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pie, google, mythbusters & shining turds

well, this was late last night….with the practice keyboard that came care of @chris_con (via twitter, of course). the dreamboy dropped it off at the hotel WITH A PIE.
we devoured it. i didn’t gte to meet him, but hope to when he comes to pick up his axe.

this was late last night, with the remnants.


come to the dark side.
we have pie.

this was us, today, in front of the building i played my weird little show in at google.

left to right: ms maddy gaiman, mr. neil, AFP and maddy’s friend ms claire.

there are FIVE THOUSAND employees at the google complex in mountainview.
the rumors about the cafeteria are TRUE.
they have sushi. lots of it.

they also have COMPANY BIKES that you can ride from one building to another as you need them. it’s like a little office wonderland.

there’s also apparently a google bar, but we didn’t make it over there.

i decided to make a video for “i google you” during my little show (it was only for about 100 employees) and after a joke during a soundcheck asking why google didn’t have any disco balls, somebody made one magically appear.

google has DISCO BALLS.

i rest my case. when i quit rock for software, i’m working at google.

they also had a grand piano. just kickin’ around.

the video shoot went well, i think. if it came out it’ll get posted up on youtube. i will inform.

i grabbed this from flickr….yes, it’s miss zoe keating on the right. she joined me for the gig (and we pulled out our “tainted love” cover):

but the gig itself felt…weird.
i’m really rusty.
not touring and then randomly showing up for a gig (espeically an awkward middle-of-the-day one in an office park) is not a good way to go.
i’m too far away from touring mentality. i have my vacation mentality, the one that drinks alcohol and coffee and lazes around and doesn’t think daily about whether my voice is in decent shape.
but it wasn’t awful. i think everyone had a good time. we did a long q&a and zoe and i talked a lot about the industry and music….
fact: musicians nowadays are expected to be accessible. discuss.

then we packed the girls into the car (it’s definitely not as sexy as our old convertible) and went to see neil’s friend adam savage at mythbusters.
they have a little studio in a factory somewhere under a highway and it looks a lot like my apartment. we hung around looking at lots of odd things and rooms.
here’s the girls, adam, and me in the “bluprint” set of the mythbusters studio.
i am holding a piece of polished ostrich turd, which was used, as you might imaging, in the “can you polish a turd?” episode of mythbusters.

(taken by mr neil)

adam is an incredibly swell guy. we went out to eat at a joint called foreign cimena in san fran.
spastically, for the second night in a row, we went last night with mr mike gaiman, neil’s son (who also works at google so we got him for a second today, too).

i must say: neil has cool kids. and cool friends. and he has some other stuff going for him too, but i will spare you details.

i just called him on his midnight trip to the drugstore to pick up two large bottles of cranberry juice.
he’s kind of amazing.

and tooling around with two teenage girls is fun – i’m getting a fair dose of lady gaga and lily allen in the car.

my brain is fried but i am signing off with this picture from the mess room at mythbusters.


i couldn’t agree more.

practicing then collapsing.
show tomorrow at the fire arts festival and i have no idea how it will feel.
i almost miss touring. but i don’t. not yet.




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  • billybones

    There appears to be a dead body on the bed. This man looks suspiciously familiar.

  • June_Miller


    I’m sorry, I just finally posted to the latest one, and then this one pops up and YOU’RE KICKING IT WITH ADAM (motherfucking) SAVAGE. OH MY GOD AWESOME. (Though Jamie’s my personal favorite. I love the curmudgeons.)

    I’m a fucking DORK for that show. I’ve totally always seen that sign in the background on some episodes, and agreed wholeheartedly while chuckling.

    What a whole lotta win.

    Tonight, man. Tonight.

  • Shelby

    Oh Dear Amanda FUCKING Palmer,
    You kinda make my life. Having the week from hell right now, well at least one of them in a series of a couple hundred. Thanks for the much needed smile :-) You should come back to Cambridge and rock out with us cool massachusetts/rhode island/connecticut (they should really just make the three of us one state — massanecticut island?).
    Keep it Real
    ~ Shelby, Pawtucket RI

  • Amy

    The many implications starring in that last shot are all FANTASTICALLY human :D

  • joshdamon

    Sounds like you’re getting a best of the Bay Area experience this weekend. Wait ’til you see the contraptions at the Fire Arts Festival! We’ve got some incredibly talented fire bugs over here.

