FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST (Dear Roadrunner Records…)

dear The World,

i am very happy to announce today that i have finally been released from my contract with roadrunner records.

as many of you know, i’ve been fighting very, very hard to get off the label for the better part of two years.
for the past seven years, anything i have written and recorded (solo or with my band, The Dresden Dolls) has technically been owned and under the ultimate control of the label, but no longer.
after endless legal bullshit, it’s over, i’ve been DROPPED, RELEASED, LET GO, whatever you wanna call it. in other words: i am FREE AT LAST!!!!!! RAAHH!!

as many of you know, i’ve been a very vocal advocate of artists being fearless in asking their audience and supporters for direct financial help.
i come from a background of grassroots theater and street performance, and i think that artists should feel no shame while passing the hat around once they’ve entertained a crowd of people.
it’s been a huge and obvious irony that i have been legally unable to ask for money for my music, since it’s been verboten by my contract with roadrunner.

now that i’m unshackled, i plan on doing a lot of really awesome and creative things with my songs and how people can pay for them – or, better yet, donate – now that i have control over my stuff.

a lot of people have asked me if i have any regrets about signing with a major label. the answer: no.
below you will find a goodbye letter i have written to roadrunner.

for right now & in celebration of this great event, i am very pleased to be able to – for the first time since the year 2003 – offer you this track from my house to yours….legally and free of charge.
if you should feel inclined to “donate” more than the bare minimum (ZERO/FREE), you can do that too.
even if you only donate a symbolic dollar, i’ll see every single cent of it (after paypal transaction fees, of course).

i wrote this song a few months ago, and didn’t know it would be used for this purpose, but it’s pretty perfect.
nobody had heard it up until a few days ago except for neil gaiman (my man) and tom dickins (my dear australian friend)…i played it for them in my house right after i wrote it.
they liked it, so i’m gonna give it to you…BECAUSE I CAN. (can you visualize me doing my happy crack dance as i write this??)

last friday, i booked an afternoon in my friend owen’s cambridge recording studio and recorded it with the help of my friends jason webley (who’s in town for our upcoming EVELYN EVELYN tour) on guitar and my friend sam kulik (who had unwittingly texted that morning to see if we wanted lunch. we asked him to come over and play trombone. he did! sam rocks.)

this whole exercise may not seem like a big deal to you (artists put up music for free all the time), but for years i have not legally been allowed to put a song on a website and say: I JUST DID THIS, GO DOWNLOAD IT. it’s been illegal. i am so happy i can finally make music and just GIVE IT AWAY.


the recording (and lyrics and photos from the session are) is DOWNLOADABLE HERE:

the song is called


before any of you get up in arms about the title (peoples gettin’ mighty sensitive lately) please know:
the title is a reference to a lyric in a song called “fuck tha police” by a band called Niggaz With Attitude. look it up.

here’s us recording it (photo by owen):

so, my comrades…thank you for being here with me.

thank you for continuing to support me over the years, thank you for coming to my shows, thank you for commenting on my blogs, for listening to my music, for following our endless circus, for helping my team and for living and exploring this wonderfully fucked-up dream of a life right along side me.

i am so insanely excited for whatever’s coming next.


yours (quite literally),

p.s. i’m gonna webcast tonight (tuesday) after rehearsal at around midnight (eastern/NYC time) to toast my team with MOAR WINE, toast you all and to talk about what this all means. come on over for a drink:


Dear Roadrunner Records,

i would like to take this chance, as we part ways, to thank you for all you’ve done for me and for my band, The Dresden Dolls.

when we signed with you in 2004, i was a wreck of a human being because I was working too hard to juggle business-ing and musician-ing.
i wasn’t sleeping much and i was on the phone and at the post office and on the computer all day every day. it sucked.
technically it was good because it meant people liked my music, but it was also very bad, because it meant my life was consumed by wheeling and dealing.
i tried running my own label and it was so, so hard, and finding time and energy to run a label AND a touring rock band proved impossible.

no other label in america would sign us, but you did. all the cool, hip, indie labels didn’t think enough people would like us. they passed.
you saw our potential. for a while you worked very hard for us. you spent money on us, and you helped people find and hear our music.
when we first toured in europe and australia, you made sure that the radio stations and the magazines in those countries got our record.
now there are millions of people around the globe who know my band and my name. i am so, so grateful for that help.
i don’t know how far i would have gotten on my own steam in that same amount of time.

you stopped helping us when our second record came out in 2006.
that made us really sad.
since then we’ve needed to part ways, but i will never regret signing with you…and i will never take for granted what you did to help my life.

there are a few people i’d like to thank specifically:
i’d like to thank bob johnsen, who no longer works with you, and jeff chenault & charles dooher from the art department, who also left a few years ago.
i’d like to thank elias chios, who was always really nice to us. justin d’angelo and harlan frey have also been good to us over the years.
i’d like to thank the guys in france, like nora and sabine, who have always been kind, and hank and dirk and the guys in germany for their freundlichkeit. hell, thank ALL the folks in the UK & europe for spreading the love.
i’d like to thank bob stevenson and the handful of wonderful people at roadrunner australia, who always seemed to understand us and really want to help us. i’ll miss you.
i’d also like to thank dave rath, even though you had the awful job of having to deliver the worst news (by the way, i still have my belly & we’re doing great! see photograph below.)

really truly and most of all, i’d like to thank the wonderful mr. dave bason, the guy who signed us (and who was fired from roadrunner a few years ago.)
thank you, dave. you changed our lives.

all you label folk: i know so many of you as people, and i have talked to many of you over beers and wines in bars and cafes acro
ss the world over the years.
i know that the record business is not easy and that things are getting harder and harder by the day, and i know your jobs are not easy.

i hope that as the industry teeters you can all find safe harbor, jobs that you really love, and connections with art and people that feed you.

here’s a nice photo that i took in your german office in 2007:


my new record: (get it HERE, RIGHT NOW at bandcamp, and yes, jason & i will see all of the money from evelyn evelyn sales)
my upcoming US&european tour dates (they’re selling out fast, go go go:

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  • Elizabeth

    Right now you are belting out OH OH OH I’M SO EXCITED to me via Leeds United. I feel it is appropriate!

    I am so, so happy for you and I know that me saying that you make my life better and happier and more wonderful with your art is not by any stretch of the imagination a unique comment, but you really really do and I just kind of want to reiterate it again. So many people love you, Amanda, and we’d still love you even if you didn’t love us back, but we know that you do, and so we love you even more.

    I am off to toast you (with red wine, if you were wondering. It was all I had in the house. Running to Tesco for Bacardi Breezer was not worth missing The Announcement for).

