play-doh reenactment video shot right after getting out of jail in amsterdam

here’s a video of me and some dutch fans in a bar, about 45 minutes after being released from jail in amsterdam, doing a reenactment of my arrest at a ninja gig, using play-doh that someone happened to have brought with them.

about 15 really kind dutch fans followed the police van and had waited outside the jailhouse for me to be released. when i was (hooray!) i suggested we go to a bar to celebrate my freedom.

the people at the bar who hadn’t been at the actual ninja gig wanted me to explain what happened. this was the best way of explaining, and everybody helped make the play-doh figures representing all of the major players (and the war memorial). everybody helped.

you can’t really tell, because i’m being all funny (haha), but i was actually quite shaken up at the time.

i’d just been in jail for two hours, not really sure whether they were going to book me or let me go.


i blogged about it back when it happened, here.

perfect timing to find this, because i’m just editing this bit in the book.

i’ve been editing for almost 13 hours a day, non-stop, for the past 5 days. my BRAIN is play-doh. like, the bad kind of play-doh where you tried to mix up the colors but then it just turns a kind of unattractive and useless purple-brown color and you regret that you didn’t take better care of your play-doh because now it’s ruined…

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