  • marcochirinos

    Great post. The photos you take are always a joy to look at.

    “fact: musicians nowadays are expected to be accessible. discuss.”
    long live reality.

  • Catherine

    I’m enjoying this daily blog habit you’re developing.
    I’ll enjoy it while it lasts… until you get sick of it :-)

  • suzifeld

    Failure IS always an option! Agreed!!

  • BrassyCassy

    I love Lily Allen.
    Just had to share. :P


  • heatherirish

    anyone who buys another some cranberry juice is obviously quite smitten with them. <3

  • heatherirish

    anyone who buys another some cranberry juice is obviously quite smitten with them. <3

  • Kayla

    I want to work at google too!!! I’m not a computer genius but maybe I can do the work that they haven’t already created robots for.

    The mythbusters visit sounds cool too. i’m addicted to that show.

  • Ross

    Hey, I want photo credit for that second shot! :-) It was taken on AFP’s own Blackberry, though. A few more Google pics at:

  • MADness

    mmmmmmyeah that sounds like so so much fun. Neil Gaiman + AFP = MAGIC

  • Vicster

    Aw, I wish I could make it over to Fire Arts to see your show, but my cat and I just had a $450 week at the vet so Fun Stuff is kind of on hold for now.

    They shoot some of Mythbusters at the Alameda navy base, not far from my apartment. I’m always jealous that they get to hang out on the runways…I’m dying to do a photostroll on those runways! :-)

    I’m sure you’ll slay at Fire Arts tonight! Have fun!

  • csdaley

    I am just glad you made it off the Mythbusters set alive. Those people are dangerous.

  • avandamanders

    The silliest, (albeit seemingly unrelated) bit about being freshly in love:


    I’m wincing and grinning for you, dearest. Yay for love.

    Ps. Mythbusters=WIN

  • kaiudanielle

    You just won lots of kudos. Mythbusters is fucking amazing. No joke, and the fact that you got to meet Adam Savage, and go on the set of Mythbusters, what many of us Discovery Channel nerds would kill (well not really) to do- is fantasmic! Rock on girl! Glad you had fun. Break a leg!

  • kaiudanielle

    the fact that you got to go on the set of Mythbusters, and meet Adam Savage- gives many kudos toward you. You did what most of us Discovery Channel nerds only dream of, and would kill (not really) to do. So rock on, and have fun with your vacation, and all that you do. Break a leg, I’m proud of you. (Even though we’ve never met.)

  • Aline_Go

    Dear Amanda,
    Today I went for shopping in town (Liège in Belgium) and in the music store, in row P, just by chance, I found a DVD with the videos of “Who Killed Amanda Palmer”. I didn’t know this DVD was existing. There was only one. I jumped on it I bought it. Once at home, I played it on tv. And after the last scene, an interview late at night somewhere outside (with the date of December 2009!!!?), I felt – and I still feel – moved to tears I don’t know why. What you said about your desire to feel connected with the people, and all the rest, and your music in background, I don’t know why all this made me happy, and made me want to cry, and I wanted to kiss everybody and to make love to my boyfriend. Thank you Amanda for giving me this feeling today…. Aline

  • LeslieLi

    I always thought it might be cool to work for Google and now you’ve confirmed it. Thanks, Amanda : )

  • kyprieth

    I think it is utterly fantastic to see you guys tweet and blog about these fabulous adventures. Amanda, you seem to have an uncanny ability to find yourself spending time with people I admire and respect. Mr. Neil Gaiman, Gerard and Lyn-Z, Adam Savage, and I DO recall seeing a photo of you and Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence floating around the internet a while ago).

  • kjleftin

    Amanda, I thought you were great at Google, as usual. After seeing you in all sorts of crazy settings over the last 5 years around the Boston area, I never thought I’d just get to watch a private show at my job during the middle of the day.

    Also, we don’t actually have an official Google Bar (although Microsoft used to have one of their own). We just use the bar called “Sports Page” that is conveniently right off campus and pretty much only filled with Googlers and code name it “Building 50″.

    Thanks for making my day at work (more) awesome!

    Set List for those who care:
    Blake Says
    Tainted Love
    Coin Op’ Boy
    I Google You (x3)

  • Trizia

    A college friend turned me on to you like two years ago, I’ve been in awe ever since. Have fun at the show

  • NotShauna

    This blog-a-day-thing is making my life brighter. Keep it up.
    Also, a little something I thought you might enjoy.
    Thankyou for being awesome & inspirational .


