how the hell am I going to deliver this TED talk? help.

hola comrades!

so, if you missed the announcement on twitter….it’s official.
i am going to be a SPEAKER/PERFORMER at TED this year. LOOK!!!

i’ll be speaking/performing to and alongside some of the fastest-broadest-craziest-wisest-thinking minds of our times.
two of the the other musical guests are fucking BONO and PETER GABRIEL.
no pressure what.so.ever. nope.

if you don’t know what TED is, ima edumucate you right here and now (and ask for others to pitch in – since i know i have some serious TED-heads in the community)…but first, let me express to you how HUGE this is for me.

me speaking at TED is the equivalent of…
a violinist having her first solo concert at carnegie hall.
or an athlete getting invited to the olympics.
or like….anybody on earth being asked to give the commencement speech at harvard.
or a person who’s always wanted to be in “disney on ice” finally getting hired by “disney on ice”.

it’s giant.

if you ARE NOT aware of TED, here’s the basics. it’s happening in late february-early march.


from wiki:
TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, formed to disseminate “ideas worth spreading.”

TED was founded in 1984 as a one-off event. The annual conference began in 1990, in Monterey, California. TED’s early emphasis was technology and design, consistent with its origins in the Silicon Valley. The events are now held in Long Beach andPalm Springs in the U.S. and in Europe and Asia, offering live streaming of the talks. They address a wide range of topics within the research and practice of science and culture, often through storytelling. The speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways they can. Past presenters include Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell, Al Gore, Gordon Brown, Richard Dawkins, Bill Gates, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and many Nobel Prizewinners. TED’s current curator is the British former computer journalist and magazine publisher Chris Anderson.


there are over 1,400 TED talks currently available on the TED website, all of them pretty compelling.

here is one of my all-time favorite TED talks, and it’s also one of the all-time most-viewed talk…for a reason.
it’s jill bolte taylor, a brain researcher, telling the story of what it felt like to have a stroke – and what it means for ALL HUMAN KIND:

(or direct, via their awesome site: ted.com)

such a powerful, amazing thing. and it’s…a story. which is what makes it awesome.
the best TED talks are like this…a strange amalgam of personal and universal.

here’s a much lighter, but super informative and entertaining one by the book designer chip kidd, who i have the pleasure of knowing through neil, since they work together.
i assure you he IS this entertaining in real life:

(via ted.com)

that should get you started.
there’s SO much there to delve into, and i suggest just clicking and watching and going down the rabbit hole of their site.
the next time you’re curling up with yourself, your cat, or your hunny bunny and browsing through netflix to see what’s on offer in the romantic comedy section, just watch ten or eleven random TED talks instead. you’ll probably wind up a better person.

as for you familiar with TED – and i know there’s lots of you – would you, could you, might you POST IN THE COMMENTS your very favorite TED talks, regardless of whether they’re “well-known” or not!? i ask this as a favor for ME as much as for the newbies out there, since i’m digging, digging, digging into the TED archives and watching as many talks as i can to wrap my brain around WHAT I AM GOING TO DO.

which brings us to the million dollar question!!!!!!!



guess what??


which is absurd, because it’s about a month and a few days away.
according to my fine friend and TED advisor, thomas dolby, many people get invited and start preparing their talks in SEPTEMBER.
they hire coaches. they enlist writer-helpers. they know that if their talk explodes and goes viral that it’ll possibly change their careers and their lives.

i know basically what i want to talk about. i mean, it’s obvious.
something about me, and probably me as a street performer, and about you, and about crowdfunding, and about love, and about how there’s a new currency of connection and type of exchange on the net that could revolutionize the way we make and support art on the internet and in the world. something about how things have to get less locked up, not more, and about how artists need to learn to ask, and audiences need to learn to give, and how the system needs to allow for and encourage all of this.


i don’t want to preach to the choir. most people, especially people at TED, already know and pretty much agree with all the above.
i don’t want to just get up there like the guidance counselor in south park…..


and just say “um, crowdfunding’s GOOD, m’kay?”

so, i need your helps.

i did THIS *very* rough and tumble talk at harvard a few years ago, as a kind of audition for TED, so they knew that i wasn’t just an idiot rockstar who couldn’t get on stage, talk, and articulate a point. i worked on this talk for a few days and used notes….which i won’t be doing at TED (“notes and teleprompters are BAD, m’kay?”:

when i look at this clip, especially against the super-slick and non-wander-y TED talks above, i feel truly shit-scared.

but i have a month to put this puppy together, while i am cosmically here at home with anthony, biding my canceled-tour time.

here’s the THING.

i thought i had my head on straight and my talk all planned out.
it was a few days ago, and i’ve been thinking and thinking and chatting with people and making copious mental notes about WHAT IT IS I REALLY HAVE TO SAY and WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO SAY IT. and i was heading towards something that i could wrap my brain around.

i had a fantastic talk with thomas dolby, who is the best advisor for me about these sorts of things because he KNOWS me and KNOWS TED and can probably see what ratio of peanut butter and chocolate would be correct to make the perfect AFP-TED peanut butter cup.

i hung up with him, very relieved. i could do this. i could see it in my head and i knew what to do.
i scrawled a ton of notes in my happy new TED SHIT notebook, and was ready to get down to work, literally writing out my talk and tweaking it, a little bit every day for the next few weeks, and then presenting it and rehearsing it for the last half of february, working out any kinks or awkardnesses.

two days later, confident and gleeful that i was on the correct TED path, i talked to chris anderson (yes, the dude from the wiki!) about my talk.

i hung up the phone CONFUSED and ON FIRE.

instead of narrowing down the already-congealing talk i was composing in my head, chris suggested we take a totally different tack.
maybe something DIFFERENT, not just amanda-talks-in-a-mic, but maybe something more performance driven, more laurie anderson-y.

i ran with him and this idea, and within ten minutes i was going to compose a mini-opera in 4 acts for ukulele, piano, and various other instruments.

and of course, in my head, there’s also a full boys’ choir and a bunch of crowd-sourced circus musicians to illustrate key points. i’m thinking….i could crowd-source on the spot!

wait! i could CROWD-SURF!!! AT TED!!!!

i started wondering if it was possible for me to ask them to remove all the chairs in the conference center. just for, like, my talk. i need to crowd-surf to prove a point, fuckers. maybe i could sing my thesis to the tune of wagner’s “ring cycle”, crowd-source some local strings and horns, bring them onstage and, wearing a lab-coat and wielding a smoking beaker and a slide-rule, illustrate the emotional mathematical quantitative difference between a beer, a hug, a high-five, and a dollar. with trapeze-artists in business-suits swinging menacingly above throwing coins onto the audience while screaming “BUY!!!! SELL!!!!! BUY!!!!! SELL!!!!” into flaming sequined iPhones while blindfolded, naked, stilt-walkers topple onto the likes of al gore, lawrence lessig, and bill gates – vomiting ribbons of double rainbows that magically vaporize into blazing mini-LCD scrolls from my twitter live-feed hashtag #TELLTED that would be personally projected in front of each attendee, making them cough and wheeze and weep tears of transfixed joy. this is where my head goes when you start giving me ideas. this is not good.

and i have…how long to put this together? about a month.
where is this? LA?

time to call burning man.




here’s the thing again.

i tend to overcomplicate things, especially when it comes to the stage.

wouldn’t it be better to skip the music, skip the gimmick, and just be brave, bold amanda, speaking my truth to the people with no props?

then again, who else but amanda palmer could write a mini-ukulele-opera and get MORE to the core point of connection and crowdfunding and money and energy and art and love than a simple talk could? this is the kind of shit i do.

i waffle.

i had a bunch of friends over for dinner, and i presented them with my quandary.
michael pope pointed out that i got so passionate and animated when i simply TALKED ABOUT what i WAS GOING TO TALK ABOUT that he thought it was a no-brainer. skip the trained monkey stuff, amanda, and just say your shit, he said. it’ll be more powerful.

i could totally see his point.

but i can see it the other way, too.

what can say things about art better than art? what can condense better, and add humor better, than putting this into song form?


i am confused. i haven’t decided yet.

i do know one thing, whether i bomb or not, and whether this talk even gets POSTED TO THE INTERNET or not (there’s no guarantee TED.com will even post it….they don’t post everything they film, only the truly great shit), i want you guys to be a part of the whole process. that to me is the even bigger and more relevant point.

i’m absolutely certain that a huge part of WHY they chose me to speak at TED is because of the kickstarter, kerfuffle or no.
and the kickstarter isn’t just me, it’s you. it’s US.
i think not involving you guys in this and keeping you abreast of the situation would feel like murder.

here’s the key:
i want to tell people something they don’t already know, and tell them in a way that will inspire them, that they won’t forget.

so….help me, obi-wan(s).

and i don’t have much time til this happens….i need to conserve and spend that time wisely.

i need to make this decision (whether to put the talk itself to music or not) within the next few days, so that i can barrel ahead and make WHATEVER I AM GOING TO DO the most awesome thing possible.

and i am convinced of one thing: it will be awesome.
it must be awesome.
if my TED talk is not awesome, i will feel the greatest of sads.



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  • Jess

    Just inspire

  • http://olganunes.com/ Olga Nunes

    The picture on your hand is AMAZING. AMAZE AMAZE AMAZE.

    And this isn’t necessarily a great idea, but… if it’s all about the individuals in the movement, the audience, the fans, the support network– why not find some way to give them a voice?

    Like the amazing comments in the bully blogs.. find some way to incorporate the stories that support you into your talk.

    • lentower

      Be awesome to include as much of the community as prep time allows …

  • Lauren

    If you talk at TED like you do on your blog, especially your 3 part bullying series, it will be epic.

  • Laura Epstein

    I don’t see why you can’t do both talking AND music. Talk a little bit, strum a little bit. Demonstrate your subject. Just like you do with us at your concerts — you share stories and thoughts, and then you sing stories and thoughts. You’re a brilliant storyteller, in both spoken word and music form. Embrace them both.

    As far as subject? I feel you’ve been a fantastic voice on bullying. I don’t know if that’s what you’d settled on, but I feel like bullying and stopping the hate is a subject that easily lends itself to being expressed through both word and song.

    • melanie_ching

      I like this a lot.

    • lentower

      Bullying is the latest thing in your space, but the most important?

      It’s also part of a behaviour spectrum of one human disapproving another:

      … Raised eyebrows about long beards

      … about piercings and tatoos



      lynching based on skin color, etc.



      • http://melanieching.ca/ Melanie Ching

        Providing role models for women who don’t want to shave their underarms! This is important. At least to me. ;)

    • Derek_anny

      And 18minute patter song. Like Alice’s Restaurant. Heck, set it TO Alice’s Resteraunt.

  • Joanna

    Crowdsource a song. Invite YouTube submissions to condense into a brief art piece that can be part of your talk. Do some art, but that’s not all that got you here. Honor that too.
    But this talk really is yours. You are the catalyst for this community and for a lot of Internet activisim because you are articulate. Please don’t feel like you need to swaddle your message in an abundance of stagecraft. That’s part of what makes you awesome to your fans, of which I am one.

  • georgiegone

    My favourite ted talk was by brene brown, on “the power of vulnerability”. I’m sure yours will be wonderful whether you crowdsurf or not haha :p

    • melanie_ching

      This is also one of my favourites.

    • Ladyla

      Agreed. I also very much enjoyed Andrew Bird’s talk and Cindy Gallop’s “Make love not porn” (primarily because of her swagger).

      • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer

        MERCI…will check all these out.

      • hoodedhippy

        YES! Cindy Gallop was soo kick ass. Brilliant, had the audience in the palm of her hand with humour, but also Tony Porter’s A Call to Men. he also had the same effect but with the raw power of what he was saying i think. http://www.ted.com/talks/tony_porter_a_call_to_men.html

    • fraenzi

      One quote from this talk
      “Courage, the original definition of courage,
      when it first came into the English language —
      it’s from the Latin word cor, meaning heart —
      and the original definition
      was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.”
      Sounds to me like something Amanda is doing all the time

    • Teddle

      I LOVE Brene Brown’s talk. I also love the one by Elizabeth Gilbert on genius and creativity. I’ve watched that so many times. Such a great story and also a welcome liberation from the torture that so many of us have come to associate with the work and outcomes of our creativity.

    • Shaeon

      Ditto on the Brene Brown talk. It literally changed me.

  • H

    Amanda my girl, if they are inviting you to speak with the likes of Bono and Peter Gabriel, they are confident in your ability and greatness. You are truly great. Have faith in yourself, you will not disappoint.

    • Big

      This! I wonder how Bono is going right now, wondering WTF _he’s_ got to say from his ’80’s vintage record-company-deal/DRM/stadium-cock-rock point of view that’s not going to sound completely stupid next to an Amanda Fucking Palmer talk? He’s the one who should be shitting himself! ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/brody.scotland Brody Scotland

    Well, I work at Burning Man headquarters. Let me know if you need help with sourcing any stilt walkers, fire breathers, belly dancers or artists of any sort!

    Sure, many people at TED know the value of crowd funding, but you have a unique voice and are pushing the boundaries of experience when it comes to this. Just speak your truths, be yourself, and spread your joy. You’ll do just fine. Part of your charm is that you make a lot of it up as you go along, right?

    • http://melanieching.ca/ Melanie Ching

      You just made my imagination do somersaults.

  • Victoria Eden

    Some of my favorite talks are by Phil Plait, John Hodgman, and of course the Chip Kidd one. Also Courtney Martin: Reinventing feminism and Denis Dutton: A Darwinian theory of beauty.

    I vote for the Amanda just talks option. With maybe a couple ukulele songs thrown in.

  • Snaaa

    Start or end on a big musical number, and talk for the rest. Maybe have some background music (crowdsource ideas, get volunteers to play, work your Amanda magic). There’s no reason you can’t talk and sing. Although a 20-minute opera about the power of the internet would be /awesome/, you don’t need to kill yourself working too hard for the talk to be excellent! You’re Amanda Fucking Palmer, you can do this shit with your eyes closed <3

  • Cam

    I’d say that if you ‘just’ crowdsurf and do music, people who like the usual TED stuff will roll their eyes and think that it’s just one of those internet eccentricities. Talking is more inspiring, although I think that musical intermedes could be fucking awesome! Like, proving a final point in song format. “And to finish my 2.3.3, I want everyone to reach for the ukuleles under the chair” something like that

    • lentower

      Kazoos under the seats?

      • http://twitter.com/jennmercerFE Jenn Mercer

        Music Man!

      • Kyrie

        I did that at my high school graduation. It was epic.

      • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer


    • http://www.facebook.com/rbfidel Rivka Fidel

      ^seconded! If I were at a conference of any kind, I’d be looking forward primarily to speeches, but a splash of music would be a nice surprise.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gmskarka Gareth Skarka

    Crowdsource a song, on the spot, using the crowd there.

    What better way to discuss crowdsourcing than by just doing it, live?

    • melanie_ching

      This is a very interesting idea.

  • Shane Harris

    You are one of the most powerful persons on the planet. You are way more worried than anyone else is.

  • Gregory Wyrdmaven

    I’m sure you shouldn’t do it “straight.” I think nudity and goat blood and open flames are out, but besides that I think you’ve got to pull off something that will make Wayne Coyne say, “that was messed up.”

    • lentower

      Be great, but not necessary.

  • ars

    They want you because you’re you! You’ve already won. The part in your Harvard talk about seeing into the eyes of your audience as a living statue really gave me pause, because you seem to see into the eyes of your fans just as much today, and can give us all that sense of real connection, albeit in a more abstract way. It is the reason that seeing you live is so much more intimate and personal than seeing most every other performer live (I speak from experience!). Likewise, you will see into the eyes of your audience at TED. You will connect, and you will give them voice. I vote that you embrace that by saying all of the brilliant things you have to say, in whatever form feels most natural and appropriate to you. You can’t fail.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnMCoons John Coons

    You’ve already proven that you can do an amalgamation of art/discourse with “Gaga Palmer Madonna,” and it’s not like your concerts are barren of personal stories or insight. You need music, and you need words. You need something to show the uninitiated audience members a taste of your interaction with your fans/twitter/blog readers. The rest sells itself.

  • http://twitter.com/SahveSays Sahve Steve Saimons

    Tweeted this but to expand: you are the Empress of social media, talk about the Kickstarter project, how it worked, what you learned from your supporters & what We R the Media means to you and to the world, how have others made it work and wrap it up with a performance that includes the audience members somehow, they’ll all have smart phones, perhaps have them tweet phrases at the beginning of the talk that you then use in your wrap up piece

  • Eric Londaits

    Here’s my thought:

    In one way or another you’ve been doing the “crowd-” thing (not only -funding) for a long while… searching for your audience, reaching out, getting in touch. You got a huge worldwide following, but your fans are cherry-picked, not shoveled. What’s that like? How do you search for us? What do you learn about yourself because of who WE are? How does that affect your search as an artist? What kind of pressures does your audience / fanbase generate in an analogous fashion to what a corporation normally does with a commercial artist?

    … I could go to a bookstore and find thousands of pop artists bios and see what’s like to do your thing, be found, hit it big, sign a contract, get a paycheck, reach the world… but that wasn’t your way. Yours is way different, and there’s not much written about it. So whatever insight you can give of that will certainly be interesting to hear.

    • lentower

      Well stated sub-theme.

  • Alex Muninn

    I enjoyed both of Ze Frank’s TED talks — http://www.ted.com/speakers/ze_frank.html He connects people to create together, using technology for both the connecting and the creating. You may enjoy his recent video, “Kindness Dammit” — http://ashow.zefrank.com/episodes/93

  • msaunby

    Seems you’re over-thinking this. Many will know what you’ve done, and probably think any decent performer could do the same. So why did the world have to wait for AFP? Don’t get me wrong, it was worth the wait. But still, why?

  • CeciTart

    Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the guy who did my favorite TED talk, and searching seemed like a rabbit hole I would never get out of to comment here.

    As for how, I think you have to talk. I can see you with that enthusiasm that you mentioned, and I can see how infectious and awesome THAT is. You have an amazing power of speaking and having people listen. This is your opportunity to really use that and say something awesome and have awesome people hear it. Say it.

    As for what, When I think of the TED talks I’ve seen, and what I would like to see…I think about how to keep momentum going. Keeping all of us engaged and keeping yourself above water, it’s not easy, yet you make it appear that way. Yes I know a lot of the time you are like a duck, with non-stop motion under the water, but you’re still floating, you’re still doing, and you are not only keeping us all here with you, but still gaining speed. It’s impressive and an elusive thing.

    Overall though, I think the best thing you can do, is to not over do, over think, over stress. You got this.

    • http://twitter.com/FelixMarques Félix Marqués

      Suddenly, “You’re like a duck” is a really pretty thing to say.

      Amanda doesn’t rape anyone with corkscrew-shaped penises, though. Which is a good thing.

  • raphael

    i think my favourite ted talk (iirc, its not a ted talk per se, but its hosted on their page, so whatever) is adam savages maniac account on how he went from sculpting his own dodo skeleton to building the perfect maltese falcon replica.
    but then i love adam savage with a passion, and his deep, nerdy enthusiasm just really connects with me. he could talk about pretty much anything and make me get all fired up about HOW MANY GODDAMN INTERESTING THINGS THERE ARE!

    re your talk, i, personally, would go with a simple talk for the substance, and then append something show-y, like crowdsurfing, at the end, just to drive home a point.
    topic wise, what i connect most with you is that you (and some others, like your husband) just understood what a grand, powerful and at the same time simple and down to earth thing it is to be genuine.
    you get away with all the stuff you get away with because you are who you are, and you dont put on an act to make people like you, or get all hyped up about what you do. with “get away,” i mean stuff like make people give you money up front for producing an album, for example. or being able to rely on your fans in a way that goes beyond you putting out product, fans buying and listenting to product. that there even is this kind of dialogue between fan and artist. (in the end, that i type this comment instead of thinking “well, itd be cool if she did…”)

    the pretty thing about it all is that by being genuine, you can leverage insane shit. by being genuine, you are very hard to attack, because there is no fake to see through, no cards up the sleeve no-one was told about, etc. (theres probably TONS of possible tie-ins here, with the internet being so good at blowing up all kinds of fakery into a scandal everyones talking about) and at the same time, its a “currency” thats impossible to fake and use to make larger profits. its not a label policy thing, its an individual, personal policy thing.

    i think there runs a thread through this all – kickstarter, fan contact, blog posts with ensuing love outpour – that roots at being who you are is both a huge (powerful) and small (i am who i am anyway) thing at the same time, whos power and simplicity depends on it being honest and genuine, and that projects out to a kind of “if everyone just did this honest thing, imagine what a great, loving and non-fake place this could be.”

    that way, itd be more than saying that crowdfunding stuff is cool, because it wont be cool if one tries to use it without the substance behind it, that made it work for you. or how being active on social media is cool, because thats not gonna be cool if one tries to just write a lot of stuff to reap some popularity benefit, without the substance behind it, that makes it work for you.

    and then you will have to crowd-surf because you are amanda fucking palmer and you need to be very fucking genuine right now.

  • http://twitter.com/knittydotcom Amy Singer [editor]

    I think some of it should be spoken. Perhaps start with that. And then morph into who and what you are: an entertainer who speaks through intelligent (amusing, sometimes) lyrics and music. Write the song. Love the idea about the ukuleles under everyone’s chairs from Cam…involve the crowd in the finale of the song, teaching them 1 or 2 chords and have them play along while you sing your final message to them. That’s much more powerful than crowdsurfing. Involve them IN your message, lighten their hearts. That IS the power of the uke, as you’ve said.

    Damn, I hope they air it.

  • http://twitter.com/NancyBoi NancyBoi

    The only thing I am certain of is that your talk/performance MUST talk about the COMMUNITY that has built around your celebrity/persona/talent/mind/spirit. I realised with the bullying blog just this whole journey has evolved into a new and powerful force for good in the world. The kickstarter is just a beginning. In fact it is way after the beginning but the first and most visible expression understandable by the outside world. I think the real task here is to explain the transformation you are the engine for which is building new community and family as a force for good. In terms of form, I tend to veer toward the performance but I am sure the content will be what makes this special.

    Trust yourself Amanda. You are the performer who delivered a couple of the best concerts ever seen with no voice. You have unerringly great judgement for the performance. What you want to say to these people will drive where you go with the delivery.


    • lentower


    • melanie_ching

      I am agreeing with all of the comments. But I think that’s okay.

    • melanie_ching

      I am agreeing with all of the comments. But I think that’s okay.

    • http://www.facebook.com/abbi.gordon Abbi Gordon

      I’m wholeheartedly agreeing with this statement; I have absolute faith that you’ll pull off an incredible statement that is personal and profound!
      I can pass on the most useful advice anyone ever gave me about public speaking – if you get passionate and excited and happen to look up into the fervent eyes of hundreds of people (which might just have a somewhat silencing effect) your back up whilst ad-libbing back to your track is the formula ‘statement-evidence-analysis.’ If you are passionate and prone to waffle, this will help effectively drive your point home.
      I wish you all the luck in the world! I knew of Mr Anderson on my university campus once. He was cheerfully getting stuck into a truly horrific stack of washing up in a student hall kitchen – what a lovely down to Earth man. I’m sure you’re a power team.

  • http://www.obamalondon.blogspot.com Karin Robinson

    Hi Amanda, I literally have just spent the day indulging myself by gluttonously watching dozens of TED talks. Because I’m waiting around for a baby to be born (I’m almost a week past my due date…) and I wanted to make my mind work differently. And then I saw your note. And I wondered to myself what you could possibly say that wouldn’t be the sort of thing that every other TED talker says. And I thought – what I really want to hear from you isn’t how collaboration or crowd funding is a viable business model or the way of the future. I want to hear about what it feels like to have, in effect, a deeply felt and personal relationship with hundreds of thousands of people. I want to hear about how they change you. We all kind of know what it’s like to be changed by the performers that we admire and follow – I want to know what it’s like on the other side, now that “fame” doesn’t just mean a mob staring at you, but a community of people who love you and who YOU LOVE BACK. What’s that like? What do you learn from it? How has it changed your work, your life, your thought process, your belief system…? Or does it? Are you a different person/artist than you would be if you didn’t have this?

    • http://twitter.com/FelixMarques Félix Marqués

      I like and approve this so much. It is true that we don’t necessarily get told about what the effect is.

    • Erin

      This comment says exactly what I wanted to say. We love you, Amanda, and you love us. That love changes our lives, and your life, the lives of people around us, and the world in general. Talk about that. What is it like? How did you create a place in which that could exist? What do you want to do with it next? How can other people create communities like this? How can we make the world a better place by connecting with strangers, making them a community, sharing ideas, and loving?

      • miserichik

        YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES. This is it. I love TED talks, listen to them constantly on my long commute. This is what people want to know.

    • melanie_ching

      I agree with this. This is well said. :D

    • Jen

      I totally agree with Karin. There’ve been a few TED talks already on internet communities (Ze Frank and John Green come immediately to mind), but little from their perspective on how those communities influence them. As a member of those communities (and yours), I’m also curious about the community’s impact on you and other artists. What is it like to make art in the middle of this “soup” of conversation and community?

    • http://twitter.com/Joannachronism Joanna

      This! So much this, Amanda. I do think you should touch upon crowdsourcing because that’s obviously your thing, but incorporating the idea of COMMUNITY (specifically the afp community) into your talk sounds like it could be phenomenal. Think about it: almost every night you and us fans connect over important matters; sometimes personal, sometimes global. And almost every night we all produce the most beautiful discussion together. We FEEL together. That is a rare thing and I think it’d be really amazing if you brought some attention to your connection to the community. Why not bring some attention to it?

      As for HOW to go about making this talk, I think it would be lovely if you should make it a bit of a combo of music and speaking. You can strum your uke while you make a point or even sing along to certain parts, creating lyrics here and there.

    • http://www.facebook.com/paige.horst Paige Horst


    • http://www.facebook.com/tiffany.gray.71 Tiffany Gray

      I also have to agree with this post. But would point out that a talk in this direction is about crowd sourcing love/acceptance. The internet village you have inspired is about that not fame, or money.

      I think you know this at heart if you look at the 1.57 mark of your Harvard talk shows this. You talk about how people give because of the connection. Only now instead of street passer byers you have the world of the Internet to connect with. It is why people want to be on stage with you for free. The connection is why your posting on bullying resonates with so many. Your search for acceptance has driven you to reach out leading you to transform into a modren Aphrodite.

      • TrinainUS

        That’s an excellent point. I love your music, but I wasn’t completely and irrevocably hooked on the amazing woman we know as AFP until I got to know you, so to speak. Your tweets showed me how caring you are, and reinforced the intelligence, humor and bravery that were already part of my image of you. I know, we often seem braver than we feel. But your sense of what’s right is part of what leads to action, attracts like-minded people, and ultimately is in integral part of the of community we are here. It’s one I feel honored to be part of, and that I try to live up to. (sorry; gushing a bit; please forgive)

        • Jean

          So much yes!!!

          • thirdeyesurfer

            YES YES YES!

      • lentower

        We’re an Internet tribe that physically parties and meet together around the world.

        Both with and without Amanda.