  • vibekiil

    1. Congratulations!

    2. Love that you’re not bitter, but grateful.

    3. I’ve always wondered where the universally acknowledged gap between the UK and Europe comes from. Not that you’re giving me the answer here, but you make the same distinction.

    4. Love the song

    5. Have a great partyontheinternet. Unfortunately I can’t attend. Time zones and work hours are very uncoorporative these days.


    • heldor

      England is technically a part of Europe/The European union but as we’re just about the only country not physically attached to Europe/have a long history of fervent individualism and a history of… hating every other country in Europe/going to war with EVERY other country over there, I don’t really know of any British person who would refer to themselves as “a European”- we’re a part of Europe because it’s technically our continent, and because it behooves us in terms of trade/politics to not be afraid of being invaded/our produce not purchased, but we’re a very seperate nation (for a for-instance, we don’t use Euros here)

      • Shona

        Of course there are British peeps who will refer to themselves as European!

        I’d guess we get the distinction because of the English connection though. We are usually the biggest market outside of North America for their music.

        Congrats Amanda.xx

      • Ed Webb

        I’m a Brit who refers to himself as European, and I’m certainly not the only one.

        Great to see the unbitterness, Amanda. Onward and upward!

      • odyssey1981

        It’s weird because I call myself European (I’m Irish)..
        Irelands further away again than GB but when speaking to non-Europeans I will refer to Europe as one place and as the place I’m from – just because we’re all so interlinked in culture and history.

        It is true though that the British don’t see themselves as European – I live in Liverpool and can vouch for it. The lack of ability to understand the other European languages is probably part of many other countries have common languages (e.g. versions of French or German etc), I suppose that must affect their idea of self?

      • vibekiil

        Wow, I didn’t think there would be any responses to that comment – cool!

        I thought that it propably had something to to do with the fact that the UK isn’t attached to continental Europe. But that explanation doesn’t really work completely when Irish like odyssey1981 consider themselves as European.

        Could the linguistic distinction perhaps be historically based? I know the British Empire was way back when, but I think that position in the world would make anyone consider themselves as something apart from everyone else. Maybe that mentalitly premeated the language and created the Europe-UK distinction? Just a thought

  • vibekiil

    1. Congratulations!

    2. Love that you’re not bitter, but grateful.

    3. I’ve always wondered where the universally acknowledged gap between the UK and Europe comes from. Not that you’re giving me the answer here, but you make the same distinction.

    4. Love the song

    5. Have a great partyontheinternet. Unfortunately I can’t attend. Time zones and work hours are very uncoorporative these days.


  • JunkRancher

    Downloaded the song and uploaded a buck!

    Congrats and happy happy!

  • Steven S.

    Congrats on achieving freedom!

  • sknywhtboy88


  • claire

    Congratulations, Amanda! That’s fantastic news. Also, thank you for song. I’m going to check it out now.

  • kaliblack

    [multipost computerfail with loginfail and confusion]

  • KaliBlack

    You’re not ours. Not mine. Yours.

    And maybe a little bit Neil’s.

  • KaliBlack

    You’re not ours. Not mine. Yours.

    And maybe a little bit Neil’s.

  • Marlee

    Congratulations! This is great news. Can’t wait to see you in London at the end of the month! Downloading the free song right now! DFTBA

  • beingruth

    WIN! Congrats on being free!! I enjoyed your “Drop Me” YouTube vid a while back and have been rooting for you. And it’s nice that in your parting letter you acknowledged the stuff they did for you. When I mentioned liking you last summer, a friend said that he remembered hearing a couple songs from your first record on the radio. But since they’re not helping anymore, better to be free & market yourself.

    Best luck for the future! Bought the song at an iTunes price & was happy it all went to you this time. :)

  • KinkyTurtle


  • Andreas

    Fuck yes, fuck yes, and fuck yes. This is the kind of awesome news to make one’s day. Free art for everyone! I think I’ll be listening to “Black Ass” for quite a while today. Can’t wait to see E&E in June!

    Thank you, Amanda, for always being an inspiration to us all! Truth and beauty CAN prevail! Fuck yes!

  • kevinjusticevanderende

    Awesome. Simply awesome.


  • mtcash

    I’m not one to show lots of emotion, but I just got so excited for you! I look forward to the ridiculously creative things you will come up with now that we’ll get to see!

  • ScarlettSiren

    I’m glad to see this happen at last, and will gladly donate my $$ to having music from ana artist who I like and admire, and who is really a nice lady.

    (Also, YES! Sam is so sweet! And a fantastic player. Had a great time with him and the rest of NC when y’all were in Northampton last year. I’m especially glad to snag a song he’s featured on!)

  • Guest

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you!

  • Mette, Denmark

    Dearest Amanda. Congratulations on your new freedom. It is a historical day. I’ve already toasted to your health and good fortune in whiskey. Rah rah to you and to artistical freedom. Punk cabaret lives!

  • petitereetta

    AMEN for fuck’s sake. LONG LIVE AMANDA FUCKING PALMER. And The Belly.

  • marthamay

    What a lovely song! I’m very happy for you and your new freedom. I have a feeling some wonderful things are in the future, and I’m looking forward to all the AFP antics that will likely occur. Freedom is a fantastic thing, and no doubt your freedom will be complete with nudity, bellies, music, art, and laughter. Have fun, and we’ll have fun with you!

  • BrassyCassy

    I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that song is so wonderful.
    And YOU are so wonderful.


  • Wolven

    Very classy letter. Well said. Love the song and picture.

  • Alice


    I can’t think of any other words :D

  • Austin H

    Amazing news, proving once again society isn’t going down the shit hole, just most of it, there are still people out there living life.

  • reneeharper

    Aw man…I was hoping all this hype meant that the Dresden Dolls were getting back together. Damn.
    Wel still, this is a great thing for you. congratulations!!!!

  • Paige


  • Mark Reed

    They can take our dignity, but now… they cannot take YOUR FREEDOM!

  • itrademyoldshoesfornewfeet


    so long and thanks for all the fish!

    we love you.

  • blurabbit147

    i’m crying with happiness and a little sadness and from just being overwhelmed with emotion for you. i totally had one of those ovens when i was a little boy. the cakes WERE awful, but i didn’t care. :) this is amazing news and i love the song. i really love you amanda! (in a totally non-stalker way, of course) AFPFTW! you are a fucking goddess!

  • Melissa

    I gave you five dollars, its all I had in my PayPal account and I feel like the song is definitely worth more than that. Congrats on your break up with Roadrunner Records and I am trying to get money for tickets to the Evelyn Evelyn show in San Francisco, because it sounds amazing.

  • angharady

    I think this calls for a:

    That is beyond fantastic! I am delighted to hear this and I am downloading as I type. Amazement. My monetary donation will have to wait a bit, (maybe until the SHOW!), but it will happen now that is possible to spread the green love.
    ah ah this makes me twenty gazillion times more excited for the show (how is that possible? I was already psyched) oh man. Can’t wait for Chicago!

