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“THE DIRTY VIEW” podcast! sex! freedom! hands-free condom application! donations go to help planned parenthood.


a few weeks ago, i was in LA for carson daly, and went right from there to a ninjagig outside kevin smith’s SModCastle (the blog about that is here).

after ninja-ing, we headed inside where i was joined by special guests KIM AIRS (an old friend of mine who used to run a sex shop in boston called “grand opening”) and KIRSTEN VANGSNESS (the actress from “criminal minds” and more) for a benefit podcast to raise money for and spread awareness about planned parenthood and it’s currently endangered status.

we ended up dubbing the podcast “THE DIRTY VIEW”, right before going on stage.

(kim in the middle, kirstin on the right):
photo by allan amato

we talked about sex.
and sex toys.
and safe sex.
and fun sex.
and fun (but safe) sex with sex toys.

we laughed a lot.

we shared our stories. we shared our dirty view.

and here, kim shares a hands-free approach to condom-application:

there were a bunch of teenagers in the audience and we talked about how sex information spreads.
and how being a teenager sucks, and how to deal with it. it was awesome.

people shared real things about themselves, their lives, and their experiences.
but most importantly, comrades, we talked about the importance of PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

we did a poll of the 50+ people IN the room and asked WHO had ever been to planned parenthood.
more than half the hands shot up.

like super kate mentions on the podcast, one of the most frustrating things is that when searching the net for statistics and to educate oneself on the options out there, most of the shit that’s easy to find (or comes up first in google) is either skewed, inaccurate, or completely made-up BS by the very same groups trying to hurt funding for PP.

as we guessed (and had confirmed by a raise of hands at the show), even if you haven’t visited a planned parenthood yourself, chances are someone very close to you (probably even a partner) has. and it’s helped.

so, with that, we are thrilled to announce that the podcast is available for download at

it’s FREE, but you can donate as much as you’d like, and all proceeds will go to “i stand with planned parenthood” aka “the planned parenthood action fund” (which we talk about on the podcast).

this is definitely something i’d love to do more of.

in addition to DOING SOMETHING GOOD, doing this was REALLY FUCKING FUN.

i’ve been enjoying talking to people lately – the stuff i did speaking in schools in australia was also really exciting.

i might try to do more of this shit…it’s just too fun not to.

for those of you who heard neil and i do “starfucking” with kevin, or who’ve seen me do an “ask amanda” at a show, it’s obvious….this bitch likes to talk.

i don’t think i’m going to go all henry rollins on your ass and start doing spoken-word tours or anything, but it was really satisfying to sit with two smart, real, truly empowered and honest women, and engage a group of people in a discussion about something really important to us.

kate took this, backstage:


visit (or click the cover art) to grab it, now.

please share the pod with people. if you have a daughter, cousin, younger sibling, or whatever, i feel like this podcast is a really healthy way to open up teenage girls to a different, more honest point of view about the questions they might have about sex and education….and not being ashamed.
be the media, people. use twitter, facebook, AIM, email, whatever. tell your local college radio station to give it a listen, or leave a little DIY flyer at your local PP next time you go. because you should. as we profess over and over again, they’re awesome.


even more importantly, if you can chip in some money to help “i stand with planned parenthood”, please do.

if you want to do it direct, you can right HERE on their site.

more, very soon.


p.s. one last pic from the SModCastle show…
many thanks to kevin (go see his movie, he’s wrapping up the tour this week in LA!), matt cohen, everyone else at SModCastle that helped bring the pod together so quickly, and of course super kate, kim airs, and kristen. love.

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  • Sloppy_lessons

    “there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had soooo many kids she didn’t know what to do!”

    -someone should of told her about planned parenthood.

  • PolitelyOffend

    Bought and downloaded :)
    Don’t have much money, but I threw in some of what I do have, Planned Parenthood is worth it.
    I can’t wait to listen :)

  • notreallyapainter

    Hate to be a buzzkill, but rolling a condom on with your mouth is a bad idea; your teeth can nick the condom, making it more likely to tear.

    • Amanda Palmer

      damn. good to know. thank you.

    • Disce Pati

      Not to mention porn nails on hands are a baaaad idea as well. Plus they’re kind trashy.
      Steady as she goes and we win the race.

    • Chlo with the flow

      My first boyfriend’s mum gave him a book from a women’s health network about sexual health and protection (i think designed for sex workers). It reccommended suggesting putting a condom on with your mouth as a good way to introduce condoms to reluctant partners. i don’t think there would be anymore risk putting it on with your mouth gently, then giving oral sex with a condom.

  • lentower

    my hand up to both questions

    first gave them money 40 years ago …

  • Vex Mesmer

    “there were a bunch of teenagers in the audience and we talked about how sex information spreads.
    and how being a teenager sucks, and how to deal with it. it was awesome.”

    Loved that part. Shows how much you care. :3

    I would definitely pay to see you perform spoken word. Have you done any before? Two of my favourite musicians (Saul Williams and Dominic Hoey, AKA TourettesOne) perform spoken word, and I’ve often compared you to them for your rawness and modest honesty. I think you would be brilliant.

