking excited that you’re touring with The Dresden Dolls.

    I remember I first heard Coin Operated Boy on WFNX. They played it occasionally when I was in highschool. I waited until college to see you live. It was in Albany near where I went to school. Golem opened, which was awesome. We felt weird sitting. You thought it was weird sitting we were sitting.

    In 2007, I saw you again. Winter tour in Boston. I had fourth row seats off to the side. We tried to stand, but some old lady asked us to sit. We didn’t let it ruin the experience. Still had a blast. My little sister and I waited an hour in the cold just to say hi. I had converted her at this point. You couldn’t speak. We still have a grainy cell phone picture of her and brian. She still has the hat you signed. I look at the winter tour poster every day. I’m moving out in a month. I plan to put it in my living room.

    I’ve seen almost all your projects when they come to town since then. Onion Cellar, Evelyn Evelyn (twice!), Cabaret. I missed your solo show last fall because I was in Europe or the Middle East or something. I cannot remember exactly…

    The Dresden Dolls is still my favorite, though. I suspect it always will be. I was about ready to drive to NYC if you didn’t add Boston dates. I’m glad I waited. It’s going to be spectacular!

  • Elena Shoemaker

    No offense Amanda, but more than reading your blog, I am enamored and moved by reading these wonderful wonderful stories about people discovering the Dolls and having their life changed.

    I don’t really have a story like that. I was just sitting in my car waiting to pick up a friend from work when Girl Anachronism played on the radio. I remember thinking, “What is this? I love this!” From there I sought you out on the internet and the rest is history.

    I have a thought about dropping your phone though. I only own a tracphone and honestly I’m hardly on twitter (though I really did give it the old college try for your sake, but honestly it’s rubbish if you’re not mobile with it). I find by being disconnected in public, I have a unique perspective. While I like technology, I get freaked out a bit when I see people interacting with their devices instead of with each other. Social networking seems to have usurped face to face interactions. I think we need those interactions…and by being continuously plugged in, we are missing something though we are connected to everything.
    However, your situation is a bit different, because you are a rock star and you need to connect to your fans, which you do in a way I’ve never seen before, and it’s brilliant and inspiring. I am not a rock star, but I fear that one day, if I am lucky enough and people notice my work, I may need to network. I’m not sure what I’ll do if that ever happens.

    I’ve gotten off track I think and I fear I may have contradicted myself a little there. My point really is that I’m agreeing that disconnecting, however unintentional, for a couple of days may be a good thing, even for you.

    All that aside I’m wonderfully excited because in a little over a week on Nov 2nd, I’m going to go to Boston for the first time ever, and see one of favorite bands live for the first time ever.
    I’m slightly scared and a little excited because I’ll be alone in an unfamiliar place, but I intend to make a day of it and sightsee using the guide you posted for Cabaret. An adventure for which a phone that uses twitter would have been useful…

    It all comes round and I’ll see you a week from Tuesday.

  • http://twitter.com/allisonhom Allison Hom

    for the record, whenever i talk about you (as i often do) the people don’t recognize your name until i mention the dresden dolls. the reaction is typically, “oh! why didn’t you say that in the first place!” the love is not dead :)

    also, i have a tour song request : please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please play the mouse and the model on tour! i will be seeing you on NYE in SF (YAY!) but i will be PSYCHED if even a video were to show up on youtube. because there are none, which is disappointing.

    and also: long time reader, first time commenter. we are out there, somewhere.

  • Jacob Orion

    yo Amanda, you amazing woman, you. is that Cabaret soundtrack the soundtrack of the production? as in, the songs from Cabaret? because i’ve been dying to hear you sing Two Ladies :)

  • ashkilby

    the dresden dolls was the first concert i ever went to. i, as most of us here that would post, love you and all you do and are…it’s hard to say what that encompasses for me but it’s true none the less. there is something so special and magical about you and brian together. as i said…ALL of you added together is a massive part of me and brilliant and makes me wish i could be in your orbit in person. but together you two are…just…beyond the words my mind can grasp.

    i ventured to the dresden dolls show in 2005 i believe it was…it was my senior year and i finally decided fuck it. i was raised in a home where if you listened to music/went to rock shows/drank alcohol/had a couple (8) tattoos god wouldn’t love you and esp your parents wouldn’t love you and you would go to hell. but that show…i couldn’t miss it. so i ventured out all on my lonesomeness, scared shitless of driving in atlanta and figuring if half the things my family told me of the “big city” were true the best thing that could happen is the cops find my body and take me home. but at least i would get to see ya’ll play. and i went and had, up until that point, the best night of my life.

    and now, all these years and many many rock shows and beers and tattoos later, i am taking my baby sister Emily…who is hardly a baby anymore…to her first rock show. she is the complete opposite of how i was at her age, outgoing and afraid of very little. i know how much seeing the dresden dolls changed my life and i cannot wait to see how it will effect her 11/14. i hope to get to say hi to you both…i missed that my first show.