    • TwittingEsther

      Agreed – there’s also so much negativity coming from being able to talk to random strangers on the internet (i.e. cyberbullying) but you can show how using social media etc has really helped you to connect with fans on a very real and positive level. x

    • http://twitter.com/mtauck Meghan Tauck


    • http://www.facebook.com/delray.curtis Delray Curtis

      Hello darlin’ remember me (yeah, I doubt it), use to comment some back in the MySpace days (you still have yet to find the shift key I see), but I have continued to follow you. It has been a while, and I do need to buy your latest …I want to say CD but I don’t think the makes those anymore…yet, but anyway; I really like what karin had to say here. How do we of this huge metamorphic community affect you? It seems to me it cannot be easy to have all these voices yammering at you all the time even if they are being polite. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I would not be able to deal with it because it would be very difficult for me to not tell people when they are..er..let’s just say, off subject. I mean so many comments here are about other TED talks. I would be asking them all the time “How is that helpful people?” which would pointless, but at the same time, I would be unable to stop myself. Obviously you don’t have that problem. How do you do it?

      • lentower

        Amanda’s latest, Theatre is Evil, is out on CD.

    • http://twitter.com/vampdaddy Vampdaddy

      This was EXACTLY what I logged on to say, after giving this an evening of thought.

    • PieBandit

      Uh, yep, this one. And this will be good not only for the audience and the fans and ‘the internet’ who are already a part of this and want to know how it affects YOU – but also for the other artists, like Bono, who are happy to be seen above the others on a shining pedestal. Show artists what the gains/benefits are from being so open with your fans, and tell them the negatives. Explain that it’s a much healthier way for people to interact than worshiping idols from afar and having those visions shattered when they find out what that idol is like in real life.

    • Vanessa

      Agreed. This is what I was going to say to you, as well. But a ukulele song about the emotional quantitative difference between a beer, hug, high five, and a dollar would not go amiss…

    • http://twitter.com/revsean revsean

      Hey, let us know when the baby is born!

    • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer

      aie aie aie. this is great.

    • KirraQ

      Excellent idea for Amanda! Your blogs feel like my best friend emails sometimes, we can always depend on you to write regularly! Not like my real family and friends, ha ha. So we all feel very connected in this community of AFP fans. Good luck!!

  • http://twitter.com/FelixMarques Félix Marqués

    Amanda, if there’s one thing you are awesome at, and which we barely ever see separate from the rock ‘n’ roll, is theatre.

    I love watching videos of you simply playing the ukulele in the street, because even though it’s just you and a tiny intruemnt, you make GESTURES, and they are FLAWLESS and effective. I am often amazed by how much you have interiorized (and seemingly automatized) the processes through which you become the centre of attention and then MANTAIN that attention. But you are both a wonderful entertainer… and a wonderful enough thinker/writer/pop culture regurgitator that if you actually have access to musicians, props and stuff like that I’m pretty sure something amazing will come out of it, and we’ll

    What I actually feel like is that we’ve already seen you do the talking thing. You gave speeches like the one in the video you embedded here, or the one at that other college graduation, can’t remember the name. You give many interviews, you write blogs which basically are you talking but in written form.

    But you doing a PLAY? That’s only happened, like, twice. I actually feel it’d be more original.

    And, as someone has pointed out, it doesn’t have to actually be organized like some Wagnerian piece. It can be a mix. Remember Tim Minchin and his Canvas Bags? Yeah.

    So, I vote PLAY. With PROPS and madness.

    (Whatever you do I’ll probably love it anyway., so don’t worry too much. You don’t need pressure from this side too.)

    • http://twitter.com/FelixMarques Félix Marqués

      (I should add that I actually do want the four-part opera and your description sounded exactly like something that should be saved for posterity.)

      (And I also think that, whatever you do, you eiter do it big or you don’t do it—if you have songs, I think ukulele won’t do, and I say this as a big ukulele lover.)

    • lentower

      How long was The Onion Cellar in prep?

      How long Cabaret?

      both longer than a month.

  • Nina

    I think you could use both: straight talk and performance art/music. I agree with Michael that, alone, your talks are very captivating and powerful so you could maybe use that to lead the talk itself and use performance art/props/music to emphasise points or express them independently. Remember your Kickstarter Countdown party? Now, that was the bomb. You said yourself, you are a professional party thrower, so why not make a party out of it? :) x

    • lentower

      Yes, include some solo uke playing.

      Be awesome, if you could make a party out of it.

  • cateflamingo

    Your original talk idea, except in long-form ukulele ballad format. (I think this has historically been your most effective means of expressing what you want to say in an accessible way)

  • Meily

    I’m probably very biased because I’m a huge fan but you should watch this talk by John Green about maps and building a community of learners on YouTube http://youtu.be/1mUDw0sRZV0

  • Shane Harris

    i keep thinking a TED attendee singalong of Institutionalized.

  • Athenrein

    You could use the images from the Seven Image Upload for your tour as your backdrop, to represent us.

    • lentower


    • melanie_ching

      I’m only a bit sore that I’d not be up there. ;)

    • melanie_ching

      I’m only a bit sore that I’d not be up there. ;)

    • Melinda Morrow

      Oooo,or have we the blog readers contribute images that are somehow about how we think understand our relationship with you and with each other.

      • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer


      • http://twitter.com/TheReddestRose So Red the Rose

        Enormously cool idea.

      • Athenrein

        Yes new giant collective art project! This would be amazing.

      • http://www.facebook.com/OWspicywatermelon Nicole Xao

        Yes! I’d love to contribute.

    • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer


  • http://twitter.com/revsean revsean

    Ok, I write 18 minute talks for a living. One every week. That’s what a sermon is. Here are some questions I ask myself over and over again. (There are no right/wrong answers, so don’t worry about that…)
    1. What does the congregation (in my case) or world (in your case) need to hear from ME at THIS MOMENT?

    2. Since there is nothing truly new under the sun, what is it that I can remind people of that they already know, but may have forgotten?
    3. What has me “buzzing” right now? What idea is bringing me energy and joy? (If it’s not bringing me energy, it probably won’t preach and it may be somebody else’s idea of what I should say.)

    4. How much of this can I actually share WELL in 18 minutes? (Many sermons have three points, mine usually have one.) So what is the ONE THING that I have to say to know I said the right thing?

    5. Since stories are the most powerful way to communicate, what story am I going to tell? How does it make the ONE THING come alive?

    Sometimes I have zero ideas and sometimes I have thousands. Either way, the process is the same. Work on it until I find the heart of it. Then work on that until it is clear, concise, memorable, and as beautiful as I can make it. Don’t add anything that is unnecessary. Don’t hold back anything that needs to be said. It’s a process of deep integrity.

    From everything I see in your work and writing and life, you will do fine. Fuck that. You will do brilliantly! You will find the balance between respecting the awesomeness that is TED culture and making this your own. My favorite TED talk is already yours because you are already being 100% Amanda Fucking Palmer.

    • melanie_ching


    • http://danceinblue.com/ Monica

      I just wanted to let you know that your post reminded me of the diversity of people that are part of this community. I commented about it… but to see this right after I brought it up is awesome. Also, I think I may take your questions to help me write/create things in the future. Solid advice.

    • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer

      i think i want to quit TED and just be a reverend. once a week sounds so much more appealing than just one time.

      • http://twitter.com/revsean revsean

        I’ll write your letter of recommendation for seminary. But believe me, once a week has it’s own intimidation factor. 9/10 sermons include: DIDN’T I ALREADY SAY THIS?!!!

        • http://www.ejly.net Eva Lyford

          please write that letter, I’d love to read it. :)

          • http://twitter.com/revsean revsean

            To: Chair of Admissions, Seminary

            From: RevSean

            RE: Application of Amanda Fucking Palmer

            Dear Friends,

            It is my pleasure to act as a reference for Amanda Fucking Palmer for admission to your seminary. I believe she would be a wonderful addition to your program and would make a fine minister. In fact, I believe she is a minister already–creating community, opportunities for multitudes to experience transcendence, and also acting as a powerful counter-cultural force against greed, meanness, conformity, and mindless obedience.

            Please consider listening to her entire body of work. You will find she has proven herself to be extremely intelligent, insightful, and an astute observer of the world and her own soul. She is also a great example of the most-repeated admonition in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures: “Fear not.” Or, if you are interested in a more interfaith perspective, she embodies the words of Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī:
            “Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.”

            If you have any further questions about Ms. Palmer’s qualifications, please feel free to contact me or any of her nearly 25,000 Kickstarter fans or over 800,000 twitter followers.


          • http://www.ejly.net Eva Lyford

            Thanks for posting this!

      • lentower

        You could just form your own church/temple/synagoue/mosque, and …

    • http://www.facebook.com/pauline.daconceicao Pauline Da Conceiçao

      Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your comment, because I went and just saved the whole thing and I’m probably going to print it later. It’s a bit stupid, but you see, I have a presentation due in two weeks, and your comment resonated so right, it made the stress go away. It’s, probably, maybe, something that’ll help me for my whole school years, or life, so thank you.

      • James Garneau

        Case in point. That’s the other amazing thing about this community. It goes beyond just Amanda and fans, look at how fans learn from fans….that’s the essence of community. Here’s another great TED talk I recently had the privilege of seeing in person in Toronto. Its actually a TEDx talk, but to me that’s even cooler…totally grassroots. Regardless, it was a great talk on the theme of evolution and revolution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IInI7nkdvPY

      • http://twitter.com/revsean revsean

        Hope it goes well. Let me know! It should be tomorrow? or around now, anyway!

        • http://www.facebook.com/pauline.daconceicao Pauline Da Conceiçao

          It was yesterday. Thanks ! Well it didn’t go as well as I wish it had. The teacher said there was a point I should have known, and I agree about that, but he didn’t understand (or didn’t care, don’t know which) that I couldn’t have : It’s not something that’s been brought up in class at any point, it’s a bit trivial in itself, but important in this case. It’s just…I spent two whole weeks pouring over books for that presentation, I would have seen it if it was brought up anywhere, it wasn’t. He thinks it shows my inexperience in looking up information, I think it mostly shows I wasn’t prepared at this point to know to look up this info to begin with (it’s my first year, I’m still getting the hang of it). So it felt a bit like he was insulting me.

          I’ll just have to man up and learn from my mistake. Now I just hope I’ll be able to work around the damage this one did to my final results.

          And thank you, it feels good to know there’s someone out there who wishes me well on my work ! It felt rather lonely getting told off by the teacher before the whole class for something I genuinely worked hard for.

          • http://twitter.com/revsean revsean

            Ew. That doesn’t sound like a very good teacher to me. But then, I don’t think being dismissive/demeaning in public is ever helpful. It makes it hard to want to do your best for him. The good part of that is now you can do your best JUST FOR YOU! Learning how to do research is a real skill that you’ll want to have in life. I think it’s getting harder and harder b/c you can’t tell reliable sources from crap AND it’s hard to break through “bubbles” where everyone just perpetuates what they already believe instead of really looking for other information. Keep at it and you’ll find some good strategies. Also, unless it was a totally obvious piece of information your teacher is just wrong. You can’t know things until you encounter them or are taught them. Hmmm. Isn’t that HIS job?

  • http://twitter.com/mikarv Michael V

    it predates TED, but your talk or performance or whatever seems to be about vision. the most incredible talk I have ever heard about vision is the talk by Donella Meadows on vision in sustainability, which can be found in a few parts here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiUJaliYw5c

  • http://twitter.com/PurpleSaline PurpleSaline

    I think you definitely should focus on “We are the Media” and everything that means. Not just getting you funded through kickstarter but your Stop the Hate campaign you started with that blog post of yours. The Bedroom discussion you started on Twitter. The insurance conversation you started.

    All possible because you brought people together first with music and then with connection. Hell, some of the people on your twitter feed haven’t even heard your music. I think your crowd sourcing is a great idea too but I think “We are the Media” is a more powerful message.

  • http://twitter.com/FelixMarques Félix Marqués

    I wonder how much “FUCK IT AMANDA OF COURSE YOU CAN DO IT!” can she take until she stops feeling encouraged and starts feeling like “WHY DO YOU TRUST ME SO MUCH”.

  • trillaphon

    I still haven’t gotten used to surfing the internet on a tiny phone screen so I’m just going to mention my favorite Ted talk. It is from tedXcolumbus and the speaker is named Suzanne Beachy. It’s about the mental health recovery movement and the speaker is a woman who lost a son to suicide. Very powerful but not well known.

  • trillaphon


  • http://whatbettyknows.com/ Betty Widerski

    My favorite TED talk is percussionist Evelyn Glennie (who lost most of her hearing by age 12) on “How To Truly Listen” (though she got 32 minutes?): http://www.ted.com/talks/evelyn_glennie_shows_how_to_listen.html

    • Me

      I love that one too.

  • Miss Marjie

    One of my very favorite TED talks that I show to all my students is “The Danger of a Single Story” by Chimamanda Adichie. They all connect with it and are much more open about talking about times they have had a single story about someone else or when others have had single stories about them and the danger of this kind of thinking and this way of interacting with other people. It’s lovely. http://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_adichie_the_danger_of_a_single_story.html

  • http://twitter.com/hollyroxy Holly Warren

    I think you should somehow use both methods for your talk – music AND talk. The reason I love you as an artist and you being practically one of the only artists who is truly inspiring to me, is that you are amazingly BRAVE. I’ve always felt connected to you because I can relate to your lyrics and songs and you seem REAL. Plus, you are good at expressing ideas with words so that I can relate to them. And then the biggest reason why I continue to follow you is that you are empowering. Your voice is clear, honest, big, brave, witty, funny, and entertaining….whether it is through song or not. But above all else, I like how you do that through song. I was first drawn in by you through your songs and lyrics, so if I were you, I would be sure to incorporate song/lyrics somehow because that is when and how we first met.

  • The_Pip

    Just stand up there and Bursque for 18 minutes. See if anyone gets it. I’ll die of laughter and hoot and holler at my computer for 18 minutes if you do this.

    Or give your speech while doing yoga.

    Rollerskates! Do the speech on Rollerskates! <—This is it. This is the official Pip's Bad Idea recommendation.

  • fraenzi

    Amanda, you are so much bigger than ted

    • fraenzi

      And no, they don’t post only the truly great shit. There is amazin stuff
      on ted (Janet Echelman for example) and there is very mediocre stuff on ted. I have been there, I
      have translated a decent number of talk, that’s from where I am talking.
      You are wondering what to do there? My guess is that you are best at the things you love :)
      Have fun
      And I know you will

      • melanie_ching

        Interesting point. I will admit there is plenty on TED that hasn’t resonated with me. That being said, I don’t necessarily think that the stuff I don’t like is mediocre. I just don’t think it’s good. However, I completely agree: Amanda you are so much bigger than TED. At least to fraenzi and I.

        • fraenzi

          Maybe I shouldn’t have said “very”.
          However, I do differentiate between “don’t like” and mediocre.

          • melanie_ching

            All good! I also differentiate between “don’t like” and “mediocre” and didn’t mean to infer that you did not. However, give all of this is subjective let’s agree on one thing for sure: don’t you fucking love Amanda Palmer?

      • melanie_ching

        Interesting point. I will admit there is plenty on TED that hasn’t resonated with me. That being said, I don’t necessarily think that the stuff I don’t like is mediocre. I just don’t think it’s good. However, I completely agree: Amanda you are so much bigger than TED. At least to fraenzi and I.

    • fraenzi

      And no, they don’t only post the truly big shit. There are awesome talks (like Janet Echelman) as well as mediocre talks. I know ted for some time now, translated a decent number of talks, that’s from where I write this.
      As far as I know you are best at the things you love :)
      So, have fun
      I know you will

    • Eric Londaits

      That’s the TED the conference founded in 1984 which featured, according to Wikipedia: Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell, Al Gore, Gordon Brown, Richard Dawkins, Bill Gates, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and many Nobel Prize winners.

      … Not TED the smallish foul-mouthed bear.

  • Me

    I think you should talk, and not write songs/opera/whatever. You have so much to say, and share, and you are such a unique thinker (and do-er) and I would love to see that part of you shared with the world. You have already shared your music with the world, and people get it or they don’t. But this is a way to get your unique POV out there, out beyond Twitter and the occasional blog post that goes viral.

    Talk about the internet as a force for good – talk about crowdsourcing song lyrics, talk about your bullying blog and what it meant to people (macro and micro scale), talk about bringing people together in unusual and creative ways. Tell them about the virtuous cycle of the fan community you created: you pour positive messages and reinforcement and encouragement out to people, and they multiply it back to you and to everyone they know. Talk about how by giving us “TMI” you make it OK for others to open up and talk about things that most people won’t talk about or don’t want to hear about. Tell them about these invisible communities that can exist on the internet that seem ephemeral or meaningless to outsiders, but can make a huge difference in the lives of so many people.

  • lentower


    Save the Opera for a future TED.

    Or it you are can pull it off in a month: Also do the Opera, but outside of the official schedule.

    Do the Eight Foot Bride beforehand: at Registration. at a break. ???
    Several times?

    Project stills of that to open.

    After that include video clips of the fans that are the Media. Definitely a few of the crowd surfs from different tours (not just the latest TiE). Definitely the Kickstarter party with all the names in the “Fish Bowl”. Montages of the avatar profile pics from the sbox. Both early and late d.dolls brigading.

    If you can livestream it, have a trusted editor/producer add the best of the comments to the projection, or on a second screen.

    Review your blog since day zero. Half of it is promotional and can be quickly skimmed,

    later -len

    btw, Noah did a great edit on the TED submittal talk at the Loeb. Though it be great to see all the raw footage. ; – }

  • http://www.authenticexperience.org/ nikkiana

    Two of my favorite talks came to mind…

    Violinist Lourds Lane’s talk about how about music’s role in her life: http://tedxwomen.org/speakers/lourds-lane-2/

    Spoken word poet Sarah Kay’s If I Should Have a Daughter: http://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_kay_if_i_should_have_a_daughter.html

  • lentower

    I sent you my fav TED talk a while back.

    If I can find it again …

  • Bill Peschel

    Ask your crowd to submit a video. 30 seconds, tops.

    The subject: What did they create because of something you did.

    It could be anything, except maybe a knockoff of your song (unless they scored it for Gregorian chant with xylophone, maybe).

    Something they made that they hadn’t thought to make before, but because you did something, they did something.

    And if a friend of theirs made something because of something THEY did, include that, too.

    The point is that (imagine all caps) this isn’t about you.

    If we are the media, then we should be there as well.

    Heck, throw a bit of Neil up there singing, because I don’t think he did that before you came along.

  • rainbowglitter

    One of your bigger qualiaties, is beign present. It has to do with what you said on the harvard talk at the start. About how people who gave you money while being a living statue could make a conection. It is not just about the internet, but about conecting, It’s about being human, real, and caring. It’s not just about making art on the net. But about making people feel cared for. Crowdsourcing has two parts. There’s the people that makes things happen at the end. But on the other side there’s a person a person getting people together. And with you its just so magic before you make your fans feel good, comfortable and important. You do care about people, so people cares back.

    Have you ever heard of Marina Abramovic’s ‘The Artist is present’?. It might be a bit off topic, but for me it really makes a point on how just being there, and looking back at someone with love and respect can compell that other person into feeling the same, to the point of getting involved with what is going on there even if they didn’t care about it before sitting down with her.

    Its not the same as crowdsourcing, but I feel it does have to do with how reaching to other people you’ve never met, and having them feel the need to share and help works. It has to do with artists letting those who follow them know they are people just like them, and that they do apreciate the time and love and money everyone gives. It has to do with peopl enot feeling like being a worthless number.

    I’m not saying your talk has to be about how you treat your fans. But the conection is relevant.
    And I really think, you standing there and talking and just looking at people at their eyes and sharing your thoughts honestly, can be stronger than any act.

    But you can always bring your ukelele and talk, and sing, and just be who you are. The most important part for me probably is, not trying to be someone else, and be as honest as you can with whatever you do.

  • melanie_ching

    I promise it will be awesome. I can’t really say why without sounding like a crazy internet stalker….

    Edited to add: I only recently figured out that I could create a profile on TED. Rather than giving you a crazy set of links, here is one that links to all my favourites: http://www.ted.com/profiles/81750

    If I had to pick my favourite, this would be the one: http://www.ted.com/talks/halla_tomasdottir.html

  • falnfenix

    my favorite TED talk of all time? http://www.ted.com/talks/jack_horner_building_a_dinosaur_from_a_chicken.html

    but i’m a Horner Dork.

  • Jonas Samuelle

    Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on educatino is phenomenal.

    • Jonas Samuelle

      Education* sigh. irony.

  • http://twitter.com/Esmertina Esmertina Bicklesnit

    Oh, the things you do to yourself, Amanda!

    One thing’s for sure — the theatricality in this setting has to support, and not compete with, the message. What you have to say is the most important thing. It would be a shame if you delivered a heartfelt, world-changing message about art and audience and connection and the balance of positivity in the universe and the video became famous for its amazing suit-clad trapeze-artist act.

    Here’s what I saw in my head as I was reading your blog — the talk begins with a stage of human statues, who are still and silent for an almost uncomfortable amount of time, until a plant in the audience goes onstage and gives you a quarter. You come to life and start your talk, and as each new element comes into it, you cue the action from the audience that brings the rest of the statues alive.

    Everything that happens on the stage requires an action from the audience, and it’s all designed to further and support the story. You could incorporate the union musician kerfuffle by not having your crowdsourced backup horns and strings start to play until you put cash in their hats!

    I’m sure whatever you come up with will be nth degree more amazing than this, but I wanted to share what I saw in my head. Trust yourself. The woman who spontaneously pulled together a bilingual cue-carded version of Killing Type when she had laryngitis in Paris will find a way to kill this one!

    • lentower

      Nice screenplay draft!

    • http://twitter.com/mtauck Meghan Tauck

      “the theatricality in this setting has to support, and not compete with, the message. ” TRUE.

  • ClayZ

    Start with the Ukulele Anthem!

  • ClayZ

    Start with the Ukulele Anthem!

  • http://twitter.com/informationchef Information Chef

    I love the prior ideas of you focusing on the deep & personal relationship you’ve built with all of us. You should share some of how *we* impact you personally, and maybe share some of your music that moves us so much, such as “sing”.

    • lentower

      The community you and Brian built is accepting of everyone who loves.
      And is especially important to those who are often mis-understood and even hated.

  • http://twitter.com/informationchef Information Chef

    I love the prior ideas of you focusing on the deep & personal relationship you’ve built with all of us. You should share some of how *we* impact you personally, and maybe share some of your music that moves us so much, such as “sing”.

  • David Rodwin

    Just talk. Straight and bold. You’re great at it.

    Tell your story (and our story with you) and you will kill.

    AND while I’d love to hear that opera, I don’t think the artifice of performance will be well received at TED. It’s about having an intimate chat with the greats in our world who we normally see doing their thing, but in this setting, we experience directly.

    The goal I think should be creating that intimate and straight connection.

    You don’t need anything but your words to do that most powerfully. Your blog has proven that time and again.

  • David Rodwin

    Just talk. Straight and bold. You’re great at it.

    Tell your story (and our story with you) and you will kill.

    AND while I’d love to hear that opera, I don’t think the artifice of performance will be well received at TED. It’s about having an intimate chat with the greats in our world who we normally see doing their thing, but in this setting, we experience directly.

    The goal I think should be creating that intimate and straight connection.

    You don’t need anything but your words to do that most powerfully. Your blog has proven that time and again.

  • http://www.petponygirl.com/ petponygirl

    I wish I had something more useful to offer you, but just the idea of public speaking is making me want to reach for the xanax and I am not even being asked to do so. All I can share is what I do every single day. Fake it til you make it. Believe the end result will be awesome and I have no doubt that whether you over plan, plan just the right amount, or come up with someone on the spot it will be brilliant because after all, you are Amanda Fucking Palmer and we are all here for you and with you whether you succeed or fail!

    • http://www.petponygirl.com/ petponygirl

      something* not someone … tucking fypos … blarg!

  • Peter

    You should, in all seriousness, lose you clothes before it’s over. That’s all I got.

  • Katrina Davies

    So many of your songs manage to be fun or silly or joyful and transition into sad or heavy and serious, you are a master of balance. Why not do both? You don’t need to bring a full three ring circus, but show them your rockstar, your “we’re gonna perform purple rain”, your performing in a fish bowl. Just be you. That is what you have taught me and given me the courage to do. Just be you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mycrashlove Andrew Keen

    I am soo confident that you’re going to be soo amazing Amanda! I wish I could give you more insight on the subject manner to discuss. But I’m sure through this blog, and responses you can figure it out cuz you’re a smart, delicious, god damn cookie. Whether it be this big music industry, or something about our youth, you’re going to knock them dead. And I may just die a little again while watching it. The best of luck to you my love <3 -Shine bright-

  • http://twitter.com/cherryfizzwhizz Sar-aaaghh H

    aaah so excited about your talk, well deserved!! I agree with what some people have said about sticking to a song just to close with (like some joyful vocal summary) or possibly open with. Because I think the talk should stand out among any possible gimmickery and be the main event, but a whole talk by you about music and how it connects people that doesn’t contain *any* music seems contradictory.

    As for favourite TED talks, the one about postsecret by Frank Warren is something I enjoy coming back to – I love the idea behind the origins of the site and the things people have been able to share, and most importantly the connection. Which makes his work and yours seem so similar.

    either way, the bravery will definitely pay off! rock all worlds. blow all minds. I really hope to see it posted onto the site, especially if it includes TED’s first ever(?) crowd surf!

  • Sian Meredith

    I’m still jumping off the walls knowing that you’re going to be doing a TED Talk. One of my recent seminars in University was devoted entirely to these talks and I’ve got to say, they’re pretty impressive and I’m over the moon knowing that you get your chance to give one. I’d love to hear just you discussing generally the power of the internet, or the power of fans, for one’s career. If only to boast that you have a legion of followers! Best of luck to the most deserving of ladies!

  • http://www.facebook.com/timmc2 Timm Crawford

    Go with a topic that ya love and know and everyone will dig it. I will because i like what you do as an artist. You will do WELL. I have faith in ya.

  • http://www.facebook.com/uncayeo Leo Bray

    Your TED performance will be the most. Spectaculous. EVAH.
    Because you’re you.
    Because we’re with you.
    Surely no other TEDder has ever had such an army of supporters pouring their spiritual/mental/emotional/cosmic energies out toward her/him.
    You got this.

  • http://about.me/trib/ Stephen Collins

    JFDI, Amanda. I’ll be there in the audience (for my third TED). You will be in a very welcoming room.
    Ken Robinson’s first TED talk, on schools killing creativity, is (apparently) completely unrehearsed, so it’s doable (I don’t suggest it, though).

    Tell the story – you, your, art, your music, and the community – and how it comes together to make something unusual and for the 21st Century, but which harks back to pre-big media. Demonstrate through story that while you are among the first to do this in a post-big media era, you will not be the last, and that it’s a path open to anyone with the right amount of talent, ambition, moxie and love.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikabuelljoseph Mika Buell-Joseph

    Congrats, Amanda! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

    It WILL be awesome. There shall be no sads. <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.volpe.5 Michael Volpe

    Just get up there and tell it like it is.

  • betsy

    Hi Amanda,

    Here are my thoughts, for what they are worth.

    We get to the see the crazy ukelele opera side of you often, and it is amazing and a huge part of why you are so loved. But in this case, I would love to see you give a talk rather than a theatrical performance. I love it when you speak, because you speak with confidence and humor and love. It is a part of you that your audience does not get to see as often. I’m sure that your musical creation will be brilliant if you choose to go in that direction. But I do have confidence that your words can touch people as deeply as your music does.



  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifersaylor Jennifer Saylor

    Hey Amanda, TEDx organizer here (TEDx is a local version of TED, a mini-TED). You are going to be great, stop flipping out. I saw your Harvard talk a while back and thought what an outstanding TED talk it would be & practically already is.

    Don’t forget that what’s old news to you is new to others. The audience might be familiar with your particular areas of expertise, but they’re still taking piano lessons and you’re the one playing Carnegie Hall.

