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it’s been a crazy time for the dresden dolls.
last tuesday’s sold-out bill att he middle east was a historic moment of bands colliding. World Inferno Friendship/Society made us dance and
i would like to personally hail Sleepytime Gorilla Museum as possibly one of the BEST BANDS EVER. amazing music, amazing people, amazing light show, amazing everything. sadly, we have one more show with them (tomorrow) and then they are going along on their merry way.
the knitting factory show (6/30) was wonderful, our friends Barbez were in top form and we played to a packed house.

last night i went to a family affair on beacon street to see the fireworks. there was a little girl there, 9 years old, who i decided was my new favorite person. she writes songs for piano (according to her, all in d minor) and stared of into space while we were talking to her father and said “dad….i’m feeling blank”. her name is erica and i want to take piano lessons from her.

there is the upcoming show with the b52s to be excited about….the shelley winetrs project (the other opener) is fantastic, so we hope at least 5 or 10 people can afford the ticket price.

brian is sadly going bye-bye until mid-august but i’m scheduling some solo shows. i have no idea what i am going to play. some dolls songs, some yet-to-be dolls songs and some covers….i am taking requests.

we just scheduled our record release date!!!! (secret secret, so i’m only wirting about it here). it’s going to be Sept. 26th at the paradise and the support is still getting worked out. we are jumping up and down!!!! we finally get to give our fucking record out!!!! yayyyyy!!!!!! (we love our record.)

i am also fantasizing about organizing a dance in the fall. at a high school gym. with streamers and local bands playing only early sixties dance music. we will play all girl-group covers. with back-up singers.

currently i am very much diggin’ the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “fever to tell”. i bought it to see what all hype was about. it’s brilliant. go spend your money on it.

i wrote a good new song today. for the first time in ages. that’s why i’m allowing myself to whack off in front of the computer all evening. i am also rewarding myself with a night out, the Fall is playing at the middle east tonight….

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