the soundfix bathroom

that soundfix show was so awesome.
if you didn’t see it, chip yamada made an amazing collage of the show.
jason was there. sxip was there, doing sound. i broke the piano.
it got shut down by the fire department. it was Rock And Roll.
what a fucking full of love day, man:

that was also the day both beth and i got drunk and beth thought she lost $6,000.
but we found it. and i still signed all the CDs and made the train, and met the wonderful conductor who gave me my money back because i looked beaten and had a ukulele.


this photo was later taken by tommy’s iphone, who stumbled upon it in the soundfix bathroom and thought it meant i was famous.

o yes yes my people:
please make art in dangerous bathrooms around the world.
especially in towns where i’m playing on this tour.
take photos.
then send photos to

this is how we market amanda palmer where i come from.

why not. it’s the future.



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