CHICAGO! NINJA ACTION this THURSDAY! help me find a space …

it’s that time – help a pregnant lady out. lots of Chicagoans have grumbled that I’m coming to town for a gig nobody can get into (it’s true- i’m doing a keynote interview at the HOW interactive design conference on FRIDAY with the amazing maria from Brain Pickings… but tickets for the conference are PRICEY) and so NINJA ACTION HATH BEEN REQUESTED. I’m fat and tired and pregnant but I must oblige because what the fuck…spring…chicago…ninja times.

I NEED A SPACE !! If anyone has a space/gallery/parlor/massive empty factory/lounge/opium den/access to abandoned bowling alley NOW IS THE TIME TO SHARE YOUR WISDOM AND POWERS.

preferable a place that can fit a few hundred folks on this short notice, preferably somewhere legal, preferably somewhere easy for everyone to get to, preferably somewhere awesome.

I don’t know why but I have been fantasizing about the idea of an abandoned bowling alley. why? I do not know. maybe because I’m pregnant.

I’m aiming for around 7pm on THURSDAY night. hit me up in comments below or on twitter and OFF WE GO.

I’ll bring the ukulele you bring the beer.

the baby likes India pale ales.

and the rest of y’all in chicago – stay tuned for details. whatever we find, I’ll post it up. save the night.


(image care of dennis gerbeckx via – abandoned bowling alley in Berlin. more abandoned bowling alley porn at


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