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BEHOLD! the orange vinyl

aloha comrades…..!!
a few nights ago (via @AFPwire twitter, as we promised) we kicked off UkuleleHead 2.0 with the purdy ORANGE vinyl reprint (limited to 1,000 copies but not numbered like the red was).
yes, indeed, if you missed your chance on round one, you can now be a proud owner of AMANDA PALMER PERFORMS THE POPULAR HITS OF RADIOHEAD ON HER MAGICAL UKULELE in its physical format….it’s HERE!
ORANGE is the color of tiger lillies, crush soda, the sun (sometimes), the dutch football team, and many women in south beach, florida.
how can you resist a vinyl record of radiohead ukulele covers that pays homage to all these fine things?
by the time you read this, chances are, it’s damn close to sold out. go HERE to get yours while you still can…
AGAIN. you’re not only helping (more than you can imagine), but you’re showing the world this shit WORKS.
not only did we put up the vinyl, but we also launched a BRAND NEW AMAZING SHIRT, too!!!! the lovely lucy coombs painted it, and her and miss beth tailored the design to be wearable.
it’s available in both yellow (in unisex and girlie):
as well as silver…
…and a few other tasty morsels.“where can i get such things?” you may ask.
if it is in fact sold out when you read this:
* fret not, that means that we shall print a YELLOW version, soon. so STAY TUNED.
* not to sound like a broken record (no pun intended), but PLEASE sign up for the mailing list and follow @AFPwire…we’ve been posting about this for around a week or so, and there WERE people there waiting to grab this thing RIGHT when it went up. everyone had a crack at it, they just needed to be where we’re telling ‘em.also……
* in regards to the reprint; we’re trying different things out to see what works. if you like how we’re doing things, please go HERE and tell us. if you hate how we’re doing things, please go HERE and tell us. and if you have questions about how we’re doing this……please go HERE…and tell us.and……for the people who ordered the red….
* first, we love you.
* second, we’ve spending some extra time and money to make packages even fucking special-er and unique from this version, so be excited. we want to thank you for being the first to support our cause.


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