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Hell video is UP!!! (and, um, WEBCAST TOMORROW! and THE POPS!)


it is thursday, december 3rd.
sean’s note: amanda may have a “blog-fairy” but she’s yet to get a “photoshop the sharpie’d incorrect dates off my face so that she doesn’t make public spectacles of how tired she is” fairy…yet. i have a feeling she’s going to have me look into this.

Beth’s note:  I called Amanda to tell her that it’s actually December, and she replied that she “doesn’t believe in months, she only believes in John Lennon.”

jesus what a day yo. seventy degrees in boston in december. the polar bears up there are strapping themselves into little pods and heading to better climates.
like mars, and points further west (or east, depending where your sunset is). FUCK man. i spent most of the day doing manic apartment cleaning and behind the machine,
listening to mahler and other choice tidbits.

i have been flattening my old posters! i have been throwing out old notebooks!
you can SEE parts of my floor!!!!


first of all, regarding THE (ACTUAL) NEWS blog…

damn, more than 400+ comments and counting.
i have a SHITton to say and respond to regarding the “news” blog. so many people seem to have the same lines of thinking and it’s gotten my brain on some paths i never thought it would tread upon.
many, many thoughts, composing slowly. so many of your comments are so wise and intelligent and sometimes i feel like your colletive ideas and poetry dwarf my actual blog. but there you have it,
i love that so many people can weigh in on one topic and you’ll get a collection of thoughts together in one place that you will never get again. it’s amazing. so more on that later. right now, i gots to run to dinner but the day could not go by without an awesome collection of the days NEWS…..

if you haven’t weighed in: do. HERE.

the AWESOME karaoke verité video i made for the new tegan and sara song “hell” is NOW ONLINE!!!!
it was posted today by both and and we’ve added it to the AFP youtube channel.

i filmed it the day before the burlington vermont show, while i was practicing with nervous cabaret in preparation for the tour (the one i just finished).

it was me, michael fucking pope my film and video hero, his camera, my ipod, a bunch of new yorkers, 4 hours, and one bad-ass song.

also thanks to ali and josh for letting me use their apartment (and cat) in park slope.

….i got the idea brewing when i saw some footage of tegan intro-ing the song at town hall in NYC a few months ago and talking about how she would pass all these homeless people in her new neighborhood in vancouver and feel that awful feeling you feel of frustration and hopelessness. i worked from there. some of the best things that happened never made it onto film, i wish you could have seen what i saw that day. it felt really good to run through the city at the top of my lungs, with an actual excuse that was (relatively) sane. i always feel like doing that. but i rarely have a reason. and there you go.

i sent it to tegan and sara….sara loved it, haven’t heard from tegan yet. YAY.


i’m going to do a special friday night (#LOFNOTC!!!) WEBCAST TOMORROW! PARTY ON THE INTERNET, BABY! beth is coming up! wine!!! song! STUFF!!!!
it’s always a crazy mess but from what we’ve got planned we’re going to

-show you and sell&send a bunch of pretty pretty AFP christmas cards (dead body and chrsitmas tree and personalization included)!
-give away a copy of neil’s “absolute death” collection that just came out, what i wrote the intro to
-do other weird random shit, probably dig up some stuff to auction
-and if i get my act together i’ll play you a new song on piano, maybe…take a few requests, questions, make some prank pizza calls.

anarchy, pretty much. hopefully we will entertain your asses.
i might also try to lure my housemate mali up to play a song.

we’re going to kick off at around 11pm est.

oh! and don’t fret, if you can’t make the webcast, you can order the holiday card HERE, RIGHT NOW, for the next 24 hours.  we’ll stop taking orders after the webcast finishes so i have time to personalize all your cards.  or, if you’d rather, the cards are FREE with an order of $75 to our webstore.



earlier today i stopped by symphony hall and worked out more of the setlist. fuck this show is going to be EPIC!
JUST as i was coming in the door they’d gotten the big vinyl banner ads for the show….i snapped a picture….
that security guys is checking me OUT.


the awesome photo in the photo is by ron nordin:
keith lockhart was in his office next door and i got to spy-watch him all alone, through the blinds, practice-conducting a choral thing he’s got coming up. sometime my life is so rad.

there will be CONFETTI CANONS!!!!! i demanded.
regarding the SET and the song choices…you can weigh in, there’s still a LITTLE bit of time…and we haven’t 100% finalized the setlist, so go HERE and throw in your two cents if you have a strong opinion about “space oddity” vs. “life on mars” and other such things.



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  • Brendan

    And here I was wondering what I was going to do with my Friday night…

  • KinkyTurtle

    That little sloth just made my night. Can’t wait for the webcast.

  • Tracy

    You are so cool, man. :) Great video. Cleaning is oddly freeing… and the sloth was just pure adorable.