  • chaynicole

    happiness :)
    *and total jealousy on my part*

  • steve

    Mythbusters AND Amanda Palmer together! At last, the universe makes sense!

  • Zomino

    “fact: musicians nowadays are expected to be accessible. discuss.”

    Maybe it’s just my growth through music but I think that generally there has been a movement away from stadium rock. There’s a push for more genuine, personal music and artists who fake their musicianship are deemed less credible (see: Ashley Simpson lip-syncing mishap). With that more intimate exposure through music I see fans assuming they know the artist personally and want to have access to the person.

    I’ve never met Tori Amos or Ani DiFranco or Trent Reznor and I’ve never held a conversation with AFP (although I did get a hug that rivals any other in my life) but I appreciate the different levels of accessibility they all seem to give willingly. I don’t think I would stop loving the music if these people scaled down their accessibility. Nor would I blame them for doing so.

    AFP, don’t worry so much about the blogs being too-much/little-this-or-that. You share so much already; anything you want to put out there should fit you, not the audience. <3

  • nrc

    Google? Mythbusters? Neil continues to emerge as the secret hub that all my interests rotate around and it seems that you’re now in charge of revealing all the connections. Creepy.

    >fact: musicians nowadays are expected to be accessible. discuss.

    Yes. People expect a lot of things these days. That doesn’t mean that they’re reasonable. Today people want what they want, they want it now, and they want it free – or as close to free as possible. How do you convince them that you’re worth more than “free”?

    Music choices have exploded. Today anyone with a computer can record music and offer it to the world. Without big budget promotion, fan communities are essential to the artist. They help sustain people’s interest, alert them to upcoming events, and give them a sense of shared experience that goes beyond simply enjoying the music. As part of a community most fans feel a desire to support the artist rather than simply consume their work.

    Thriving communities require effort to sustain – a lot of effort from a few people, or a little effort from a lot of people. Keeping a community at critical mass is essential. Artist involvement is one of the most effective ways to establish and sustain a community. So a lot of artists are doing it and more and more fans are coming to expect it.

    We seem to have deconstructed the notion of a rock star. With the rising awareness that there’s really not much difference between you and me, how will the loss of mystique affect popular music as it evolves? It will be interesting to see, but I’m not sure all the affects are good.

  • Lizzzardette

    I love your today’s “end-of-blog” picture. You look so, hmm, contented. Glad your life’s working out so well for you at the moment! Brightens our days as well :)

  • Kelly

    Your entries make me smile!

  • Kelly

    And I just noticed Neil in the background of the last pic, and that makes me smile even more. HA

  • amyamyamyamy

    dear Amanda Palmer,

    you have such lovely teeth!

    love Amy

  • bodnoirbabe

    In regards to your talking point, about musicians needing to be accessible, I would have to disagree. Musicians, if they are SMART, make themselves accessible. We can certainly still have the big name hits like Bono etc, but when you’re that famous, accessibility isn’t very practical. But when you’re up and coming, like you, Amanda, becoming personal with your fans is the best way. The old way of music is dying, the whole label thing. People are coming into their own fame through the internet and word of mouth more than ever. You’ve achieved pretty grand notoriety by your own feats. Your label hasn’t done really shit all to promote you but here you are, adored by millions, followed by thousands.

    I think that was a smart move on your part. And I don’t think you sat there and calculated out how to do it, you just are that way. You just are into your fans and they are into you and so you want to share as much as you can with us and we can’t get enough. Anyone who has an ounce of brain in their head will see what kind of impact you’ve made and follow what you’re doing. You’re the 21st century kind of artist, and I even believe you’re the first of your kind.

  • galacticsimian

    I think it’s amazing how amazing people seem to flock together. Amanda Fucking Palmer + Neil Gaiman + Adam Savage = incredible triple awesome package bonus combo! Now all you have to do is meet Noel Fielding and it’ll all be complete!

    PS: I’m so happy you’ve discovered the magic of the Boosh. Maybe you could cover some of their songs! ^-^

  • Greta

    I second June_Miller when she says “YOU’RE KICKING IT WITH ADAM (motherfucking) SAVAGE. OH MY GOD AWESOME. (Though Jamie’s my personal favorite. I love the curmudgeons.)”

