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greetings from italy, where i’ve come from boston to do a day of press – heading to paris tomorrow to do same. i will have been in europe for 48 hours, then i’m hitting san fran and LA for the kickstarter art & rock shows.

there is GRAND NEWS to share with you – our first official video is UP UP UP UP UP UP UP.

this was the one you may remember me tweeting pictures from when we were still in melbourne making the record back in march.
kim boekbinder’s boyfriend, jim batt, had made a ninja video with me on the “amanda palmer goes down under tour.” we were in a bizarre town called newcastle, kim was opening, jim was there to support, and the dude had a camera and wasn’t afraid to chase me around early one morning in the abandoned hotel we’d just crashed in the night before where pigeons pooped on our heads. the budget was zero, and the result he edited together was the beautiful video for “in my mind.” this time, we made a REAL video. the budget was still relatively teeny and we worked with our wits, but what the dude is capable of is beyond mind-blowing. i knew he was good at stop-motion because i’d been watching him plugging away at kim’s kickstarter’ed “organ donor’s march” video….

….we met at the studio in melbourne a few times, tried to hash out a plan, and were off. the idea to make a video in the first place sprouted out of the fact that i was living above a costume shop, and i thought it would be the perfect place to run amok. so the original treatment was actually for the song “melody dean” (which you guys haven’t heard yet). jim knocked together a treatment, based on my idea that we could grab every single one of our melbourne friends and have a cosmic dress-up party/orgy.

it was a week or so to go til our proposed shoot dates, which were right at the tail end of recording the album, when jim decided that shooting in rose chong, the costume shop, wasn’t going to actually look as awesome as i was picturing it in my head.

i got cold feet and wasn’t really feeling the treatment, and i suggested we maybe try to do something simpler. something stop motion? jim went to bed and had a think. the next day we sent me a treatment for “want it back.” i said: let’s do it.

he scrambled to find the space and the artist (curran, who was a patient brush-wielding GOD), and i showed up for three days straight, getting drawn on.
there were a few moments where the entire crew fell asleep on the floor waiting for the slllllllooooooowwww process to come to a painful end.

anthony cleave helped with a lot of stuff and did the makeup – some nights he had to jet and i’d just DIY it. the entire crew was, at maximum, about 4 or 5 people. curran’s girlfriend came in one day and helped out (she’s the cute one with the pink hair in the photos below).

each frame that you see took at least a few minutes to photograph….multiplied by thousands.

jherek had to jet, so we created a scene for him that didn’t require the whole band to be there, and we squeezed in the scene with michael and chad before they had to fly home.
jim had mapped out a pretty specific plan for the shots, but we deviated and improvised a LOT – as ideas came to me and as we ran out of time, we kept changing the path of the ink.
all the graffiti on the walls was done after we left town in march – right in melbourne (in/around brunswick street) – which is very likely not far from the alley where jim & i shot the now-infamous kickstarter video.

some things to watch out for:

– the typo and carat in the text weren’t planned. curran fucked up. i love the way it looks.

– curran and jherek both had greaser/pompadour hairstyles. i wasn’t there, but according to jherek, curran apologized profusely for the moment where they messed up his hair. brothers.

– the candy bar (cherry ripe) is SUPER australian. it tasted BAD. sort of marshy-chocy-cherry-icky. still way better than vegemite.

– jim asked me to shave my legs. i did it without blinking.

– the book that chad is holding is not an accident.

and spread the link, spread the link, spread the link:http://youtu.be/cZCadqQY-Lw


(all photos by Kat Weir unless obviously by me i.e. i’m holding the camera…)

the space:


the start:


curran manipulates the dress:



2012-07-07 (KS)





michael working behind the scenes on jherek’s video….double video work all the way across the sky:


me & the boys:


michael getting draw’ed on:


stenciling the heart:


goodbye my love:



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  • http://twitter.com/IndustrialClef Zombie Chicken Shit

    Photoshoots look potentially amazing. Really looking forward to the new album.

  • http://www.manystepssideways.blogspot.com/ loststar

    Great looking places. I would love to explore the prop warehouse; sounds amazing! 
    Cannot wait to see the tour costumes!

  • http://twitter.com/KaH_was_taken Karina

    Can’t wait to hear these songs again in London after all the Northcote shows, and better yet with my sister just after our birthday! Makes me slightly less depressed to be getting even closer to 30!

