soccer…sorry, “football”, anyone?

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i am staying in london instead of going to the fringe….i just couldn’t handle anymore planes or trains.
the london gig was off the hook. life is working.
i am holed up in a hotel for a week, trying to catch up on emails and life.

1. i am listening to new music this week and starving for content.
please post here any incredible albums that you think i might not know. i’m getting in shape for the “leeds” video and downloading single albums to listen to back-to-front while i work out.
hit me. any era, any genre.

2. i am kind of bored. yesterday, i bought a soccer ball, and some charity-shop sneakers, to cheer myself up.

3. i noticed on my walk home that there is a big field (albeit its sort of gross and ridden with drunks and junkies) near my hotel.

pick-up soccer/football game, anyone? let’s fucking do it.
3 pm, shepards bush, this wednesday the 27th.
i am not kidding. we need at least 8 people to have a decent game. if we have too many people, we’ll figure it out, we can rotate being athletes and hooligans, drinking beers on the sidelines and getting into brawls.
we’ll play til about 5 or 6 and then HAVE TEA somewhere.
shepards bush is a total hole, but we’ll find a place i’m sure.
please do wear appropriate footwear.

in other news….

the stencil mission is going well….people are posting up teasers on the shadowbox.
if you still want to enter, the deadline is far off and details about the mission are HERE.
here are some inspirations…..

by BHA/Sarah



(click any of the above images to be taken to the thread with full size images and lots more of inspirational stencil-y stuff)

here is another great one from my talk at mass art:
by dena bach

in related stencil-y-ness:

my friend olga sent me this incredible link….
a couple created an interactive choose-your-own-adventure stencil-romance project in the streets of San Fran:
i fucking love the world.

more soon. i am cleaning out my head.

love & rocket (comes with all meals here, on the side. kind of like lettuce, only not.),


p.s. the keyboard player for oasis walked by me at breakfast this morning. SIGN FROM JESUS??? i think so.

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