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when in doubt, play a radical bookstore in a nice frock

photo by lee barron, theswing-ingest.

pictured above: me & my beloved friend, filmmaker michael pope, outside the lucy parsons bookstore, just a few blocks from home in boston.
they’re closing down their south end location, packing up all their radical political & feminist literature, and heading to a new location in jamaica plain, so we did goodbye-ninja blast-out. teeny space, so i twittered the info (for a 6pm ninja gig) at around 1:30pm.

BEAT THAT. someday i will be able to twitter a gig in UNDER THREE MINUTES. i’ll be THAT GOOD.

felt the love, took requests, played uke for the people, hugged, read passages aloud from alina simone’s new book, ate strawberries, signed boobs, and played someone’s electric tambourine.

so exhausted and overwhelmed by the last two weeks.
i am happy as hell. i’ve been twittering the action as it goes, as i can, blogging has lagged.
pictures, stories from the mini-tour of hoboken, brooklyn, and boston & everything else will be forthcoming, once I get some sleep.
life is fucking awesome. that’s all.

love out the motherfucking wazzoo to all of you.


p.s. here’s my hot and very funny husband neil on craig ferguson the other night. he killed it:
if you want some hilarious contrast, also watch the previous guest (paris hilton). not so funny. but she sells eyelashes.

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