    I think re-working the Harvard talk is ideal. Shit. Talk to Chris Anderson again. Talk to Thomas again.

    Want to stop being wander-y? Rehearse one hour for every minute you will present. Work with a professional presentation coach, one you like that’s been recommended to you.

    Buddy up with a former presenter. Pay attention only to advice that resonates with you. Don’t compare your budding talk to others’. And chill out, at least one great talk was given with almost no rehearsal:

    Ask yourself: What is my message to the world, reduced to a single sentence, idea, talk? What would I want to be my legacy to the people I leave behind? (Might be fun to ask your fans this question.)

    You will be awesome. There will be no sad.

    Some great talks and performances:

    Brene Brown on vulnerability

    Shared absurdity

    The League of Extraordinary Dancers

    Dreams from endangered cultures

    The power of one:

    • http://www.facebook.com/jennifersaylor Jennifer Saylor

      Another question to think about regarding TED talks might be: Are the best TED talks truly offering new ideas/info, or are the existing ideas/info presented in a great way by the perfect person?

    • http://twitter.com/MadelineAshby Madeline Ashby

      I want to second the recommendation for Brene Brown’s talks on vulernability. They really changed how I think about shame, guilt, and wholeheartedness.

      • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer

        on the list….will watch.

    • Meg Burt

      Love that Brene Brown talk. Was going to recommend that one myself. :)

    • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer

      watching the bryan stevenson talk – god damn that wasn’t rehearsed? maybe it’s the fact that he’s a professional…teacher? he is NAILING IT.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jennifersaylor Jennifer Saylor

        Well, he’s also 7 minutes over, a major no-no. But the legend is that he prepped on the plane.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Duval/1355264836 Scott Duval

    Music is interactive. You are our product and your genius. We love you be strong.

  • http://aaronjshay.net/ Aaron J. Shay

    Here’s what I say.

    Like Emily Dickinson said, “Tell the truth, but tell it slant.” Speak on your passion but speak it creatively, indirectly, in such a way that the message is a Trojan Horse, packed to the gills with Ideas ready to leap out and conquer the Old Ways.

  • http://twitter.com/IAmTheMorrigan Morrigan Ravenwolf

    I thought your “test speech” was good. I find the busking stories fascinating. It might be interesting to have a living statue on the stage, at some point. You don’t have to go full-on Cirque de Cabaret, but a few well-placed songs would punctuate a point. The inspiration you give to others comes from the fact that you’re real. You put it out there, for everyone to see, and make no apologies. That’s awesome. You have a real body, and you are comfortable in it; so important, in today’s “Plastic-Botox world”. The very fact that you’re asking for help from supporters, about what you should talk about, speaks volumes of the love and respect you have for those who love and respect your work.

    Here are some I think you should emphasize:

    1.) Music & art are important modes of expression & communication. Without them, we are more and more cut off from each other. The more alienated we are from one another, the more people will lash out in different ways, i.e., bullying, violence, hatred towards anyone different.

    2.) Modern technology allows for new art forms, new ways of distributing art and more ways to connect with fans of the art. Crowdfunding gives artists a chance to find support through admirers of their art, instead of being beholden to a corporate agenda. That freedom is crucial in shaping the new frontier of music distribution. Also important to discuss the amount of work that went into doing it all on your own. Some might have the illusion that it was all just handed to you on a silver platter. You worked your ass off, and it’s ok to say so.

    3.) Art and self-expression are important for our sanity. Without some outlet of creative emotion, we cannot heal after being hurt. We cannot grow, after being stunted. We cannot make sense of this confounding, beautiful, cruel, lovely, lonely, crowded thing we call life.

    Good luck on your talk. Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure it will be fabulous. There is no right or wrong, in art. Art just is. The message you speak is not black or white, it just is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/darmoore Darla Moore

    I have been to 2 TEDs. I like to stick with the TED commandments and tell a story. A compelling story. A heart-felt story. Your story. You are brave and daring and darling. If you can do this the best in song, then so be it.

  • lex

    You and a ukulele. Musical but spare and to the point. Maybe a little glitter, cuz really, what isn’t improved by glitter? I hope you’ll have someone in the audience record it, just in case TED somehow misses the boat and doesn’t post it. Break a leg!

  • http://twitter.com/richpalmeris richard palmer

    fav TED talks – Liz Gilbert on finding your genius…

  • emma

    Here are a few of my favorites:

    Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

    Also – Aimee Mullins: It’s not fair having 12 pairs of legs

    • Derek_anny

      Seconding the Aimee Mullins. All three of her talks are nice.

  • http://twitter.com/Tonebutch Toni Palmer

    Alright.. u walk up to the stage/stand looking completely str8-laced proper. You seem nervous and scattered. You begin to speak in a very monotone way about something tear-jarringly boring. Be convincing that you, on this occasion, ARE really this nervous & academic/uptight sounding. OH OH and wear fake (hair) eyebrows. THEN after a couple mins of this, dramatically reach up and rip off yr eyebrows, *cue equally dramatic music* u turn back to stage, grab a small mirror you’ve brought w/ you & u paint yr real eyebrows on, & turn w/ a big smile. U then bust into the importance of being the authentic self. Ukulele in tow.

  • Ariel

    Sarah Kaye! She’s my favorite TED talker. She’s a brilliant slam poet and I think you’d find her inspiring. Whatever you do will be awesome and I hope it gets posted!

  • Gina Terzino


    Here are some TED clips that moved/inspired me and made me laugh…



    And of course, Jill Bolte Taylor is right up there, too.

    I find you incredibly articulate and humorous when you speak to the crowd between songs in your shows, or are interviewed. I believe that would shine through when you speak, especially since you are so passionate about the universal co-creation of art. You have inspired me, that’s for sure! You might play a song, or do the same kind of title cards that you did in your Kickstarter video, to begin with, to reveal yourself to audience members who don’t know who you are, but my feeling is, after that, just talk. The magic will shine through in your words, in your body language, in your eyes. :)

    Whatever you decide to do, it WILL be amazing. No power in the ‘verse can stop you. :)

  • fain

    Reggie Watts! comedian, beat boxer, performer, singer, …

  • Kat

    You love music, we love music. We love you for giving us music, and also for recognizing us. We are not just a crowd, just a fan, just a way for you to make money. You talk to all of us, like real people, and understand us. You want to hear our ideas, hear our voices, hear our thoughts and talk to us about them. That is why I am and have been an AFP fan for 10+ years. Crowd funding is such an amazing idea for REAL musicians, who are being shoved in the corner by blonde-autotuned-wealthy-fake-badrolemodel-money makers. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t actually BUY many cds. But I make a point to pay for all my music from you, because of how much I respect you. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/hannah.elspeth Hannah Elspeth

    Hans Rosling’s talk on washing machines is tremendous. And I think he gives a talk on economics where he eats a sword at the end.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paige.horst Paige Horst

    I love the mini opera idea, but 18 minutes is not a lot of time. I, personally, would love to sit down with you over dinner and wine and talk about art and creative process, the relationship of artist and audience, and finding the courage to fuck plan b.

    Whatever you decide is going to be original and creative and honest. Your “practice” talk is terrific.

  • Simon

    In my opinion you’re at your best when your interacting with your crowd talking or about your emotions (which thank fuck is most of the time) so why don’t you do both? a story telling event between you and the whole world (stay with me on this). You recently talked about the Amanda Todd Video where she showed her story through the medium of youtube video, why not ask your fans to do the same? It has already proven to be a success through the discussions on your blog, why not take this to Ted? You could talk about your own story (the recent death of your friend, you growing up e.t.c.) but then devote some time to watching and discussing fan made ones. This means that whatever you do will be relevant and directly affect people’s lives. And some of your fans are the most creative people I’ve ever met, imagine what they could do?

  • Charlie Hinchcliff

    I feel for you Amanda. So many things you could talk about! I’m afraid I’m lacking ideas this evening however, I do have a TED talk which I think you might like. It’s about schools killing creativity. Ken Robinson is funny and informative so it’s a nice balance. Check it out – http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity.html

  • Jonathan

    Perhaps you could talk about how you are a musician who toured and didn’t pay the other musicians. Then when you were criticized for it, you paid them. But not, as it turns out, because you believed it was the right thing to do, but to shut your critics up. This, as evidenced by your later comments on what you trivialize as a “kerfuffle.” Instead, you complain that people just don’t understand how the arts work, and portray yourself as a victim.

  • Page

    Love the mini opera idea. My favorite TED was Nellie McKay singing “Mother Of Pearl”.

  • beanonwire

    Yee Won Chong’s TED talk was amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Lm4vxZrAig

  • Annie Leonard

    Pilobolus’s Symbiosis dance, performed at TED a while back, is definitely worth a view. I think you should just get up there and talk, be Amanda, and get the audience involved. You can do it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOZ6KnVPvIU&list=FL36tq-PF9JhHK7heS_C7x5w

  • pia.aip

    dear amanda,
    I guess it’s hard to give an advice which fits, because a) this is really a big thing which most people don’t have the opportunity to & b) you have the skill “inspiring people” for about 100% – I guess thinking about a special say or doing something that makes them inspired is a hard aspiration and maybe not necessary. Also I would say you yourself absolutely represent the Idea of the art you do and the connection which can be between artist and followers/interested and inspired ones.

    one idea that comes to my head… why don’t you let talk the people “here” for you? this might be strange or impossible and also risky, but maybe you can get some people from here with you to TED and get it on together – as a “us” ;)

  • David

    I really like this talk about the leadership styles of several great conductors: http://www.ted.com/talks/itay_talgam_lead_like_the_great_conductors.html His discussion of Bernstein starts around minute 17. The end where Bernstein basically stops conducting (except for his all-knowing smile) is fantastic.

    As for your talk, three thoughts…

    1. I agree that at this point there may not be much to add to the “crowd sourcing/funding/surfing/etc./etc. is the future, m’kay” idea. You know it’s true. We know it. I guess some behind the curve record company behemoths and old media types may not yet know it, but that’s their problem.

    2. I’ve heard you say several times that music for you is, at its core, just a way to make meaningful connections with people. I think that’s very interesting and would love for you to expound on that. Do you think all musicians really feel that way, though perhaps subconsciously? Or do you think some do music for music’s sake, or just for themselves, regardless of whether anyone ever hears it?

    3. I would love for you to talk about artistic collaboration. Brian. Onion Cellar. Pops. Lexington play. Evelyn. Neil. GTO. Your videos. What’s the recipe for a great collaboration? What’s the recipe for a disastrous one? Any common thread that has drawn you to these?

  • trixiekat

    Just tell YOUR story, Amanda. The one no one else on earth can tell. Be naked and candid and bold…cuz that’s who you are anyway. I agree with many of the others…music, perhaps as an exclamation point for your words, but mostly just your story. You are brilliantly unique in the choices you have made…tell us why you made them and who you are. Just be you, goddammit. (And remember to breathe.)

  • tati

    i think it depends on on what you want the result to be. if you want to trigger more ideas, more awareness, if you want to inspire people from the audience to be willing to come up on the stage and do a talk on their own one day, do more of a show, with crazy artistic elements – just your style. if your goal is to bring a one certain point across, to make people focus on something more specific, to have them believe you and your words, then do a simple talk. the second goes deeper, but it’s not as broad, not as free and spontaneously inspiring. but here are also things to consider. you do shows on your concerts, and you can always do more and more, and they will always have a huge audience. you don’t do talks as often, and they are not seen by that many people. i think it would be cool if you just did a speech, powerful, humorous, with your amazing thoughts and ideas. you could also add some cool artistic elements for the fun of it, but the real content would be in the words. you know? i think it would be different from everyone, because it’s you, but what’s cool, it would also be different from you yourself as well!! more.. serious is not the right word, but more striking? deep? also just new and very different! it would be powerful i think. whatever you choose to do, though, i can’t wait to see it!! i so value your words and ideas, and also the form you put them in every time! i think what you do just matters so much for so many people who need it, including me, of course! you deserve to be able to give this talk more than anyone! good luck and i wish you more and more great ideas :)

  • Toni

    Sarah Kay’s TED talk is one of my favorites. I watch it every few months and I’m always envious of her skills.: http://t.co/Rdi0QMol

  • http://www.facebook.com/dmagruder93 Dakota Magruder


    It goes without saying that you are an awesome artist, so on account of that I believe you should take this chance to let your experience choose how great of an artist you are. How your work and demeanour led to hundreds (if not thousands) of people to trust you and give money to back your project. How your work and honesty gets people to open up with their own stories and beliefs. How you celebrate the entirety of being a performer, not just it’s me, my band/ukelele/show/whatever the hell i feel like but the gestalt of “it’s me and my social message, and the love and trust of my fans, and the hours on twitter discussing important, meaningful topics not just the vapid vanity. Talk about how you use your popularity to bring people together and in bringing them together you can accomplish more good, and more awesome than you could have alone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1270108208 Shannon Gausten

    You will be fine. If you can get up on stage with someone as good at stuff like this as Henry Rollins, and have one of the best “sit downs” he’s ever done, you can do this.
    Make a “points” list to keep you on track, think up a few deep, well thought out one liners and just go.
    When you are born for the stage, it all just works out in the end.

  • Bruno

    Your thoughts keep me in check.

    You sounded always as a dearest of friends.

    Ironically or not I came to know about you from a past love relationship , while you were still a doll.

    Just be yourself.

    And try to keep your arms natural. No halleluyah poses.

    See to it that you keep this intimate vibe that you have going on , just like on this blog.

    Why not make it an act , of honesty & spontaneity?

    You can watch how Peter Weiland does it, as an act for acting’s sake.

  • marla Kendrick

    Amanda, I think a lot of people have said similar already, but i think that talking about what drives you underneath all the kickstarter kerfuffle would be a really good place to start. You bring people together through music and art in a way that’s so rare and real, you dare to be yourself even when people can’t see where you’re coming from. I’m currently trying to write down my thoughts on how your music has effected me , it’s taking me WEEKS because it’s so hard to explain but you’ve been a huge part of my journey this last year and changed the way i look at life and the world.

    I think especially, something that i’ve been feeling that’s come out a lot with the bullying blogs- your music and you give people a window out of some dark times- so maybe talking about the way Art heals and transcends the pain in life , how music can bring together strangers from around the globe and how we get to be a part of your world and creative process. I’d especially like to know what that feels like and if you ever imagined this would be your life when your were younger/had times of wanting to give up on creating. I’m for a song at the end of the talk too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brangelos Brooke Dunlap

    One of the things I love best about you… no, that’s wrong. THE thing I love best about you is how truly, and incredibly yourself you are. You have an aura around you that draws people to whether you are performing or not. You have found a way to be authentically Amanda. Talk about that. Talk about freedom. Talk about love. You are brilliant. You shine standing still. People want to be authentically themselves, they want to shine. Help people shine Amanda…

  • http://www.facebook.com/pelle.kuipers Pelle Kuipers

    I think that talking will get the point across better and more detailed than doing something. I’m a musician as well. If a virtuoso guitar player was playing without saying a word for half an hour at a Ted talk, I’d be pissed. I care less about his playing, I want to know why and how, his philosophies, his ideas.

    That’s what I need, I need bricks so I can built my house, don’t show me the one you got!

    I for one am completely retarded when it comes to social media. I tweet and facebook occasionally, and after posting one song a day for eight weeks I still have only 16 subscribers on youtube, and a 100 followers on twitter. Hearing you talk about social media, you and your fans, your music and the way you see it will be far more interesting.

    So please: just talk!

  • aragingmuse

    Start with the breath speaking your truth & then accessorise with your strongest talents. Here’s some inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n6413nx6b0

  • http://twitter.com/tabbynormal Abby Normal

    I agree that your way of doing things as a musician, notably the kickstarter, is what they want to hear about. You’re right though, it can’t be just that.

    How/why did you get the idea to do it? For example, the failure of your old label to promote you was a motivator. You don’t need to get into a debate about labels-are-bad vs. kickstarter-etc-is good. After all, big labels seem to work very well for some people.

    Like you said, the success is on the part of both you and your fans. Your fans wanted a record, and when you asked for support, they gave it. They won because they got what they wanted, more music by Amanda! You win because you get to keep on doing what you want to do, being the musician and performer that you are.

    It is a new way to do things. If you hadn’t already worked hard and developed a fan-base, embracing various social media and innovative ways to make your fans and yourself into a community, it could not have happened. It should be inspiring to any new artists who think that it is too difficult to “make it” as a musician. Sure, it’s difficult and takes mucho hard work. But you did it.

    Finally, people will want to hear and/or see the results of what your innovation and the support of your fans have created. Perform. It will be great. Your path to success will not be the same as someone else’s, but the path is there. Now, it may be a little easier for someone to follow it when they need to get to the same place as you do. And maybe they will get so far along your path and realize it’s time to make a new branch, a new innovation, but they will have learned so much from the path traveled so far. Good luck!

  • Bob W.

    3 favorites:

    The insightful – David Byrne talks about how architecture helped music evolve

    The instructional – Bobby McFerrin teaches the pentatonic scale to an unsuspecting audience.

    The intimate (and funny) – Julia Sweeney has “the talk” with her daughter.

  • Lyndall

    As I said on facebook – Paul Kelly used notes at his Ted talk,.

    youtube it. x

  • http://www.facebook.com/epidemiczero Kristen Maloney

    I think you can’t do this without mentioning how you’ve opened debates/discussions about serious/emotional/social topics via Twitter hashtags. I still remember you retweeting something of mine and I felt connected to you as a fan and artist because someone got it, someone agreed, and someone wanted to help me share that idea. The #InMyRoom and #Insurance ones come to mind as being really strong, but I know there’s dozens more I’m leaving out. Yes, you kicked Kickstarter’s ass and did something in the music industry that many considered impossible: funded and released an album that was entirely crowd-funded and successful. You create art and make amazing music. You also do charity gigs in tiny venues to benefit good causes and you listen to the other bands play despite being the headliner, which is more than noble (which I’ve decided is one of my favorite things about you). You collaborate with other artists, your community, and the world on a scale that is impressive and necessary in a time when everyone is so obsessed with their own cut it helps remind me that we’re a social creature and actually do need other humans and working together isn’t a crime. These hashtag post sessions, your blogs, you’ve saved lives by bringing people in need together, which is an accomplishment that you can always stand on if you worry what you have to contribute. You’ve. Saved. Lives. You are a musician, I think doing this without music or Twitter in some form would be slightly off-key for you, but that doesn’t require a full stage rock opera (as awesome as that would be). I suggest playing something like Ukelele Anthem because it was crowd-sourced and is socially relevant, or at least parts of it to build on to the bigger point of how what you do is unique, special and worth hearing. You are so emotionally invested in your music when you perform, it creates a mood/tone for what you say and do that I think it would bring a tiny bit of context to the spoken word. But even if you decide to just talk, it would be more than amazing because you put so much emotion into everything you do. Either way, it’ll be fantastic. And I feel pretty friggin rad as a fan to be asked by an artist I admire for help, which is something you can hang on your hat. You’re famous, but you’re human, and you’d like to hear ideas from your community about what to do with a major moment in your career. Thank you Amanda Fucking Palmer. And best of luck with TED. If all else fails, ask Neil, he’s pretty good writer folk. ;)

  • Ed


    Susan Cain – The Power of Introverts.
    Its probably one of the most important talks you could ever hear and makes you look at the world in a different way. I was going to mention the Jill Bolte Taylor talk as well but AFP goes and does it for me.

    Seriously though people, check TED out!

  • http://twitter.com/TheReddestRose So Red the Rose

    I laughed so much at this & felt enlivened & energized just reading it. I can only imagine your TED talk will be amazing. Given that you’re split between 2 ideas I’m going to tell you what I do (& always advise friends to do) in that situation. 1) Get quiet, calm & focused – I meditate, others go for a walk on the beach, take a long bath etc. 2) Play out the scenarios in your head, visualize everything. What would it look like if you performed? If you stood alone & simply spoke? Close your eyes & get detailed with it. 3) Now ask yourself, how does it feel? When you envision doing each thing, what feels the best? What’s the most exciting, satisfying, delicious? It usually becomes clear for me pretty quickly when I do this.

    I’ll leave you with some things my Mom has been telling me for years (since you brought her up ;D) . If it’s really right the Universe will line up to support you. If you’re getting a lot of obstacles thrown in your way, you’re probably off base. And when something both excites & terrifies you, you’re on the right track. Good luck, Amanda! I know you’re going to kick ass. <3

  • http://twitter.com/juliaeffgen Julia Effgen

    this one is my favorite TED talk by far. I think it has a connection with all that is said/written here.


  • Paul D C

    What about this, Talk about how music changes the heart,mind and the human spirit. How music brings a change of emotions and memories of one’s life. ow it heals, soothes and how it awakens the mind and the soul. Good Luck and You Can DO this!!

  • http://twitter.com/KymmInBarcelona Kymm Coveney

    TEDTalk fan here. I’ve seen and love both talks you posted above. They have in common what all really excellent TED talks have in common. The talkers talk about how they do the awesome things that they do. No one else can explain how you do what you do. To us. As if we were four years old.
    Decide which part of what you do needs explaining. How to write a song? How to choose musicians? How to crowdsource? How to nurture an awesome twitter community? Tell us how you do what you do.
    Good luck!

  • Grace

    Amanda I know whatever you choose to do We will Love it because I truly Believe that you are Brilliant and you can Change the World.

  • Sophtine

    I am really excited for this. As the internet once told me, there are no casual Amanda Palmer fans. If you haven’t already seen it, watch Reggie Watts’ TEDtalk. You can do anything.

  • http://twitter.com/avantgame Jane McGonigal

    Hi Amanda, I’m a two-time TED speaker (my two talks are http://www.ted.com/talks/jane_mcgonigal_gaming_can_make_a_better_world.html and http://www.ted.com/talks/jane_mcgonigal_the_game_that_can_give_you_10_extra_years_of_life.html) and if you’d like a bit of “I was absolutely terrified literally choking backstage before I came on and I eventually totally rocked it and got a standing ovation anyway” advice/mentorship, let me know :) i will be attending Long Beach this year too so I’ll get to see you rock it live! tweet at me and let me know. I’m @avantgame and i’m happy to give you inside scoop/advice/answer any weird Q’s you might have :)

  • Gabriel

    Hi Amanda. Hope you are still on fire. Here’s my two cents you didn’t ask for.

    “wouldn’t it be better to skip the music, skip the gimmick, and just be
    brave, bold amanda, speaking my truth to the people with no props?”

    Yes. We all love the music, and I’d see no reason to have an instrument on hand if you feel inspired, at the moment. Then again, if you can say more with song, then so be it.

    I think it all comes down to which Amanda you think needs to say something, and what needs to be championed. Maybe why art needs to be supported in the education system as much as gym?

    Anywho, good luck!

  • http://twitter.com/kelleykakes KelleyKakes

    What Karin Robinson said. Absolutely what she said. Just yesterday, I was talking to my son about your connection with people, and he was really quite blown away (he’s 13). Your relationship with your AFP people is incredible, and elevates you to a new level of fabulous. btw, your show at the Gothic was smashinginly wonderful!

  • Darkmind

    Ok, that’s not part of the talk, sorry, I am not good at that, but it could be a way to enter and finish the show… just get your smartphone with you on stage and twit to get outside of the venue for a ninja show… than do your talk at at the end get a camera outside to show how many fans got there with their instruments and dressed up for it… ’cause you know they’re gonna be a lot, and will respond…. let’s say… fast…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeanti.stclair Jeanti St Clair

    Hi Amanda, greetings from down under.

    A couple of thoughts. Last year I had to write up an award entry talking about why I was just a brilliant university teacher and that was challenging. I had to start to believe in what I did, see the themes, collect the evidence (comments etc) and create the thesis, the argument about why I deserved the award. I did well, got the award which was great but the best thing about writing/talking about what I did was consolidating it all in my brain, so I understood more on a conscious and less sub-conscious level. In art, so much is sub-conscious (well, it is for me). So I think that giving a talk rather than a performance would be more awesome at TED for you.
    Yet – second thought – you’ve got this great connection between you and US that some performative element might be good. I’m visualising a conversation happening on stage between you (giving your talk) and US (on the screen, pulled together from snippets from stuff we send in to you about audiences/artists interaction). It would be fully scripted. You’d be talking and we’d interject, converse via our pre-recorded spiel on the video screen. You’d watch what was happening on screen, the same way you’d watch someone when have a chat with them. Then you’d ‘interrupt’ us to add in more of your thesis, your point of view. And then another on of us would contribute another anecdote, quote or opinion, and so it would continue for the 18 minutes of the talk.

    It would be sort of Laurie Anderson-ish, it would be a talk, it would be a conversation, it would be a performance, and we can help by sending in videos of us giving our opinions on your chosen topic. I hope I’ve been able to clearly explain my idea.

  • Katy Quinn

    Your talk is listed under DISRUPT! — Because that’s what you do… you disrupt the norm and let it be known that We are the Media! We start the mania!

    I think you could make a very poignant talk sung and spoken. Like Vegemite. That song was so ridiculous but it conveyed so much emotion over such a silly thing. It was amazing! You could write your talk about all of your disruptions and present it like the Vegemite song: love, angst, humor, truth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.markfield.5 David Markfield

    My thought would be the power of the internet. Kickstarter, the future of music and of course the last week or so about bullying.

  • James


    I have done my share of speech coaching, and I work in a career with a communication focus… so I was very interested to see how your infinitely creative mind was working on this.

    You are asking yourself the right questions… and I think that means you have a very good chance of creating something awesome here.

    I had a look at your ‘pre-TED’ video and thought I’d give a little feedback that you might find helpful.

    People have a tragically short attention span, especially if you don’t ‘catch’ them early, so a speech needs to come in with a strong attention grabber early on. In the first 10-20 seconds the audience has to be intrigued and listening for more… this can be achieved many ways… some of them flashy (and as a musician and singer you can pull off flashy)… some of them subtle, asking questions that make somebody question a long held perception would be an example… such as “In 2006 Brian and I recorded and released the Dresden Doll’s album ‘Yes, Virginia’… to date it has sold x,000,000 copies. How much do you think Brian and I have received from a successful album like that?”

    When people hear a question like that they answer it in their head and then they hang on and wait to hear if they were right… so you don’t answer them straight away… you start your talk… they stay listening for the answer… you can’t leave it too long or you come across as annoying… but a minute or so later when you do answer you possibly shatter there preconceived values… “really… so little..”

    I’m not in the industry… so looking from outside I kind of assume the artists get about a dollar per sale… I don’t know if that is right… but if you tell me you sold 5,000,000 albums my guess is that you made $5,000,000…. when you tell me you only made $500,000 I am going to have my little world shattered. So you have my interest as you go on… I also like you more because you have shared something personal…

    So the start of a speech is really important….

    So is the end… really huge… because that is where you leave me with the lasting impression. The ‘Pre-TED speech didn’t end strongly. Needs to have some bang, something witty… something lasting… that drives home your message.

    You have an opportunity to make people think, and pass on something new to people. I really hope it goes really well for you, and by extension really well for us the audience.