  • Barbara

    I will admit that I do not know all of your Dresen doll songs, but my so far favourite is Backstabber. (The video, too. How much fun did you have doing that?)
    I have no story to tell about how music saved my life, or your music specifically, but thank you all the same for being amazing. :)

  • Andrea1986

    You are making me feel all nostalgiac as well, by reading this. Not that your music hasn’t been in constant rotation in my cd player since I found you, so the songs have never went away, but seeing you live….now that is something I am starting to miss. Wow. Ten years. I started listening to you in 2004. I was 17. Now I’m about to turn 24 in 2 days. Your music has been with me during the most impressionable times of life and I can say without a doubt that you have definitely been a huge factor in shaping me into who I am today (this is a good thing btw so thank you very much). The last time I saw The Dresden Dolls was during your last tour and you dived into the crowd and I almost dropped you. And the last time I met you we hugged and when I turned and started to walk away you didn’t let go of my hand but lingered, until the last possible second and I had to turn back and smile at you. It was nothing, just something small but one of those small things that can say a lot to a person. To me it said, “I appreciate you”. Which just made me appreciate you even more than I already did. And I remember the very first time I saw you live in 2005. I was just starting to get really into you. I went by myself (my friends and I never seem to have the same musical tastes, unfortunately) and I just remember standing there in awe thinking that this is what it’s all about. This is what music and art and people are supposed to do. They’re supposed to make you feel, make you think, make you connect, make you question, make you inspired. They’re supposed to shake something awake inside you and bring whatever has been lying dormant to the surface. And you did that and you still continue to do. You keep me in a constant state of awe. And knowing that after all these years I’m going to be seeing you again live is bringing in a flood of memories. This tour is going to be amazing and I’m beyond excited to see The Dresden Dolls on stage again especially since I wasn’t sure if it ever would happen again. Rock on with the Rock Love and I’ll see you in STL.

    All my love,


    p.s. just got back from visiting some family in VA but I made a little stop first in Boston to see Cabaret. A-mazing! So glad I was able to make the trip out there!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CL5ES3PDHUBT67RJ2DXMADTKA Mei

    I am, and will always be, a Dresden Dolls fan. I fell in love with the band and the music as soon as I heard it. I bought all the albums and have probably lurked on the official site for The DD for longer than what would be considered “healthy”.

    When I found out you were doing a solo album, I was intrigued – but afraid. Is the band breaking up? I thought… but then I came to the conclusion that you are not like many singers who go solo then ditch their band, so I figured it would be okay. And apparently, it is. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you would have a damn good reason to quit The Dresden Dolls altogether. Same with Brian. And if it comes to that, you guys have to do what’s best for you. However, it’s a damn good band and anyone who has yet to hear the music is sorely missing out on a big, beautiful thing.

    WKAP turned out being totally amazing (of course!) and I found I related with it on many levels, just like I did when I heard… well, almost every song by The Dresden Dolls! While the songs on WKAP relate with me on a deeper level, I will never stop listening to the band. You are my all time favourite singer, and The Dresden Dolls is my all time favourite band. It’s not even my choice, really. The heart wants what the heart wants, and so do the ears. heh.

    I have only commented once here before. My anxiety is there, even behind the shroud of the net. However, I love reading about your accomplishments. And, even though the iPhone/toilet story is a very interesting read (although very sad – I hope it heals it’s pissy wounds and gets back into working order soon!) – I love reading about all aspects of your life that you are comfortable sharing.

    You’re a true inspiration, and just an overall awesome person. It’s your blog, Amanda! Post whatever the hell you want, regardless, and be happy with that. :) That’s what so many of us love about you!!!

    Sincerely and mostly sanely,
    -Nisha Mei

  • Rachel Apodaca

    I’ve been a fan of the dreseden dolls for a long time. This video of “Half Jack” (Live from the Paradise in 2005) always amazes me. This shows off your sultry attitude and Brian’s amazing drum skills.


  • Missin’theDolls!

