i need help pickin’ out audiobook tracks for VINYL (eeee!)

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greetings from the passengers side of a car (jason is driving) that is barreling between spokane washington and eugene oregon. the show last night – the only show of this whole tour that didn’t sell out – felt weirdly wonderful and underehearsed and messy in all the good ways. i’d never played spokane before and the audience was a beautiful mix of people…i also picked up a few new spokane patrons (HELLO!!! WELCOME!!!) and jason and i were gifted home-made matching flying unicorns with no eyes. surprise highlight: we debuted “the wolf song” from the “sketches for the musical jib” and the song is actually incredible live. these shows are so random, i’m sort of treating them like a lab / sandbox for the upcoming global 2019 tour. what works, what i am, what is, what is it. what is it? you tell me.

i’m also so happy being back on the road solo – for the first time with no baby. jason and i are staying in people’s houses and going to pokey little towns and my abandoned-farm-equipment-and-shopfront photography fetish is being fed. when i have a little more time tomorrow i’ll try to post a little tour gallery diary…


the audiobook version of “the art of asking” has been ON FIRE lately – it’s now in its 4th consecutive week on the new york times bestseller list (and it’s CLIMBING!!) and who the hell knows why but i’ll take it.

hachette (my publisher) reached out to me and asked if i’d be interested in released selections of the audiobook ON VINYL and i was like


espeically since we have so many beautiful alt-cover photos that we never used (like this one by allan amato).

here’s the thing: i’ve been lax about getting them my selections (it obviously isn’t going to be all 11 hours of audio – that would be many many many vinyls) and so i need to PICK SELECTIONS.

this is where i need you. i am going to sit down tomorrow with the book and the audiobook and choose the best best best.

IF YOU HAVE LISTENED TO THE AUDIOBOOK, and especially if you’ve both READ and LISTENED to the book…..WHICH PARTS of the audiobook STOOD OUT? 

what made you stop/listen/cry/think/gasp/feel?

please hit me with your favorite chapter/moment/section, and be as **specific as possible** (even include the track time, page # if you can!!!) so i can tally your feedback easily (if you loved a specific story but don’t remember what part of the book its in that’s helpful to know, but harder to measure).

i’m reading the comments…we have 48 hours to collate results, mofos.

and if you haven’t listened to the audiobook yet and have 11 hours to kill right now, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

it’s here on audible…


general book info for y’all:


i’m not sure WHEN the audiobook vinyl is going to be available but i’ll let you know ASAP and hopefully we can do a special something for the patrons.



see some of you in eugene tonight….





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