  • Virginia

    Congrats Amanda, and thank you for the song!!! Love love love it…!!!!!! Celebrating your freedom allllllll day, freedom forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • June_Miller

    FUCK YEAH!!!!

    If I could reach through this screen at the very moment you’re reading this and give you the most EPIC HIGH FIVE EVER, I so would. Alas. Technology.

    Well, I plan to get sufficiently toasted tonight in your honor, at least.

    And that song was wonderful. Really.

  • RiverVox

    How appropriate for the last day of Passover. Glad that Pharaoh let my AFP GO!
    I threw a buck in your hat for the song and 18 cents for good luck. Looking forward to more freedom songs.

  • blipblipblam

    Congratulations, and please enjoy my one dollar for your new song! :)

    P.S. Come back down south sometime – GA or FL!!!

  • Tiea

    Congratulations! I’m thrilled for you! And I have to say, you are just so damn classy. I absolutely love you for it.

  • Neil Colquhoun

    Thanks. Going to download and listen.


  • ThomasBePunkt

    Gongratulations, I hope you chose the right way.
    Well, whatever way it is, if you feel free and happy, it must be right :)

    PS. thx for the free song I happily paid for
    PPS. you were laughing too much while recording
    PPPS. but thats ok :D

  • Melissa A. Bartell

    Amanda – Congratulations on your freedom, and can’t wait to see/hear/experience whatever you come up with next.

  • acutrone

    that song is amazing!! congrats im so happy for your freedom!


  • TheCW

    Pure happiness and excitement for you!

  • davidmeermanscott

    Congratulations on your divorce. And kudos for writing such a kind letter to your ex.

  • Anna G (@annerbananer)

    Thank you for sharing your music with us. I love that you recorded this in Owen’s studio. My husband actually had Owen as a professor a few years back and now keeps in touch with him via the AES. It is great that you utilize the local recording studio.

  • NightCSI

    Congrats & Best Wishes!

  • Ana Guevara

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • morazda


    Glad you are free, that are not as bitter as you could be, and that you are free to pursue your art and interact with your fans as you desire. You are one of my MAJOR inspirations!

    See you Tuesday for EE in Cambridge.


  • JennieJ

    Wooo hoooo!!! Congrats!

  • Tara B


  • Evie

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! Thank you for the song.

  • Tracy


    I totally guessed this would be your big news story and I was right! I rule.

  • Jana

    Congrats. I’m happy you’re happy and I do like the song. A lot. Like all your songs. :) can’t wait to see you in Berlin (as I’ve mentioned a million times before. ;))

  • Brian

    YAY!!! Congratulations! SO incredibly stoked for you!!! I intend to shovel a bucketload of cake down my gullet in celebration.
    Much much love.
    ps: Love the Chieftains-esque feel to the new song

  • Simon Tongue

    Congrats and NWA rule…

  • Ava Dahl

    I really, truly wish I could say I am happy for you.

    But honestly, I can no longer give a flying fuck.

    • mightykaytor

      Uh… then why are you here?

  • Maciej

    Hi Amanda,
    I’m raising a virtual glass to the new gust of freedom that is raging probably now both in your heart and dwelling. It looks to me you have already found a very successful way to reach your fans and I don’t personally know any other artist who would take such a great advantage of the internet. It’s as if the net was simply created for such restless and resourceful people as you are. Sounds like I’m brown-nosing? I don’t give a shit. I saw you in action in Wroclaw. That is enough for me to think I’m right. :) Good luck! And I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Duc DeMontmorn

    Your songs, your music, your art…
    are just some of the things that keep me from breaking down totally at the thought of graduating from a top-flight university in a month with no actual career prospects, a degree in Medieval Studies, and no money to afford the graduate schooling really needed to make said degree useful.
    Life is a wonderful thing sometimes…
    and your music just makes it all the more spiffy.
    Keep playing, please, and I’ll keep buying things whenever it does not prohibit me from buying food.

  • sharanshiv

    You make me smile so big.

  • Rick

    Amazing song. I’ll pay you once I’m not on my netbook. (Seriously, though, fucking amazing song.))

    I’m sooooooooooooo glad you finally got away from RR. Back in the day they were awesome, now they’re just kind of… not.

    I’m sad that I don’t think I can go to the Chicago Evelyn show, but if you keep putting out awesome music, I’ll keep buying it (as soon as I get to my desktop).

  • CeciTart

    I am so fucking happy for you! I hope to be awake to night to share a glass of wine with you in celebration of such a wonderful day!

    Love and Freedom,

  • ChazStrummer

    I’m glad to hear that you’ve won your creative freedom! I’m also glad that you took the high road with your letter to Roadrunner.

  • Bason

    Amanda. You changed my life too. I love you very much. Thanks for everything, including the Cohen song which was the first dance at my wedding. I’m coming back to NYC to throw me and Mo a goodbye party on May 1. if you are in town please come squeeze us.

  • Arran

    Wow, after donating the track’s running time in $$, I sure as shit wish i’d thrown a bit more in, cause it’s such a rad track!
    Thank you Amanda & congratulations (and FUCK I wish i’d made that bet with my friend that you weren’t pregnant)

  • MelissaM123

    FUCK YES!!!!! I am raising an invisible wine glass in your honour (it’s 715 am here in adelaide and a real wine glass would make me an alcoholic)

    here’s to many more years of being able to make the music you want, in the way you want.

  • Frederick Falco

    Amanda, Congratulations. I hope that you have a great life without Roadrunner, and I love you, too! P.S. i bought Evelyn Evelyn and i love you 100X as much, now. P.P.S. tell Jason I love him, too.

    Your always faithful,

  • Ben


    As a Dolls fan since 2004, I’ve followed the ups and downs of your relationship with Roadrunner for a great long while. I am so happy for you now that you have your freedom! And I’m loving the new song… if only the whole world were made up of brilliant selective blowjob queens like yourself.

  • stevesfm

    Congratulations! You’ve shown great fortitude and class throughout all of this, and your letter to Roadrunner continues with the classy.

    And thank you for what you say and do regarding artists and payment. Many years ago, I helped run a non-profit theater company in San Francisco. We always paid our artists whatever we could afford to, even if it was just gas money. ARTISTS SHOULD BE PAID. I look forward to your creatively addressing this in the future. All the best, and good luck with the E/E tour.

    AK47 is the tool,

  • MelissaM123

    here’s to many more years of artistic freedom.. I am raising an invisible wine glass in your honour.
    (it’s 715am here and a real wine glass would make me an alcoholic)

  • mschaos

    As a musician who will be making choices soon on how to get the music out into the world, I thank you for breaking this ground. Congrats on getting out of the indentured servitude

  • LucretiaK

    Love the track, love the letter! So happy it all worked out in the end!