    LONG LIVE PUNK CABARET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/MariahMacCarthy Mariah MacCarthy

    Sometime around my junior year of high school, a friend IMed me and said “Have you heard of the Dresden Dolls? You’d LOVE them” with a link to the Girl Anachronism video. At the time, I didn’t love them, and assumed said friend had just assumed I’d love them because I, too, wore thigh-high black and white striped stockings. I forgot about the Dresden Dolls.

    A few years and some heartbreak later, I sometimes would set my alarm for 4am so I could hear my friend’s radio show on the college station. One day she played “Girl Anachronism.” Barely awake at 4 in the morning, the song was suddenly awesome and vital and oh my God. Then on New Year’s I heard the end of “Coin-Operated Boy” on the radio. I thought “there must be two singers, a guy and a girl, because this is clearly a guy’s voice.” I was curious and downloaded the whole album. As “Yes Virginia” and “No Virginia” came into being, I downloaded them and listened them all into the ground.

    As a director and playwright, it seemed that from then on I couldn’t make art without using the Dresden Dolls. I set a gang rape scene to “Missed Me.” I stuck “Delilah” on top of a woman’s grieving monologue from 4.48 Psychosis (at a time in my life when I, too, was grieving and not sure I’d make it). I had a girl sing “Shores of California” in my senior project, a deconstruction of gender norms entitled “The All-American Genderf*ck Cabaret.” I performed a solo dance to “Girl Anachronism” in which I frantically thrashed myself around the stage and actually drew blood during one rehearsal. And so on.

    Then came “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” which I discovered for the first time live, having bought a ticket to see Amanda on a whim. I don’t remember the first song of the evening, but I remember that the second song was “Ampersand,” and that I started crying, and kept doing so periodically throughout the night. But even more miraculous than discovering WKAP was discovering AFP herself. Discovering that the Queen of Goth and Badassery was so…normal. So down to earth and funny and cheerful. Inspired by this, I continued to banish the image of the tortured artist as something to aspire to.

    Soon thereafter, I wrote a cynical lesbian musical version of Romeo & Juliet entitled “Ampersand,” which I’m really really fucking proud of, and which I quite possibly would never have written without hearing WKAP.

    And somewhere in there, I saw “With the Needle That Sings In Her Heart” and “Cabaret.” Both times, I took the Megabus from New York. For “With the Needle…” I took a midnight bus because it was the cheapest, got in at 3:30am, and tried to sleep on hard benches in South Station for the few hours until the subways started running. Then I took a subway to another bus to Lexington in time for the matinee. There were some mic and tech issues at that show, but it didn’t matter. My soul just…shattered. I had never seen anything so imaginative and heart-wrenching and stunning. When the last image clicked into place, something snapped in my chest and I couldn’t stop crying. The girl next to me, a stranger, asked if I was OK, and we waited for you together. I hugged you and Bogart, then hopped the bus back to the subway back to the bus back to New York.

    The night before I was to see “Cabaret,” I had been violently ill and vomiting. I woke up the next morning, tried to drink water, and threw up again. I didn’t care, and boarded the Megabus anyway. It was Columbus Day weekend, so the 4 hour ride became 6 and a half, and my brother (who had flown in from LA, and whose AFP-fandom I take credit for) and I worried that we’d miss the show. Thankfully, we didn’t, and you fed me pineapple during the show. “Cabaret” didn’t shatter my soul, but it moved things around in it and burrowed deep into it and gave me cold shivers and continues to do so.

    Amanda, unlike some of these incredibly inspiring commenters, I can’t tell you that your music has saved my life, but it’s been an inextricable part of the art that has. I create art to heal myself, and when I do, your music is there. Sometimes the spirit of a song weaves itself into a play, sometimes it’s just on in the background as I write. Either way, I wouldn’t be making the art I make without you.

    Because of my day job, there will be no Megabus trip to Boston this time. And because of my measly pay at said day job, I didn’t have money when New York tickets went on sale and so it sold out without me. But I’m OK with that. I’ve seen you live five times now – twice in plays, once as Evelyn Evelyn, and once as yourself – and I feel incredibly blessed for having seen you all those times. I’m filled with regret for not being able to see the duo that started it all, but my gratitude much, much outweighs my regret. Thank you, Amanda, for shaping me, and for bringing me such inspiration and joy.

    (Also: if you don’t know how many people are reading but not commenting, there are metrics programs for that. You’re supposed to be a social media maven. Get on that.)

    (Also also: my next play will be about two girls who shoot up their school. “Guitar Hero” will probably be featured. Stay tuned. I love you.)