    I kind of wish I could be more help but it is hard over email to get across all the ideas without writing a major essay…

    James Goldfinch

    Adelaide, South Australia

  • Guest

    The thing that speaks to you the most in these TED talks is the element of the personal- focus on that in your own talk. Crowd-surfing and a mini-opera sounds fun, but you don’t need spectacle to get your point across- the point you are making is so wonderfully full of substance all on it’s own. Don’t just discuss crowd-sourcing and kick-star presence as an effective business model, illustrate how they are an effective inter-personal model, an effective way of connecting, of affecting positive change. Share past tweets/blogs that affected you the most deeply; talk about Mr. Anthony, about health insurance, about paying your musicians, about internet hate. Show them that we (you and us) are affluent, are thoughtful, are opinionated, are the media. Show them how carefully you’ve tended this relationship, how watchfully you’ve stewarded trust, support, and love from a collective of familiar strangers.
    If you really want to hammer this home, I think it would be very effective to open you talk by posting a blog entry or tweeting and then wrappping up a close by showing everyone how much the feed/comments have already blown up. Show them that we are a forced to be reckoned with and explain why this should matter not only to the music industry, but to all of us as thinking and feeling people.
    Try not to worry too much. No matter what you decide to do, if it’s done with heart it will not be a wasted effort. And with heart is the only way you know how <3 Hang in there lady.

  • Tony

    Hi Amanda, I am not a writers butt-hole but I wrote an article on you once that made the cover of an Australian mag you’ve never heard of. Street cred right there. I want you to tell people why your Kickstarter worked. It worked precisely because of the seeds you illuminated in your Harvard chat.

    The transaction between the living statue and the (child/street person/drunk/business(wo)man etc) is the quintessential/fundamental/simplest form of artistic experience. The artist creates a landscape/environment/artefact with which the audience enters/experiences/engages. If the audience enjoys this interaction they have a responsibility to facilitate the continued creation of suchlike. To ‘pass-it-on’.

    The old paradigm – of an artists one-to-many relationship with audience; held in thrall to the gatekeepers of agents, producers, marketers and distributers – has failed. The internet destroys the gates; creates democratic open paths for artists and audience to interact one-to-many, many-to-many and many-to-one.

    The laws of economics – market forces, supply/demand – only work in an environment of scarcity. That is, when resources are finite. When a resource (i.e. a song) can be infinitely reproduced at fundamentally no cost, the laws of economics break down not unlike the laws of physics at a quantum level.

    But laws still exist, though they are unlike any you’ll find in economics text books. The laws are compiled in the language of chaos, defined and shaped by ‘strange attractors’. The morality of the relationship between artist and audience is an example of a ‘strange attractor’. These attractors are the new laws, they can be harnessed and enforced and the kickstarter you pwned was just one iteration of this.

    I am now too tired to go on and won’t self edit this brain dump, but if you are interested in the themes I have hopefully successfully hinted at here, I have real adult scholarly articles by academics with references that unpack this all a bit more. PM me at email supplied.

    Love your guts.


  • Speed

    Please mention the “Fraud Police.”

  • Shenanigans

    The thing that speaks to you the most in these TED talks is the element of the personal- focus on that in your own talk. Crowd-surfing and a mini-opera sounds fun, but you don’t need spectacle to get your point across- the point you are making is so wonderfully full of substance all on it’s own. Don’t just discuss crowd-sourcing and kick-starter and your internet presence as an effective business model, illustrate how they are an effective inter-personal model, an effective way of connecting, of affecting positive change. Share past tweets/blogs that have affected you the most deeply; talk about Mr. Anthony, about health insurance, about paying your musicians, about internet hate. Show them that we (you and us) are affluent, are thoughtful, are opinionated, are the media. Show them how carefully you’ve tended this relationship, how watchfully you’ve stewarded trust, support, and love from a collective of familiar strangers.
    If you really want to hammer this home, I think it would be very effective to open your talk by posting a blog entry or tweeting and then wrappping up by showing everyone how much the feed/comments have already blown up. Show them that we are a forced to be reckoned with and explain why this should matter not only to the music industry, but to all of us as thinking and feeling people.
    Try not to worry too much. No matter what you decide to do, if it’s done with heart it will not be a wasted effort. And with heart is the only way you know how <3 Hang in there lady.

  • insignifikunt

    i think connection is the biggest thing in your career… your ability to connect with people, whether it be for the 2 minutes it takes to sign someone’s shit and take a photo of it, or the friendship you struck up with Becca, who started off as a “fan”.

    i think it’s also really important because that connection makes it easier for you to make decisions, like ninja gigging on a random beach in byron bay, or a mini free show at carriage works in sydney. you know your fan base and where they are because of that connection so it helps you decide shit, like what venues to play…

    also without that connection people would have been sad you’d cancelled shows and it would have ended there, but because you have developed SUCH a connection with fans, it went along to sending love and hope to anthony and people signing up to be fucking bone marrow donors!

    so i think it should be about connecting with people, and highlighting that not everyone can have the same connection with their fans as you do, but that it’s important that there is some effort made because the middle man is dying out and soon enough, the connection with the audience is going to be the ONLY thing artists can use to keep people actually paying for things. without that connection you’d have no crowd to surf.

    good luck!

    oh and i LOVE the way your brain works in that paragraph about a circus, opera, sparkly iPhones and crowd surfing.

  • YogiBarrister

    Your talk should be about the ‘kickstarter kerfuffle’. It’s an
    interesting story, and you grew from the experience. Also, it would
    generate more interest in “Theater Is Evil”. I don’t recommend any live
    music, but you could use the video monitor to show brief clips from the
    finished product. I saw a video of you in your ‘ukulele phase’, to be
    honest, I enjoyed the lengthy, humorous introduction way more than the
    song itself. Do show some of the negative feedback and explain how it
    influenced you.

    The first TED video I watched, via a link from The Huffington Post: Al Seckel-Powerful Visual Illusions


  • Caroline

    I LOVE internet oversharing. But actually sharing the same info and emotions that you would like to share with a somewhat interested group of friends / group of friend-ish people in a room. And the internet is a special place and is so empowering and awesome and (RIGHT NOW AT LEAST) pretty darn affordable. In ways it empowers each of us as individuals. If we let it. Vulnerability over the internet? Not humiliation, but putting yourself out there over the internet and getting a huge, overwhleming response on Kickstarter. You should totally do a dramatic recreation of the kickstarter craziness night(s) and then go from there. I mean I am almost tearing up at the idea of YOU amanda palmer, with your punk ness, record label, belly rebellion and more, being loved to the maximum back. I mean, that feeling is awesome. I think if you talk about your attitude of putting your whole life out there, it will mean something to people. Or do you put your whole life out there? What is it that motivates you – the moment, right? For you, the internet DOES include emotions. It doesn’t shield you…. I continue: Like the other day, I heard this awesome letterer who inspires me saying all these points about design and work, and I thought “OF COURSE I AGREE WITH HER” but I didn’t have the confidence before to go with it.. Maybe what you think / the way you are that enables you to share so much so freely online is something people would benefit from hearing. Alowing them to think that perhaps the internet can be a deeply personal space… I have only really heard you “talk” while reading your blog and on stage in between songs. If the talk is simple, just about YOU, well that is new to many people. The way function is special, miss amanda. And people might just like to hear how it feels for you when you post online, what it’s actually like for you. For some people, they probably tense up immensely at the idea of sharing so much. What if you just get into the details of what drives you / goes through your head. :)

  • Derek_anny

    Suggested TED talks.
    Aimee Mullins, Athlete and Actor
    Her three talks center on her experience as a double amputee.

    Benjamin Zander, Conductor
    Awakening an appreciation for classical music in everyone.

    El Sistema, Venezuela.

    Erin McKean, Dictionary editor
    How words mean things.

  • RiverVox

    Check out “Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music” http://www.ted.com/talks/benjamin_zander_on_music_and_passion.html which is tremendous and combines music and the talk in a very effective way.

    Here’s two good quotes from Zander: “It’s one of the characteristics of a leader that he not doubt for one moment the capacity of the people he’s leading to realize whatever he’s dreaming.”

    “The conductor of an orchestra doesn’t make a sound. He depends, for his power, on his ability to make other people powerful.”

    This is what you do best, my dear. As for the format, I like the idea of a crowd-sourced uke song & surfing. Make them sing. Make them feel. But give yourself the majority of the time to speak.

  • Amber G

    I’m leaning toward you just telling a story. Your stories without rhythm and tone are as powerful as your songs. For example, we’re all here at your blog where the content is mostly written stories, with pics and videos sprinkled in.
    Like Jennifer Saylor advised: relax. you’ll do beautifully. there’ll be no sad.

    you might dig Tavi Gevinson because she’s interesting and smart:

  • http://www.facebook.com/jo.ann.771 Jo Ann

    amanda, you, an electric piano, your speech with rythm, music, telling a story. like an opera. that’s all you need.

  • http://twitter.com/Tonebutch Toni Palmer

    Regarding pic: ” … on different crackers?”

  • Ms. Midwest Invasion

    Fave TEDTalk = Temple Grandin: The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

  • Luna

    It looks as though you are already making the talk now… why not a talk about the incredible infinite emotional connection forged online through sites such as this, and demonstrate it by doing exactly what you are doing, creating the talk with everyone. How about instead of Amanda Palmer does TED, Amanda Palmer brings the whole world to TED?

  • Christine

    I think that plenty of people have echoed my thoughts on subject matter.

    As far as the talking itself goes, I recommend saying the core things that need to be said in a more straight-talk sort of way. I know that you’re most in your element amongst a whirl of technicolor art, but it would be easy for you to lose your audience- or vice versa- if you make it the body of your talk.

    That said, if you find one point that you really feel would be easier performed than said, integrate it. If, as you write, you find that Amanda-just-speaking just isn’t doing it for you no matter how you slice it and you just think “I can’t do this without my goddamn ukulele” then bust out the ukulele. If what you write needs a song that you make up on-the-spot based on a slideshow with pictures of your fans, go ahead and do it. (Thanking about it, that would be kind of neat.) But if the entire thing is a performance, some people might get distracted by that. Stand up and just tell everyone- concisely but clearly- what you think they need to hear. Words can ring just as loudly as a song.
    Also, remember that your audience cannot read your mind. I often have trouble writing because I feel like no matter what I do I’m telling people things that they already know, but I’ve lately learned that the simple jump from point A to point B in my mind may be a trip through the wilderness for someone else. Even if everyone in the audience “knows” what you know (and they probably won’t), they’re there to see HOW you got there and WHY. Maybe your core idea is simple, but nobody else has found it by the exact same route you did. Share where and why you started, share the scenery along the path that brought you to where you are, and your “point” will be waiting for you at the end.

    Oh god I sound like my 10th-grade English teacher. Sorry about that.

  • manta

    hey. in essence, i think you should vamp up the harvard / loeb drama center talk to be the core idea. it’s not about twitter or kickstarter. these are only the tools, and they have developed fantastically in the last few years, and you have surfed them to be where you are now, and they may get a mention, but they are not the story. it’s about putting the “living” back in “statue” (statue is a stand-in for “art”). what does your loeb drama center talk tell us, powerfully, that we haven’t heard before? that THROUGH EXPRESSING THEIR LOVE FOR AN ARTIST, PEOPLE CAN EXPRESS THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER. that is for me the essence of the AFP story. that is why the charisma you project is not an artifice. that is why AFP is not a celebrity in the usual way, but rather rides, surfs on the phenomenon of celebrity that happened around her as a way to do this other thing. now, the above was “recommendation.” the core idea. following, a few specific brainstorms / thought experiments / take-em-or-leave-em ideas / ways to enhance or elaborate the core: (1) what about starting your TED talk by showing, on the screen, how you crowdsourced your TED talk (leading for sure with the “your mom is an idea worth spreading” photo)? (2) allow me a short sci-fi story (since you mentioned something about the faustian bargain with RR, and sorry if this sounds like one of e stephen’s dreams): AFP’s first (and only) record deal was signed in blood, and so when the record company’s marketing director came with The Instrument (also nicknamed The Charisma Machine) and insisted that she play it on stage, at least for certain songs, she couldn’t refuse. it was in the fine print. “The Instrument” was an ingenious electronic invention that looked a lot like a kurzweil keyboard, but it contained secret technology that sent out simulated telepathic waves. the intended effect was to make everyone within line of sight fall in love PERMANENTLY with the person playing it, no matter what kind of crap she/he was playing. it was the perfect way to build a marketing executive’s wet dream: an unfailingly loyal audience. they were pretty sure it would work but it had never been tested outside the lab, and now the record company’s marketing director brought it to the green room and insisted – it’s in your contract, after all – that AFP make her audience into guinea pigs for The Man. she wouldn’t have had any problem telling them to fuck off, blood or no blood, but for one problem: she really did want the audience to love her. and she was always afraid, somewhere deep inside, that they wouldn’t. not always. not forever. those faustian fuckers had found the weak spot in her seemingly unchinkable armor and used it to create an evil, individually tailored temptation that she didn’t even want to refuse. she took the bait. stepping on stage to the adoration of the crowd was a dark moment: her head filled with horrid fanasies of the void that she would face if that adoration were withdrawn. they don’t know how vulnerable i am right now. they don’t know how much i need them. The Instument offered the answer to her insecurities, her deepest fears. she picked up The Instrument and lifted it high over her head. the crowd was in the palm of her hand. then she hurled it to the floor, smashing it into hundreds of pieces, destroying it. > back to TED talk land: tell us why she did it. (3) i think someone mentioned live crowd-sourcing a ukelele song right there on the spot at the TED talk. i like that idea in theory, but it’s too gimmicky and time-consuming for a TED talk. (4) i feel you have something important to say to creative teenage girls to help them find their voices and their muses. even if you’ve said it before, some things are worth repeating.

  • Stephanie

    Amanda, you will rock the house no matter what you do! Just be your awesome self! Xoxo

  • Gazelle


    I am so incredibly excited for you, and cursing the gods that I can’t go to TED this year. TED talks have provided TONS of incredible and inspiration videos on my research area of interest [see: gaming] from charismatic and articulate professionals who make me feel so incredibly small compared to their awesomeness.

    and I know you are going to fit right into that niche of incredible, awesomeness. <3 hoping you will post links to the recording of your talk when it's up online!

  • http://twitter.com/Rachellie242 Rachellie242

    my favorite TED talks don’t point into the future- they harness a sort of wisdom into a spectacular insight about human behavior. same with the Moth, same with performance poetry, same with Laurie Anderson and so forth. why exactly does the crowd-sourcing, human statue, innovative participatory theater work? what piece of human soul does this work tap into? perhaps there is a distance to technology that you’ve bridged by humanizing & you bring people into the fold, allowing for pain & hurt, and you make art out of empathy as a conceptual place for people to weep (a la Onion Cellar), but then there is revelry, hooplah & a bombshow spirit blasting forth with a nearly Zen acceptance of all the madness. why do we need that? why do people want to give? is it for love to receive love, esp. for those who feel marginal & terribly unloved? in the early days of the statue, we couldn’t participate in you, but you could in us & i think this was a grand education in humans. what is the common denominator in all of these years & how can you give us this sweet eternal cupcake that installs a new rib into our otherwise empty caverns? give us the essence of this magic lesson that teaches us to Be & the zeitgeist of its true meaning. get deep & meditate if needed (dream walks w/ your newly passed animal guide into the spirit world) if you want to be GREAT, make it personal. vulnerable. a theory & a thesis that only you could share, but not showboating or distant- just be your beautiful wonderful self.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leah.franczoz Leah Franczoz

    Amanda, there has to be something that you always wanted to talk about but just never did. The oh I wish I could say this but I won’t topic. Use TED for this. My favorite TED talk Is Malcolm Gladwell’s on spaghetti sauce. Why? Because he was not talking about a subject that had to do with tipping point or outliers. He presented himself. But Amanda you don’t need my advice.

  • Eva

    The first thing you want to do is take away the notion that you need to tell people something they don’t already know. Knowledge and inner wisdom is universal therefore if you focus on that you will end up trying to teach something only and it may become vague. Focus on a story that is about you. Focus on only that, and you will illuminate what it is you are trying to say inherently. I assure you Jill Bolte Taylor probably did not start writing her story as a story about finding Nirvana, most likely is came out as she was writing a story about her stroke.

    The second thing you want to do is find one thing you want to talk about. In your clip there were about 4290384 different ideas with little direction. Do you want to tell a story about your relationship to the media? Do you want to tell a story about the Dolls? etc. What is something you would share with a close friend? That is what strikes me about most of the TED talks- that they are all very specifically ideas that one might share with a friend, blown up a bit and very factual. And believe it or not, if you stick to one topic you will find that you are able to say exactly what you wanted to say AND more.

    The third thing you must do is after you’ve written it is find a good ACTING coach (as opposed to a speech coach) who knows good rhetoric and has also probably worked a lot with Shakespeare. The combination of both in an acting coach will lead to a well-rounded, emotional and intellectual performance. An acting coach will also help you to be more in-tune with your body as you are speaking on stage.

    Personally, I always love it when you talk about how your art is influencing the media and how the media is influencing your art.

    -From someone who has studied the business for years and a loving fan.

  • Will Schaeffer

    I think that music would be essential. Your Uke songs that scatter the internet have the unique quality of being so literally in the moment, IE Gaga Palmer Madonna and all that. there’s something really unheard of to a performer discussing things so literally and in the moment, the concept feels very modern to share songs that can in instances only feel like they apply to that specific moment, IE Please Drop Me. How/ why you create and circulate these types of songs is unique and Web 2.0 enough, but not above these peoples comprehensions, to appeal. I think that in these song writing contexts you display a clever enough humor that the intelligent TED folks will really enjoy, and be different enough from all the others that it would be a TED.com contender for sure. You just speaking would be great as well, and I think both should be incorporated. You know your fans want the music choice, but if you could find a way to not awkwardly transition from music to regular speaking that would be ideal. start out with the music though.


  • MJ

    Hi Amanda, you don’t need to look at any more Ted Talks to do your thing. You’ll find your inspiration. You didn’t only bring us “We Are the Media”, but brought us “We Are the Art”, and “We Are the Music”. Ukulele anthem was a revelation for me. So was your Dresden Dolls song, Sing.

    You empower people to find their own voices, make music, and make art, and do this glorious wild thing that is the exact opposite of that soul-crushing American Idol program: that evil program that stifles millions of unique voices that can’t or won’t fit into that narrow category of popular style.

    You’ll slay TED Talks.

  • avesana

    Dear Amanda,

    My favorite (right now) TED talk is this one: Buddy Wakefield – Free Air http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n6413nx6b0

    It might help you clear your head. Regardless of what you choose to do, you WILL dominate. We need your voice. XX

  • xarah

    Maybe you could tweet at the beginning of your speech for people to make a quick piece of art around a certain subject – you could crowdsource the subject from the ted crowd, then at the end of the speech show all the results from twitter followers? Though even if you stood there and said nothing I’d still love it :)

  • Mirja
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Styn/556455716 John Styn

    Heh heh. I went through so many of these thoughts as I prepared for my TEDx Talk. Can’t wait for yours!!
    Mine was called by Upworthy:
    “This Pink-Haired Narcissist Has Something To Teach Us About Being A Good Person”

    • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.revak Kelly Revak

      This is one of my favorite TED talks ever!! gratitude, gifting, and how to be happy. so great!

  • FerociousDaisy

    My favorite TED talk is by Reggie Watts (http://www.ted.com/talks/reggie_watts_disorients_you_in_the_most_entertaining_way.html), partly because he’s clearly insane, and mostly because you get to see what he does.

    Could you do some mix of performance and talking about how your personal connection with your audience has shaped you? I think it’s your connection with your fanbase that sets you apart from other artists. I’d like to hear more about how that connection influenced your decision to set up the kickstarter and then to postpone the tour, and how your audience has responded.

    • cirquelar

      Totally agree. Reggie Watts just rocked his thing without a care and it must have blown so many minds.

  • http://twitter.com/lesliefandrich Leslie Fandrich

    Simple. Vulnerable. The opposite of what you do onstage. Talk about your community. Why it’s important. What you get back. Be funny. Be real. Tell the truth. Talk about love and life. How did you fall in love with Neil? What gives you such great chemistry? What do you teach each other? Show the short film that you both are in, about the street performer. That was so good. You can do it! Focus. Turn off the noise. Listen to yourself. What would you want to hear?

  • http://www.facebook.com/rexington.funk Rexington Funk

    My 1 cent about your incredible opportunity:

    At this point in your career it still just seems so you to use your ukelele. I think that you should be not be afraid of swearing or being controversial (not that you would!). And I agree with Karin Robinson on thinking that the main focus of your TED talk should be about your relationship to your fans, and how blessed you feel for having the close knit FAMILY of fans. That is something that is so incredible and unique to YOU.

    On that note and I really don’t want to offend you or anyone else, but are you sure you want to crowd surf at a TED talk? I guess thats the rock star in you. You’re so good at being professional when you need to be and yet brining your personality and breaking the stuffy-ness that usually comes with being professional, so I’m sure even if you do, you will do it in just that Amanda-Fucking-Palmer way.

  • http://twitter.com/mslongjr Marvin S. Long, Jr.

    I say: put Michael McQuilken on stage with nothing but his underpants and a minimal drum kit. Watch the audience react to him, and then riff on their reaction, with Michael playing in counterpoint to your speech. (I’m pretty sure I’m not saying this just because I’ve been staring at Mr. McQuilken’s picture on your concert poster.)

  • Hannah Winebarger

    Top 2 TED talks: Jill Bolte Taylor and Benjamin Zander. Hard to say which I like better, although I think I have to say Mr. Zander only because I am a classically trained musician, and his talk is SO important to my work.

    Also, Amanda, I think it needs to be nothing more than you and a ukulele (and probably a PowerPoint). Anything else, in THIS situation, would dilute your power. The intimacy and vulnerability of you + ukulele will say LIBRARIES more, in 20 minutes, than all the other fun tools you can and do wield effectively in other situations. You have such a direct connection to your fans (we are the media), but that connection is facilitated by social media, it’s not based on that.

    Stop pretending art is hard and play your ukulele!!

  • cirquelar

    From what I’ve seen of TED talks, you can do the straight-up “here’s my view” thing or mix it up and rock the fuck out like Reggie Watts did (http://www.ted.com/talks/reggie_watts_disorients_you_in_the_most_entertaining_way.html).

    I personally think you need to do EXACTLY what you do at your concerts, your blog, and pretty much everything else I’ve seen you do: audience participation. This past tour, you had the audience write down sad things that happened in their rooms, then you turned that into a song. DO THAT AT TED. Do your usual “please bring me a conch shell and kazoos if your coming to my talk” and incorporate that into the talk/song. Of course, discuss all the crowdsource, blog interaction stuff.

    If you are going to talk mostly, I think you should emphasize that what makes you and modern music/art different is that its all about ACCESS and HONESTY. The modern audience is TIRED of the rock star on the throne who is unreachable and godlike. We’ve seen the emperor and it isn’t pretty. What you bring is a new found reality where “we are the media” (should be the title of your talk), we provide input, we get ACCESS back (tweets, customized art, display of our pictures during concerts, etc.). And we get the unfiltered truth through your blog, twitter, songs which is rare and important. You haven’t made your money then disappeared till next tour. You’re here for US and We are here for YOU. It’s the intimacy that makes a difference.

    But whatever you do, we will be there to bring you conch shells, carry your crowdsurfing body, write you sincere notes of pain and sorrow, or just listen and sing along. You will ROCK the TED crowd one way or another.

  • Mel

    Look up Aimee Mullins–she’s a double amputee runner and enchanting as a speaker and her stories are fascinating. Watch the two or three she has on Ted.

  • Mel

    How the fuck could I forget Hans Rosling!? Watch ALL of his. HANS ROSLING. everyone, go!

  • Mel

    Il also admit the best Ted talks for me are the ones where poke are just telling their stories. Maybe talk and do a short crowd funded piece t the end? How much time will they give you to talk? If its 30 minutes–easy to do both! If you have ten? Maybe just the talk.

    • Mel

      Oh my god typing on an iPad. So sorry: I’ll, not il, people not poke, at not t. Sorry y’all.

  • Eugene Ng

    TED goes out to a lot of people. I think you should start with two recipes: A recipe for how a person find RAall the awesome independent art out there; and two how an artist starts a carrear and stays out of the money grubbing corporate RIAA distribution pimps!

    I think Bono and U2 are different because they got so big so fast they they could buy back and own their work, while most artists will never be able to do this if they sell out to the RIAA pimps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Elemenopie Leilia Monica Negus

    Neil said something about naked in his commencement speech, yes? I remember around 2004 looking at the Dresden Dolls site and seeing a Pixie Vision shoot that was black and white, with nudity. I remember hearing about the art gallery, more recently.

    I don’t suggest you be naked onstage literally, this is TED after all, harumph harumph, but what strikes you about what draws you to nudity, and do you agree or disagree the way mainstream society chooses to view it in America vs Europe? What do you think about feminism as a backlash to the control (divide and conquer, if you will) of social stigma? For example, Tori Amos getting talked about over and over on MTV for refusing to “shear herself”?

    What is your art, your public persona, trying to say – Mrs. O, Necessary Evil, Leeds United, Runs in the Family. Oasis? Pick the messages you think are worth getting JFK’d over and explicitly state how the world needs to change in order to be a better place. Easier said than done, I’m sure… and not knowing you personally, I feel like I might not be communicating properly, but this is these are the only common denominators I can think of to express what I expect as a viewer of TEDtalks.

    You’re deep, I believe in you, as do most of my girlfriends and some of my guyfriends.

    You can do this. You will.

    I will be patiently waiting to hear what you have to say because this announcement just made my life paradigm complete. :D

  • DanniRaenbow

    Amanda…I know we’ve never met and I hope we can meet someday, but I feel you’ve really changed me a lot as a person. Many people have said this many times before, but when I listen to some of your songs, it’s like you read my mind and made music out of my thoughts. There are REALLY random moments in my life that I see in your songs and I’m like wtf? How’d she know?? I can’t stand listening to pop music because I feel like I am just a paycheck to the musician, not a fan (and I can tell when musicians start making music for the money instead of the art of it). I don’t feel like a paycheck to you. All of your songs seem to have involved you literally putting your heart into them and then saying “Here you go. This is how I feel.” You’re an artist, Amanda. The whole point of music (in my opinion) is creating an innovative piece that connects to other people. When I feel down and like I’m losing my faith, I know I can listen to any song by you and instantly feel better. You’ve connected to me. We may not be acquainted but I do see you as my friend. Someday, I hope I can get a hug from you.

  • Alexander Langshall

    Dearest Amanda Fucking Palmer,

    Speak your heart.
    Speak your truth.
    Speak it with conviction.
    Speak it with passion.


  • Jen

    Although my brain will come up with 3 or 4 others that I should have posted, two of my favorites that come to mind are Temple Grandin’s “The World Needs All Kinds of Minds” and Frank Warren’s “Half a Million Secrets”.

    I agree with those who say maybe some sort of amalgamation of music and speaking, punctuating the talk as only you can. And I do like the kazoo-under-everyone’s-seats idea. It’s ultimately your talk, though, and you’ll find what speaks to you.

    Just wanted to add that I’ve just recently been turned on to your music, and I’m happy for it. You already know how to combine music and powerful thoughts and emotions… I’m sure you’ll nail it up there on stage.

  • Ben

    Amanda, as you say ‘we are the media,’ would there be a reasonable way to include people live via Twitter, Skype, or other social media? The ze Frank talks demonstrate the power of open collaboration and I believe shares a message similar to your own. It would be a risky move to open up your talk to the unscripted Internet, but could likewise be powerful.

  • http://twitter.com/Ari0ck Ariock

    I’ve watched one ted talk online where there was a request by the presenter for audience participation and I’ll just say that the participation wasn’t exactly enthusiastic. Maybe the people who can afford the $7,500 tickets to the conference will be fans. I wouldn’t necessarily count on that though.

