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please welcome this new addition to our earth.

drum roll (and…tamobourine? and baby rattle. and air raid siren! and disco music!!)……

the beautiful miss laura lolly (aka miss merch, aka laura keating, aka zoe keating’s sister, aka the girl who probably sold you your shirt/poster/underwear at the amanda palmer/dresden dolls show you’ve attended within the past 4 years or so) finally POPPED and gave birth to Geneva Ell Keating….


….yes, ladies and gents, it’s a GIRL. (pictured here sporting a custon-made WKAP onesie given to laura by some awesome fans in holland.)

she was born (according to laura) “at 7:31am on Friday April 24th 2009 coming in at a whopping 7lbs 7oz and 19 inches long, 10 fingers, 10 toes and no exceptions.”  you can read all about her continuing adventures here:

laura slogged all across the world with us on tour with this child in her belly, braving dank clubs and terrible rider food to sell you merchandise while trying to nurture the growing beast within….


i know so many of you have been wishing her well and godspeed and i thank you, and she thanks you, and we’re all so glad that mum and baby are happy and healthy and rokken’ like dokken.

one more point on the scoreboard for team love.


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