  • William

    I live in Australia. Basically, The Dresden Dolls saved me from a depressive state I had been in for over a year. I first heard Christopher Lydon, The Time Has Come & Mrs. O and thought “fuck yeah.” Now, The Dolls have been my biggest influence. Hell, I even became a living statue to see what it was like. I shaved my eyebrows off to feel the breeze on the liquid eyeliner. The Dolls never cease to amaze and move me.
    I wasn’t old enough to see the Brisbane show back on ’08, but this year in March was the best night of my life. Not only did I get to play accordion on stage with the opening act, but Amanda was a gracious and liberating performer. I have been an avid follower for almost 3 years, and punk-cabaret will forever rock on in my heart.

  • AmyEbeling

    In an odd way, the Dolls and your music helped me become more comfortable in my own skin. Does that make sense? Probably not. Its just that the music and messages the band produced, and also on your solo album/the other songs you have put out, made me feel as if it was okay to be alone. It taught me to have inner strength, to embrace who I am, and inspired me to really find art and music on my own terms and use them as positive outlets as opposed to the self destructive habits awkward sixteen-year-olds tend to develop. It’s been just about a year since I’ve found your music, admittedly. I’m seventeen now. Truthfully though I’m more content, and not afraid of who I really am. I want to be and make art, on so many different levels. I’ve been inspired to turn ashes into something beautiful.

    My best friend and I are planning on traveling from NJ to Boston next week by train, hopefully we will be able to find a way to purchase tickets for one of the shows before they sell out. Also, I plan on busking while in the city, which I’m looking forward to hah.


  • AmyEbeling

    In an odd way, the Dolls and your music helped me become more comfortable in my own skin. Does that make sense? Probably not. Its just that the music and messages the band produced, and also on your solo album/the other songs you have put out, made me feel as if it was okay to be alone. It taught me to have inner strength, to embrace who I am, and inspired me to really find art and music on my own terms and use them as positive outlets as opposed to the self destructive habits awkward sixteen-year-olds tend to develop. It’s been just about a year since I’ve found your music, admittedly. I’m seventeen now. Truthfully though I’m more content, and not afraid of who I really am. I want to be and make art, on so many different levels. I’ve been inspired to turn ashes into something beautiful.

    My best friend and I are planning on traveling from NJ to Boston next week by train, hopefully we will be able to find a way to purchase tickets for one of the shows before they sell out. Also, I plan on busking while in the city, which I’m looking forward to hah.


  • Ruth Hazel

    Like a hungry fish…I took the bait! Long time reader first time commenter number 11,111,11 (possibly!)

    I can’t help but join the nostalgia trip, I rember going to stay at a friends house, I’d been having a few troubles and a freindly face and TLC was required. The sound track was Nine inch nails and Tool (perfect for brooding) when my friend jumps up “you have to listen to this…I dont know who it is…or what it’s called” she lovingly named it the ‘sex song’ I fell in love instantly, it was dark, catchy, cabaret, sad, beautiful, spiteful…oh how my head span. I later found it to be Missed Me and have since been hooked. I saw the dolls live a few times around London – alas rather drunk and memory fails me a little :-0! it wasnt until an Astoria gig with the amazing Mr Truax I truely realised the dresden dolls are a world not a band…a world of wonder,performance, pleasure, question, punk, excitement, I havent missed a London gig since, it feels like I’m home…I’m sure so many dolls fans understand – without sounding too teenage goth – It’s like you’ve been walking on the outside all this time and all of a sudden someone asked you in, to the warm where everyone gets you (that almost got a bit cheers there! haha) I had to be dragged kicking and screaming from The Roundhouse gigs, I could have lived there, it was everything a weird twenty something could ask for…ever!

    Oh I could gush all night, I’m realy quite shy in person and whenever Amanda walks by I loose all my words, so the opportunity to divulge my passion for the Punk caberet masters is pretty cool! Now why havent I commented before…hmm might be that second bottle of wine!

    All AFP fans should check out the dolls, they make your life better! I just love not knowing whats coming next too, the solo album was so inspiring, it was the soundtrack to packing up my dire office job to study fine art at uni. Evelyn Evelyn makes me laugh, cry and attempt to play co operative uke with my cat…I am highly jelouse of those in the US that get to experience the caberet and theatre and impromptu collaborations!!