  • http://twitter.com/cindygallop Cindy Gallop

    It was an honor and an absolute delight to host the shoot. The photos are STUNNING. And I can’t wait for those #realworldsex tapes :) We have big plans for them on 

  • Deanne Kennedy

    Can’t wait until September, just in time for my 40th. Then life won’t seem so depressing! Or as in the words of  Peaches, women over 40 reach a sense of enlightenment. Hopefully this will enlighten me.

    • http://twitter.com/cindygallop Cindy Gallop

      Deanne – over 40 is THE WAY TO BE. The older you get, the better life gets. Take it from me :)

  • bookwormgoddess

    I am so excited to see you and GTO live. People making art makes me happy and this project is art that makes people happy. If you give your heart we will give our heart. See you on 07/18/12!

  • RiverVox

    It’s so inspiring to me as I sit here at my desk at work knowing that I have some part in making all this happen.  I would like to hear from Michael, Chad & Jherek how they are feeling about their ride on this crazy circus train. Can you nudge/threaten/inspire them to blog or tweet? GO TEAM GTO!

  • http://mataduvor.blogg.se/ Angelica

    love the song! and the pictures are so beautiful!

  • Carolyn

    Chad’s pants!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Xanthrax_ Xanthea O’Connor

    Funny…last week we were envisaging you with a gong at our house party yelling “CHANGE PLACES” every five minutes…the dong would clearly only enhance the experience.
    I look fucking forward to opening my mailbox in the coming months.

  • Anne

    I am so fucking looking forward to next tuesday seeing you in Berlin.  YAAAAY! Aaaaand next thursday to get my socks rocked  off.

  • Kathleen Dittmar

    Excited to see the costumes in full glory.  xx

  • mizzcorrie

     ooohlalal!!how all fricken AMAZING!! &you so so deserve!!

  • http://twitter.com/Esmertina Esmertina Bicklesnit

    Those lyrics gave me a gigglefit.  It seems like when I fall in Lasting Forever Love with a piece of music, it’s either because the lyrics reach into my chest and squeeze tears out of my heart (in which case it can be to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star for all I care), or because the tune reaches into my brain and pulls all the strings that make my toes tap (in which case the words can be BANG ringy-ring, or lily-livered giver indie, or verbally vices all sugary spices). 

    Usually the bands I like can do one or the other.  I love that you can do both!

  • Ellelament

     Where is the Seattle tour date at, lady?! :(

  • Agnes

    It’s really “not see” rather than “Nazi”?  I was hoping this was the case, even if “not see” oddly makes less sense.  Anyway, someone posted the lyrics with “Nazi” on the mp3 page for the song.  Thanks for the correction (although surprised no one else seems to have pointed this out yet…?)

  • Steff

    Ok…so…are those sex tapes old? Or do Neil and Amanda have an open relationship? I know they don’t see each other for months, and even if I wasn’t a jealous lover and monogamy didn’t suit me, I can’t help but think of disease? And mainly, the chance that someone you only meant to sleep with could end up eclipsing the person you used to love the most.

  • http://RedTash.com Red Tash

    I think I have to save the Black Apartment to Pinterest and use that as a location in a book.  Bravo.  Photoshoot with gold records came out awesome.

  • Sillyxander

    Chad is a hottie damn that makes me feel like an dirty old man.

  • madove

    The video is incredibly beautiful, poetic, hot, encouraging, lovelylovelylovely. Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/KaH_was_taken Karina

    did it tickle?

    i love that there is a typo in it

    jim is so fucking amazing!

  • http://twitter.com/rhiarti Rhiarti

    Something frustrating in most artistic industries is the inability of the funders to comprehend the wisdom in handing over their cash, then shutting the fuck up and letting the professional do what they do best…

    This video? Speaks a thousand words as to why you should do just that! I didn’t give much to the Kickstarter, but I did give everything I had. (#FuckPlanB – happiness through the roof, bank balance through the floor!) Thank you for proving it was the excellent investment I trusted it would be! Absolutely beautiful work.

  • Mellyjh

    Love the song. Love the vid. And for the record I love Cherry Ripes. And vegemite. I’m Australian after all…. Congrats AFP and TGTO on all your amazing work. Can’t wait for the album, it’s going to be one hell of an extravaganza!! Bring. It.

  • http://twitter.com/S_Lucero Suzanne Lucero

    The Amazing Amanda and Company strike again. I’m awed by how you were able to sinc the writing of the words to the music; even more that it only took three days to do it. Creative genius knows no bounds, as you have clearly shown. Rock on.