    Seriously. AFP is in the Mythbusters studio! Does this get any cooler? Not much… though it’d be entirely too wicked if you randomly managed to spend time with Ariellah (dark fusion bellydancer… actually, I believe I mentioned her in my comment on your last blog post xD) while you were in SF. Damn I need to move out there, it seems to be the place to be! Must get in to Stanford, must get in to Stanford *goes into trance repeating this mantra*

    Anyway, the pie looks delicious, I hope you enjoyed it! (from the looks of it, you did ;) Google sounds… epic. To say the least.

    Warmest regards and all sorts of best wishes for the rest of your trip– can’t wait for the next blog! -Greta

  • geetwo

    ‘Fact: musicians nowadays are expected to be accessible. discuss.
    I think with the emergence of the internet allowing everyday folk to peer into others lives, be it musicians and other randomly famous people, that there is a weird, “I know you already” thing going on. So it might not be that people expect you to be accessible, but feel there is a connection – for lack of better word – that makes them more at ease than they would of been 5 years ago to interact in that way…
    Orrrrr – Twitter has just made everyone think everyone else will tell them anything they want to know. I am sure its one of those. If it does not make sense, put yourself in a Sunday morning mind frame and it all should be good.

  • linuxchic420

    damn, girl. mythbusters! i love the episode when adam falls off the treadmill while exercising drunk!

  • Annie

    Hey. I’m pretty sure thousands of people asked before, but…
    where the hell are dresden’s original videos? I searched youtube, but they’re missing; where could I find them??

  • Jacinta

    Dear Amanda, you are love. I live in a radical feminist lesbian/ bi/ poly/ hippy/ vegan/ environmentalist normal body haired artist maenad bacchae household and we are all much enamoured of you and Neil.

    Assuming you are using the cranberry juice for purposes similar to the nasty antibiotic-needing event, I can tell you from working with pregnant women (where the urethra is effectively shortened and it’s easier to get UTIs) that the active ingredient in cranberry that helps with infection is d-mannose, it works by preventing bacteria from adhering to the lining of the bladder. Also in cranberry juice, especially sweetened cranberry juice are sugars that will feed the bacteria and cause them to multiply – so if possible get straight d-mannose minus the cranberry, it’s sold in powered form. I’m in Australia and couldn’t find it anywhere and so shipped it from New Zealand but I think in the US you can get it from most pharmacies. This is assuming that the UTI is caused by E-Coli; if it’s another organism D-Mannose won’t be as effective. It’s worth looking into anyway.. hope you feel better.

    We are in Melbourne and hope that when you come to Melbourne later this year many beach ninja parties will ensue.. we will bring vegan cupcakes. And bodypaint!

  • scarygirl


    It’s AFP and Gaiman chilling with a bottle of fucking cranberry juice.
    Your grin looks cheeky.

  • Amy

    I so love you and Neil together, the cuteness factor is waay over the roof! <3

  • royalmurph

    Did you know cranberry actually loses it’s antibacterial properties as soon as sugar is introduced? Better off with freeze-dried cranberry! I suggest the stuff from Mountain Rose Herbs:
    They are a great company!

    Also, d’aaw Neil making midnight cranberry juice trips. :)

  • derekT

    Hey Amanda! Ok So I think I have a topic for you. Can you please back me up when I say that saving yourself for your first concert should be special? I mean i know it sounds corny but seriously i’m saving myself for you, cuz i cannot WAIT to finally see a REAL artist who i actually PAY for all of her music instead of just downloading it for free cuz it’s hip and in the now. Also on that note my reasons for you to pop my Concert Cherry! :-D lol is because my boyfriend and best friend dont understand your music and your metaphors and i think its all fucking brilliant! But in a way i kinda like being the only one who loves your music…it makes me feel like i have a deeper connection to a musical genius that nobody can share.. lol i sound so dorky. Anyway if there is anyway i can help out you let me know, i would love to help out a talented person whenever it indeed is possible.


  • ribjizajec

    I’ll stop reading your blog soon. It makes my life to appear even more lame

  • ribjizajec

    I’ll stop reading your blog. It makes my life to appear even more lame. Adam. Adam…

  • Natalierose

    Amanda Palmer and Adam Savage in the same room?!

    My life just go so much better.

  • lisahillmer

    From one lady to another: If you always pee after amorous entanglements, you won’t need the cranberry juice.

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