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lesbian weddings! iranian homos! life is a cabaret, fucker.

this morning i woke up, saw himself off to the train where he his heading to new york for a Thing, slept another 2 hours, and am STILL dragging ass.
this show is killing me softly with its song.

i went to the couch and sat down to finally blog some images i’ve had in my head that i wanted to share. i’ll post them tomorrow.

the “late night fucking cabaret “shows have been SLAMMING…when the crowd from cabaret leaves, the house turns into a LOVE CHURCH of WINE and SONG and my friend mehran khagani has decided to come and host all the rest of the shows. he’s a fucking HOOT. as he says: you can’t lose with an iranian homo. you just can’t.

for now, i have finally compiled some media from the beautiful wedding that went down at last weeks Late Night Fucking Cabaret….

i give to you, our brides: sarah and rosalie.

for those of you wondering how this happened, it happened like this: they emailed the website asking if i would be a witness at their wedding while they were in town to see “cabaret”.
then i asked if they simply wanted to get married AT the late-night show, and they said yes. ta-da. instant punk rock wedding. they brought a local justice of the peace with them…

there’s a fantastic youtube clip that lee took HERE:

and some beautiful photos of the wedding moment from david aquilina….

special guest jason webley….

and the inimitable meow meow:

it was magical. me, jason, meow and the collected ensemble did a cover of “dance me to the end of love” at the end of the night and the whole room partnered up for a leonard cohen singalong and wedding dance.
i think it was the best night i’ve had all year. we even got NEIL to dance, and this is always a good thing.

tonight’s suprise guest for tonight’s LATE NIGHT FUCKING CABARET is none other than Zoe Boekbinder (of Vermillion Lies fame).
get your tickets now bitches!…they’re on sale until 8:30 pm….then take your chances at the door.

and there’s still tickets left for Oct 12th, 18th, and 27th as well so if you can’t come tonight you better get on that shit now.

OCT 12th: Amanda Palmer, Jaggery, Walter Sickert & the Army Of Broken Toys:
Oct 18th: Amanda Palmer, Miss Tess, The Lonesome Organist:
Oct 27th: Amanda Palmer, Juan Son, Special Guests: (almost sold out, hurry.)

more tomorrow.

****If you can’t make it to one of the LNFC come the to the webcast THIS SATURDAY in Brooklyn. Details here: tickets are almost sold out so get them now! ttp://

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  • Molly Halloran

    I wish I had someone to marry at LNFC!

    • PolitelyOffend

      Don’t we all? :)

  • PolitelyOffend

    I can’t wait to see Juan Son, especially after watching Mermaid Sashimi (what a wonderful mindfuck).
    I’m visiting a friend in NYC, meeting up with other friends who are going to the webcast, then…going to my friend’s dorm. I hate being 20. 4 more months….4….more…..
    I love the pictures of the wedding. They are so cute! Punk rock wedding = win.

  • MelanieAnne

    I wish to have been there.. Honestly, I think the next couple of LFNC will be amazing and am definitely looking forward to being there on the 27th.

  • Heidi McClure

    That was so fucking cool!

  • Smashingeternity


  • Fiona

    You guys look so happy :)

  • Sarah Hackett

    Amanda, my wife keeps prodding me to ask you if you’ve the pictures of the three of us that evening, like, the ones from your phone/camera? Just following the Mrs’ orders. :)

    P.s. “Thank you” doesn’t even due justice how grateful we are! See you in November+1. Our Autumn canNOT wait to meet you. xo

  • Sarah Hackett

    *Do not due.

  • Chloe E. Egan

    This wedding looks like it was amazing and beautiful, congrats!Off topic: From Tuesday’s Cabaret – the elephants were not and were never suspected to be made of real elephant parts, in case there was any lingering concern.

  • Ben

    ummm… so there will be NO Tristan-In-Studio post with pics and music? :P
    never? ever? :(

  • Morten Strårup

    Amazing, wish I had been there…

  • June_Miller

    This is beyond fucking wonderful. Far and beyond it. It’s double fucking rainbow glorious is how good it is. I don’t have a moment to watch the video right now, but rest assured, over this weekend, it’ll be done and commentary will be provided. And I’ll cry and it’ll be cathartic and beautiful….Thanks Amanda. I need reminders, sometimes. We need reminders, sometimes. Breathers.

    edit: Sorry, it took over a weekend and yet another heartache to watch. And it’s pretty much exactly what I needed. They’re beautiful, and their love is the same. Glad they got to have such a magical, special evening. The world must have seemed so perfect in that moment.

  • Xenjn

    Hi Amanda~ I’m not sure if you’ll answer this comment seeing as I sent it so late to this blog and (even though it’s not technically about THESE shows) I do have a question~! I’m heading to the Dallas show in November! Will you and Brian be meeting the fans after the show? I hear you’ve done that alot and I was just wondering~ ^_^;

  • MrWednesday7

    That was one of most uplifting events that I have seen in quite some time.

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