    Oh dear I have gone on, all thats left to say is Good Luck to the Dolls and the reunion…please come back to the UK if you can! And in all endevours may life treat you well, god knows you make ours better by letting us in to your world

    Fanny x (aka Hazel)

  • amelia

    hi amanda.

    first of all, please don’t eat the risotto that your phone is currently resting in. that would be gnasty.

    i’m really excited about hearing all this recording. i love making music and the recording process, but i have to do it on my own for it to sound good to me, or for me to be happy with it. were you like this at first? when other people touch your music or make it different or produce it or mix it, does it bother you?

    i listen to a lot of your stuff. you’re one of my musical heroes, if that makes any sense… i just like to chill out to your shit.

    i have an admission to make. i’ve never bought any of your music, or you and brian’s music. i got some of it off limewire and from the free download on your sight of “do you swear to tell the truth…” etc. HOWEVER, i AM coming to see cabaret, i AM going to pay for the radiohead idiotechque cover song, i DO let people know you’re out there.

    there’s an interesting article i think you would enjoy about the survival of those artists who don’t make a living off of recording and selling albums, but who rather get their voices out there by touring and other person-to-person shindigs. it might not change your life but at least you will find someone who agrees with you.



  • Kris

    I hope your favourite band is also my favourite band and it’s the band that I have been trying to get Neil to listen to because it just compliments his Sandman world so damn well (in my mind at least!)


  • http://thejosephengel.com Joseph Engel

    The Dresden Dolls changed my life.
    I grew up a classically trained pianist, about the time I was getting bored with my studies someone showed me the first Dolls record, which had just come out. It blew my mind. You played how I felt, and gave me hope for my pursuits in music.

    When the Dolls played the True Colors tour at the Greek Theater in LA I asked to see your hands; I wanted to see how beat up they were from beating at that poor pc88 like a madwoman. You let me hold your hands and all I could manage was a feeble “I love you.”

    I’m 25 now, and producing records for independent artists determined to stay DIY. The Dresden Dolls (and later the break off from Roadrunner) showed me that people could still think for themselves and put their money were their mouth is and support artists they truly believe in.

  • Supersoph Sm

    I was 8 when I discovered your music. My dad accidentally went to your show in London and we were hooked ever since. I’m missing school in a month to come see you and Brian 2 nights in a row in Texas and I couldn’t be more excited. I was raised liking pop music and listening to your albums really influenced/changed the way I thought and who I became. I got more into art, my schoolwork, and music. Thank you so so so much for everything.

  • AloneOnASeeSaw

    I’m REALLY excited about taking my pops to the Dresden Dolls show in St. Louis. When I was a kid, we would sit around and listen to his eclectic record collection. I bought my first album when I was five yrs old in 1978–Queen. I was allowed to take one toy with me when I was sent to the babysitters. I would always choose my Queen album. Now, I introduce my dad to music when we get together. I played a couple of Dresden Dolls videos for him, the fantastic cover and ever true “War Pigs” (because yes, Brian is the best drummer in the world) and the beautiful video for “Sing”. “Girl Anachronism” is topper though. Not sure if it is intentional or not, but I love the Nurse Ratched impression.

  • http://littlelioness.net Fiona

    <3 love you

  • Darby42

    love you both great big bunches, and want desperately to see you on tour-
    PLEASE tell me there will be more west coast (specifically california) dates??
    preferably, like, on a saturday? (selfish, yes- but i only get saturday and sunday nights off, and work graveyards- and there is NO WAY they will let me play hooky on NYE

    please please please i love you

  • http://mataduvor.blogg.se Angelica

    girl anachronism is the best vid you have made, i think. have watch it a hundred times at least.
    and i almost did the same thing TODAY about droping the phone in the toliet. I hade my jacket and hatt, scarf on and my ipod was almost to plurr in. Thankfully, it did’nt. But i gues, iPhone and Blackburry is’t even worse to drop in the toliet. I will pray for the Phone, Amanda.

    + Can’t the dolls come to sweden? It would be so awesome!!
    NIN <3

  • HalfNana

    Haha.Concerning your previous post,I think we do have something in common.
    The other day I went out with a bunch of friends and a bunch of boyfriends and a bunch of people whose names I forgot the moment they introduced themselves and things started to get awkward.
    So,like the helpful person I am,I decided letting the world know about a tragic incident of my childhood that had to do with the violent epiphany that it would be cool if I drank some bleach.So I did.And then mom found me vomiting my intestines out.
    After I stopped talking (all done in a french accent) everybody was staring.And I started giggling like mad.So a friend forced me to throw up again cuz she thought I had drunk too much.Which I hadn’t.
    Sometimes it’s so hard to interact with people.
    Greetings from Greece btw.
    And I hope you’ll excuse my randomness

  • Gerarddearie

    A Scottish Portapotty? Well as a Scot myself I can safely tell you the only time you should ever use a Scottish portapotty is if you are a smack addict who no longer wishes to be a smack addict and suddenly discovers that they are prone to bouts of sweaty,panicky,grinding, agonising, peristalsic propulsion which propels them into one. Furthermore,as a Scot, I should tell you that the only time you should ever have your arm down a Scottish portapotty is when you are a smack addict who no longer wishes to be a smack addict but then secretly does want to be a smack addict again so shoves an opium suppository up their bum when they discover they are prone to sweaty,panicky,grinding, agonising, peristalsic propulsion and that they then accidently lose their opium suppository in the grimy depths of one.