  • http://twitter.com/Beadle_Belfry Chris Kopishke

    Absolutely fantastic. Soon as the chorus came in, I was hooked. I’ve probably watched it three times already. Really, really looking forward to coming up to Boston for the show at the Middle East now, as if I wasn’t already.

  • @_TeDiouS_

    When I saw the video I thought ‘Wow! She’s making good use of that KS cash!” Learning that it was done on a shoestring just makes it more amazing. And awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/olpmcg om

    Planning on smuggling people/alcohol into Florida? I’m attempting to imagine the thought behind the book choice . . . hmmmmm! Great video! Maybe one day MTV wont be so uptight that they can show it ;)

    • Eric Bailey

      What does MTV have to do with music?

  • Jack

    The video IS really, really great… but the song is just seriously fucking AMAZING! In my opinion the best Amanda Palmer song I’ve heard in years. I’ve been a fan of your music for nearly 10 years and, to be honest, all of the fantastic and beautiful art/video/theatre aside, I was just hoping that the MUSIC would be as challenging and great as it had been before… Not that you should need to concern yourself with anybodys expectations let alone mine, but it completely blew me away, bravo! J

  • Ruth

    I’m a responsible sister and showed this video to my little 13 year old brother and he loved it! Even in his awkward teenage mind he wasn’t bothered by the naked, he was just like whooaa aweesooome video..i love the concept so much…. He is an Amanda Palmer fan now.

  • Zagzagael

    It is flawless, it is flalwless, it is flawess. I love it beyond words. All of you should be overflowing with pride and joy. This video makes people happy from the inside out. You are priceless.

  • Smog

    Cherry Ripe, not Cherry Red… and they are delish, just like Vegemite ;P

    • daleattier

      Yeah I have been away from home too long I haven’t had a Cherry Ripe in years, but always have my Vegemite !

  • Duuude

    YUCK !!
    SHAVE bitch!

    • Johnny

      duuude. you have issues.

    • Johnny

      Look at your comment. Now look at all the other comments. Now look at your comment again. See how stupid yours looks?

    • John Berry

       What a shallow swamp you are.

    • Desdemona

      Duuude? Did you smoke to much weeeed? You should change your profile name;
      The real Dude would kick your ass…seriously, what’s your problem with body hair?
      The beautiful people – you can’t smell your own shit on your knees….

    • Luci

       Why should she?

  • http://www.wickedmike.com/ Wicked Mike

    Painstakingly creative and, on the other side, artistic, brave, carefree and fun. And that’s before i get to how wonderful that chorus is. Big thumbs up!

  • stellifera

    It’s awesome, I love it a lot. 

  • http://mataduvor.blogg.se/ Angelica

    saw the video, fucking amazing! loved it! pure art!

  • Tim

    Absolutely amazing, love the mixed media and real flow that came from the words. I only dread when the YouTube content police take it down…

  • Smudgebread

    don’t like people throwing the word ‘genius’ around at the drop of a hat but fuck it-genius! and then there is the bonus of amanda showing off her map of tazmania!

  • Bkkat

    Great Video! The video made my day and the song was delicious. Amanda you and your band are gems. Keep it up.

  • http://twitter.com/gabi_pinguim Gabriele Albuquerque

    Oh Amanda… I dont have words to express how i love this video! It’s brilliant! It’s pure art! I’m so happy, I can’t stop watching it :)

  • http://twitter.com/gabi_pinguim Gabriele Albuquerque

    This is the future of music AND video!

  • Eric Bailey

    Fantastic song, fantastic video, fantastic everything.

  • Angel

    One of the best music videos I’ve ever seen! :D Took me back to the ‘Sledgehammer’ video but more flowy and lovely :D :D

    p.s – I’m recovering from a long term hip injury and my reward to is to dance the fucking night away! Can’t wait to see the live show! :D :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000814307210 Jamie Lee

    Its perfect. I cannot wait for more…

  • http://www.facebook.com/franzleah Frances Leah King-Brown

    So wonderful!  Congratulations!

  • ConfabulateSkepsis
  • Kirra

    Brilliant! Congratulations all :)

  • Corrieancone

    fricken FAB!!!!!!!! tis AMAZING!!!happiness! bliss !

  • Marina

    Love love love love love the video, love love love love love the song! Can’t stop watching it. Looking forward to the album!!!!!! 

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