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please, please, please let me get what i want.

i stayed up until 5:30 in the morning last night, obsessively unable to put down “the end of mr. y”.
thank you to whoever brought me that copy at the leeds united shoot. it’s the nazz.

and….just not tired. i started to wiggle my foot a little bit. just a LITTLE BIT. very uma from kill bill.
wiggle. your. left. toe.
it’s sending me signals like it might be ready to move

my whole body is feeling totally wonky from the lack of movement. i think i’ve traveled a total of 200 yards in the last 8 days.
jason and i decided to do a random juice fast today, mostly because we ended up with a lot of smoothies on the bus last night (don’t ask why).
we also started writing a new song called “electric blanket (nothing in the world can keep me warm)”.

we played manchester last night, it was the best show of the tour since dublin. CRAZINESS. WONDERFULNESS. cake.

it being a shitty day yesterday, and manchester being HOME of the MOZ and all….

….i decided that i’d learn one of my favorite smiths backstage.

so forgive the simplicity, but my god, this song hit home last night….

“please, please, please let me get what i want”, live last night from manch academy:

random photo dept….
(Sandra Wilkes)

(beast love)

(Sandra Wilkes)
i like the way my microphone chord makes it look like i might be slaying a dragon in this shot.

straight outta THRILLER….
(beast love)

we’re playing on a boat tonight in bristol.

the sun just came out.


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