    • lentower


  • Megan


    I’m SO SO SO happy about this and so proud of you asldkjval;jkgakl;jg

  • http://www.facebook.com/AshleyLynnRudd Ashley Rudd

    After reading a bunch of the comments, I want to commend you and your audience on the sheer brilliance of the creativity being sparked here. Everyone is excited, everyone wants to contribute, everyone’s voice wants to be heard, and you are the catalyst. You have this huge resource at your fingertips and no matter which way you tap it, you will end up with something spectacular.

    I want you to know that if you ended up wanting singers/musicians/other talent besides yourself, I would raise the funds to fly there from Cleveland in the blink of an eye if you asked it, and I know I’m not alone. I bet you could just tell us what you need, and the right people will pop up from the crowd to help you achieve it. The beauty of crowdsourcing!

  • Lady In Black

    Thank you for getting me started in the world of TED talks. I was familiar with TEDworld, but (shamefully) hadn’t watched any of the talks until just today. Started with the Stroke of Inspiration link above, and continued from there.

    Speaking of shame, I really loved this TEDxHouston talk from Dr. Brene Brown on vulnerability, shame, and empathy: http://youtu.be/X4Qm9cGRub0. I think it’s great for the bullying conversation, too, and am going to add it to the comments there.


  • http://www.facebook.com/RadicalMystic April Cheri

    Brene Brown’s talks on vulnerability and shame are my favorites. She’s very real. And the topics are relevant to everything.

    As to bringing art into your talk, what if you did something on the background screen that involved your community, much like you did at the shows? Then you’d have art, community connection and the talk all rolled into one.

  • wellerwishes

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I vote for talk with just you, not a show. I think it would be more compelling and unexpected.
    Looking forward to it, regardless!!

  • http://twitter.com/LaMinda Mindy Weisberger

    There’s a singular truth reflected in your music and in interactions with your listeners—artist and audience live in each of us. The artist can become the muse; the audience can make the art. Bring THAT to TED. You may be the one onstage, but grab the audience by the tits and wake the artist in them.

  • Nikos

    my most fave talks have always been the ones that people did something with the audience. here are a couple examples:

    Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music

    Bobby McFerrin plays… the audience!

  • EdwardCoffey

    Hi Amanda,

    If you’re going to talk about your business model (and I hope you do) then your own success is a great introduction, but I think the bulk of the talk should address the standard questions that come up again and again:

    – How can “no name” artists just starting out make the same thing work for them? (several already have – e.g. Jonathan Coulton)
    – But isn’t this only going to work for cult/niche acts? (everyone, with the possible exception of manufactured pop bands, starts off in a niche; one of the great things about engaging with your audience on the Internet is that a niche of the entire online population is going to be a lot bigger than a niche of one country/state/town, so more and more people can choose to stay niche and still make a living from their art)
    – What about artists that thrive with the current model who couldn’t handle the level of engagement needed under your model? (a question that ignores the way the current model stifles artists who could thrive under your model). There’s also something to be said here about each new wave of technology (records, amplification, jukeboxes, radio, etc.) changing the way musicians need to work in order to make money, and necessarily favouring certain kinds of people over certain others.
    – Isn’t “pay what you like”/no DRM/etc. just legitimising music piracy? (music piracy doesn’t need legitimising, people will do it anyway – the question is: do you want to stick with a model where music piracy hurts you, or try a new model where it actually helps?)

    My favourite TED talk is the Jill Bolte Taylor one you posted above. Around the time I first saw it, Sarah Lane was recovering from her own neurological illness (neurocysticercosis – pork tapeworm invading her brain) and posted this moving video of herself watching the TED talk: http://vimeo.com/7618650

  • Dineke

    Dear Amanda, I think you should talk. I do not think you would be preaching to the choir at all. TED’s audience is so much larger than yours. Most of them will not be familiar with YOUR story. I loved your Harvard talk. You will be great! (and don’t forget to enjoy the process!)

  • http://twitter.com/Cara_1969 Cara

    AFP on TED. That is
    best-news-og-the-year great! I know it will be a treat. Period. Whee!

    I love some of these suggestions above.
    AFP fans, you rock!

    It’s not a lot of time to prepare, so
    I’d probably go for something easy, as in easy to manage and perform.
    Can’t the direct style with the audience you did at Harvard, work at
    TED? That would allow you to do it in a way that is ‘normal’ to you
    and you don’t have to put much effort into learning something new.
    You’d have more time to rehearse and prepare.

    If there is time, I think a combination
    would have been interesting. That the crowdsourcing came almost
    nonchalant, like in a situation where you explain that you have made
    a song to get your full meaning across and then in as a side remark
    mention that it would have been nice if there were any musicians in
    the crowd and go with it from there. I have no idea if this is even
    possible, but it would have been(for realz) oh. So. Cool.

  • aoliverio

    you COULD sit down and write an 18 minute speech that could totally blow peoples minds, inspire them, get them thinking (and talking) It could be a speech to touch their lives, resonate in their hearts, and perhaps even move them to tears. It could be an out loud and proud declaration of the meaning behind the crowd’s love, your love, and the connection of the artist and supporter. It could be eloquent and daring, bold and insightful. but you’d just be Jodie Foster at the Golden Globes. NO, you are Amanda FUCKING Palmer! Go with the ukulele opera in four-parts. Bring on the bears on unicycles and dancing chickens!!!!!!!!!

  • Katy

    The thing with TED talks is that they put everyone on a level of speaking to an audience – you don’t have to sing because you are a musician, just as you don’t have to operate if you’re a brain surgeon. If you sing, you run a risk of it becoming about the song, or even the singing itself, rather than the content. If you speak, people hear what you say. Much as I love, love your songs, and your performances, I’d say, TED is a time to speak, and if things do viral out then anyone who’s not familiar with what you do will surely educate themselves on that. But maybe you could start out as a statue hanging out at the back of the stage and come to life at the beginning of your talk ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/kompanier Wim Jansen


    When I first saw your Kickstarter my main feeling was: ‘Finally, an artist that understands that art is about making a direct connection with her audience.’ And after viewing your Harvard talk shortly after, I realized that, historically, art had always been about artists making a connection with their audiences, about sharing an experience. Somehow that got lost, obscured by all the publishing companies, A&R agencies, copyright laws, greed, etc. Somehow we were all misled in thinking art was about making a product or about making money. Somehow artist and audiences (largely) forgot what art truly looked like. With all the technology at our fingertips, we are finally able to return to the essence of true art, making a connection between artist and audience. So, in my view, we, you and us, are changing the world, at least in relation to art :-).

    And whatever you decide to talk about, talk from your heart. We have all heard you do that and as long as you do that, you cannot fail.

  • Mia

    I love the idea of a little TED-opera… it would be so great to watch. Also, your words in music stick in the mind so well.

  • http://twitter.com/lauraannham Laura

    It’s about time you get a TED talk! I agree with Karin. But maybe also crowd surf and sing – mix it up and include everything you’re interested in. I’m looking forward to it! I hope it gets uploaded – I’m sure it will.

  • Angel

    My favourite Ted Talks:
    The Power of Introverts… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0KYU2j0TM4
    The Power of Vulnerability… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCvmsMzlF7o
    Make love, not porn… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV8n_E_6Tpc
    p.s Amanda, I loved the talk you gave on the Fraud Police, I would be interested i hearing your thoughts on the process of inspiration, and how that has changed over the years in relation to your growing connection with your fans.:D xxx

  • Isabella Phoenix

    I love TED talks. It’s one of my favourite ways to educate myself and open my mind to new ideas. I’m SO excited you get to give a TED talk, I completely get the ‘athlete invited to the Olympics’ feeling. Here’s what I think, albeit not very coherent yet, and then later in this reply I will post links to my favourite TED talks. I think you should mostly talk. You do that so passionately and funny, you’ll be great doing that. Weave in something about crowdsourcing whatever you talk about, and have your fans be there and bring stuff, whether it’s items, good quotes, or music, doesn’t matter. Show them the power of crowd, love and your fans by asking for help no more than your usual 24-72 hours before you need it ;) Surprise ‘em with something. The session topic is Disrupt! for a reason. You are amazing at short-term-fantastic-splashes. I also remember the commencement speech you gave about the fraud police, that one was really good too, and something everyone can relate to, unless there’s something wrong with them. Give love. Be you. But a little more prepared than now, perhaps ;) So far for my half-formed thoughts. Here are my favs:

    The one you already posted about the woman who had a stroke.

    Talks not on TED, which should be:
    Brené Brown’s earlier talk, at the UP experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL2jcwBc0HY
    John Cleese on creativity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VShmtsLhkQg

    Hope this helps you at least a tiny bit.

  • Kalyn

    As far as topics, I believe a lot of people have already said a lot of great things (like COMMUNITY and how it affects you), but I would say no crowd-surfing.

  • Jillyjally

    Write your speech, wear a stunning corset, and then just let it happen.

  • Mia Wolff

    in what way will you ride the arrow into the hearts of your audience without swerving? Words, sung words, crazy shit, whatever. I paint and I use to be a trapeze artist. The what of it is slave to the true and accurate of it. I have found that sometimes an image, sometimes a performance of scary stuff–but sometimes words dug right out of the water of your heart will rain on people’s sorrow and create light, love.

  • Rachel2

    Just wanted to link to a TED talk I saw a while back and have revisited several times since. It makes me cry every single time. It’s the story of a hugely successful businesswoman, born in Vietnam, who as a child escaped to Australia on a boat with her mother, sister and grandmother. If you want to be moved and inspired, please watch Tan Le’s talk here:


  • http://www.facebook.com/bradley.mcdermid Bradley McDermid

    First off: CONGRATULATIONS AMANDA!!! This is a royal achievement, and something I’d just love love love love love to do!
    My most favouritest of TED talks was shown to me by my ex-girlfriend; she was convinced that I was living my life, putting her first, and forgetting about myself. I disagreed. Then I watched this, and it ripped my heart out and showed it to me.
    Larry Smith is brilliant. He has a way of sarcastically cutting through the crap that we all create for ourselves to limit our limitless potential.
    I look forward to your talk; good luck! You will be awesome. Know why? ‘Cos you are awesome.

  • Erin

    In watching your video above, I was really reminded of Samuel Delany’s intense and beautiful essays, Time Square Red, Times Square Blue, wherein he examines the effect of gentrification in New York on contact spaces. I would highly recommend reading this as a source of inspiration in preparation. I think it might help you find direction for your talk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawnzahra Dawn Saliba



    THE END.

  • http://www.facebook.com/caitlin.munley.5 Caitlin Munley

    This is amazing!!! I am such a big fan of TED Talks. Since you seem to really need some advice I’ll offer my two cents… What is the major idea that you want to spread? Spreading good in the world with music and art, which is funded by fans and fanned into an inferno by the internet? Or do you want to spread your brand (ie Amanda Palmer and her music)? Or perhaps your journey as a musician in the iTunes world? Those are just examples, you could focus on many things. But you should have a main point to make, and basically stick to that idea as you talk. For instance, in the “spreading good” idea, you could bring up the Rebellyon, Twitter (and the many personal discussions you’ve started on it, plus the crowd power it has), your blog, Kickstarter, etc. and how this all comes together. Well, that’s my two cents, I’m sure you’ll be great! Buuut, you definitely have to do at least one song as part of your talk, if you have time! With a ukelele!!

  • Deniz Bevan

    I was thinking of all sorts of things this morning but none of them were any good, until I got on the train to come to work… You might be right that most of the TED organizers, audience, fans are already aware of how awesome crowdfunding is, how well social media can be used, how much love can be spread – but what about all the dull normals out there? How do we really get everyone, not just the already creative, jazzed up about love and art and fun? A ukulele opera for the masses…
    Will keep thinking…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.hocevar Jeffrey Hocevar

    I know what you mean when you say you want to share a new idea, and that of crowd-soursing may not be worth the audience’s time as a topic. However, I think that this topic is where your knowledge lies, so if you instead focus on new, revolutionary ways of utilizing crowd-sourcing, as opposed to specifically how you used it, it could really be an amazing talk.

    …What that “revolutionary” application is though, will take some thought.

  • DawnieD83

    Hi Amanda :)

    I both love you and love TED – so yay! You’re doing a TED talk! Whoop!

    You asked for favourite talks and why:

    Brene Brown: Interesting, funny and a real-world kind of deep: http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html

    Dan Phillips: Creativity from the heart, applying his passion to real life and
    making the unconventional work: http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_phillips_creative_houses_from_reclaimed_stuff.html

    Reggie Watts: Just brilliant and bonkers (with an excellent jumper. And ‘fro): http://www.ted.com/talks/reggie_watts_disorients_you_in_the_most_entertaining_way.html

    Finally, any of Eve Ensler’s talks, just because she is such an extraordinarily
    strong, inspiring and eloquent women, making a real difference on the ground.

    You can nail all of these quirks. Totally. So, good luck with all of the prep, just be yourself and it will be totally awesome! We’re all behind you and sending lots of love from all over the world xx

  • Laura Mayumi

    Awesome!! I love you and I love TED!
    I’m a TED translator here in Brazil and I hope I can translate your talk!
    (BTW, I translated your blog about playing Tchaikovsky, take a look if you want to see how it looks: http://sobresom.blogspot.com.br/2010/01/como-tocar-tchaikovsky-no-estilo-punk.html)

    Here is a really simple “talk” from one of my favourites brazilian artists, André Abujamra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqNQaAv_qW8 — It’s really unpretentious and talks about seeing the world from various points of view, and about spreading love.

    Well, I don’t know what you are going to do, but I’m sure you will rock!


  • Keith

    You could easily spend your 18 minutes talking about your TED talk. Seriously. And not in a “this is what TED means to me” way, but in a “This is how I, Amanda Fucking Palmer, make art. I waffle. I freak out. I get excited and terrified. i try to involve other people. And in the end I go with my gut.” way.

    I think that, as a person and as an artist, you are thoroughly in touch with both your intellect and your emotions, and it a combination of those two things that make a good TED talk.

  • |[P]|

    Having seen people hang on your every word at gigs when you stop and speak (apart from that gaggle of drunken girls at the back of KOKO last time, but whatever), I think the reason is a combination of pure honesty and presence. TED attracts some excellent speakers but even then often they are only offering one or the other. I think it’s part of the reason that Sarah Kay’s spoken word pieces resonated with a lot of people, even if their content wasn’t particularly deep: http://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_kay_if_i_should_have_a_daughter.html

    My other recommendation would be to find the emotional core of whatever topic you select, and try to crystallise it within the talk as a whole, like the 40-second time-lapse “birth of a word” as a child learns it over the course of a year in Deb Roy’s talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/deb_roy_the_birth_of_a_word.html

    Hope they help, but like everyone else here I have near-infinite trust that you’ll be amazing!

  • Fran Betlyon

    Fuck yes! I cannot wait to see this. Speak your truth. It is valuable and has changed my life. This is one of my favorite Ted talks, it combines performance with a talk. And always makes me tear up a little. http://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_kay_if_i_should_have_a_daughter.html
    Kick ass and take names, Amanda!

  • Soph o’Clash

    My favourite, which might also convince you of what I think would be the best course: drop the show and the fancy art work and just plain say it. Maybe not be at your best, but the most clear (and possible end with a ukulele song ;) ):


  • TashaOrlovsky

    Maybe this is silly, but couldn’t you…combine the two ideas?

  • http://twitter.com/lovefortified Riley Johnson

    I’ve been trying to think on this for some time now, and maybe you could be introduced via a short clip of “Smile..” with photos of the TED attendees and then once that’s done, proceed to talk about connection, artistic vulnerability, and what really matters to you. I think the story that’s more compelling than the crowdsourcing, the kickstarter, the union, the armpit hair, the maps of tasmania: the thing that I’m glad to be connected to as a fan is the you you were when you decided to stay the fuck home and be with Anthony. People likely expect you to talk about music and maybe art, but I say the thing that is heartfelt and real is the decision to *not* be the fucking rockstar.

    Love to you, Neil, and Anthony. And all of us.

  • hgralb

    My favorite talk, which you’ve probably already seen: http://bit.ly/Z5m5a

    Listen To Everyone

    Follow No One

    Look For Patterns

    Work Like Hell

    I would say that you should focus on what you want to speak about first and then add the AFP style. The greatest part of TED, IMHO, is that you get to see the world through the eyes of a genius. The people who speak view the world in a much different lense and that’s what makes listening to them so entertaining. We get to understand and connect in a new way.

    So, I would say that you should write a solid speech that hits all the points you want to make and once the speech is there it may be easier to know how you want to say it.

    How do you see the world?

  • thereal_attentive

    Here’s the thing… those TED presenters who look all polished? It’s because they’re being themselves and talking about what they’re passionate about, in their own unique way.

    So point 1: Don’t try to be epic in a non-AFP way. It won’t be genuine, and it won’t look polished. You’ve been invited because *you* are interesting and awesome, be you.

    Next thing, you have a small amount of time. Time for prep, and time for delivery. TED talks are awesome because they convey digestible bite-sized bits of mind-blowy insight in a quantity that enlightens and expands the listener, not overwhelms, confuses and drowns them.

    So point 2: Be your normal epic, multi-media self, but don’t overload the epic to the point that people get lost. Music: good. Crowd participation: good. 12-part chorus with backup symphony, stilts, and vomiting moguls: too much. What are your key points, how can *you* best illustrate them in the manner *you* are most comfortable with (crowd-surfing to illustrate patronage and “we are the media”? Live tweeting to get a crowd-sourced answer/support? Something to illustrate the difference between a “boss” telling you how to make “art” and people seeing your art and supporting you? Sing your whole presentation, with crowd participation (with fan influenced lyrics, like Uke anthem)?)

    Last thing, half of the point is the live presentation. The other half is the post-presentation replays.

    So point 3: Make sure your presentation translates well to a video playback. Too much “you needed to be there” and the point gets lost in replay. Live, you can see the backup symphony, the moguls suspended from the ceiling, the volunteers wandering through the audience, the boys choir to the side, and Amanda surfing the crowd – but you only have one narrow camera view at a time on replay. Make sure that, no matter how robust, broad, and multi-layered the sonic presentation is, the point you are *currently* making has a single, obvious focal point for the camera to follow so the replay feels nearly the same as being there.

    You have a lot of first-hand knowledge of successfully moving from Big Corporate Music to Listener As Patron model of music creation, production, “marketing”, performance, and distribution. The topic and content should not be a problem for you (I won’t presume to tell you what to say), it’s just a matter of how you go about making your passionate points to a TED audience.

    I can’t wait to watch it. I already know it will be epic – and that’s not pressure, it’s undeniable fact based on ample empirical evidence from so many past performances.

    • lentower

      You get how TED does what it does.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mariah.maccarthy Mariah MacCarthy

    My very very very favorite TED talk of all time is Brene Brown on vulnerability: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCvmsMzlF7o

    I watch this shit OVER and OVER. It came along at exactly the right time in my life, but I feel that way every time I watch it.
    The point of this talk is that we have to EMBRACE our fear, our inner insecure-twelve-year-olds, and accept them, rather than squash them down into a corner.

    As for impassioned talk vs. sexy-awesome performance art…I know you’ll kill it either way. I did find myself thinking about “Gaga, Palmer, Madonna” and how it was a more efficient, entertaining way to make your point than a blog post. I don’t feel like you need an epic circus, though. Just a simple song with you and your uke would probably end up being funny and entertaining and insightful and magnificent.

    Or just do a straight-up talk. You’ll do an effing brilliant talk.

  • http://twitter.com/jujyfruit0 Jessica Schwab

    I’ve re-written this comment 3 times already. I can only imagine what your notebook looks like right now. I’m trying to figure out how to say ‘here’s what I think you should do’ without sounding presumptive. Like, WTF can I tell YOU about how YOU should talk about YOU? Well, I suppose you wouldn’t have asked if you didn’t really want to know. And you know what occurred to me? THAT’S IT! That you asked, and we contributed. That you’ve made a community, and somehow this talk is becoming OUR talk. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but that’s what you should talk about. The importance of access to your fans and vice versa. That you’re not on an ivory tower but down in the muck with all of us, like a Pied Piper (but with a ukelele). That you’ve made us ALL the media. And that’s an idea worth spreading.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alicia.e.mercado Alicia Eileen Larkin

    THIS: http://youtu.be/kxsenq2wGfo is my favorite TED talk ( from our local Orlando TED) for several reasons. Not only is Amy a good friend of mine, totally awesome and a fellow Roller Derby Girl, but the talk is all about what we can learn from 7th graders (shes a 7th grade teacher) and how important it is for us to encourage our children to ask questions and explore their world. I am so excited about seeing your TED discussion and know you’ll have an amazing message, with or without the circus :D

  • Ophelia

    If you’re talking about crowd-sourcing, it might be worth mentioning the criticism you received from Ms. Elizabeth Williams over the kickstarter thing, while you’re at it. Y’know, shake the misconception that it’s just a form of money-grubbing rather than a means of engaging directly with the fans to produce something amazing.

    I had a vaguely relevant conversation yesterday comparing you to another, similar female artist in my CD collection. The key difference being, you present yourself in a way that is very much on a personal level with your fans, and always keep in mind what you can give them in return for their support… Whereas the other artist presents more of a fictional persona, and is therefore distanced from her fans and generally just produces stuff under the assumption that people will snap it up because they’re her fans. Yeah, I like some of her music, but I don’t like her professional personality so much…

    So if you’re talking about creative arts as a means of earning a living as well as a means of connecting, inspiring and reaching out others and generally improving everyone’s quality of life with art, then I think a lot of your success is based on the way you’ve never really lost sight of the intimate audience connection necessary to being a cabaret performer, and how that then benefits your fans by your giving them something meaningful to take home, and also means that in return you have a loyal following of people who will give you patronage.

    So that all sounds something akin to rambly market research analysis, but I hope helps piece some ideas together. :)

  • Amelia

    I went to your concert in Seattle, this past September. I have been a fan of yours for about four years, post-dresden dolls, right about when your first solo album came out. you were such a model figure for me because you broke all the rules about what a solo, female musician “should” sound like (and i think that archetype is changing so much that it may not be adequate for describing your impact on my personal music sphere) – let’s just say, you struck me (and still strike me) as mega-talented, mega-charismatic, mega-independent lady who makes amazing music. but at the same time, you were incredibly focused on NOT turning yourself into this icy statue that people gazed at from afar, could never touch, and even if they managed to touch it would get no warmth or fulfillment from. in an interview many years ago you said something along the lines of, “the nature of my music is why i won’t become famous… fame isn’t something i strive for.” or something like that. i agree. you’re not famous, you’re infamous. you’re the opposite of the alienation, disillusionment, and unfulfillment that fame brings. i think if anything you should exploit your anti-fame to its fullest proportions, if you think that your way and your community’s way of making & spreading music is an idea worth spreading.

  • http://twitter.com/_TeDiouS_ Tom Steiger

    Whenever I see you in a non-performance context I’m always struck by how smart you are. The Internet is full to overflowing with footage of you being artistic and outrageous and flamboyant, but there is relatively little out there of you being articulate, thoughtful, and intelligent. So I’m going with Pope on this one: speak from the heart. If only you knew someone who could help you craft it into a compelling story …

    • lentower

      Transferring insights via music is possible and adds intensity, but lowers the density and subtleties that can be transferred.

  • http://www.facebook.com/OWspicywatermelon Nicole Xao

    This is just my humble opinion, but…

    You MUST perform!

    I think showing is much more poignant than telling someone about anything. The whole talk doesn’t have to be musical, but some part of it could be. You could ask for lyrics on Twitter, compose an entirely crowd-sourced song, or just write something from the heart. If it were possible, I think getting crowd-sourced musicians to perform with you definitely illustrates your point better than just talking to people, especially if you could have some of those musicians speak toward the criticisms that have been voiced in the past about crowd-sourcing being a supposedly greedy/money-grubbing act.

    From my perspective, making your talk musical would make it both memorable and substantial, and is also just something I could see you doing. Your Boston Pops performance was a great example of how you can bring your own personal flair to a novel setting other than the rock-star-stage and have it succeed phenomenally. So GO FOR IT CHICA!

    • http://www.facebook.com/OWspicywatermelon Nicole Xao

      Also, if you need a piano/ukulele/drum/guitar/hula-hoop/circus back-up lady, anywhere anytime, I will be there!

  • thorn

    hi AFP,

    I’m a new fan. What popped into my head between your wild circus-y perf-art pitch-let and what michael pope said to you: maybe a ‘live picture-book for smart, wacky, BIG kids’. with performance to illustrate your points. TED is ‘talks’, and you do that well. but it’s an opportunity for you to do both, and for people who’ve never heard of you (but should).

    oh, and — no oysters the night before. :)

    cheers – !

  • http://www.facebook.com/scheherazodd ScheherazOdd Winterborn

    Amanda- to me, you are at your most inspiring when you are stripped down to your most basic level. I want to use the word naked, but I don’t mean just phyical nakedness. As a fan, the thing I love most about you is when, through your music, or blog, you pull the curtain back and give us a small glimpse of what it’s like inside your head; what it’s like to be Amanda Palmer and see through her eyes; to gain a little bit of insight into the mind of the person who has started a revolution where the artist and the audience have been brought together, eye to eye and face to face. You have a unique gift for storytelling, and I suspect that if someone dropped you off on the stage with no notes, no rehearsals, and no gimmicks that you would still deliver an inspiring, touching and video-worthy talk. Go basic, and shock the shit out of them with your mind.

  • http://twitter.com/Maru45 j maruskin

    Ditto karin. Also i think you should talk about the work you’ve done and the time you’ve put in building up that connection with your fans and admirers. I’ve been impressed by your willingness to include unknown people in your act, your generosity towards other performers. Your willingness to ebgage with fans ad hoc—I’m thinking of Tristan. I would never have heard of Bitter Ruin or the Jane Austen Argument (to name two) if not for you.
    And you didn’t get where you are by walking into a venue, singing, and leaving right away.

  • http://twitter.com/ethne88 Marcela Vargas

    I agree with much of what has been said in previous comments. You inspire us everyday through music and every so often through this blog and through Twitter. Be yourself, and if that means suddenly playing the ukulele for the TED-listeners, then you might as well sing the Ukulele Anthem for them! You could easily talk about crowd-funding and kickstarting projects, you’ve become a torch-bearer for such ways of funding… but you could also speak about crowd-funding imagination, creativeness, ideas… how through a tweet you can suddenly construct a topic wiki-ed by all the responses from your readers. How you can change people’s lives through connection, no matter how far apart.

  • SwissNavy


    It’s awesome, all the crowdsourcing and the musicing (Swedish fan inventing English verbs…) you do and the talent you’ve got when it comes to reaching out to us all. However what really has touched me with your work and your blogging, since I first stumbled upon Oasis on my sisters computer about four years ago, is how you write about and act out your views on love. Your song Ampersand has been an important support for me on my path to find a way to look at relationships and love in a way that works for me. Now on my way to become a fully grown relationship anarchist, I find comfort in Melody Dean and take warning from The Bed Song, playing it for the girl who has touched me the deepest and promising each other that we will always, always ask what the matter is. Because I now have found it, a love, a girl whom I want to stand beside when things get rough without claiming her as mine, without feeling like we should have the sole right to each others bodies or hearts. But it isn’t always easy, this being in love-thing, and the way you write about your marriage and the love within as sometimes hard and always a learning process makes me hopeful of our future. I am also deeply impressed and moved by the love in the name of which you cancelled all of spring’s touring. So, what I would like to hear you make a speech about is these kinds of love, what they have taught you, how they are and/or are not different and how they merge with each other and the love to/from the crowd that Karin is writing below. But whatever you choose to do, I have the greatest faith that it will reach us all and enfold us in the wow-feeling of your great self ;)

    All the very best from Sweden!