  • Gerarddearie

    Apropos Oasis: I read a funny remark in a Morrissey biography describing Oasis a band that initially founded it success in being nothing more than a glorified beatles tribute band but by their third year in the spotlight the had pulled off the remarkable feet of being their own tribute band. You would have thought a band that touted itself as the bastard offspring of John Lennon and John Lydon would have better songs.

  • Tea

    I only listened to Who Killed Amanda Palmer because I got the CD for 1$ from a college radio station CD sale (upon recommendation by the person at the merch table). At that time (a couple of years ago, I guess) I had heard of the Dresden Dolls, but had never taken the time to listen to them. My ex had part of Girl Anachronism as their ring tone but it was a shitty phone and it just sounded obnoxious and annoying. I think that led to me taking a little longer to get to listening to the Dolls. I listened to the solo album a lot. I listened to Evelyn Evelyn. I saw the show, met and fed you in Montreal and then saw Cabaret last weekend and met you again and now, only now am I listening to the Dresden Dolls. I am enjoying the albums and have replaced the bitter taste left by my ex’s stupid phone with good times with friends. Happy ending!

  • http://twitter.com/Vulpeszerda Breanna Bader

    I watched this video for the first time in, I believe, 2004. I was sad, and angry, and I drank too much and smoked even more. I was in a miserable relationship with a boy who wasn’t very nice. I was in love with a girl who didn’t love me. I had no job, and didn’t leave the house much, and was scared of mostly everything–especially other people. For most of 04 and o5, Girl Anachronism (then coin operated boy, then bad habit, then good day, and on and on) were pretty much on loop for me into the wee hours of the morning as I surfed the internet in my messy apartment, smoked cigarettes, and wondered if I’d ever feel anything but some variation of loneliness. I was also re-reading sandman for about the millionth time after lending American Gods, 1602 and the BBC Neverwhere boxset to a friend. Today I own a home, have a job that requires that I leave the house everyday to talk to lots of people I am not at all afraid of and quite like to be around, a beautiful marriage to a boy who’s exceptionally nice and who absolutely loves me back, and best of all a beautiful and amazingly giggly baby. I don’t drink terribly often, and the smell of cigarettes makes me a bit nauseated. While I have had your radiohead album on repeat, I have to admit that most recently I’ve been looping the song by the girl from Greece with the lilac uke. I worry less about being scared of leaving the house and talking to people and more about being scared of creating art and sharing it with people. I haven’t felt lonely since October of 2007. I never did get my copy of American Gods back.Thank you for being there for the me that was, and for your not insignificant hand in the me that is.

  • kier

    so i figured i would post foibles. i dropped my iphone in the toilet twice. well not me actually. my nephew thought it needed a bath. dirty dirty. the iphone, not the nephew. and it still works. this has happened to multiple electronic devices of the mac variety. they rock.
    as does dresden dolls. i feel bad for people who have never heard of the dresden dolls. i was so happy when the tour was announced. i thought i would never get to see you two live, and now i have the vaguest possibility it may happen. YAY AMANDA!

  • Guest

    Ok for one thing I am one of those lurkers. Yes I am a long time reader and first time commenter. I’ve loved the Dresden Dolls since the day I first heard your music a few years back. I have every album and all your solo stuff I can lay my hands on. To put it simply you are my inspiration. You and your music make my life complete. Please don’t ever stop blogging. We lurk. We all do it and always will but without your blogs capturing my attention on a daily basis (or however often they end up going up) there is nothing to lurk. That simply will not do.
    You and Brian are my heroes. Your music speaks to me in a way unlike anyone elses. It is so raw, so fucking truthful. Everyone else is too scared about their image to sing songs like Oasis, Lonesome Organist Rapes Pageturner, etc. But you are just simply too amazing to care.
    Keep doing what you do. Never ever stop. Your music gives young things like me a reason to keep living and playing. And I will always read the blog :)
    So keep blogging for myself and all the lurkers like me who read but feel awkward if we comment. I don’t think you really care about people like me but we sure as hell care about you and all the details of your life. No matter how inconsequential.
    Thank you for everything :D
    Laura xx

