let’s see if we can keep from shit click baiting

new years resolution suggestion? i’ve got one if you need one: no shit-click-bait sharing on your social media platforms.

i’m pretty picky about where i send any web traffic nowadays.
i don’t want to add to the plummeting cesspool of the internet, i want to add to the positive bits. time was, i’d post links to the tut-tutting so-feminist-it’s-actually-not-feminist-it’s-just-cruel-hate-and-gossip articles of the web, trying to spark discussion about the negativity contained in the content. dumb, and it didn’t help much. i realized i was just falling into a different part of the grease-trap.

there are plenty of sites out there click-baiting away, discussing the particulars of why this woman sucks and that man sucks and this person this and that. if you read any articles – especially on sites that purport to be thinking/critical/activist sites – that begin “celebrity x, please stop. just stop.” or “17 reasons why we are so over celebrity x” etc. etc…you know you’ve got a loser on your hands. i’ve come to realize over the past few years that sending them the eyeballs is just making the problem worse and helping perpetuate the tutting, tsk-tsk-ing gossip-shit-hell-whirlpool of this here fragile ecosystem.

so if you want a new year’s resolution…

just don’t click the shit-click-bait. you probably do not need to know 17 reasons the feminists are so over madonna (again). you may need to know. but probably you don’t.

and if you find yourself in a moment of weakness and clicking and reading (*shamefully raises hand, yes, me too, i am known to go down these holes for hours especially when particularly braindead, insecure, tired, or drunk*)….just don’t re-share and perpetuate the hollowness and smallness. don’t weigh in. don’t comment. don’t reblog.

how do you know if it’s shallow click-bait? only you will know. but you’ll know. anything that seems to exist just to taunt, denigrate, bully, bemoan, or demean others (especially if it is wrapped in a shroud of self-righteousness) is shit-click-bait. instead? fuck it! share something actually useful and wonderful! we need more of that, always. preferably something deep, profound, mind-blowing, and enlightening, but seriously…sloths n’ kittens are still vastly better than yet another article shit-click-baiting.

to wrap it all up with one fuck yes quote:

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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