    If you came to Happy, Medusa or San Fran in Wellington, I could even open for you. :P

  • lentower

    you do collaborate verbally in most excellent discourse

    e.g. the 8dec2011 berklee clinic

  • Melanie

    Gah, thank you so much for this amazing awareness/fundraising post! I intern at Planned Parenthood & can honestly say it’s an amazing place to work. Everyone there genuinely cares SO much about protecting women’s health care & making sure everyone is taken care of. They’re also mega-appreciative of any and all support that people show, whether it’s dropping us a comment on Facebook, signing a petition, or donating money.

    Thanks for being both an incredible artist & activist!

  • angelica

    omg kirsten vangness are so cool! love criminal minds!

  • Alicia Puck Vickery

    This kinda reminds me of middle school. When I was in seventh grade a 13 year old ninth grader had a baby. I knew even then it probably was because of the abstinence teaching policy in my school. I was going to planned parenthood at the time for the pill and such. (I started having sex at 14.) They gave out free condoms. I would fill my pockets with condoms and leave them in all the girls rooms with notes to the girls who would hopefully find them.

    Planned Parenthood is a great organization and I am so happy you did this. I just donated some money and plan on sharing this podcast with my mother who is a fan of yours (even though she’s 50 lol.) and had the smarts as my mother to give me the condom I used the first time I had sex and wasn’t afraid to talk to me or teach me about it. I have never had to deal with an unwanted pregnancy or an STD.

    Thought I’d share a ‘lil bit. Thanks again.

  • Disce Pati

    Hon, going Rollins on my ass would be a dream fuckin’ come true in all the best senses of the word ‘come’ and ‘true.’
    You’re right in all the right ways and I wish you a larger audience (by sharing etc) and a happy and healthy life.
    Take care, missy. xx

    • Meanwhile …..

      Totally 100% agreed. Feel free to go Rollins on our asses any time you desire. Rollins & Palmer, killer double header. He would love you bossing him around on tour. <3

  • Pgately1019

    Thank you so much for doing this! I haven’t personnally been in need of PP but I have known many people who were and if it weren’t for their support and help, they would have been in a seriously rough way. It means so much that you do things like this and as if I didn’t love you enough already for your music, I love you even more now for really standing up for what you believe in. (using your powers for good!) It’s people like you Kim and Kristen, with your spunk, heartfelt values and concerns, and mild insanity that prove there are still people willing to stand up for what they believe in in this world.

  • Dianae

    Thank you for this! I have a 13 yr old niece who won’t talk about “sex stuff” but I think she’ll listen to this format. Way to go, Amanda!

  • Kelly

    wish I could have had a podcast or two like that in high school….I went to girls’ Catholic school, and long story short, they tried their best to teach us about sex but just confused and freaked me out for a long time.

  • beatingthebinary

    I got a ukulele for my birthday about a year ago – I decided I wanted to learn to play one because you made such awesome music with yours and I thought it would help me write songs. It totally did.

    Last weekend I went to the training retreat for my local teen health clinic and became an official volunteer. I wrote a song about proper condom usage so that I could sing it for people in the clinic waiting room while we do condom demos.

    Yesterday I filmed myself singing the song while wearing my “WE ARE THE MEDIA” shirt because it’s one of m favorite shirts ever and posted it on YouTube.

    Today I check your blog and discover that you just did a Planned Parenthood fundraiser podcast. This is one of the strangest, best timed moments of my life as an AFP fangirl.

    • Emma

      i like going through the comments on amanda’s blog and finding interesting people. i wanted to comment that im a songwriter myself and i think it’s really nice to write on ukulele because it’s so simple; there’s less strings to be distracted by. and i got one after i heard amanda playing it so often. i also think it’s so fucking cool you volunteered at the teen clinic; i plan on doing that too because i get pissed at people’s ignorance and intolerance towards sexuality. so yeah. nice to meet you. :)

      • beatingthebinary

        Thanks! I know this is a bizarrely late response, but the email telling me someone actually responded to me got totally lost in my email inbox. I’m going to try to make a music video of the song before the summer ends to help promote the clinic and safe sex in general. I heartily recommend the sexual health clinic volunteer experience, I’ve had a fantastic time so far. Also, if you message me on YouTube, I’d be happy to send you a chart with the lyrics and chords so that you can play it on your ukulele.

  • Emma

    i’m really glad the issue of our backwards-forwards sex-obsessed sex-hating society is being addressed by someone i love as much as you, amanda. i remember listening to your music when i was fourteen and you were one of the first female artists i’d heard who was expressing freedom in her sexuality in a……well, a free sort of way. i’ve always felt free listening to your music, in many ways, but acceptance of sexuality is fucking hard to come by. i haven’t listened to the podcast yet but i’ve just been so fucking angry about people’s ignorance and violence especially as directed at young girls (not to say i’m gender biased. fuck no. but i am, of course, because i was born a woman. :)) so i just wanted to say–FUCK TEXAS–ive lived here three years now and there’s always some asshole waiting with a picket outside planned parenthood–and is there anything i can do to help? like what the fuck can we do? though i think i already know the answer to that question, it’s still worth asking you.

  • kati

    Great podcast :D

    I love your laugh, Amanda.

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  • Jessica Elizabeth Stalvey

    Hi Amanda
    Am I crazy, or do I remember you talkikng about a freind of yours who did reveiws of sex toys and got them for free? if so, how did they get involved with that?

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