    • Guest

      By the way pleeeeeeeeeease come to Australia? We need you over here! And if you could pretty please with sugar on top make it under 18 I will potentially die of happiness. I am only 16, and will only be 17 by the time you’re here :( If Sydney shows could be under 18 that would be amazing and I would love you mare than I already do. Impossible I know but I’ll do my best :D xx

  • Spooky

    Once upon a time in England there was a boy, around 17 years of age, sat in his front room, watching the M2 music channel on TV and feling just about bored to death by the music that kept playing, on and on, rotating the same tracks to near death. Then suddenly this insane piano music started up and for about 3 minutes his jaw was on the floor. Ears near melting from the awesomeness of the music he made a quick noite of the band and the song. The Dresden Dolls – “Girl Anachronism”…

    It was the only time I ever saw it on TV and it changed my life.

    Next time I was in a music shop I found the album and remembering how much that one track had blew me away I got it there and then (about £12 which I would’ve never normally spent on an album if I’d only heard one song). I got home and chucked it on my CD player, I nearly skipped the first track so I could listen to Girl Anachronism again, but I decided that I’d be good boy and listen to it from the start. Thank fuck I did… “Good Day” blew my mind and I would’ve been quite happy to have spent the money on just the first couple of tracks. when “Truce” had finished and my player stopped I instantly hit the play button again, hearing the bits I’d missed in all the songs… I fell in love with “Half Jack” and “The Jeep Song” , I was suitably creeped out by “Slide”. The album barely left my player for 2 years… Once I had a 6 disk CD changer I honestly don’t think it did.

    This story repeated itself with “Yes, Virginia” and “No, Virginia”. When i had a tiny MP3 player that could only fit about 25 songs on… they were a Dresden Dolls best of. Getting me through rough times, getting me to work in a half decent mood, giving me something to sing a long to with all my feeling The Dresden Dolls have been my favorite band for 6 or 7 years now, and I’ve probably listened to at least one track every day…

    This band has probably changed my life, they at least changed the way I view music.

    I never got to see them live (due to me being incredibly broke at any time they played in the UK) except for on DVD and although I wasn’t there the excellent “Live at the roundhouse” just affirmed my love for them. I did get to see Amanda play a couple of years ago and it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to. (AFP signed my lucky Dollar and Scrawled OBAMA!!! on it… it still sits in my Wallet and makes me happy)

    I only recently downloaded A is for Accident and couldn’t believe that I’d been missing out on songs like “Glass Slipper” (which my media player is infact playing now) and “A Night at the Roses”.

    If you want your life changing then you should listen to the Dresden Dolls.

    serious art love! x
    – Stephen

  • ImaginaryTea

    Like many of the commenters here, Dresden Dolls exploded into my life as a teenager. I was 17 in 2005, and found myself in another town in a grand adventure gone awry. One weekend saw me barely pulling through an OD and other fuckedup’ed things . I somehow got back to my hometown some 300 miles away (this is really foggy) and crawled into a close friend’s bed where she introduced me to DD.

    AFP and Brian make some of the most vivacious, thought provoking, visceral music out there and their musical mind tendrils have touched so many other great thinkers/wordsmiths/dreamweavers/musicmakers and created even more great things. Five amazingly insane years later, you guys are going on tour again. I cannot wait to see you play in New Orleans and we really appreciate what you are doing with that concert. Amanda, you are totally rad :P

  • JustinFL

    Taking a second out of mine to check in on yours. I’m so stoked the Dolls are back but so effing chafed no Orlando date. This banking/soccer thing is blowing up so the no travel policy has me TSOL. I hope ur irie and wish you guys the best. Any itch to extend to O-town during the cold winter months and I’ll give you the full hook up.
    P.S. Hit them up with some “Bad Habit” – goosebumps!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Alexanderrz Alex McFarland

    I can’t Imagine someone not knowing The Dresden Dolls. I remember being 14 (in 2004) and my best friend said listen to this song, its different but it is amazing.
    Coin-Operated boy. This subsequently spawned my sick obsession, finding every song. Screaming Girl Anachronism in my car.(I still do this weekly) and making LiveJournal and Xanga themes with a GIF of the Coin-Operated boy video. I was also living in the backwoods of TN at the time and was never allowed to go to concerts. So I never got to see you guys.
    So. Excited. For. This. Reunion. Show. I cannot wait to see you in Lexington.