  • csdaley

    I am so happy for you. You were in my mind as I wrote my blog yesterday. I am planning on writing a series of them about being an artist is the digital world. I will be here to support you every step of the way. Now I am going to go get me a song and pay you some money :)

  • ashden

    Amanda, you’re fucking awesome and I love the song!

  • traxdater

    Excellent !
    Quick question : if we buy a Dresden Dolls record or WKAP, they still take most/all the money, don’t they ?

  • Joo

    Tonight, I will stay up extra late (considering the time difference between us) to listen to your webcast and I can’t wait to find out what it means ^^
    Also, I’m entirely listening to you and the Dresden Dolls in honour. Sadly, the motto you taught me (MOAR WINE) cannot be applied right now but I will find something that can pass as it and raise my glass to you during it. ^^

  • hedge

    you are a class act, my dear.


  • Brit

    thank you thank you thank you. Freedom sounds amazing ^_^

  • trinachronism

    Whoohooooo! Breaking out the champagne, methinks. Or the mojitos. ;)

    Congratulations on your newfound (and utterly worked for) freedom. Oh, and cheers heaps for the new track. I’m still laughing.

    Extra props for the NWA reference, too! Awesome.


  • Amanda K

    Happy day! Love the song and hope this means more new music from AFP :)

  • Tamara

    Thank you, AFP! You’ve done so much for everyone. Including singing my Singaporean boyfriend’s iPod(He hasn’t listened to your stuff, but he likes your twitter. I’m the real AFP fan. lol. But you don’t come to my part of PA). BTW, the signature wiped off and I’m determined to get it back someday! :)


  • A Fellow Boston Noisemaker

    As musicians not only should we feel no shame in passing around the hat, we should take pride in it. It is the origin of what we do: it is the minstrel passing tunes and news from town to town with a hand out and an empty belly. It is literally the purest and most fair exchange of goods there is, and the music industry has spent decades and billions convincing the world otherwise. Kudos to you Miss Palmer. Free at last.

  • scarygirl

    I’m going to wait until next week to download the song, because then I can donate monies.


  • Krystin Marmolade

    So are Brian and yourself ever going back to the DD when the time is right, or does RRRecords have some stipulation over the DD when they dropped you?

  • ddd

    Your music is still shit, no matter on which record label you are on.

  • Shiloh

    so excited for you!!

  • Crimsong19

    Congratulations, Amanda!

  • lentower

    ∞ ; – } s

    bell’s gotten better since 2007 ! ! !

  • Chrissy

    You are awesome, and I’m not sure why I didn’t realize it sooner. Thank you for the free song!

  • Maria

    *parties with you*

  • gabbyrobertson

    just. fucking. no.


  • insignifikunt

    Congratulations Amanda.

    Looking forward to the whatever the future holds… It’s all yours now and that is extremely exciting!


  • Skyler

    Congratulations. Keep passing the hat, I hope to see you in Portland again.

  • talisablack

    Take it and run with it, beautiful. The shackles are off and there is absolutely nothing holding you back now.


  • Justin

    Good luck with everything! And thanks for making us great music!

  • procrastinating

    Juuuust watched Spicks and Specks… You did quite well, Amanda. I always thought you fit well on that show.

    The editing kinda tripped me out though. Everything moved so quickly. :

    Congrats on being dropped, m’dear!

  • Scarlett de Courcier

    Yay! Go Amanda! :D

  • Gowlee Bowlee

    Nice carpet.

  • L

    Woot! Congrats…

  • jm

    Terrific letter. I like the way you are able to separate the bad part of being on the label from the good and celebrate the good. You may be a totally whacko, exhibitionist rabble-rouser, but you are a real lady.

  • Faebala

    This is so inspiring. I’m so excited for you and it makes me have hope for the career and future of artists (particularly my own), that it can happen and you can do what you want and still be yourself (even if it takes a long time to get there). I’m excited for the future as well and to see what you do next!

    p.s. love the new song.

  • Kat

    I love that you give us the inside scoop on the music biz – and that you don’t just say they’re evil and whatnot. Congrats muchly on the freedom! I can’t wait to hear more!

  • Dimsworth

    Your free song makes me very happy for lots of reasons. I only wish I had it when I was a loser. You’ve been my favourite musician for five years. Here’s to many more. Congratulations xx

  • rowenablue

    freedom to do what you want, how you want, when you want…a beautiful thing. kudos for the graceful letter, as well.

  • saslsa

    mazeltov… but to add a small note of levity and because I doubt I will ever have the reason to say it again… There are, I’m sure, some little people that need to be thanked in all this.
    To the lawyers. Thank you for judicious wielding of yellow paper pads and leather briefcases, sundering the statutory chains that obliged Brian and Amanda. Thank you for the endless meetings, the payment of your secretarial staff, the never ending sublimation of sleep with caffeine.
    To the lawyers. :)

  • harvey Leeds

    You are the best! I love you and your music!

  • Francisca.

    Felicitaciones desde Chile Amanda!
    I would like to say that the song is just awesome..
    And I’m very happy that you got what you want..

    That’s it.

    Chao :3

  • jesusangelgarcia

    This is beautiful. So happy to hear. It gives me hope for my own DIY venture w/ badbadbad, a multimedia novel. The business of “art-making” is complicated regardless of genre, but it seems to me now’s the time for indie-thinking artists to take the power back. That’s the truth, my black ass, indeed. Loving the EE album, by the way… whirlwind tale. Thank you, AFP.

  • warhorus

    Congrats! I hope your new-found freedom is everything you hope it will be! The new song is awesome, thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Ihategroupies

    cool! good luck and all the best for your future!!!

    i looooooove the photo!

    amanda, you could produce a calendar for year 2011 ( and 2012, 2013, and so on) with photos of that kind and with all the awsome artwork you’ve collected and still collect…

  • Jaiya

    Hey Amanda,
    I just want to start this comment by stating that you really are such a role model for me as a powerful, brave ass kicking artist whose got some of the biggest balls in the world of music. Congratulations on breaking free of your record label, I cannot wait to see what you are going to produce now that you are no longer limited by contractual obligations. Hurrah for AFP!!
    Regarding your new song, I just want to say that the use of the word “Niggaz” in the apologies/kudos section made me uncomfortable. No, I am not accusing you of being a racist. Nothing could be farther from my mind. I even think the line “You can bet your black ass..” is hilarious. But it did make me me reflect on the word (and other racially derogatory words) in American society. Perhaps I have read way to much into it. But I would love to hear your thoughts on the phrase “you can bet your black ass” and the word “niggaz.” Do you mean it in the way that Nas used the word in his song “Be a Nigger Too” (which is a very powerful ) song in that anyone who stands outside what is stereotypically construed as “privileged, acceptable society?”
    Just curious.
    I really do admire all that you stand for.

