the ugg/crocs saga continues.

sorry for the diversion.
in news…touring has been good, and hard and strange. nothing new there. a few existential crises, it’ll pass.

my mac died for three days due to a whiskey keyboard spillage in paris (not my whiskey, i swear) but it magically recovered.
every show has been pretty much incredible, and we managed to hit belgium on NATIONAL HUGGING DAY (amazing).
the polls are looking fabulous.

however, there is obviously more important news at hand:

when i posted a blog some time ago about my deep bafflement by/hatred of UGG boots…..

….i was met with a deluge of empathetic comments.

if you remember, i was additionally met by a torrent of comments about your collective hatred of CROCS:

…and there was even a small argument about which shoe-fad was the more tyrannically evil.

(i think this battle was never concluded.)

but now!
we can all agree.

THIS, this, this….

this is THE END:
croggs? cruggs? uggocs?

either way…..

no, seriously, dude.



i swear if i see these at the end of someone’s legs i’m going to cry.

in horror,

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