  • http://twitter.com/underthegarden Red

    I also love the one about the stroke. I enjoyed one by Thandie Newton about how race isn’t very significant (or is it?). There’s one I should rewatch about how to properly tie shoelaces. I’m subscribed to the audio podcasts, so I didn’t actually see how to do it right. I like Diana Nyad, so I liked her talk. There was one about a woman who was maybe legally blind and didn’t know she was so bad off. I think she drove. Another one was about cancer in Tasmanian devils. Or maybe that was from a science podcast I heard.

  • http://twitter.com/dollycunt Dolly

    Amanda, everything you’ve done has been great and wonderful. I really believe that whatever you end up doing at Ted is going to be a huge success. Your gifted person with a beautiful fan base – anything you do, is going to fucking rock. I’m sorry i have no input or opinions for what you should do at ted. But I defiantly have faith in you and and i know other fellow fans will inspire you and give you fucking awesome ideas. IS amanda capable of making bad art? I really don’t think so.

    Stay swellagent.

    love, d.

  • TrinainUS

    I have a cold, and also got sidetracked watching your talk with Henry Rollins. Which was just fine.

    I’m not much of a public speaker, but if you talk about things that are passions of yours, I imagine you’ll do wonderfully.

    (AFP on TED – a match made in great minds! I’m stoked lol)

  • http://twitter.com/Elise_Logan Elise Logan

    Amanda – be you. Believe me, that’s entertaining. However, If I were you (which, obviously, I’m not), I’d focus on not so much WHAT you’ve done – i.e., crowdfunding, patronage society, etc. – but HOW you’ve done it. One of the things we LOVE about you is that you aren’t all distant from us like…oh, Bono for instance. You engage us, you talk to us, you appreciate us (and more importantly, appreciate our love for you). THAT is what you need to get across. Because the thing about crowdfunding is that you need to stand out – you need to make me feel like it’s worth it to chuck my money in the bucket. And that it’s worth my TIME to read the updates. You totally do that. Not only were your supporter rewards AH-MA-ZING, but we each felt your personal touch with them. That makes me want to give you more monies when the next time rolls around.

    So, I’d suggest that you not so much tell the TEDsters WHAT you did as HOW you did it and WHY the way you did it worked. Because that’s just fucking cool.

    • lentower

      Insights is what TED is about. Insights few have understood.

      That’s why HOW & WHY is more important than WHAT & WHO in the TED context.

  • http://danceinblue.com/ Monica

    First off, I think, whichever way you choose, it will rock. I’ve seen you perform live several times, in very different shows. I’ve also watched a lot of your talks/speeches/interviews online. When you strike a chord you strike it deep. Your passion seeps through everything you create. And yes, a speech can be crafted, it is an art. Maybe it’s that 4 part opera, but one the acts is you talking, wrapped up in the ideas and the process and the creativity behind all the awesome shit you do, how has this affected you/changed you? I think it takes a special kind of person to be able to do (even something remotely close) to what you do. How do you think humanity needs to fix itself to help us make the collaborative/supportive art/life balance work? .. but most importantly…

    Tell your story, tell our story.

    Tell a story.

    Talk about this thing, this community that has grown up around you and your music. Find the details that make the big picture resonate across borders/ages/lifestyles.

  • Mr. Alex

    Amanda, Whatever you do in talking, you MUST invite the audience to join in, just as you do with every other audience you face. At a minimum, if you are talking about crowdsourcing you must ask the audience to contribute. If you are talking about bullying you must ask the audience to share an experience of being bullied or being a bully (they don’t have to do it publicly, they could write on an index card). Or similar. That’s always part of who you are – don’t forget it.

    • lentower

      In theory, I like this.

      In practice, it could be hard.

      The TED audience has developed it’s own culture, and I haven’t seen a lot of this kind of audience participations in the TED talks I’ve watched.

  • NativeWit

    The answer is in the question, Amanda.

    Do both – the exited talking and the living art. (It’s all the same thing anyway, really.)

    Use the force, and stop forcing.

    You built it, they came. Trust your little grey cells, that urge to be spontaneous, and the inherent awesomeness of both, silly. :)

    The Force will be with you…always.

  • http://twitter.com/Kambrieldesign Kambriel

    One idea you could incorporate into the talk that I think would resonate with many people (both struggling newbies as well as people who the rest of us probably would label as having “made it”) is your personal thoughts/experience on “the fraud police” & the importance of finding ways to work through and beyond these self-limiting thoughts, empowering ourselves into our own sense of legitimacy in whatever it is we create & bring into the world, and not letting fear or second guessing hold us back from what we have to personally offer.

    I love the idea of you incorporating a song, but I’d save it for the end after you’ve planted seeds that will give the song a foundation of substance to the audience based on what you discussed ~ something that ties it all together, but showcases songwriting being one of your most natural megaphones of expression.

    What if a visual art piece could be made by the audience on the day of the speech ~ something that could culminate in a finished painting/text collage/illustration/etc… that can then be auctioned off for charity (ideally a charity that ties in to your discussion to reinforce concepts). Perhaps you could have a big canvas/heavyweight paper right outside of the room that as people arrive can draw on, add their own quotes to, etc… To lend a cohesiveness, you could have a sign above it asking a simple question, etc… that can serve as an inspirational jumping off point.

    Ultimately, I want you to give yourself the freedom to change your mind for the next week or so… play around with different ideas, don’t feel you have to lock into something just yet. You are a MASTER at winging it and making the most of any situation, as well as with connecting with people & having strangers leave with a sense of newfound family, so breathe, do yoga, and ~trust~ yourself. I know this is such a milestone and it’s something you want to plan for right down to each and every one of those eighteen minutes, and when we are stressed about trying to make the most of everything, of being the absolute best we can possibly be, of not screwing anything up, it’s hard to leave yourself open to inspiration… but *do*. Some idea might hit you at 3 AM five days before the speech, and if it feels right ~ go for it. I have complete faith in you ~ and am here for you to bounce ideas off of anytime!

    • lentower

      Kambriel’s idea of an on-the-spot art piece reminds me of the fan wall on the rear balcony at The Onion Cellar, as well as the other attempts there to make the audience part of the cast.

      • http://twitter.com/Kambrieldesign Kambriel

        Exactamundo, that’s part of the inspiration ~ I went to the Onion Cellar too, and filled out one of the cards… loved that feeling of people joining together with their own little pieces of a larger puzzle ~ forming together as one (& will never forget the line about it being “January in Boston, 70 degrees & the drummer’s wearing a penguin suit!”).

  • http://twitter.com/davebower Dave Bower

    Check out http://www.ted.com/talks/emily_oster_flips_our_thinking_on_aids_in_africa.html . Prof Oster takes a subject most people think they understand, and does a good job of getting the audience think about the subject differently.

  • steve

    Music. Yes. I vote yes.

    I think of the Madonna/Gaga/Palmer song. I see Pope’s point about your passion, but part of what’s magical about you (YOU MAGICAL, MAGICAL WOMAN) is that you can do that in song. You can be singing and screaming and laughing and crying at the same time. Do that.

  • http://twitter.com/irkdesu Erica Bercegeay

    I think an element of the simple ninja gigs would be an idea worth spreading. You’ve got a ukelele, it’s accompaniment enough for wherever you go, it’s simple and direct. Uncomplicated and unashamed. Ukelele Anthem charges me up to do art like no other song can, and it’s simple and direct. I think a crowdsurfing opera might be cool, but the important ideas might drown in the roar of it.

  • deeza13666

    I have been thinking about this and what comes to mind is how you have connected with your fans. All the love shared with strangers and created by you. Plus how you have created a refuge for many people to share their thoughts and feelings without being made to feel ashamed or worthless. The reason I love you and your music is because of the honesty and connection to your fans. Nothings feels fake or forced with you.

  • Mary Jane

    many great comments here, I agree that there should be some focus on your unique relationship with your community of fans (ok cult, but don’t say cult :) ) – you described it in one of your post as a relationship not with a person but with this cloud of people, and it would be a good point to at least bring up. What it feels like, and what this faceless cloud of people looks like from your side, what kind of role it has in your life (I think you said something like “it’s like having a mother” somewhere).

    Maybe you can tweet something about this very topic live from the stage and project on the screen the responses to it in the background while you talk? although that would probably be distracting.

    I do agree with others here that it would be best if it would be mostly talk, with some music, maybe 80% talk and 20% playing at the end.

    Or!! you could tell them about this community of fans that you built and how they’re all everywhere, like artsy sleeper cells waiting to be activated at any moment with one tweet that will make them all run out on the streets naked, wearing nothing but fruit hats, playing uke’s and hugging people. And then retweet the pictures of artsy destruction from around the world projected on the screen as security carries you off the stage, with you screaming “that’s right bitches!”.

  • mentorless

    Very excited to discover your TED talk. I’m a huge TED fan. Following your request, here are some of my fav, they are usually the ones I have shared and watched multiple times (and over time) and that had a huge impact on me and -it seems- others. I narrowed it down to three. They all have one point in common: they are talks and not performance. (which only means that I seem to be more sensitive to talks than performances when it comes to TED)

    1- Ken Robinson says school kills creativity (all time fav) http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity.html

    2-Aimee Mullins, it’s not fair having 12 pair of legs (all her talks are great, but this one is the first I introduce people to)

    3- Alain de Botton: a kindler, gentler philosophy of success

    I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Hope it will inspire and touch others!

  • http://twitter.com/opheliasdaisies opheliasdaisies

    Hi Amanda! First off, congratulations on your TED invite! That’s huge! You should be super proud to be getting up there! I’ve seen you perform and heard you give talks and think you are wonderful at both. I don’t think you should dilute your message by throwing in tons of bells and whistles because you feel you should or because it’s expected. If you do want to compose some music, I think something simple with you and your uke would be perfect. You have a wonderful message and you will let it shine no matter what! I also think that a lot of the most powerful TED talks are unexpected or personal or both. I think there are all these personal perspectives you could bring in to bring something unique and unexpected to the talk without making it a full-out performance. What if you brought in something about Anthony and canceling your tour, but still staying connected via the crowdsourcing support and community. Or bring in the more current bullying conversations. I think it would be amazing to find a way to take the broader crowdsourcing message and apply it to one of these different, personal issues that most people can relate to on a human, universal level. There’s this beautiful “talk” that comes to mind about disconnecting – that was given at a tech conference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7LchINN7lU&feature=youtube_gdata_player Hope this helps in even a small bit. And congratulations and good luck! You’ll be amazing no matter what!

  • http://twitter.com/TiannaWhitaker Tianna Whitaker

    I am so excited that you will be talking at Ted, I really hope they post the video! I know that your talk is going to be absolutely amazing because, at the core of things, the best Ted talks are by people who are passionate about the subject they are talking about and you are definitely there! There are so many great comments here already with ideas about your talk, so I won’t reiterate what has already been said on that front. However, I did want to share my favourite Ted talks with you.

    The first is wonderful, about illusion: http://www.ted.com/talks/marco_tempest_the_magic_of_truth_and_lies_on_ipods.html

    And the second is just extremely interesting, about introverts:

    Good Luck!

  • Don Able

    Why not dramatise your talk? Something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Lug_IxFKo8

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christian-Jacobsen/1533903364 Christian Jacobsen

    There is only one thing you are totally EXPERT on, and that is BEING AMANDA FUCKING PALMER. So the greatest value you can give to any audience – TED or not – is being yourself. Going at it from that angle, I like the idea of doing a totally meta TED Talk… You walk out on stage and you say, “Oh my god! They want me to speak at TED! Ok, what’s my talk going to be about…”

    From there you touch on all the aspects of who Amanda Palmer is, and why the TED audience would be interested in what you have to say. Like, “Ok, these people like success stories, so I could tell them how my band with a totally weirdo lineup of drums and keyboards basically broke the back of the drums-bass-guitar-singer band model. Or I could talk about the time when some of my fans tweeted that they were bummed the venue I was playing that night was 21-over, and they couldn’t go to the show… so I told them to meet me in the park across the street before the show, and I brought my uke and invented the ninja-gig.’

    Etc, etc, etc. Go through this list of things you have done as a result of your close connection with the community.

    Then you tie it together with the blog activity here the other day about bullying on the internet.

    At the end you tie it up with a bow by closing with comments to the effect of, “I am Amanda Palmer. Am I a musician? A social media visionary? A crowdfunding maven? A theater performer? No. What I am is someone living fearlessly publicly, and the crowd is finding me. This is not a business model. It is not a movement. It is what happens when you are honest with people and connect genuinely with them.”

    There is more to it than that, but the STORY you are telling is “Why did Amanda Palmer make these decisions that led to the results we have seen?”

    Because YOU are the best story of all, and YOU are the only one qualified to tell that story.

    • lentower

      I like this, if it also delivers the core ideas of what makes the Crancing Punk Cabaret the tribe that it is.

  • http://twitter.com/Fallen_Woman Fallen Woman

    Tell The Truth. Leave out anything that is not The Truth. You shall only Walk the Truth, Wear The Truth, Speak the Truth, Stand up In Truth. (Which for you should be easy enough.)

    Tell how crowd(funding) is The People, how the people is Cabaret, how cabaret is Punk Rock, how punk rock is Your Art, and how your art is Crowd.

    But make sure it’s the motherfucking truth.

  • AletaMay

    I like the idea of a performance piece that is, in essence, the story you just told about the performace you imagined after your phone convo with Chris Anderson.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hazza9494 Harry James

    I absolutely love this Ted Talk by Ken Robinson asking do schools kill creativity? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG9CE55wbtY

  • Tracey

    Peace to you Gorgeousness.You already have your 18mins.You know what you would like to talk about it all works in together.Talk about energy,talk about connection in ALL it’s levels and how it works together.How it is strong yet fragile & that’s what makes it so beautiful.Talk about How music …a song can be happy for someone one day yet that same song to the same person may mean something else on another day.Peace because you have done this before.Peace because we are proud you were asked TED is lucky to have you.They want your energy…so peace & All love for you & Yours xx

  • http://twitter.com/ErinAndLewi Erin and Lewi

    I think I understand why creating this TED talk and, most pressingly, deciding on what form it is going to take, is such a challenging task for you. I think that in creating something like this, one has to ask what one’s legacy is. What is the big, unifying, bold, extraordinary idea that you have come up with in your life, what, of course, is your idea worth spreading? And if you were to ask me what that is, I’d say that it has to do with the nature of communication itself; the multitude of ways in which you communicate. Be it through, singing, writing, talking, music, dance, costume, in person, on the internet, in text, in speech, on a video, in a tweet, on the blog, or even a webcast. Every mode of communication open to you, you have used it. Freely, openly, and to great effect. You have used it to communicate with fans, to tells them of your highs and lows, where you are, what you’re doing, to bring them together, to bring them to you, to counsel, to inspire, to rally, to join in, to help, and mostly just to let them know there is somebody else out there.

    And maybe your legacy is that of multimedia, multi-purpose communication (and as has been said here in the comments) how that affects both you and your community. And this is a very valid and important point. But I think it goes deeper than that.

    One line that really stuck with me from the blog, years and years ago, before I ever heard it in “Provanity” and maybe even before “Provanity” was written, was the idea “no-one will ever care to see what I don’t show.” And that I think, is your legacy. Not a spitting comment at the imaginary paparazzi who might hope to find something devious in your trash, not a criticism of over-sharing, not a display of vanity or attention-seeking – but the notion of complete honesty.

    Honesty in communication, how to give enough of yourself and what to keep for yourself. Two major things have happened in your life lately which demonstrate both (and the tightrope you walk between the two), perfectly. The million dollar crowdfunding was an amazing feat, but the more important point is how you made that happen. Not through promotion or advanced technological dissemination, or even just having a good fanbase – but even deeper than that – how you won the support of your fans in the first place. Honesty. Giving as much as you take. Being a whole person in the eye of the media, bringing your fans into the spotlight, allowing them to, as you say, “be the media.” This is why when you at long last departed Roadrunner they stayed. Your fans had connected not to some corporate manufactured image of who you were, whose display and exposure is controlled and refined by the company – you had long broke free of that and connected your real self with the real selves of the fans. I was there at the Melbourne Forum show that you SOLD OUT with the Dolls without the help of a label. My partner and I cooked you food which we’d found the opportunity to do through The Shadow Box, Twitter and email. And I sat across from the real Amanda Palmer and talked about butterscotch sauce, the same woman who answered my tweets later on. You didn’t “put on a face” to greet us backstage and there was no lackey typing out your Twitter feed later on. If there was – you’d have told us.

    And then there are the things you keep to yourself. Up until very recently, Anthony was one of those things. You didn’t want to bring him into the light, into the Amanda media world, and I appreciate that. There are some things that are right for sharing, and there are some that don’t fit, and when the moment is right, things will be as they need to be. When you had to cancel the tour in order to support your dearest friend, it became something that needed to be shared. And so it was. And the people around you accepted that, they even wanted to donate the money from their tickets to in some way help Anthony, and many did. Why? Because honesty begets honesty. Because people sympathised, on a deep human level, with you and with Anthony. People that may have never even met either of you, somehow understood and felt moved by the power of what you had shared, and maybe even the power of what you hadn’t shared.

    When you talked about bullying on the blog, about how you had felt bullied and how that cycle runs, about the journalists and the internet and Amanda Todd – people shared their own bullying stories. People connected with each other and sheltered one another, because of a conversation you started, but more importantly because of a feeling you shared and the knowledge that even the media savvy, the media hardened, the famous and even those who are loved and supported by a great many – can feel bullied. And that hurting because of that is OK, and that you want to help those who do. And again, honesty begot honesty.

    In closing, I remember when you and Brian used to argue in the tour van about “oversaturation vs. mystique” back in 2006. Two things here, one: I remember. I remember because I was reading along with the blog at that time. I remember like I was there, like I had heard your conversations, like I was somehow part of that “oversaturation vs. mystique” discussion. And that’s something special (and maybe a little strange). I think that tension, that “oversaturation vs. mystique” tension – has been at the centre of your work for a long time. I think you have walked that tightrope for perhaps all of your career and I believe that now, in the Kickstarter, with Anthony, and the through bullying – you are mastering that feat. Honesty in communication is your legacy, knowing what to give, how much and when, is your finest accomplishment.

    • lentower

      Well written. Good points.

      Yes, being public about herself, while respecting her besties/familiy’s privacy is one thing Amanda does well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/turtliewings Julia Nelson

    Good use of music in a TED talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/benjamin_zander_on_music_and_passion.html

    Good use of music in conversation/presentation/hilarity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGSNxkCIln0

    Crowd(source?) + Music + Awesome Talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/eric_whitacre_a_virtual_choir_2_000_voices_strong.html <—the one that most reminds me of you.

    Just please don't be one of the ones that just gets up and plays music and that's it. There have been some amazing musicians on TED talks, but you know what? I don't remember any of THEM well enough to do a search and find them again. You have something amazing to communicate, and this is your chance to do it — with music, or without, it's the message that makes it TED, and it's your message that makes you awesome.


  • Kimberly Santini

    Anytime a ukelele is involved, the message becomes clearer, wo I’m all for the music.

    As to fav Ted talks, Elizabeth Gilbert on genius, Amy Tan, Sarah Key (spoken poetry is like music), the LAPhil violinist who mentored the homeless schitzophrenic musician (spelling is not my strong point), and Brene Brown.

    I can’t WAIT to hear yours. Know it will be brilliant.

  • KatC

    Talk, yes! Illustrate what you’re saying with art/crowdsourcing. What if you, maybe even in real time, crowdsourced by tweeting at the beginning of your talk for fans to show up and help you crowdsurf at the end of your talk and then when your AFP community shows up, invite the audience to join them and crowdsurf the TED audience and your fans together? What a way to bring the experience home, don’t you think? Whatever you choose to do, I trust that you will bring your heart and passion to the room, and every great TED talk I’ve seen comes from that kind of openness. They chose well in asking you!

  • Kyrie

    Wow Amanda! That’s wonderful! I think that WE, as a collective trans-global internet entity should help YOU write a uke song for the TED talk via twitter. And then you can get a group of your film-savy buddies and produce a video for it (sort of like 8in8, but with a weeks time instead). That would be a pretty epic opener, AFPstyle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.mayhew.165 Michael Mayhew

    I tried to post this link before, forgive me if this shows up twice. Anyway – ze franks TED talks really resonated with me. http://www.zefrank.com/zesblog/archives/2010/10/ted_talk_emotio.html For your own talk, I suggest you begin by thinking about what key emotion and what key idea you want everyone to walk away with. TED talks are pretty short, I’d focus on making the message powerful and graspable, and then decide what format would best support that.

  • Professor Truthiness
  • Emily

    I think you know your message in your heart of hearts. Your question seems to be more about how to deliver it. I think you should keep it simple. You are trying to change the masses (or at least influence them) and let’s be real, the masses don’t understand Art. Not until it’s too late and the artist is dead and history is already made. We don’t have time for that. So deliver your message simply with your AFP signature style! I love the idea of the orchestrated performance. We your fans would understand the show, but I feel the message would be lost on the masses who aren’t familiar with your work. For example, the creator of the awesomely deep video game Braid. He was horribly depressed after he realized, “They don’t get it. They play it without understanding the message.” My 2 cents. Thanks for listening as always <3

  • http://twitter.com/ethernz Katie

    Ok now that I’m not at work I can post on the blog instead of at twitter. My favourite TED presenter is probaby Hans Rosling because he makes stats fascinating. This is the first TED talk of his I’ve done http://www.ted.com/talks/hans_rosling_shows_the_best_stats_you_ve_ever_seen.html but he’s done a few.

    I also love this quick talk by Bobby McFerrin in which he uses the audience to play music http://www.ted.com/talks/bobby_mcferrin_hacks_your_brain_with_music.html

  • Jackie Wallace

    My favorite TED talks are Susan Cain’s talk on introversion, and Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability. They’re both really, really great, and influenced me in an incredible way. They made me feel something that I had previously only thought was possible through reading an amazing book, or hearing an amazing song. Sometimes the universe is cruel and unfeeling, but sometimes it hands you exactly the right thing, at the exact moment you most need it. That’s how I felt about those talks. They were so real. It was like the skin of the world was peeled back, and I saw the beating heart underneath. That’s why I love them. Because I saw into another person, and was able to see myself more clearly because of it. That’s what I want out of every day, and I think that’s the best possible thing you could shoot for in your TED talk, Amanda. Luckily, these things are not complicated. I don’t think it’s really very important how you do it, as long as you feel the rawness of it. It has to feel unapologetic, with no excuses for who you are, or barriers between you and the rest of humanity. I’m sounding increasingly ridiculous as I type this, so I’m just gonna stop.

  • http://twitter.com/Onna_Bugeisha_ Xi

    I wanted to try and give you a suggestion on this when you first posted it, but at the time I couldn’t think of anything. A few things sprang to mind, but I quickly dismissed them as likely not what you were going for.

    And then you tweeted this:

    “@amandapalmer TED IDEA. how many pictures of people holding ukuleles naked in their places of work do you think we could source? if over 2,000, we’re GOLD”

    And I’ve no doubt your replies EXPLODED with ethusiastic fans. Within a few minutes you had retweeted several keen replies from people willing to get their kit of for you, myself included. Which made me stop and think for a moment. You made a suggestion and people took it as permission to do something they wouldn’t normally be brave enough to do. You put an idea in their head and because it came from you it inspired them and gave them the courage to give it a go. You have this amazing ability to use the power of suggestion to enable people.

    So, if you’re willing, I’d love to hear you talk about the power of suggestion -what it’s like to be able to plant ideas in peoples’ heads, what the thrill of knowing you can enable and inspire people the way that you do feels like and how amazing it must be to watch people run with those little ideas and do fantastic things with them.

  • Rosemary White

    Look forward to your talk/performance/whatever. It will be great! TED people must rehearse their talks, I mean, a talk or sermon or lecture, if it’s good, is like an actor giving a performance – rehearsed but still fresh, lively, engaging. It only SEEMS as though it’s off-the-cuff, that’s the beauty of it. As long as you are your amazing self and relaxed up front and engage with the audience, it will be fab.

    Oh, and uploading images – would think that somewhere like Getty images or other image library would be able to help there.

  • insignifikunt

    could you start a dropbox and give everyone the password to upload nekkid with uke photos?

    • YeahThat’sMeNaked

      Nekkid uke

  • disqus_RDIaohRXQG

    Hi Amanda, I once saw one a video of you doing a graduate talk at a university on ‘ The Fraud Police’ which would make a great TED subject. It hit so many markers in my life I just wish I’d heard it when I was in my early twenties and not my late forties. I went a TED XX last year and even after eight hours I continued to be enthralled. I wish I could see your talk, I await with bated breath. xx

  • http://twitter.com/balive2love Meagan Elizabeth

    Whatever you do it will be fantastic. Try not to say the word–uhm. That’s all I have for now. Best wishes <3

  • qRuf

    one of the better speeches i know is called “the fraud police”
    i listen to it about 2-3 times every year and it helps me every time

    looking forward to a great talk!

  • http://twitter.com/ToxicPassion Elizibeth Ann Musell

    Amanda, you are one of the most Passionate voices I have heard in this lifetime. Part of your charm is your ability to be candid, raw, intelligent, and real. I cannot imagine an audience able to resist that.

    Go up there and just BE. You are Amanda FUCKING Palmer. And yes, that is incredibly complex and difficult to package… but you’ve been doing that your entire life. They picked you for a reason darling- don’t doubt yourself now.

    While your music/performance style may not be for everyone, the honesty of your heart is timelessly touching. From one Muse to another… Your ability to inspire is breathtaking and TED is lucky to have you working so hard to do them proud. Take in the positive energy your tribe has been pouring out to you and cycle it back. You’ll blow them the Fuck away.

  • Ella

    I will try to keep this short and simple for you to prevent side-tracking….

    Like so many times before you said “We are the Media”.

    – Having conversations on twitter, getting the idea of making t-shirts people can buy.

    – Asking people on twitter about their health insurances and getting surprised by all the feedback.

    – Talking about Amanda Todd and receiving 1000+ personal stories of people that have been bullied.

    – And of cause kickstarter….. $1,192,793 OMG….Oh my fucking God….should I say more. ;)

    These are just a few examples of the power that lies in the interaction between you and your comrades. It is what differs you from other artists. And I know this differs you also from any other TED speaker. Don’t try to be like one of them…be you.

    The Amanda Fucking Palmer secret is actually no secret. I think the power that makes all of this work is that all of us dare to be fragile and show our true selves on the interweb. The result: A deep loving connection with one another, where every person is equal, like it should be.

    So my simple idea is or to talk about “We are the Media”. What it means to you and things that have happened.

    Or you could talk about it and show the power too. Right there in the moment. An idea could be to go live on the web when recording the TED talk and let people have power in some way what will happen in that TED talk.

    It will be more of a challenge but an interesting one.

    And to leave you with some inspiration, have a look at the Heapsong projects of Imogen Heap. She asks fans to be part of her creative process by asking them to send in photos, videos, words that trigger her mind. In the end it isn’t just her song but of everybody in some beautiful way.




  • P_the_wanderer

    As much as I love you performing I think you should just talk because you have so much to say. I think you’d have so much to say about being an artist and connecting with your fans the way you do… Even though I follow you I’d love to hear you say it and say it to people who don’t know much about it. If it DOES get posted on website you’d be able to reach many people who normally would not know about you – and not only other artists but also people who want to find and support great art but haven’t heard of crowd-sourcing – or maybe they did but only from outside sources and have a wrong idea about it.