  • Catherine

    It looked like you had so much fun on Spicks and Specks Amanda. Was a really good episode. And your drawings were wicked!!
    Love from Catherine in Aus!! xo xo xo

  • hepkitten

    Congratu-fucking-lations, woman. And thanks right back at’cha.

    I can’t even tell you how much I needed that song today. As another 33-year-old woman, I’ve found a certain degree of comfort in–and joy with–the happiness in my skin and willingness to own my shit (good and bad) I’ve found in my early thirties; I really get that from this song, and it’s delicious. I was happy to pay (3.33, natch) for this track, and if I want to sing along with it at the top of my lungs while saluting you and your freedom with an adult beverage…you can bet your black ass that I’m going to. Cheers.

  • Venessa

    Thank you & I love you right back at you!!!!!!

  • Imprint_by_ip

    Dearest Amanda,
    I might not know how to say thankyou for all that you’ve done for us- people who love to make things that are wondful- but however it was that you got here- we’re glad and we’re proud and we’re really fucking greatful. So Hurrah for your Freedom! Because that’s what means we’ll be able to see absolutely as much of your inspiring self as possible as and when you want us to see you- no more; and (Big Hurrah!) no less.
    All the best,
    P.S. The song is wonderful and delightful.

  • Richard Lund

    Congratulations Ms. AFP! You are the 99th successful recording artist I have logged into my book of mile markers to have serious difficulties gaining control of actual product after signing with a label. This has been a plague of artists in all mediums for as long as I can remember, and a victory by one is indeed an exciting event.

    I know how much this means to you, and it is more than apparent to us all how hard you worked at it (!), so we all look forward to your new found freedom and accelerated creativity – (if that is even possible).

    You are one impressive human being, and I hope to enjoy as much as you want to give out.

    Thanks so much for sharing as you do.


  • jf

    congratulations on your freedom AFP! at long last and well deserved.
    You deserve every fucking cent from your music. Great new song and album, looking forward to seeing what you have in store.

    love you! xox

  • Konsta

    Dear Amanda,

    When the whole EE fiasco started, you seemed like a reasonable person. Sure, the project and the way it was presented was extremely ill-advised, but after your first initial brush-off, you seemed to be willing to listen to critique. You made a blog post about it, which – while it certainly wasn’t the best respsonse to the situation, containing such gems as “I’m sorry you were offended” and “The drama is all in your head” (in case you weren’t aware, these are classical derailment tactics) – at least seemed to invite further discussion. And there was further discussion. That entry has over 1000 comments, most of which are calm and carefully thoughtout arguments, explaining why the EE proect is so problematic. However… Instead of actually taking any of this to heart, you chose to go on television, making fun of the people critising you. When faced with the possibility that you might be wrong, you chose to use “Disabled Feminists” as a punchline, only proving that you actually have no respect for the struggles of others. You chose to use an arena in which you knew your detractors couldn’t respond to openly mock them for their critique. This is when you first started coming off as a complete asshole.

    Obviously not satisfied there, you continued your attempts to mock and belittle the struggles of others in that classy tweet; “ironic product placement is only ok if you take no money & beyond that give all the income to something ironic. like the Klan.” Not only is this offensive in it’s own right, but the video you were talking about co-starred Beyoncé. So, not only are you saying that giving money to the KKK is ironic, you are saying that a PoC should do it. When people rightly called you out on this, you could have apologised. You could have admitted it was in bad taste. But no, you chose to brush off those critiques as well, taking none of it to heart.

    And now, you continue on with your appropriation, talking about “peoples gettin’ mighty sensitive lately” to avoid having to take responsibility for your actions and how they have been and are hurting other people. You appropriate the struggles of other people (the disabled and people of colour) for when it suits your needs and turn around and mock those struggles whenever you feel like it.

    How can you not understand how this is coming across? How can you not understand that you’re being offensive and hurtful? Is it simply ignorance or do you feel that you don’t have to care about stepping on others?

    fiction_theory wrote a very eloquent essay about the cost of art. You really should read the whole thing, but I want to quote a bit for you here:

    “But when the time came and is still coming that opinions about the disabled, about them speaking up for themselves are formed, when people insult and laugh at and ignore and disregard the disabled, accuse them of faking it or belittle them, or use them as tools to be “inspirational” to able people, it will not be Palmer who bears that cost, who gets hit in the face. When it comes time for people to handwave away murder and torture and the history of racial violence in this nation and how the images and words connected with it still hurt for some but are meaningless for others, Palmer will not be hurt by that. Palmer will not pay the price for it. Palmer will surf the wave of controversy and sadly free publicity to interviews and sales and she will laugh all the way to her bank.”

    Your rabid fans will still love and defend you no matter what you do. Your mockery and appropriation will never come around to hurt you. You will be offered love and money while ridiculing and belitteling those smaller than you. That is the privelege you have and nothing I say or do will change that. But is that really the sort of person you want to be?

    • kevinjusticevanderende

      And the ultimate derailing tactic of all is (drum roll please) taking what you see from within your own perspective of someone and grafting it onto their intentions, what they are thinking, or their motivations for doing something.

      This way, you can derail everything into your own little socio-political agenda.

      Pretty much anything that leaves any room at all for interpretation, can suddenly be placed in the light you wish to cast it, without ever realizing that your own perspective is the culprit for perpetuating the bias, the pigeonholing, and the negative viewpoint.

      I offered one case in point, an example that someone else actually trotted out, in the Evelyn Evelyn Drama Drama blog post.

      They decided to point to The Last Samurai as an example of the “repeatedly overused” story of “the white man has to go and save someone from themselves”.

      Great. Wonderful. Absolutely correct. That is the ONLY possible perspective on this. Or is it?

      I’ve seen the movie and that isn’t what I came away with. For starters, the Last Samurai and his people died. So, if the white guy was supposed to be saving them: BZZZT! Big FAIL!

      Additionally, we have this drunkard, wracked by guilt with a death-wish who sees no further value to life except killing. Upon being exposed to this beautiful culture, he suddenly finds…a what? A NEW PERSPECTIVE on life that gives new meaning and value to it. In short, this beautiful culture saves him, not vice versa.

      But of course, that can’t constitute a valid perspective in it’s own right. NOOooooo. Because it doesn’t advance someone’s poisoned social agenda. So it’s dismissed.

      So, is this what you teach your kids? Do you take everything and just show them how evil and fucked up everyone is because YOU can’t find a potential perspective that might be beautiful, or give those around you the benefit of the doubt?

      How about you take the other message in The Last Samurai? How perspectives, radically different than one’s own, can introduce you to a new way of looking at something…how it can offer a value and enrichment you didn’t see before?