  • Miss A.

    Can’t wait for the webcast Monsieur Amanda!

  • meah

    SLOTH! I <3s the sloth, even if sloth being on the blog makes me feel slightly less special.

  • knowhowto

    That is one bad-ass video. Epic! …and some of the New Yorkers are amazing.

    I wish I could get that deathly fabulous Christmas card, but that will remain just a wish, I’m afraid.

    This is the first time I brought myself to comment on your blog since my ex-dating (a very dedicated fan of yours) ended abruptly. But, hey, otherwise I’d probably never have met you, let alone be moved by everything you do.

    Peace and Love.

  • Sreeja

    Mali’s on tour – maybe you can dual web-cast

  • Sreeja

    OH – you should go get Edrie – she’s stuck at home not on tour because of that fan who injured her – so a song with her!

  • RiverVox

    Saw the Pops ad in the Brookline Tab. Gorgeous photo. Hope they are doing a bus ad too.

  • safuckingmantha

    i hugged you at the Northampton show and that sloth is exactly how i felt.

    also, you should give your old notebooks to fans instead of throwing them away…

    also, is the new song you’re gonna play that song for neil?

    also, i love you.

    also, months are overrated.

  • Samantha

    This blog is just getting me more and more psyched about the new year’s show! I saw you in noho last month (amazing btw). My teenage sister went into the show not really knowing a lot of your music and left a semi obsessed fan.
    btw…. The sharpie face error cracked me up :)

  • nicole_elena

    You should definitely play “Space Oddity”! I can’t be there, so hopefully someone will record it and put the video up on YouTube.

  • Hallospacegirl5

    I got really excited when I saw “Space oddity” vs. “Life on Mars” because David Bowie has been my favorite since I was really little.

    Personally, I really like Space Oddity because the may the music is composed and the way it meshes up with the lyrics is really haunting. I think if you were thinking of doing a cover of them, you could easily do both of them beautifully, but space oddity would sound especially ethereal with the boston pops backing up your badass piano!

    as always, a pleasure to read your writing!

  • Rutabaga

    I love the new video! You always make me smile!

  • ssravp

    i’m definitely down with the webcast, and i am seriously considering making a trip to boston for new years

  • Brighid

    Omg. I love the sloth. Amanda, your idea with doing videos on the fly is fucking awesome. It must have been fun to run through the city singing at total strangers and bringing a little joy into their lives. You are amazing and you fucking rock.

  • Brandi

    My heart is aflutter after that video.

  • allenobviously

    Ha! I’m just imaging how I’d react if I saw Amanda Fucking Palmer charging at me singing her ass off.

  • xo

    i love you.
    i love your photos.
    i love your video.
    i love that sloth.

    i have a rather off-topic question: will Statuesque be hitting New Zealand?

  • insignifikunt

    I second what safuckingmantha said… Instead of throwing stuff away like notebook give or auction to fans… If they aren’t too personal.

    Wish I could watch the webcast but I’ll be at a music festival. Tried to buy a holiday card but it won’t let me.

  • mcmatz

    Seriously woman, THROWING OUT YOUR OLD NOTEBOOKS!!!! Are you insane (rhetorical and answered.) You are an artist of note, a force of freakin’ nature! These things should be kept and preserved. Besides which, they would make a very nice pension fund when they are sold at Sotheby’s in your dodderage, if you ever dodder that is. Pull those puppies out of the trash forthwith! Posterity demands it!
    Weez luvz r amander we duz.
    Sloth luv 4evr!

    –Madeline (giver of mono in Philly, creator of tarot card)

  • Ryan_Anas

    It’s funny, my favorite part of the Eet video you made was when you excitedly ran up to what looked like a wedding precession with the half eaten frezzie pop. There is something so pure, so liberating, and so right about that! Seeing you choose the act to reaching out to people on the streets for the hell song like that made me happy. It also got me to thinking about how ahy and introveted I was fo so much of my life. How much I adhered to the rules of society. Watching yor way and the amazing art you make from it has really changed tht about me. I’m much more apt to hug a stranger, start a meaningful conversation n the bus, or reach ot for humanity anywhere I go. Thank you for that, and than you for that. Also, a big fucking thank you o yourself and Michale Pope for making such a beautiful video for an amazing song… again!

    Huzza webcast!

    I also believe in Jonh Lennon way more than I do months, and always fuck stuff like that up. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, and you are sweet to be writing on your face with dangerous sharpie chemicals for us in the first place =)

    A baby sloth hugging your hand while on a sunny beach. Yup, that’s the feeling!


  • Lola

    AFP > Tegan
    AFP Hell video > Tegan and Sara’s Hell Video.

    Just saying.