  • Elena

    Hi Amanda, I’m a lurker, I love you from Italy since 2005, went to your gig in Milan (DD are in my top 5 most exciting gig).
    “EHH!!! pronto!!!!” and grabbing it’s balls at me” – LOL, come on we’re not that rude.

  • http://circussoul.tumblr.com/ Danielle Frazier

    I was wrapping up a really long comment, pouring my fucking heart out … and then some how managed to close my browser window. Fuck.
    Ok, to sum it up: I discovered the Dolls during a bad breakup and has since nursed me through many very hard times in my life.
    Getting see you and Brian live was hands down, the best concert experience of my life. I hadn’t eaten in two days so I could afford the ticket. I was also getting over a cold, had a bladder infection and was dehydrated the day of the show. All of this contributed to the show being a religious experience for me. It still feels a little silly to say it, but its truly how it felt. I was in immense physical pain (and emotional. my life was really a wreck), but I was so overcome with happiness just to be in that crowd, looking up at you guys, playing these songs that I had enmeshed so much meaning and personal ritual. My ticket stub is framed along with a flower I saved & pressed from the bouquet you tossed into the crowd.
    My fiance gives me a lot of shit when I tell this story. He just can’t believe anyone would go through that sort of crap just to go to a concert. But I always tell him I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    When I found out you and Brian were going back on tour, I bounced off the walls for about three straight days. We tried to work out plans for a road trip to Texas to see one of the shows there, as you’re not coming to Arizona (I can hardly blame you), but a whole bunch of unexpected expenses and general life bullshit is going to keep me from making it.
    I know it will be great and I really hope I get a chance to see The Dresden Dolls live again soon.

    My eternal love, gratitude and admiration,

  • http://thelastsovereign.blogspot.com/ Yandehsm92

    Love this post, tons of DD information. &&I just love DD, I heard i wanna say EVERY DD song and when I was 13 tried to go to your concert at the 9:30 club. And right when we were about to go, my dad said he wouldnt take me because he thought I was joking that I wanted to go to the concert. No dad, no I wasnt. DD for the win, AFP for the win. Love your song “the point of it all” and your radiohead covers.
    Your FTBR performance of I dont care much made me cry and put more passion into me to help fuel my musical theatre career. My whole family finds it weird that I’m a mime, that I love musical theatre, that I sweat and bleed theatre. && thats just fine.Your music helps me to feel like what I do and enjoy is okay and that there are other people that just love those sort of things.
    Again, loving your music , keep hitting me with it. I feel no pain <3

  • Melis123

    hey amanda. i’m pretty sure you already know this story, but i will share it again because it’s a beautiful example of how music brings people together.

    my brother nick, my best friend and ally and an exceptional bass player in his own right. was an extremely big dresden dolls fan and the one who got me into them. he gave me a cd for my birthday and said “hey i think given you like tori, you might like this”. i was blown away. There was a connection there that i had never had before. After that we would often then talk about the dolls and generally grew closer together. he went to a few concerts of the dolls when you toured australia but was much to0 shy to ever approach you or brian and was often put off by the more voiciferous fans. (no disrepect to any who might read this. ) he often left it up to me as i can generally talk about everything and anything and nothing at all all fucking day.

    so much amazing stuff has happened to me because of your music, and the confidence it has given me to pursue my own love of art (i just moved to melbourne from adelaide to focus on my poetry and music with much success.) i am exceptionally grateful to both of you for that.

    when Nick died i didn’t want to get a tattoo of his name or anything like that but instead got the heart/plane dresden dolls symbol so that I could be reminded of the awesome stuff we both shared together and a band who’s influence on my own life continues to be enormous after almost five years.

    happy birthday dresden dolls! i hope your concerts are awesome and packed and you rock the fuck out.

  • MauraLee

    Started as a Dolls fan, after a friend of mine (who was actually dating my mother’s half brother) was looking up music videos on my uncle’s laptop, which immediately drew me in. I think I saw a bit of “Girl Anachronism” first, but then might have watched a fan video for “Dirty Business”. I think I was thirteen. Got into the Dolls slowly over the course of a year or two, and then fell out of it a couple of months after the friend had gone to the NYC New Years show (2007?).

    Same friend gave me the WKAP album spring-2009, and I went and imported that into my iTunes right away, just before I made the effort to complete my Dolls collection over the course of three months.

    Life is interesting, sometimes. :]

  • Sean

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