    People who already had Amanda Palmer experience know. But I’d love those who haven’t yet to be able to hear it and to hear it from you.

    It might sound strange but I am strangely excited of the idea of you just talking (and showing slides). I think that in a way you are a force of nature and you don’t NEED to put on a show to make a show. What I really like about TED talks I’ve watched was that, despite the audience, they felt very intimate. It was people talking about what they know, about their experiences or jobs and the message they wanted to convey.

    I love AFP shows. But I’m really looking forward to an AFP talk.

  • http://twitter.com/TZignago Tony Zignago

    Hey you!

    Not a big fan of yours, though from what little I have seen it is obvious that you
    are an artistic genius. I stumbled on your query and I have a few thoughts you
    might find helpful. Quickly, I’d like to say that I’m an artist too, underground
    at this point, but I’m going to be coming out soon because I’ve decided to release
    myself from a 15 year sabbatical. I’ve been playing and writing on electric
    guitar for 24 years, blah, blah, blah. Look at my twitter if you are remotely interested.
    Ok, here you go…

    Congratulations on getting the opportunity to talk on TED, it is truly great
    and you are more than qualified to give a compelling speech. First of all based
    on your blog entry, you seem worried; don’t be. I’ve seen a TED about how to
    tie your shoes; it’s no big thing to get high energy anxiety about. They do use
    teleprompters usually imbedded on the floor in front of the stage. They all
    have slide shows. I’m not kidding, most of the information you need to do the
    presentation right can be found in a community college speech 101 class
    textbook. This is not an exaggeration at all, in fact if you take a speech
    class in school, they make you watch TED talks and compare how every speaker
    uses BASIC speech elements in their speeches. They all do it, and none of them
    miss any of the speech 101 textbook guidelines. Not one. There is a simple
    formula that everyone uses to give an effective speech, learn it. (if you don’t
    know it already)

    A big question to ask yourself is, “Why would TED ask me to talk?” From a
    completely objective point of view,(because I don’t know you, or about your
    vision) I would say because they see a potential for you to take your artistic
    vision and provoke you to intellectually develop yourself. To grow. They see
    your art as it has been and want you to progress further from where you are at.
    They like you as a representative of this generation and feel with a little
    more intellectual maturity you could be a real leader for us in the years to
    come. In other words, and I mean this in the nicest, most palatable way
    possible; they want you to set the seeds for personal growth, to break out of
    any arrested-ness you may be experiencing on a personal level. You’ve hit some
    big landmarks that a lot of people like you, (i.e. me) haven’t hit. (yet) In other
    words; they’re trying to help you. It’s an honor, and it’s a training. I can’t
    emphasize enough, though, that it’s easy and you are going to really go above
    and beyond their expectations.

    You do need a slide show, and you need THE MOST CREDIBLE SOURCES YOU CAN FIND TO BACK UP EVERYTHING YOU SAY. This is not performance art; I’d lose the idea
    of doing gimmicky stuff, or playing music. Everyone knows you are a master of
    that already; they don’t need to see you do that. They’ll go to your shows and
    watch you videos for that stuff. The best TED talks are the ones that use
    scientific data to back up their findings. (usually people from universities, and the
    like, presenting data) Well, that’s not who you are. You are an artist that
    draws from your feelings to arrive upon your demonstrations and processes. None
    the less, factual accounts and verifiable statistics give your speech the most
    gravity, and quite frankly, make the speech easier to give. If you give people undeniable
    facts, they have to believe you. Naked people with Ukes are not what people
    want to know about YOU, and YOU are what it’s about.

    This is great opportunity for you because you have the chance to open up some
    untapped, maybe even more conservative portions of yourself. Stuff you might
    not even be honest with yourself about. I think you might consider showing a more straight-laced, conservative side of yourself. That would really be impressive, off the charts for you. Even to the point of wearing a plain dress that you’d find on the set of “Little House on the Prairie” would shock the hell out of people, they’d have to listen to you at that point.
    (btw, never watched that show, always referred to it as “Little Cow pie in
    the Meadow” but you see my point…I think) Be serious.

    That aside, what I feel you should talk about is:…drum roll…How and why,
    but mainly how you put your soul into your art. It’s tough, but it’s the
    greatest asset you have, and what you really have to offer people that they
    would find interesting. That’s what you have to give. It’s hard
    because I have a feeling that even you, on the inside, don’t want to necessarily
    reveal your secret formula. Partially because you don’t know how to describe it,
    and partially because you’re afraid…of yourself. That is what I mean when I
    say that they are trying to help you. The speech part is easy, the revelation,
    to yourself, in a public presentation is the hard part. it will make you grow, I guarantee
    it. Because I just happen to be someone who plays with soul, I’ll throw in a hint
    that you can throw out, no problem. It’s impedance in light form that is
    connected to your heart. You use your emotions to tap the heart and light and
    display it through vibrance. The level you have it at is as a virtuoso, you
    either got it, or you don’t, and you know when you do…and you do.

    I’d use examples of virtuoso types and their similarities in paths with deep quotes to back this up.

    Also, something you are great at, that I’m not so great at is your ability to
    rouse the masses. The way you wrote your plea in your blog is easy to read and
    very convincing. I mean, I know nothing about you, couldn’t care less. And
    after seeing one friends tweet about TED and naked ukuleles, I took the time to
    write this long ass letter to you. I mean, what the hell is that? That’s power.
    You have an amazing ability to use this social networking business to create a
    huge fan base that cares. Look at me, I don’t care, and your sincere call for
    community ideas encouraged me to write all of this. That’s an amazing gift and power you have. I’d focus on the power you have of arousing social network, how you do it and the
    attachment to your feelings, heart and art. Use a uke to demonstrate you
    connection of feeling to music and use a slideshow/videos to demonstrate how
    you are real and encourage people to believe and follow you. Break down why you
    did what you did in your marketing, video visuals, outfits, etc. For example,
    why is the bloody heart at the end of you video so relevant to the culture you
    influence. Why does it work? (btw, that’s the only video I’ve watched of yours,
    and I don’t even know the name, and I’m not running to look it up, no offence)

    Ok that’s enough, especially from someone with the most objective opinion
    possible. I can’t stress enough how little I actually know about anything you
    do. Perhaps if I looked into it more I say something more specifically pertinent
    to your style. Finally, the most interesting TED I’ve seen is from a MIT
    professor who is developing a camera that films at 10 trillion, yes, trillion
    frames per second. It breaks down light into photon packets. Look it up. Thank
    you for taking the time to read my letter. Now that I’ve written, I’m
    interested to see what you do. Maybe I’ll catch up with you somewhere down the
    line. Good luck! This is really, really a good thing for you. – Tony Zignago

    ps- after writing a letter this long, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me to fuck off.

    • lentower


      You raise a lot of good points.

      Though I doubt that many people in the audience will know Amanda, even her music at all well, if at all. But that isn’t important to giving a good talk.

      Especially to use her TED talk to explore and grow.

      Amanda has been known to rock conventional dresses (e.g. see the “What the Use of Wonderin'” cover video that came out during the promotion of her Who Killed Amanda Palmer album).

      But I think her day-to-day dress would suit her TED talk. E.g. what she wore in the TED promo video above

      best -len

      PS: The Amanda I know would like you to express yourself sexually as often as you wish amidst a good life.

    • http://twitter.com/revsean revsean

      I read your comment, but only b/c I promised myself to read entirely through this thread. Why why why would anyone take advice (even good advice) from someone who starts with “I’m not a big fan of yours,” goes on to talk at length about themselves and then critiques all the TED talks with a dismissiveness that belies a very large ego. I know you meant to “help” but comments like “Look it up” are boringly patronizing. You clearly don’t have a clue how to present something so people want to hear what you have to say. So, yeah, I wanted to tell you to fuck off. But it’s not my blog, so I guess it’s not my place. So instead, I thought I’d share my honest response not to what you said–which had several good points–but how you said it.”I don’t know you and I don’t really like you, but listen to my expertise” might not be the best strategy for respectful communication. I hope as you come out of your sabbatical and present yourself and your art to the world, you take a page from Amanda and do it with authenticity and JOY rather than ego.

      • http://twitter.com/TZignago Tony Zignago

        Thanks! I know I’m some kind of asshole…this is not news to me. I never said I didn’t like her though, I just don’t know her because I have never listened to her or got into it. Not to say I wouldn’t get into it, or not like her. I probably would. Though, I’m an underground artist type, I do, for some reason, have a tremendous ego. I’m not perfect and this is something about myself that I slowly work to improve. (with varying degrees of success) The reason why I write the way I do is because my other option is to not write at all, or, perhaps to go back and re-edit 5 times to curtail my voice to something more ‘friendly.’ Because I was writing her on a whim,(at 4AM) I just let her have it. By no means do I feel my suggestions are rule, and I do have a tendency to talk with a condecending tone, another fault of mine, I guess. No matter what, she is an intense enough person to bring all of that out of me even though I really have no grounds for an opinion at all. This is further proof that she has a special gift worth talking about.
        All-in-all I feel there is a lot of truth to what you are saying, believe it or not, I’ve heard comments like yours before. I totally agree with you that I need to change my approach, and Amanda’s formula creates an air of reception that is undenyable, joyful and successful…I have a lot to learn from her, no doubt about it. An interesting find for sure. No kidding, before a couple days ago, I’d never heard of her. Your ‘fuck off’ is taken and approved. I appreciate your taking the time to let me know your feelings and I will try to apply them the next time I get an inspiration to voice my opinion about something.

        • http://twitter.com/revsean revsean

          Not the reply I was expecting–and you went up by a huge amount in my estimation with it. Because you’re willing to listen and you didn’t assume I was just trying to be an ass. I wasn’t. I really did want you to know that your message got lost for me b/c of the style of your delivery. “Condescending” is the word I was looking for and couldn’t find. It did come off that way.

          You are a talented writer, or you wouldn’t have moved me to respond. You got a lot across in your post, flaws and all. And, if it doesn’t go without saying, I recognized the flaw because it’s one I’ve had to work on myself. In one way, it’s a practice of compassion toward the other AND toward yourself. “I have something to say that is no more or less important than anything anyone has to say.” No need for condescension as a defense against fear. No need to put anyone in their place or prove yourself.

          Your opinion is as valid as anyone’s. And you did the same thing you describe Amanda as doing–evoking a response in others. Not a superpower, but the real power of art and artists. Now, to be able to do it with utter confidence, neither self-deprecating nor egotistical…

  • http://twitter.com/dchip Nick Land

    “How does a living statue make a million dollars?”

    You connect.

    I bought two tickets to one of your London gigs, and offered one on Shadowbox so I could meet some random AFP fan to enjoy the show with. Met a cool guy from Portland, swapped stories and favourite bands. I did it because after listening to you for a while, it just seemed obvious.

    I think your talk is the changes you’ve caused, and the changes you foresee in the media


    • Mark L

      Hey Nick way cool thing to do. I saw her live for the first time In Mpls on the recent tour I picked up a extra ticket and a week before the show put it on craigslist for free just to meet someone interesting.Had a great time. Now I just wish I could somehow timetravel and attend a few Dresdon Dolls shows. Oh well Enjpy ML

  • http://twitter.com/roggesound Dave Rogge

    The dance company I work for does a piece that was created based on Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED talk, and they do a choreographed reciting of parts of her talk. So, you know… maybe someone will dance to your talk…

  • MaleahArvieux

    I dream about giving a TED talk like some people practice their Oscar’s speech- so this news made me giddy. The invitation to participate through naked pictures with ukuleles was something I could not pass up.

    Serendipitously, my best friend of over a decade is a photographer who specializes in taking nudes, and does it in a way that is never creepy- every woman he has shot has been thrilled with how comfortable he makes them.

    He also collects ukuleles.

    Not making this up.

    So Allan is coming Sunday to KC and we are having a naked-ukulele photo shoot. As I do not have a “workplace” and it’s frozen outside, I want my daring environment to be a meet-up at my home for anyone else interested in participating in the shoot.

    For the comfort of all involved, single men are not invited. Significant others are strongly encouraged, again, for the comfort of all. Taking nude pictures with strangers is no easy thing, and there’s a reason this is my daring environment.

    Thoughts? Interest? I will not be able to provide sleeping arrangements- I am a single mom who has to go back to work and school the next day. I don’t want anyone to drive a long distance if they don’t have convenient places to return after the shoot. Anything I didn’t think to address?

    I’m really nervous and hugely excited and stuck somewhere worried between no one will come and too many will come.

    I hope some of you come :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/crysthewolf Crystal Wolf

    I just saw this today and I haven’t read all of the comments… or many of them… or really all of any of them. But I’ve been listening to “In My Head” all morning, and so I think you should follow your own advice and just be you. Personally, just from me, I’d rather just hear you talk about something that you’re passionate about, as a person, than watch trained monkeys, but if you’re really feeling the trained monkeys than go for it I suppose. Crowd surfing a TED talk would be awesome if that’s what you’re really feeling inside, but honestly I’m not getting that impression at the moment. I vote go with what you already had put together and were confident in. Or throw that all out, walk up to the microphone with a topic, and ramble for however long they give you… what is it, fifteen minutes or something? Obviously I’m not particularly well versed on this topic in general but… Well, thing is, I dig TED talks, but I dig Amanda Fucking Palmer more, so I think you should just be that person and not worry about comparing her to the rest of the people who do TED talks.

    There’s $.02 from some random chick on the internet who has been feeling inspired by you today. For whatever it’s worth, feel free to roll with it. :)

  • Alexis Grizzell

    First off, this talk by Tavi Gevinson, an awesome teenage girl who’s a feminist and a blogger and Editor in Chief of rookiemag.com, changed my life. I think you’ll enjoy it, it’s a talk about trying to figure out being a complex, individual woman in today’s society.
    And secondly, congratulations on being chosen for TED, that’s awesome! I see why going either route with your talk could be beneficial. It could be AMAZING to do an awesome art piece and it could be powerful to be straightforward. I would say simplicity is key in this type of environment, say your piece with conviction and you’ll win everyone over.
    Also, I wanted to share why your kickstarter was so important to me. I felt PART OF IT ALL, part of the wonderful world of you. Bringing this point, that when you crowd source for funds or musicians, you are creating a community. And fans are HAPPY to contribute and become a part of that community. It’s so much more intimate and full of LOVE.
    I hope this helps. Much love to you Amanda, you’re a constant inspiration to me. Good luck :)

  • Sam

    This is beautiful. So liquid, but resonant like the sound waves it’s created from. http://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_kay_if_i_should_have_a_daughter.html

  • Tichi

    18 minutes to blow our minds beyond inspiration. This is what I think is going to happen. But even if your grades are bad it doesn’t mean you’re failing.

  • Violet Koncz

    Congrats girl! You will rock it out! Being on TED is one of my missions and it’s great to know someone who is actually speaking for them soon! :) Can’t wait to see what you come up with <3

  • Werner Roth

    Hi Amanda, congratulations you deserve it and honestly I am jealous :-) I love TED and why do I love some of the performances? They show me something I need and is useful in my daily struggles. No that are good TED talks. TED talks I love are the one where I can feel the role model of someone live. This can be past orientated (you mentioned some giants) or future orientated by someone who starts his/her career. Go to be good and you will be loved. Cheers Werner

  • Jean Woest

    You know what you should totally do? Dress up as a living statue and have them push you on stage on like a dolly or something and just stand there and wait to see if someone actually gives you the dollar. Don’t start talking until they do. If no one does, then don’t say anything. Have them wheel you back off. That would be FUCKING epic as well as artistic, provocative, and an interesting mirror to hold up to TED. Just saying.

  • Lizzie

    Rosianna Halse Rojas’ is one of my favourite TED Talks and lesser known, about Online Communities – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JmFXtbsL2g

  • alex15

    Hi Amanda….I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what do I think about it….what would I pick if I were you…and in the end I think that you should go for the music-circus stravaganzza….because even though I’m sure you are an amazing speaker, there will be a lot of amazing people speeching (more amazing than you some of them)…but NO ONE can do what you can do…do it different…and you’ll have your place in the TED website… :P

  • Nancita J

    Hey Amanda. I must admit to only having seen one TED speech and that was Elizabeth Gilbert’s. I absolutely fucking love it. Her speech is one I think all of us crazy creative creatures can relate to. You are a poet, an amazing human being, I actually feel incredibly stupid trying to find words in which categories you fit…all I can say is that your love drips through all of you and whenever you question how you will deliver this speech…just know that this amazing energy and love you have speaks through you without any words needed and brings so much peace to so many of us. I am so grateful to know that I will get to listen to it. Much love <3

  • http://twitter.com/PaintingDucks Michelle

    after reading through some other comments on this blog, I realized I don’t really have anything especially exciting to add, but I do agree with some of the suggestions. specifically, I loved the idea someone posted about talking about your relationship with us, your fans/community. we are scattered all across this vast world, and come from all different backgrounds, and yet somehow magically you manage to bring all of us together and let us feel like it’s okay to live and love and connect freely with one another. this fundamental feeling of openness, trust, and community is what has made so many of your ventures a success (kickstarter, crowdsourcing, etc). being able to connect with other people makes everything work better, especially when those people are excited to connect with you too. so, perhaps at least touch on this core subject of community, as it seems to contribute a lot to making everything else work.

  • http://twitter.com/alltheraej Rachel Jackson

    Favorite TED talk:
    Handspring Puppet Company

    Other webcast thing I thought might be useful/inspirational:
    Ben Folds MySpace concert

    When I think about what is mind-blowing about you to me (besides your obvious many talents), it is that you seem to live fiercely and be massively present in both 3D Space and Cyber Space…at the same time…..and you’ve built a gigantic friend-love-family that exists comfortably in both places. I should think everyone would want to know the “How?” of that.

  • http://twitter.com/Cathy_Carr Catherine Carr

    Hi Amanda,

    I rarely leave comments anywhere but I had to today when I saw the words “TED talk” my immediate response was “Amanda is everything I love about TED, it’ a perfect match”.

    I have a very short list of “celebrities” I would like to eat a pizza with and you are one of them. You stumbled into my life one day, I had never heard of you or your music but it didn’t take long for you to win me over. I read you blogs out loud to my husband and proclaim “She is going to change everything!”
    I have watched your Harvard talk at least 50 times (when I need some reassurance about choosing an artistic path) I think it is great.

    For me the importance of Amanda FUCKING Palmer is not about listening to your music (although I do), it is about your message. It’s about the huge SCARY world that keeps us afraid and apart and that an Artist like you can get on twitter and ask for crash space or money to make a album and suddenly the BIG BAD WORLD is a really small, wonderful and connected place.

    KEEP IT SIMPLE, no props just the Amanda we all love. You are going to ROCK!

    TED pick http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_listening_to_shame.html

  • Robyn Bridgeman

    I cannot wait. I will download your Ted Talks on my computer and watch it again and again. And then send you money. Because I don’t have a lot of money, but you deserve some of the little that I do have.

  • http://twitter.com/hoisinrealy Hóisín Realy

    Really looking forward to seeing your talk Amanda, whatever you decide to speak about. I’ve been translating TED talks for a little while and I felt very happy when I read your name on the list of upcoming speakers. Hopefully I can do justice to the speech in my language!

  • afpfan79

    Well amanda, as I always say- DO BOTH. I would sing about the process and talk about the things that are true but have never been stated out loud before. Your art reflects this already. You can do it. I love you.

  • Memmer

    Amanda, you must listen to the golden words of this amazing young female artist. Sarah Kay has given my favorite TED talk, presenting her story framed by her art. I think this could really inspire you.


    • Mark L

      This is my first time posting to this wonderful group. I’ve been reading and listining for years. I was checking out some of these TED videos. This woman blew me away . There are so many things I want to say most of it can wait . The main point I have for Amanda Is after your TED video is up It’s going to affect people the way Sarah Kay’s did me. Your gonna knock it out of the park.

  • Lydia

    I think we want to hear about connection. The connection that is the only reason you are even talking to us right now. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about, right?

    My favourite TED talk:

    Sarah Kay, a spoken word poet. She is really wonderful.

  • http://melanieching.ca/ Melanie Ching

    Since I only know which videos you’ve watched by the ones you’ve linked above, maybe you haven’t seen this one: http://on.ted.com/CameronRussell

    I think you could have made this exact presentation. In fact, I imagined you telling me this because you are one of my models of beauty. But you are also one of my models on how to fucking live my life. Ms. Fucking Palmer, I’d love it if you just got up on stage and told me the story of how it felt the first time you ate your favourite food. Because that’s a story I’m interested in hearing. Please tell us a story you want to share. :D

  • Gina T.

    Another speaker I just discovered yesterday (you’ve got me jamming on the TED talks now, Amanda, for which I tip my hat!) is Brene (rhymes with ‘Renee’) Brown. She is a research professor who talks about shame (the negative aspect) and vulnerability (the positive aspect).

    Here are her two TED talks:

    On vulnerability:


    On shame:


    There’s also a TED blog interview where she talks more in-depth about how you make yourself vulnerable by putting your work out there for the world to see/fall in love with/hate/criticize:


    Points of this tie in with your bullying blogs, so do read this–the synchronicity is mind-blowing!

    I just had to share this with you, with all of you, because it made an impact on me, and I hope it does for you, as well. :)

  • Gardiner

    AMANDA!! This is my favorite Ted talk ever! Ok…technically, it’s a TedX (it happened at my college), but it totally changed my life!


  • lentower

    you’re the fifth Amanda Palmer bio on their websight


  • http://www.facebook.com/dhyana123 Peg McAdam

    Dear Amanda,

    i have no idea what the hell you are gonna deliver in this ted talk, but I think I know the how – which is the best you can bring. Which is what I and a hell of a lot of others have watched you do. You do what you do the best you can do, and we love it. I love it cuz it makes me wanna do my best at doing what I do. Check out Brene Brown’s book – Daring Greatly – on what she came up with for her TED talk, just finished it, worth the trek to Porter sq bookstore, or Harvard for a peek.

    All the best

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=688937839 Ian Nashvillian Rhett

    Rock on, Amanda. What an awesome opportunity to speak to the world. I’ve watched a hundred TED talks, maybe. My favorites have one thing in common: I felt like I evolved a little. I could feel a new neural pathway being burned into my brain… I’d feel like I learned something new, heard a new perspective, or I was in awe hearing someone saying something I believed to a larger audience and thereby changing the world with it (In fact, I just watched and commented on Sam Richards’ TED talk now making the FB rounds, “A Radical Experiment in Empathy.” Such an important idea to be shared!). TED talks are like putting up a ladder for someone who lived their whole life in a walled garden.

    Since you asked, (And thank for that!) here’s what I think about your speech:

    – It should not be about you. It’s about US and what WE can do together. What we did in your Kickstarter campaign is just one example of this incredible power WE have when people come together (Heh – you made us come together, Amanda!) Artists focus that incredible power. That’s what you did and we do and will continue to do, I s’pect. Now with better tools. HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT!?!!

    – It shouldn’t be about the future of the music industry, either, because Who The Fuck Knows! We’re making this shit up as we go along. With new technology emerge new possibilities. New ideas lead to new ways of sharing new (and old) ideas and so on… The real question for me is, what does your story illuminate about what it means to be human? To me, it’s that we’re all connected. We’re powerful. Anything can happen, so make art! Follow your bliss!! It’s All Possible!!!

    – Speak to the people in that room, that day, not to the millions of people who may or many not see the speech later. Make it personal and connect deeply with the room, then I’d bet that shit goes wicked viral.

    – I like the idea of you speaking passionately AND doing something interactive with the crowd, but only if it gives people a visceral experience of being part of US. It has to be an experience that everyone has together. You could turn the audience into an instrument and sing a song with it. Create the most expensive drum machine on the planet.

    Amanda, your message to me with crowdfunding has always been “Look at what we can do!” not “Look what I did!” I’m so excited for you to have this opportunity on so many levels, and I know you’re going to rock it. For all of us.

  • Sam

    I think sharing your wisdom and stories would be more meaningful and inspirational than a couple of songs. But hey, that’s just me..

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiffany.sostar Tiffany Maxwell Sostar

    I love TED. TED is AWESOME! My favourite talk is this – http://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_kay_if_i_should_have_a_daughter.html (I’m never going to have a daughter, because my body is a baby-free zone, but I have a niece and this talk inspired me in my auntie-ing.)

    I was thinking about this post, and about crowd-sourcing, and I don’t know if my thoughts are relevant at all but… you’ve been hugely influential in this crowd-sourcing thing. Changing things. And I was thinking about something else that you changed, which was the direction of my life. But you have no idea about that, because we’ve never met. I thought maybe that is part of what’s happening, the rhizomatic expansion of things, so that when you are engaging in the kind of visible performance of yourself and your art and your work, it has ripples that you can’t anticipate. I will tell you about one ripple!

    I run Possibilities, which is Calgary’s only bisexual/pansexual/fluid support group. You can find us at http://www.facebook.com/possibilitiescalgary and if you’re bi/pan/fluid/asexual/otherwise queer/an ally in Calgary, you should check us out because our events are awesome and open to anyone. I run this fantastic, amazing, growing group because right after I left my marriage, when I was just exploring my sexuality, I came across “Who Killed Amanda Palmer” and I fucking loved it, and since I am a researcher down to my bones I started googling the shit out of you and I discovered that you were an out bisexual. Wow. An out bisexual. For real. A real person. Who makes real music that makes me really cry, and she’s an out bisexual. Fucking… wow.

    So I came out. Because you proved that we exist.

    And then I started looking for resources and there weren’t any. So I started this group and ran it for two years and now it’s taking off. I just got home from an event and we had more new people than not. That’s amazing!

    And we have become a recognized name in the city, collaborating with other queer and queer-ally groups and organizations. I decided that you can’t marginalize a group that’s at the centre of organizing educational and social events, so that’s our mandate. Increase bi visibility through collaborating with other groups and creating queer-inclusive events and spaces.

    So, that kind of thing happens, because of what you do. Even though that started way before the kickstarter, so maybe it’s a different thing… I still think that your approach to business and music and radical openness is amazing because of what it can inspire. I don’t know how that fits into TED… probably it doesn’t. But it’s a thing you inspired! And I suspect it’s not the only thing like it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=332601009 Stephanie RaincloudAxberg

      Someone, a performer, an artist, a writer, inspires one person to make a change… that person makes a change and inspires another person to make a change, that person goes on and inspires another person to make a change, and then here we are, a community of people who have been inspired, who are making changes, sparked, perhaps, by our lovely muse, Amanda Fucking Palmer, or perhaps by the love and light and hope and warmth and passion of the community of people she has gathered around her. She has built a bonfire, and handed us all torches, encouraging us to go out into the world and start are own fires. THIS is what this community is about. THIS is what the talk should be about, at least in my mind.

  • http://twitter.com/gjmugg Gary J. Mugg

    You know how in Ukulele anthem you say we’re all gonna die…there are many at TED that subscribe to Ray Kurzweil’s belief that by 2040 human life expectancy will increase by one year each year…perhaps meaning a kind of immortality provided we don’t get nuked or something….maybe you could talk about what YOU think the world would be like if nobody died anymore.

  • http://twitter.com/lizzers_ liz

    I like the *idea* behind Ted, but I don’t like the exclusivity of the crowd, or that you have to apply to get in, or that you have to meet certain criteria or pay a million bucks for a ticket. I’ve seen the “TED” organizers on a community level in my local city, and it is a bunch of douchebags who feed off of being exclusive — going so far as doing the application, judgement thing. It’s kind of gross. I’d say call in the actual crowds, and get a proper, crowd-sourced concert or talk happening. Ted seems like ideas that have been polished, watered down into edible non-complicated packets. Complicate things. (I will however stand behind the Jill Bolte Taylor talk — as someone who has had family members have strokes and brain injuries I found her talk riveting).