      And let’s take the particular case in point as the next example.

      “The story of Amanda and Jason helping the twins record an album is the typical bias of able bodied people thinking those who are disabled can’t do for themselves!” Pant, pant, huff, huff.

      Now, I personally have been through the recording process with my ex. It was a flippin nightmare. We paid triple what was initially discussed and still ended up with nothing to show for it in the end. We had to abandon it after we were wretchedly fucked.

      Personally, I wish someone had been there who knew the process and could have assisted us through it and we are both of us able-bodied by most definitions and able-minded, by some looser definitions.

      Now, is it at all possible, that someone who has been through this process before themselves…like, oh gee, Amanda Fucking Palmer…and who has helped other artists through this process before in their wealth of generosity…like, oh gee, Amanda Fucking Palmer, might have been coming from the simple perspective that ANYONE would benefit from such assistance, regardless of their disabilities or abilities?

      That, having helped others through this process within her life, she simply took it for granted as a great reasoning for how she became involved with the twins, since it was the way she’s become involved with other artists since clear back when she was involved with the Dresden Dolls?

      So where does the perspective that says: “The ONLY POSSIBLE reason she could use that in her story is because the subjects are “disabled” come from exactly?

      Oh, right, that would be you and yours. That’s the perspective, YOU are pushing and perpetuating.

      For, I certainly didn’t look at it that way myself, until you and yours brought it up. :)

      Otherwise, you would have considered another perspective whereby, that reason wasn’t necessary at all.

      But, I understand. You have no control over…no reasoned investment in your own perspective, simply adopting whatever sounds PC and then when you get emotionally butt hurt because you decide someone has violated that, you must return the favor, by grafting that perspective onto them, then trying to return the emotional pain through guilting them.

      I personally applaud Amanda for laughing at you. I really, truly do.

      She laughs the same way you would laugh if someone walked up and tried to convince you that you were a purple dinosaur. Obviously, that’s not your perspective of yourself. It has no place in your view of yourself or your own self-definition. It’s not your intention to be so, even if another looks at you in that way.

      Amanda admitted that what was offered in critiques gave her pause. Made her stop and assess herself and her perspective, her viewpoint and motivations. I’m glad someone has the self-respect and the self-awareness to do so.

      After doing such, she realized that such was not her intention; not her perspective, but that of the individuals looking on it with poison.

      She acknowledged it: I realize you’re hurt. I’m sorry you are offended.

      But didn’t take responsibility for the perspective you chose, because it simply was not hers.

      Personally, I laugh at you too. Not because you are “critiquing” but because you ridiculously spew your perspective onto everything and everyone around you, then blame them for that perspective. It’s as ludicrous as watching a child try to make the mirror smile by drawing on it with their fingers. You want to see a smile in the mirror, then smile. You want the reflection to alter, you don’t screw with the mirror, you alter what is being reflected.

      No one I’ve seen so far is sitting around saying: Way to go Amanda! You put those disabled people in their place! How great!

      I see them talking about the beautiful difference in perspective that is offered. How the idea of people who have suffered tragedy and bad experiences are able to give voice to that, through whatever means and how coming through those things…yes, is inspirational. How terrible to find inspiration in someone. But I find it in people expressing themselves and their uniqueness, no matter what it takes, or who it offends. And frankly, I don’t find inspiration in “disabled” people. I’ve worked with many over a span of years, ones who are so because of birth, illness and injury. And they were all unique individuals. Some of them were inspiring, so was my third grade teacher. Some of them, were downright depressing. Others, were simply complete assholes. In other words, they run the gamut of individualism just like everyone else.

      The fact is, Amanda has stated clearly that her intention was never to harm, hurt, or upset anyone. It was to express herself and her own imagination and art.

      YOU, however, are here specifically with the intention to hurt. To make people feel guilty, at the very least, if at all possible, and I’m quite sure if you could, you’d ban what Amanda and Jason have worked hard to put out, or, as you suggested here, make sure the “scales are balanced” in whatever fascist way YOU decide they should be.

      So, given the intentions revealed here, I must say I am definitely on the side of those whose intention is simply to make art and express themselves, even if they incidentally hurt someone in the process, rather than those who seem to have only the intention to hurt, guilt and obstruct others in their expression.

      At the same time, I do empathize and hope you are able to find your way with your own disability. That is the seeming inability to find a perspective that allows you to feel good, instead of bad. The responsibility for your own perspective such that you have to blame others for it and for how you feel. I can very much understand why that would cause one to try to lash out and try to inflict the same on others. The inability to consider another perspective other than your own, or to consider that just because you see something in a given way, doesn’t mean anyone else does.

      I hope you understand as well, why I’m not buying.

      It’s a terrible thing, to feel guilty about being who you are. Worse, are those who seek to inflict that on others without much thought.

      If you decide to adopt a perspective on something, have the self-respect to give it some thought. When you do and it brings you emotional pain because everything and everyone around you looks rotten, biased and fucked up as a result of that perspective, have the self respect to take responsibility for that and offer some introspection towards a new perspective.

      • thedreadedleftist

        wow. that’s some angry white man ranting right there. deep breath, tiger.

        there’s no “poisoned social agenda” present in identifying acts of privilege. that’s all konsta did. you don’t have to dig it, but you not digging it doesn’t make it invalid.

        and “Amanda has stated clearly that her intention was never to harm, hurt, or upset anyone”, by the way, does not factor into whether her behavior involves acts of privileged appropriation. i’m not gonna try to tell you whether it does, as you don’t appear to have brought your listening ears with you today, but here’s a linky on how privilege works that you can check out if you want to form your own opinion:

        • kevinjusticevanderende

          “wow. that’s some angry white man ranting right there. deep breath, tiger.”

          Thank you so much for making my point again! :)

          So, from your perspective, I was angry. So, from that perspective, you get to label what my message was about and then, dismiss it. Derailing?

          Honestly, I wasn’t angry at all when I wrote that. Still not angry now. Not that my saying so means anything to one who decides that their perspective is the only “truth” available.

          Secondly, I didn’t say that perspective was invalid. It is very valid, for it generates the very experience of things seen within that perspective. The emotional reactions, etc.

          What I did, was to point out what that perspective is and what it generates. As well as to point out that it was a perspective and that there are other available ones.

          So, once again…who brought validity into this? Are you saying then that based on what I pointed out regarding what that perspective generates in terms of one’s relations to others, their world, their experience…makes such an invalid perspective automatically? Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on that one. :)

          Finally, very well done on the “grouping” of privilege. So, you pick a definition of what that is, you apply that definition to someone based on outward forms, ignore their own self-definition, perspective, experiences in their lives and thus…dismiss their perspective on that basis?