  • Manuel

    The allmighty tells me that 11pm on the EST of Boston is a 5am on the GMT+1 from Munich. Technically i wouldnt be LOFNOTC anymore, but if i should already be awake then, that would qualify me for something

  • Anna

    GAH! 11 pm is like 5 am here…

  • becca


  • buggy_beatle

    Oh man oh man oh man.
    I need to find out when I can get on the computer at 11 pm.

  • Devcy

    I Love that Video!!!!Amazing!!!! It was really interesting to watch peoples reactions as you move into their personal bubbles. Gotta shake ‘em to wake ‘em! You never cease to blow me away. I love it when your songs get stuck in my head!

  • catochan

    I’m so dumb… I looked at the photo and the comment and thought : what the fuck is wrong with the date it IS November the 3rd… Ten minutes later I recognized it isn’t while I looked at my advent calendar xD
    Hope you have a nice webcasting today ! :)

  • reba gibbs


  • shailaja

    video = amazing. will have to definitely check out T & S.

  • hannah672

    You should’ve written or changed it to movember, as it was in the right place and all:

    loving the hell video, makes me smile.

  • uwish uknew

    I am totally disheartened that the link to buy the card isn’t working!!! The paypal link isn’t linked up right. Please fix it. I need AFP for Yule!!!!

  • katsim

    gutted that I’ll miss the #LOFNOTC – I’ll just be a loser in bed asleep at 8pm (UK time). Boo for having to get up at 4am. Have a blast everyone!

  • carole

    interesting type of newyorkers in you video. you & the real people of new york :) Great vid. love your tweets.

  • katiacazares

    Oh my god. i saw the sloth and just said, in my ill, stuffed-nose agony “ohhhhhh!”. I know you’re AFP, so you may not have the time, bu you oughta click this:
    i had the same reaction. small baby animals in hands ae the best thing evah.


  • tayln

    I wont be able to make it to the webcast, I’m a competitive Debator for uni and have tournament tonight…. BUT! The baby sloth is too fucking adorable.

  • Elena S.

    Things only have the meaning we assign to them. It’s only December because everyone says it is. In the grand universe you are just as right as the calander.

  • JeAxra

    Fuck, I’m gonna miss the #LOFNOTC party :(
    fucking fuck…oh someday I’ll be a friday night computer loser…someday.

  • jamieleigh

    I just moved back from New York. Why oh why Amanda couldn’t you go running through the city when I was there?!? You need to do a karaoke verité of a country song and come running through the streets in Arkansas!!!

  • jamieleigh

    Amanda!! I just moved back from New York! Why oh why couldnt you run though the city when i was there?! You need to do a karaoke verité of a country song and come running the streets of Arkansas!!

  • audiemur

    O, AFP, you are my hero.

    I’ve actually never heard a Tegan and Sara song in my life. But I’m a fan now, just because of that.


  • linuxchic420

    Love the video! GUTSY!!! You have inspired me in so many ways, please let me share one of the ways: karaoke verité video for ‘My Alcoholic Friends’

    Can’t wait for LOFNOTC, see ya there!

  • tara

    The karaoke verite is so amazing that I can almost not believe it. I watched it once, mesmerized and touched, and then immediately again, and then read about Tegan and Sara on wiki, and then watched a few of their videos and interviews, and have since watched your rendition over and over again. I can’t stop — it’s such a beautiful video for a beautiful song — and it’s making me choke on this swell of emotion that wants to get unstuck from my throat and behind my eyes.

    I love you so much for how much you love, and how freely you give your love. Thank you, Amanda, I’m crying. xx

  • nick

    huzzah webcast! i also love the “hell” vid… for many reasons, but the biggest – you’re all over my hood in it. the doorman you’re singing with on 23rd… walk past him ALL the time! =)

  • Sarah

    Hey, the marquee on the theatre in your “Hell” video has “Dir en grey — Wednesday” on it. I suppose that’s what those kids are waiting for. *nostalgic sigh* They’re not my thing anymore, but I pretty much lived for that band at 14.

  • iffer52

    so, so, so wicked mad that i can’t go to the pops show, you and april smith in one concert, only the best love baby concert to ever exist

  • bass chick

    Thanks for doing Hell, Amanda. I love T&S. They rock.
    Hope you had a fun trip. Take care. <3

  • Amanda

    OH. MAH. GAWD. You’ve touched upon my soft spot and I just melted a little bit (that’s what she said, btw) I have hardcore love for all sloth-kind. Its always my answer to “If you were an animal, what would you be?” They do always look so peaceful. Love, love, love.

  • Brenna

    “Hell” is a great video. You and Michael Pope are a crazy team.

    What headphones are you wearing?

  • Plastic Blinds

    This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more posts like this? Plese tell me, thanks

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