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this is a tree, not an ashtray.

head. of. mush.

backstage in perth right now… gorgeous, sun is setting and is at his computer.
this place is real. it’s like a house.


this is my favorite window:

twitter has been my latest smack and it helps me feel connected.

twitter has also proven to be very fucking useful for last-minute gatherings and ticket give-aways.
50 people showed up in perth today after i twittered the all-ages gathering last night.
go figure.
we hung out at a soccer field, ate cake, and generally were. i bought a soccer ball but we never got to that part because i had to go soundcheck.
lots of people gave me long letters, which i’ve been reading backstage while i drink redbull.

choice quote from one of them:

“Meeting your best friend on a psych ward. Then moving in together. Still not sleeping, turns out your friend is addicted to meth. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.”

that made me laugh. sometimes i wonder what happens to all these letters that i read, if they are all living in a certain space in my head and someday they will finally turn into a black hole of pain that frees the universe or makes me explode with anguish. mostly i think it’s just fine. what to doctors do, watching people die all day. they must enjoy it as much as i do, because sometimes they get to fix things. so you trade.

have i mentioned….that australia is amazing. i FUCKING love it here.
can’t we all agree to just move here?
all at once?

my new plan, for when i’m old and dying:
new york in summers and melbourne in winter…done.

yet sometimes i want to quit this job, you know, the JOB part of it, the travel, the people management, the constant bullshit, the things that don’t get done, the never-ending emails, the never-ending emotional clean-up.
i’ve hit the tour wall and my patience with things going wrong is maxed, so i’m just trying to deal with what needs to be done,
one foot in front of the other.
sometimes i feel like i’m faking my own life.
and i am, indeed, PMSing. ask me how i feel in a week.
i’ll be fine.
a few of my friends are at the end of their ropes back at home and i feel useless to them, with the time difference and the space difference.
tour depletes you, emotionally, physically, spiritually. you are surrounded by people, for better, sometimes, for worse sometimes.
you are helpless when it comes to so many things that need to be done, you are a constant victim of random circumstance.


(you chose to do this).

up, down. down up.


this is all of us in brisbane with our hosts, chris and ziggy, who were awesome and made us the most amazing breakfast:
go figure.


here are some ace pictures from the show in adelaide, at which i also traded make-out time on stage for cold beer.
i am becoming fearless:

(all photos by matt james unless noted, from




have to drive:
(tora and mark)

(kat and steven)

guitar hero

(photo by cheesequake on flickr)


tora in coin-op:


nigel’s birthday moment, which involved the ensemble coming out with a cake on an almost-naked tora…..
which nigel then proceeded to mush into his own face.

cake on tora:

i love this man:

about to ruin the rental keyboard, which was a piece of fucking shit, at the end of “girl anachronism”…..


to stage.


p.s. am still backed up on bloggage. working on an epic music-biz-related how-to. and a series about the videos, which are now, by the way, back up on youtube.
start watching/rating them, i need to get the counts back up:


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wkap series –

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runs in the family:

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the point of it all:

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strength through music:

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guitar hero:

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another year:

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epilogue (everybody’s gotta live):

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