          Hmmm…sounds like bias to me.

          Let me offer a little insight into my own “priviledge” as it is experienced. Individuals who are not white, male, able-bodied, often look at me and assume they are going to get the raw deal. Right from the get. They read into everything I say. No matter which way I go, when dealing with anyone who is sensitive to the idea that they do not fit my social category, I’m fucked.

          That is, if I offer something that does not take into account the perspective of someone who defines themselves as members of a group that I am not a part of as they see it, I will likely be attacked for only offering the “white viewpoint”. If I try to offer a viewpoint from one of those groups, however, I then will be labeled with the idea that I feel that such individuals can’t speak for themselves, or for arrogantly thinking I can possibly relate to, or understand them.

          I am dehumanized, in just that way as well. Assumed that there is no possible way I can relate to or understand anyone outside of my own social group, as THEY define such to be. I can’t empathize, because I am white and thus, must never have suffered any form of discrimination or marginalizing. I can’t understand, because I’ve never had my opinion dismissed. Really?

          That is my privilege. Right now, I am part of what could be called one of the most vilified social groups on the planet, if I cared to identify with or self-define in that way. No one screams in outrage when a white person is stereotyped, often with the idea that one is “privileged” and thus has no right to speak on anything beyond what is perceived to be that pigeonhole. Or that one is just naturally biased against anyone who isn’t white, able-bodied, or whatever other “group” assignation you wish to discuss.

          What I’ve learned from such experiences, is that everyone is unique. Which is why I wouldn’t think to complain about such “plight”, as-it-were. It allowed me the perspective that I now have. To define myself the way I currently do and I wouldn’t give that up for anything. Even the “bad” experiences I’ve had.

          Right this moment, people are arguing over whether or not conjoined twins are even disabled. With different perspectives on this offered by disabled, conjoined twins and able-bodied people equally.

          Making arguments, that will never be resolved. Because the focus is on grouping people. People who, when they feel stepped on, will scream out to be seen as a unique individual, rather than part of a group…right up until they want support for their perspective. At which point, they will happily group up in order to validate their opinion and justify it by way of that group support. Blindly diminishing others who feel a part of that group, but do not hold that opinion, as well as, paradoxically, their own opinion. By making it clear that their opinion doesn’t stand up as the unique perspective it is, in their own eyes. Else they would not need reach for such support. They would simply express what they feel. They would take responsibility for their own offense and stay away from what offends them, or consider another perspective by which such isn’t what it may seem to them, rather than needing to stifle other’s expressions.

          So, you can trot out what accepted definition you have for “privilege”. I don’t honestly give a shit. It still doesn’t justify you grouping people so you can dismiss their perspective.

          Now, you’ve said, I don’t want to listen. How about you listen? How about you go back and read that post with new eyes? Assume…just for a moment, that I wasn’t actually angry when I wrote it. Assume that I was not invalidating someone else’s perspective, but simply pointing out that perspective, is the point. That is, consider the perspective that wrote it, instead of only the one that reads it, as valid.

          You are correct, that holding a different perspective, does not invalidate another’s. So, practice what you preach. Realize that Amanda’s perspective as stated is valid as well. Even though you try to “group” her with your view of privilege so you can dismiss it.

          Her behavior involves acts of privileged appropriation, as you define such and as you define her as qualifying for such. If you view other perspectives as valid, why don’t you ask her if she sees herself as “privileged” before you assume such in? Why the need to marginalize her perspective because you’ve decided she is a member of some group who has no right to speak on certain subjects as far as you are concerned? Or to use some representation, as far as you are concerned?

          The same way one should consider how conjoined twins feel about themselves, before slapping them with the label of “disabled”. How about we all learn to honor each other’s self definitions, rather than settling on our own narrow perspective of them, our own definitions by way of the groups we want to shove them into, pigeonhole them into?

          I mean, do you really think you are “better” because you shove Amanda, or me, or anyone else into the “privileged” category and dismiss our unique views and the experiences that have wrought them, because of the color of our skin, our abilities? Or do you not perpetuate “stereotyping”, “labeling” and “marginalizing” by doing so?

          By the way, the post you are defending talks about the stark outrage of Amanda seemingly dismissively using the words “angry disabled feminists” in a sentence. Yet, you throw out “angry white man” quite blithely. What’s the difference? I’m “privileged” to be insulted with no one screaming outrage or rushing to my defense? Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for such privilege. You truly are a testament to lack of bias and prejudice. :)

          • Konsta

            Wow. I have no idea how to have a discussion with a person that seriously believes that het- cis- able-bodied white males are the most opressed group there is. That’s just… Wow.

            Go educate yourself. Seriously.

            Because I’m nice, I’ll even give you a good place to start:

          • kevinjusticevanderende

            Well, thank you for admitting that you don’t know how to have a discussion with someone who has a dissenting opinion or different perspective from your own.

            Speaking of “education”, reading comprehension, might assist you.

            My point: That “grouping” individuals is the heart of the problem in the first place. I see you missed this.

            Secondarily, I added a perspective whereby one could posit that, if you decide to group all
            “het- cis- able-bodied white males” as if none of them are individual, unique, with their own experiences, it could be argued that their opinions or perspectives have no suggested “protection” status, the way you seem to act as if others do. Which again, you exemplify in your post by casually, insultingly referencing them in a way you would not with another imaginary “group” that you feel is marginalized or dismissed.

            That, even though I may feel myself to be marginalized or dismissed; even though my personal, unique experiences might violate your prejudiced view of what the social group that you decide to lump me into represents to you, you’ll nevertheless do just that. Ignore whatever unique and singular experiences I have had, assume that I am simply privileged and thus, dismiss whatever I have to say. All based on the color of my skin, ability and sex. Yet, not likely look at yourself as prejudiced or biased as a result.

            But, since you avoid the actual points in order to create your own so you can dismiss them with fallacious abandon, I can understand why it is difficult, perhaps impossible for you to have a reasoned intelligent discussion with others, or to allow yourself to consider another perspective, even long enough to give it any sense of validity for argument’s sake.


            I do really love your entire “Slippery Slope” fallacy rant of how Amanda Palmer’s music is going to lead to the casual dismissal by everyone of just about every social ill in the country as well. I couldn’t have constructed a better example for a class about fallacy and reasoned, objective debate if I tried. Masterful.

            Perhaps “education” would have filled that in for you as well. :)

            Oh, and by the way, the fact that Beyonce was in the video, is what makes the idea of product placement that financially benefits the Klan ironic. That WAS the point. And she wasn’t suggesting one financially support the Klan. She was using an extreme example to make a point. But then again, as you’ve shown, reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

            And you’ve exemplified how once one becomes a target of someone’s ire, in knee-jerk emotionalism, it gets to the point where she could Tweet: Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany. And people will go rabid and say she’s supporting Hitler and what he did. That is, the simple statement of a fact that references something like the Klan, will get twisted around into some endorsement in an attempt to make the object of your ire look bad. It WOULD be ironic for a PoC music video product placement to financially benefit the Ku Klux Klan.

