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props needed for australian photoshoot in NYC weekend


Sorry for the late notice, but i’m doing the Australian record photo shoot THIS WEEKEND in NYC with Kyle Cassidy….if you’re local to NYC, you’ll be most helpful and we’ll even trade you we need…see instructions. Below
photo shoot is for QUA? the record i’m almost 100% releasing in Australia this January. It’s hard to keep it quiet, deal’s not set yet, but it’s ALMOST announcable.

what do we need??

1. a huge australian flag, or oz bedsheets. the bigger the better. SHEET-SIZED if possible.
2. an australian-flag beltbuckle, handmade fine
3. temporary tattoos, australian or new zealand-style
4. stuffed kangaroo
5. stuffed koala
6. any other assorted stuffed autstralian mammals or wildlife. extra points for taxidermy!
7. one of these hats:

8. one of these knives:

9. an Australian beer cozy
10. an australian flag THONG. the underwear kind, not the feet kind.
11. choose your own adventure…if you have anything CRAZY, KITSCHY, and oz-related, hit us.

and if THIS doesn’t make you want to know more about the album, what would?

email with any props you want to share with us. send her as much info about your item as possible (type, size…..), and she’ll send you shipping/delivery info if your item is still on our list.
we’re going to need these props by Friday at the latest. which means if you’re mailing them they should go in the mail no later than wednesday. and if you live in NYC, and can hand deliver them, even better!


p.s. the album, truly, is sounding fucking fantastic. more news on it soon.

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