nine awesome things

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since i often use this as a tablet in which to mourn the negative aspects of my existence, i thought i would share some nice/awesome things to make up for all the recent darkness.

then, of course, i will follow up quickly with a very dark and self-absorbed post.
blogging karma.

1. last night i watched THE ENITRE INDIANA JONES TRILOGY…yes, all three, back to back, me & cormac in our pyjamas, pomegranate juice, pumpkin and corn soup, fresh guac and chips and gingersnap cookies. we took a break between each episode and walked around cormac’s neighborhood in chilly moonlit allston, in our pyjamas, coats and hats and scarfs. raiders is classic, temple of doom sucked even MORE than i remember it sucking (WTF with that one???? did they fire ALL the good writers? ech…) and last crusade was a triumphant comeback. very few movie stars i could actually admit wanting to bang, and harrison ford is one of them (jack nicholson is another, and i think the only other is heathers-era christian slater…maybe judd nelson from breakfast club…ok, and maybe buster keaton). anyway, it was AWESOME. only the penitent man shall pass.

2. i managed to get ALL of my christmas shopping done in UNDER three hours by deciding i would but NOTHING BUT BOOKS for all of loved ones. luckily the amazing harvard book store was at my disposal and i walked through it’s graceful aisles and i found something for everyone. i overfilled one eeuuuuge shopping basket and had come back with my car because i couldn’t carry it all. spoiler: here were multiple copies purchased for various friends of “towelhead” by elicia erian (AWESOME). i am free.

3. cafe pamplona, which is cosmically located one block away from the zero arrow theater where we are putting on The Onion Cellar, has had garlic soup almost every day i’ve been in. they also added an extensive tea menu to their kitchen. need i say more? it’s AWESOME. i sit there, journal in hand, and feel bliss unending.

4. my apartment is a fucking mess but i DONNNNNNNNN’T CARE. i haven’t opened my mail for two weeks. i used to get excited about opening packages in the mail and now i get excited that i have the willpower to step over the pile without feeling anxious. it feels: AWESOME.

5. during my book shopping, i found a coffee table book of bansky’s work. i didn’t know he was so known and published. if you don’t know his shit because you live outside the UK, go look and feel hope for the universe and the future of art and mankind: he’s: AWESOME.

6. sand from someone’s hair from the sky from the theater in my bed. music left like a gift. AWESOME.

7. december and NO SNOW. global warming blows but AAAAHHHHH AWESOME.

8. coconut green tea from tealuxe alone every morning. my apartment. alone. my piano, untuned. my CD collection. my clothes. all the things i miss about my life. FUCKING AWESOME.

9. being able to look at my life next month and actually see blank days and time to do WHAT I WANT…to be able to say yes instead of always no no no, i can’t, i’m sorry, i’m busy…to be able to choose what i am doing instead of being a slave to an unrelenting schedule….like an unfamiliar gift….time to spend around things that make me happy, time to make music, time to write, time to collaborate, time to read, time to listen to music again without irritation, time to clean, time to sew, time to drink, time to plan, time to laze, time to travel, time to sleep, time to be around good and nurturing company, time to breathe out, time to waste…..time to do AWESOME and i’ve waited so fucking long to get here….

next installment: compliments, complaints and reflections about the current theatrical state of things. i’m over the worst of it.

we’re doing nine shows a week. brutal but not as hard as it sounds. it’s like vegas, i assume.
for those of you who are local and coming to the onion cellar, instructions to follow.

holiday cheere



10: this was just too perfect not to add but i had to come back and edit the post. as soon as i posted this, i literally i got up from the computer and went to the bathroom to pee and my cell phone was in my back pants pocket and LANDED IN THE BLOODY FUCKING TOILET. i fished it out and and it’s FINE. it turned right back on, lit up like a fucking christmas tree. god is on my side. c’mon. must i point out how AWESOME that is? i think not.



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