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first "cabaret" shots! + 140 character conference in boston TODAY!

my dear bostonians…
if you’re in boston today and want to see me talk like a nerd, swing by the back bay events center for the 140 characters conference! tons of info HERE, and you can use THIS special link – – to snag a FREE ticket

in other news, i’m finally catching up on my email. that means soon i will start blogging like a person again.
i have amazing things happening.

while i struggle to come back to life i’ll write more, meanwhile here’s some awesome photos to tide you:

from the “cabaret”-itself dept,
here’s me & “texas”….from the opening number:

tam is incredible.

with all the kit kat klub dancers in the opening number….
me and hansel….in one of the darkest moments of the show (for me, at least).
the entre act after intermission….
money. getting up on the shoulders of guy and ed is a bitch i quite enjoy.
005the party…tomorrow belongs to me.

marcus stern (the director of “the onion cellar” – tying fate together) took these photos during previews….
kyle cassidy also got some INCREDIBLE ONES. i’m sorting. incoming, wait for it. you will die.

in the dresden dolls department,
here’s cassandra long’s sketch for the new dolls tour design:

(YAY samurai santa!!!!)in the “i cannot believe how much random shit i am doing right now, dept”,
here’s a still from a film shoot i was on yesterday, for a short film based on my friend anthony martignetti’s short story “the box”:
from the “cabaret” MERCH department,
here’s cassandra long rocking one of the unique jackets that beth made for the cabaret merch stand….)
and here’s me, right now, looking at you, kid….
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