  • TheWrongAlice

    Hi Amanda, When I think of the TED talks I have loved and been most strongly impacted by – they are the ones where the speaker shares something they have learnt or discovered about what is to be human from their unique position in the world. Just something real. Something with soul. What has Amanda Fucking Palmer learnt about people and the world, doing what she does in the way that she does it? With specific examples. And ukulele. Good luck :)

  • lentower

    I have noticed in the TED videos I watched,

    that the screen stuff is simple.

    In a way that doesn’t distract from the speaker.

  • lentower

    A talk somewhere (not a first TED talk ; – ), on the art form of the
    “Your Mom …” joke would be awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/_TeDiouS_ Tom Steiger

    SCENE: TED Conference, Long Beach, CA. The crowd shuffles and murmurs, eagerly awaiting the next talk.

    A worker in a grey jumpsuit wheels in a dolly from Stage Left bearing a statue of an 8ft Bride. He deposits the statue center stage and exits.

    The Bride stands motionless for at least a full minute.

    A Passerby enters Stage Right , head down, distracted by something on his smart phone. Almost bumping into the statue he stops, looks up, pauses, smiles, and deposits a coin in a can at her feet. At this the Bride comes to life and hands him a rose. They share a meaningful glance and the Passerby exits.

    The Bride returns to a motionless state for at least another full minute.

    AMANDA PALMER: “What you’ve just witnessed is the future of the Music Industry, and perhaps the future of funding for all creative endeavors.”

    And a TEDtalk ensues.

    • lentower

      And no one at TED really knows what Amanda looks like …

  • http://www.facebook.com/squeaselboy Chris Stephenson

    “wouldn’t it be better to skip the music, skip the gimmick, and just be brave, bold amanda, speaking my truth to the people with no props?”

    Would love to see the Peace Twig, if it’s still alive…

    “Soundsman, I know this is a little ukelele, but could you make it really fucking loud…”

    Be the ukelele…

  • Nikki Fritz

    Hi, I just listened to “Darkness is only the absence of light” by Climbing Poetree and it reminded me of you and what you are trying to do with the artist and audience reciprocating a gift. This relationship seems as though it would be a success, maybe even in all facets of life. Thank you for showing us that, in your words, “WE ARE THE MEDIA.”

  • Reine Azzi

    You should talk about THIS. this blog post. How you’re involving an online support group in your preparation process. And how it actually generates even more excitement. It’s my first time at TEDActive and can’t wait to see your talk because I’ve become involved from the get go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.polk.98 James Polk

    I’m not worried. You’ll do a great job. One of the few certainties in my life when it comes to the content (art, non-art) I receive is that you never let me down. You are an artist. At your best is the performance artist. I know that whatever you choose it will be the right one. And it will probably come to you the way all the successful performances have.. when you least expect it or when you totally expect it.
    This kind of confidence is golden and you don’t have to dwell.
    I believe in you. Do what feels right. Trust your instincts. And have a good time at TED!

  • http://twitter.com/susancain Susan Cain

    Hi Amanda, we have never met, but I just stumbled across your hilarious post. I could so relate, because the same exact thing happened to me last year. I had my talk sort of ready, then chatted with Chris Anderson… then rewrote the entire second half.

    But it got still worse. I thought the talk was finished, and practiced it for a final run with a group of people, two days before TED…and realized it was still all wrong. So I pulled an all-nighter, did a rewrite, and learned my new script on the plane to California.

    This is DEFINITELY NOT ADVISABLE. But I’m throwing it out there in case you find yourself in such a pickle.

    I’ll be in the audience this year, and can’t wait to see what you come up with! Break a leg.

    –Susan Cain (www.thepowerofintroverts.com)

    • http://amandapalmer.net/ Amanda Palmer

      I CANT BELIEVE YOU CAME HERE!~!!!! thank you. and i will totally avoid the last minute re-write. i’m a MONTH out and already freeeeeeaking…

  • http://twitter.com/woowooteacup Mary Warner

    Love TED Talks. I watch three or four of them in a row when I want short things to watch. Too many and I lose the message. I enjoy the ones that surprise me in some way and lean toward the artsy, creative ones. — I watched your “rough and tumble” Harvard talk and was sucked in the same way I am with good TED Talks, so you just being you will work, but when you mentioned being a statue, I really want to see that worked in to your TED Talk in some way. Good luck to you!

  • Scotty Logic

    Just stopping by to lend some encouragement. I’ve seen a lot of great TED talks and I can’t wait to see yours. I think you’ll blow it away and the subject matter really deserves attention. I was completely charmed by the Harvard talk (though I’m a bit biased) and I know you’ll do amazingly for TED. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts with us. Blow ‘em the fuck away!!! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/barnaby.swift Barnaby Swift

    I genuinely believe that you talking in to a microphone will beat the, as you say, “Trained monkey act” If you could literally condense the amount of art beauty and love you bring across all your blogs in to a TEDTalk it would be amazing. Also my favourite TED talk might be Imogen Heap’s but possibly only because she’s one of the only artists I enjoy as much as you.

  • Dick Patterson

    Total confidence in you and your ability to do TED proud. I saw you in St Petersburg FL as half of Dresden Dolls. I teach at a college and students asked what inspires me and we went on a field trip to see you at the State Theater. Cost of the concert was just $8.00. It was the best money that we could have spent. You and your unending creativity are an inspiration then and now. TED will be a piece of cake for you.

  • lentower

    Speaking to the audience in a hall is different than speaking to those who will watch the video.

    But I suspect the videographers at TED do a good job here.
    So hos much do you as the speaker have to worry about this?

  • Jami

    OMG I heart TED!! And I watch a lot of it. AND I’ve been waiting years to see YOU on TED! I keep wondering if I’ve missed it somehow and I am so very happy that I have not. I hope you kick ass and they post it on the site. I think you should be inspiring however you can do that best.

    Jane McGonigal talks about how the gaming community works together and how the world would be a better place if the whole world could all act as a community in life as we do in games. How can we take our gaming skills from the game and apply them towards “real” life.

    And you’re going to have an EPIC WIN!


    “why are we better in games than we are in real life?”

  • http://www.facebook.com/triadmcfury Jonathan Matthew Brein

    I think something interesting would be citing the people in this discussion board during your talk. Being honest about originally not knowing what you were going to say during your lecture, but then mentioning the fact the people on your blog gave you ideas and material to use (just another form of crowd sourcing, right?).

  • lentower

    Definitely the start of this TED talk:


  • http://www.facebook.com/5rendrag Patrick Gardner

    I`ve been thinking, I do sometimes !!

    The essence of what you have achieved with this on line community is to take your friends with you as your life progresses. When artists first start out they have a core of family and friends who support and believe in them , they believe in you, As life , recognition, marketing, making a name/living for yourself inevertablly means , you move away from this core group. What you have managed to achieve is take this core group with you by staying a part of this community, It then, through word of mouth ( and the net ) grows , each member encouraging new people to become involved, everyone believing in your unique talent ,but also feeling a part of something worthwhile……..bugger it…………. I should of stopped there , its A TRIBE…………..No its OK you`ve already pointed out the folly of tribalism in LEEDS UNITED forget I said the last bit ………Its a community !!!!

  • formerballardian

    I haven’t read all the comments here so I hope that I am repeating something. It doesn’t matter inheritently what method is used to transmit idea. What matters is that it lands with people. The TED talk you posted from Jill Blote drives right to the point that differnet people choose to experience the world and take in ideas differently. It isn’t a matter of finding a middle ground but finding how to represent both paths in your X minutes. Talk about (left and linear), perform or illustrate it (right brain). The best teachers I’ve known can make it land with any and all students. Not just ones that like words. Not just ones that like art. To get people to see your path you’ve got to be able to ‘communiate’ about your path in their language. Then they can see what you want to show without constraints.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pauline.daconceicao Pauline Da Conceiçao

    I’m SO waiting for that TED talk from you !!

  • Hannah

    The most wonderful thing about your kickstarter was not any of the financial stuff for me. For me, I basically pre-ordered at a good price with some extra free stuff. Cool cause I know it gives you freedom, but from my end, not really different from ordering from Amazon.

    What was made me connected, what made me so excited I traveled all the way to Boston from Buffalo, NY to catch your tour on the last night, was the passion you have for what you do. I knew you had a blog, and had read a few, but once the kickstarter update blogs showed up in my inbox I was hooked. I got email from AMANDA PALMER!!! And I’d read what you were talking about and your passion and your joy for music and people and connection was just so overwhelming that it made me proud to be a human. I’m a music education major because I believe music is pointless without people. You are continually one of my biggest inspirations, cause shouldn’t music education be all about “play their favorite cover song, especially if the words are wrong”? One night I read one of your kickstarter updates, then read about using ukuleles in schools and next thing I know it’s one in the morning and I’m writing my teaching philosophy instead of sleeping!

    You’re already inspiring and inspired, I know because I’ve been reading and listening! Don’t talk about what you THINK you should talk about, remember what sets you ON FIRE. Go re-read your posts during the kickstarter, watch it unfold again!

    Your harvard talk looks a like you’re trying to say the right thing. The best performances involve some sort of risk, not safety!
    In the words of Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.”
    I believe in you!

  • http://twitter.com/eyeseaewe Tiffany Little

    Hey Amanda et al,

    The last few posts and associated comments have really clicked for me … every time I read the blog, I feel like I’m on the cusp of some amazing discovery but that I cannot quite grasp. Still, I’m going to try and articulate my thoughts and ask if you could please bear with me. I’m doing it so cack handedly >___<

    I guess, what I am trying to come round to is that it hasn't always been like this. At ten years my senior, you've truly seen and experienced how the internet and its communities have grown to be this phenomenal source of power that is changing and shaping the world.

    I'd like to know how you feel the internet has changed the role you play in the world as a result – you've been being you your entire life, but how has the internet affected how you convey yourself, your ideals etc. How has the internet changed the impact you have? Have you had to strip anything back or tone it down? Have you found yourself evolving alongside the technology? … When has it backfired? What can we learn from it …

    Bah. So many poorly thought out questions.

    At any rate, thank you for being you and thank you to everyone who makes being part of this community so wonderful.

    Much love


    • http://www.facebook.com/5rendrag Patrick Gardner

      I think you put that very well myself !!!
      Some excellent points too, …..Nice one ..

      • http://twitter.com/eyeseaewe Tiffany Little

        Patrick! I’ve just discovered this reply ^^ Thank you very much for taking the time to read my rambling! x

      • chia

        You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the best blogs on the internet. I will highly recommend this web site!:)
        poker online

  • http://www.facebook.com/5rendrag Patrick Gardner

    Not an idea , but a phrase…. I don`t know if I thought of this or read it somewhere , but its one of my favourites and your welcome too it …..passing throuth the.CORPORATE COLON….. is how I discribe my working life, but also for me anyway, seems too fit the popular entertainment industry particularly well !!

    Amanda Palmer ?? I was drawn by the quality of the musicianship , all the musicians, just like THE WHO , they all play lead !! ! and the lyrics where stating things I already believed and aspired to live my life by, plus a lot about the human condition , thats was it , Iike is drawn too like, and now the unique bit……you Amanda were either so open , honest,loving,caring, scared , frightened ,angry or neurotic or any combination you like ,and expressed it in your blogs, that I recogised a fellow traveller, another human being at last !!! I had already met a few in my life and they are my friends , but through your blog and the internet I got to read about many many others, that is the community that we have created together ,all of us , you are the catalyst ,yes , the common factor that brings us all together,.
    and at the same time it`s a community of equals………..Thank you for this amazing gift that we share.

  • Megan


  • Kevin Gibbons

    Hi Amanda. I guess you’ve pretty much got your gig planned out by now, but I wanted to take some serious time to think about your situation. A couple of things:
    1- What has always impressed me the most about you is that you do what you want, what you think is right without worrying about what others think of you. So, if you do what in your heart you believe to be true to yourself, you can’t go wrong.

    2- From what you wrote above, it sounds like the most important part of this whole thing is the message, not the messenger or the medium. So, make sure the message is not overshadowed by the other aspects. What do you want the audience to take away from your 18 minutes? That you are an innovative quirky performer with a ukelele? Some awed impression after watching a mini-opera? Or a deeper understanding of the changing relationship between the performer and the audience? Quite simply, tailor your presentation to make sure your audience gets what you want it to get.

    Lastly, and most specifically, if you want to make the most lasting, relevant impact of your time at TED, speak to the audience from your heart about your love of performing, why crowd-sourcing not only worked for you, but was a necessity for your artistic and commercial success, why you are so passionate about this new way of cooperating/collaborating with your audience. Talk about how it not only liberates you to do the things you could never have done under the traditional record label system, but how it feels to be an artist with many thousands of partners. Tell them some personal stories about the difficulties of running an operation like this and how it is worth those difficulties.

    I’ve heard you speak many times. You don’t need flash or side effects. When you talk passionately about something, you are electric. You’ll hold them spellbound and clamoring for more, just like what happens at all your shows.

    Knock ‘em dead!

  • Samuel Aaron Grandt

    Theres’ nothing more powerful than a singular performance.
    Do I love going to your shows? Do I absolutly LOVE anything related to your musical performances? of-fucking-course I do…But this is TED, a chance to REALLY open everyones’ eyes, and the best way to do that is by Monologueing the ENTIRE thing…Make people believe they are transported to an alternate reality that just so happends to be filled with both enlightening thought and amazing humor.
    Do I think there should be actual music/props etc? No, because you’re not Stephen Lynch or Carrot Top(BOTH are awesome in their own rights), you are someone else all-together,…
    You’re Amanda FUCKING Palmer, and you should let EVERYONE know that.
    Peace out… -Me

  • Samuel Aaron Grandt

    Dude…just watched your Harvard video and the weird thing is, I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I went to a local hobby shop in my hometown to buy “Theatre is evil”, but of course, they didn’t have it in stock, so I had to order it to be sent to the store.
    The lady asked me why I don’t simply just download the album for FREE(yeah, she actually asked that), and for some reason, I struggled with an appropriate response.

    heres’ a few reasons I put down my $5 deposit and waited 2 FUCKING WEEKS for your CD, rather than simply downloading it for free;
    1. Tangable Amanda/GTO; You can’t feel an MP3, nor can you cherish the CD booklet on your random music playing accesory.
    2. Free means no money; How can you make a living with no money? you can’t, simple logic.
    3. Possible future memorabilia; If I get to actually meet you face to face(and not just get side-swiped by you as you run by…haha, that was awesome), I’d like something special for you to sign, if you would be so inclined…I don’t know, I guess autographs have always been a huge thing for me.

    In any regards, I will be at the show @ Bard on April 6th, and I’m PRAYING that you do a “meet-n-greet” afterwords.
    Until then, Best of luck with all your future endevours.

    Peace out…-Me

  • Chafic Kazoun

    Looking forward to seeing you there! Can’t give you much advice other than have fun up there :)

  • wolfgang

    Hey Amanda, don’t know if you remember me from Berlin’s all2gethernow barcamp/convention/whatevs in 2009. It’s Wolfgang who arranged for your gig at Berlin’s Münze.

    Every once in a while I check your blog. But this last photo with the message “Your mom is an idea worth spreading” just struck me. Your post is from Jan 13th. My mother died on Jan 14th 2013.

    Life is strange.


  • sarah sams

    mini ukulele opera about crowdfunding would be amazing and I think you should do it.

  • http://twitter.com/FrydaWolff Fryda Wolff

    To make your TED talk all AFP all the time, this is a smart compromise to me:

    1) Open with one of your typical off the cuff smart and thought provoking ditties on ukulele or piano or whatever that makes your point in 4 minutes or less, a la Gaga, Palmer, Madonna. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dxDREaCyjE

    That eats up a little time and also presents exactly who you are to the TED audience who may not already be familiar with what you do and how you do it. And then.

    2) Use the remaining 14ish minutes to make your points.

    And what to talk about? Obviously crowdsourcing, the controversy surrounding crowdsourcing pro bono, the guilt artists feel about asking for money and how ignorant the general public at large is regarding how much it costs to do anything without the veil of the corporate middle man (the Mindless Self Indulgence album Kickstarter is a GREAT example, talk to those guys about how shitty some of their fans have been).

    And all of that is more content than what you’ve got time for. You’ll be fine. You’ll probably just have to rehearse it very thoroughly for time.

    Don’t go too nuts thinking you’re not able to deliver something compelling and meaningful. If Improv Everywhere can get away with something as fleeting and non-deep as performance art (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_6SfMZxoLc), you can do this talk.

  • laura

    I really hope you do a performance piece. I find TED talks generally a bit stuffy.. I’d rather see something real than hear another mini lecture about something real. I’m sure it will be awesome no matter what you do.

  • http://twitter.com/emsquarenc James Michael

    I know this is rather late and I have had to think about before making this observation. The reason for this is I just like you so much. And I loathe the idea of offering a critique when you don’t know that is because I want to see you be as brilliant as possible.

    Having attended a couple of workshops for amateur magicians this is something that they were absolutely brutal about. If you have a tendency to bridge your sentences with devices like “And” and “Um” they would stop your act when you had done this the second time. They wanted the presenter to understand that professional magicians never do that. “If you want the audience to buy in to your show they cannot catch a hint that you are not in control of every moment”. If you must you can use a thoughtful pause or a smile if necessary but do not use verbal bridges in your patter. To burn that out of them the instructor would ask the audience to repeat the “Bridge” they were using back at them every time they slipped. So, when I see this done it sticks out like a sore thumb to me ever since then.

    The video you offered for “Toward a Patronage Society” at Harvard contains 8 uses of the verbal bridge “Um”. This is typically used because of nervousness or an attempt to keep a verbal rhythym. Understandable but you don’t need it. I totally believe that you can kill this talk you are going to do. It’s a rather small point but notice this in the TED talks that you admire. Verbal bridges are next to nonexistant. You have every quality it takes to be brilliant with this. We want it to show. I want it to show.

    love & respect. Know I’ll be pulling for you.

  • Tracy L

    I am so proud of you! And so happy to know that this is so huge for you. I’m really excited!!

  • Leste

    Okay, so this is probably way too late, but I love this TED talk by Tavi Gevinson – “A teen, just trying to figure it out” http://www.ted.com/talks/tavi_gevinson_a_teen_just_trying_to_figure_it_out.html (I’m not a teen, but she inspires me an awful lot — her latest creative outlet is Rookie magazine, which she started, and which is amazing — I’m more than a decade past being a teenager, but it rings so true… and she interviewed Joss Whedon :-))

  • Loggos

    In my very humble opinion I would recommend a plain talk. Maybe with a catching and bizare opening. I watched your video talking at harvard and it moved me because you seemed so true. It just came out of you and you could really convey that this is a big issue for you. You seemed natural about what you want to say and that really moved me. A spectacular show might be, well, spectacular but I have the feeling that it might be too much and take a bit of your power away (but I’m quite a minimalist).

    I just think the “single-amanda” show would really suit the idea of an eye to eye experience! Isn’t this what you want to convey? :)

    Maybe it would be cool if you used little gimmicks in a “one-woman show”-way like your ukulele. That might be really funny, a bit crazy but still “down to the core” of your intent. You could also use a crazy and circus like introduction and come to the plain talk then. That might be a good compromise and would show your entertaining qualities but also your seriousness about the topic.

    I think you have a strong personality and in my humble opinion you are strong enough to tell your message.
    But again, those are just my personal views. I don’t want to impose anything on you. You’re grea the way you are. :)
    Anyways, I think you are an amazingly inspiring personality and I’ve never felt such an affection for a celebrity. :P



  • http://twitter.com/rosieclarke Rosie Clarke

    My favourite TED talk is artist Vik Muniz taking a turn for the surreal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik9x-eu49_c Best of luck, however you decide to tackle your talk!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.pickett.1121 Tony Pickett

    Try this one out. David Kelley.


  • Mairi
  • http://twitter.com/JHarrisonWriter Jeff

    Speak from your trout heart. Your honesty and empathy always resonates with the community of caring you are creating and welcomes outsiders into the warmth.

  • Angie

    oh my, there is so many i’ve watched that were just inspiring to me. I love TED talks. I love seeing people always thinking forward and enlightening us about the world that we don’t know. One I remember is from one of my heroes, Michael Pollen, author of Ominvore Dilemma. He gave a great talk about sustainability and eating organic. He’s a food activist and he really opened my eyes even more. There is also the wonderful, Jane McGongial, who is game developer. She told the story of how she made up a game with her friends to keep her spirits up after suffering a tramatic injury ( head injury). Thus, she wrote a book about gaming and how it can help many people. That was incredible to me. And there, of course, many,many more.

  • angie

    Correction: Micheal Pollan.

  • Helga

    Wow! Whew.

    My favourite TED talk is Sarah Kay doing spoken word poetry, If I should have a daughter… It has made me cry about 600 times :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/kareneconway Karen Clements Conway

    A favorite TED talk is from TEDxHampshireCollege – children’s book artist/author Jarrett J. Krosoczka – Imagining Beyond Your Circumstances. He got asked to do it at the last minute…and nailed it. Our family heard the less personal version previously at a book conference and was really impressed with how in the TED talk he expanded on this & shared how art literally saved him. http://www.ted.com/talks/jarrett_j_krosoczka_how_a_boy_became_an_artist.html

    More background on the circumstances of doing the talk at his blog http://thejjkblog.blogspot.com/2012/11/my-tedx-talk-imagining-beyond-your.html

    Good luck! So looking forward to your talk and all the discussions here got our family talking about watching more TEDTalks together in place of movie nights

  • lentower

    solid TEDx talk – content & presentation


    (I hope this makes it to market – ObamaCare will love it. BigPharma will hate it.)

  • lentower

    It’s better for a TED talk (any conference talk) to be shorter than longer.

    The wise in the audience will appreciate the longer coffee break. ; – }

  • lentower

    Have you haven talked to this kind of audience before?
    People who want to find out about great ideas,
    not experience artistic performance?
    Almost certainly, you haven’t talked to a TED audience before.

    I have found that one of the hard parts of giving a talk, is giving
    a talk to a new audience: a company, college, conference, whatever.
    One you have neither listen from, or spoken to.
    Guaging an unknown audience is a challenge.

    You will have had the opportunity to be in this audience.

    TED could be be very different from any other audience you have spoken to.
    (You often preach to the choir. ; – )
    Definitely, different than any part of the fan base.

    “What is this TED audience about” is another factor to consider, when
    choosing what to display and talk about.

    These are (at least) some of audience segments:

    * people who know little to nothing about you in the hall

    * a few fans in the hall

    * those who choose which TED videos to put on the Internet

    * those who invite speakers to future TEDs and TEDx’s

    * those who watch TED videos on the Internet

    later -len

  • Leila Bee

    So exciting! AFP at TED! I’ve been out of the twittersphere and just heard about it. HoorAY! As to my favourite TED talk, it has to be ‘How I fell in love with a fish” with Dan Barber. There’s so many of them to love, but that’s one I’ve shared over a hundred times now. I can’t wait to hear yours :)

  • natalie

    i think you just speaking would be more powerfull, not with music or gimicks. i think you just maybe indulge more in how artists now have complete control over their music and who they want to be as artists since there is no label to push them, how they can, quoting you “hand select their career”. You’ve talked about that before but not really got deep into it. I think that’s really awesome and will be intresting for tons on emerging artists who want to know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/locktard Chronik Notgonnatellya

    kick ass at TED!!!

  • lentower

    Amanda did swellest at TED2103 ! ! !

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifersaylor Jennifer Saylor

    Well, a standing O and not a sad in sight. Congrats from all your fans. :) Can’t wait for the video.

  • lentower
  • lentower
  • lentower

    @AFPnews just asked this link be used:


  • kristopher lee

    Your TED talk was amazing and brought tears to my face. The very reason why i <3 you and everything that you do so much, and why you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for being real, thank you for trusting your fans. Thank you for allowing me to fall in love with art, with music, with entertainment over and over again, each and every time i hear your songs. Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing yourself with your fans. The intimacy and connection is part of what makes it so great to be your fan, part of the crowd, part of the journey. Thank you for being a part of my journey and bringing light to the dark places, and laughter to the gloomy days and realness and honesty on every other occasion. Namaste.

  • Saul

    Well, I hope after the TED talk, which I watched…err..and watched again, and cried a little, you sat back and thought, ‘think that went well.’ You deserved the standing ovation. In fact, I think you deserved a floating ovation! Gratulations Amanda, it was amazing.

  • lentower

    Until her next blog goes up,
    Amanda is much more likely to see your comments over at


  • Donna Fasano

    I remember when you posted this, and I watched your TED appearance, and now I am rereading this post, and what I really love is that you were an amazing inspiration on TED and it came from the deliberate process you laid out, here. More so, I geek out on the fact that your blog is the sketch work that gives your performances context. Thanks for involving us in the messy, passionate, inspired, tortured, righteous, self-doubting sketch work so that we get to appreciate just how tremendous the outcome can be.

  • http://www.marketingtechblog.com Douglas Karr

    You did an amazing job. Your poise, theatrics and emotion were all contagious. On the topic at hand… I can’t help but think that music is returning to its roots. “Free” music isn’t destroying the ‘music industry’… it’s the music industry that destroyed “free” music. Before albums, before radio, before billboards, before grammys that decided who should be listened to, didn’t our ancestors just have musicians at the local tavern or the local church whom they listened to and supported personally? They knew their names, they lived in their communities and they broke bread with them. I’d like to think that what the Internet is providing is a path back to our roots – our social roots – where we looked the person in the eyes and handed them money, or got a flower – or a song – in return. Your TED talk is one of my favorites. And if you’re ever in Indianapolis, let me know! :)

  • Wendy

    I just wanted to tell you that I watch TED talks all the time. And yours is the best one I’ve seen. It is my deep and secret fantasy to one day give a TED talk. You nailed yours. I hope to do half as well when my day comes.

  • Leanna

    AND YOU DID IT! A FUCKING AWESOME AMANDA FUCKING PALMER TED TALK!! Congrats on a job superbly well done. (ps. you totally made the right choice. a few props, and just you, speaking your truth. it was SOULFUL and BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL).

  • Susan Golarz

    Hi Amanda, I just watched your TED talk, and was BLOWN away! Prior to experiencing (and watching your delivery was a total Experience) your talk, Jil Bolte Taylor had my vote for most inspirational. Your talk is so juicy, I am watching it over and over. This year, for me, was about lessons in intimacy. The rules, the pain, the exchange in partnerships. Never having been very good at them, I’ve been testing the boundaries, stretching the limits (not unlike giving birth), to learn something new to me. Everything in life is about the exchange, and your message reminded me that we make our own rules. Until watching your talk, I had a faint idea, but missed the mark, that trust was my missing component..not just trusting others, but trusting myself. Thank you for sharing the secret to your success so beautifully.

  • lentower

    One reason I like immersive theatre. like Punchdrunk’s shows, including “Sleep No More”, and Cynthia von Buhler’s SpeakEasyDollHouse.

  • Gerald Spencer

    I want to kick the behind of everyone who uses “TED,” technology, education and design, without immediately explaining what it means. No abbreviation is supposed to be used without immediate explanation the first time in the work. How simply and utterly full of hubris. So clever, also, of this “journalist” to use the word “edumacate.” Leave the planet, please. I am certain you also call humans, “sheeple” and think you are clever for doing so..

  • http://bruisesyoucantouch.com Carly-Jay Metcalfe

    My fucking god – I am doing a TED talk in October and am fucking terrified! Thanks for writing this piece – I shall now go forth and search for your TED talk XO

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