            Ironic: An outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.

            Just in case your problem stems from your lack of comprehension as to the definition of words.

            And this, is why your own and others arguments get ignored and dismissed. Not because of subject, but because of content and the fact that you can’t see past your own perspective long enough to consider another, or give actual reasoned debate that avoids fallacy, or trying to graft other poisonous viewpoints onto the speaker using anything you can find.

            But I do thank you once again for parading your ignorance so that your argument can be dismissed, not because of an imagined group affiliation, or because someone wants to ignore the subject of your arguments, but because YOU, individually and others who choose to react as you do, blatantly ignore your own bias, prejudice and sloppy broad brush to do so.

          • thedreadedleftist

            thing the first: if you don’t want to come off as angry, phrases like “How about you listen?” and “I don’t honestly give a shit” are poor rhetorical choices. they convey a sense of outrage when not accompanied by facial expressions or vocal inflections to mitigate their indignant tone. if you are interested in a level tone, try alternatives such as “I feel frustrated that we’re not on the same page here” or “I think we differ on the definition of ‘privilege.'”
            thing the second: to be better prepared for these kinds of debates, you may wish to educate yourself. i highly recommend the article located at we may well disagree after you’ve done some reading, but at least you’ll be able to register an informed disagreement. the gist of your latest post is essentially “i am white and discriminated against, and i feel that my frustrations at said discrimination are dismissed.” that sentiment is, i imagine, heartfelt and based in your reading of your experience, but it is also a red flag for those of us who regularly participate in discussions about privilege and the construction of otherness.
            thing the third: in response to your question, “How about you listen?”, okay, i’ll bite. i listened. here’s what i heard: a straight white male unaware of how straight white male privilege functions. does that make you evil? hell no. does that make you a bad person? nope. but for as long as you continue to take the attitude that privilege has no objective definition, you’re going to keep perpetuating it, and in doing so, you’ll continue to harm yourself and others. (for a great look at the ways in which racism harms white people, for example, check out the “white loss” section of “stuff white people do.”)
            thing the fourth: yes, it’s irreverent of me to describe your tone as “angry white man.” yes, it’s irreverent of amanda to describe the tone of her dissenters as “angry disabled feminists.” the difference? i’m not writing from a position of power (is there anything more easily dismissed than an anonymous blog comment?), and i’m not dismissing a marginalized group. you, personally, may be miffed to be described as an angry white man, but the odds that white men will suddenly find their voices erased from discourse as a result of my flippancy are slim. amanda, as a celebrity, writes from a place of power. by being flippant about her critics, who are already considered “other” by most of her fans, she encourages the dismissal of an entire othered group. that would be the difference.

          • kevinjusticevanderende

            Oh, I’ve read such crap. Consider me educated.

            “to take the attitude that privilege has no objective definition, you’re going to keep perpetuating it”

            And, as long as you take the “objective definition” slant as justification for your bias and prejudice, you are going to keep perpetuating it.

            That is, creating a new classification of individuals “privileged”, so that you can dismiss individuals and their arguments having labeled them according to your “objective definition”, is a cop out. It’s biased, it’s prejudiced, in the same exact way that you accuse others of being.

            So let’s take an example, just to see.

            I come across a set of conjoined twins. I decide that my “objective definition” of them, is “disabled”. My choice. They, do not see themselves in this light. As individuals, they self-define differently and do not wish to be looked at in this way.

            But I, should hold to my “objective definition” of them, look on them as poor deluded fucks who have no idea of who they truly are? Ignore their body of experiences, their own informed perspective, as ludicrous, in favor of some “authoritative”, “conforming”, “objective definition” of who they are, that completely violates their sense of self and who they think they are?

            Beautiful. This is what you get, pushing absolutist, objective definitions.

            You get to broad-stroke people with your bias of who they are and ignore their own perspective of who they are. You get to undermine and devalue who the individual is, or might be, in favor of some chosen definition that you get to insist upon, by which you can justify not bothering to see the individual, or truly connecting to them or their perspective.

            “a straight white male unaware of how straight white male privilege functions.”

            Well, of course that is all that you see. I’m not an individual, with individual experience, unique, with a voice and experiences of my own. I’m part of this “group” that you’ve decided upon and that through such decision, can justify yourself in ignoring, in dismissing.

            That’s all you see of my opinion, as well. The color of my skin, my sex, my level of ability, etc. And this is what you push, classification of people by such forms as long as it meets your approval plan.

            So, you completely bypassed how this was about the validity of individual perspective and that one shouldn’t endorse reducing anyone’s opinion, or perspective, on the basis of what “group” you decide to belong to. Couldn’t even see that in what was discussed.

            But, I can see why that was missed.

          • mightykaytor

            Damn dude!

            I tried to make a similar point but lacking your eloquence, got compared to a nazi sympathizer on Reading this made me feel a lot better. I wish I could buy you a drink, or better yet, convince you to post this to a blog to counteract the avalanche of people condemning EE without even listening to it (I too found it confusing that the twins suddenly became representative of All Oppressed Disabled People Everywhere ) and trying to turn Amanda into some kind of baby-eating monster for laughing off their shrill invitation to don Victim Goggles.

            And just FYI to the PC bigots before they tell me I’m an 18-35 year old white male, this is coming from a Big Fat Broke Crazy Addicted Hairy (And Doing Marvellously, Thank You Very Much) Dyke who has the good sense to realize that a persecution complex makes for a counterproductive life.

            Why are you even hanging around here if you are so filled with sanctimonious disgust? Waiting for Amanda to apologize, or be struck by the lightning bolt of an avenging god? She’s not going to stop being Amanda, just because your feelings are hurt. Maybe you should start listening to something safe and inoffensive. Like muzak.


          • kevinjusticevanderende

            Thanks Kaytor.

            Unfortunately, eloquence does not always combat self-enforced ignorance. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. I think you communicate just fine. People simply enjoy slapping labels on others who disagree with them. Which, was really the entire thing I was pointing up, only to have this ignored by the two individuals while they got slap-happy with their labels again. It comforts them, I suppose, to separate and categorize everyone in their little worlds. To not actually have to consider or look at the individuals under the labels they apply. Too much work to do so.

            My point being, don’t be hard on yourself for some “lack of eloquence”, you can’t be heard over someone else’s emotional screaming.

            People often talk about the idea that: You can’t be color-blind.

            Or sex or disability blind, etc. And I would agree. Trying to stop thinking about pink elephants never helps. You only end up thinking about them more. However, when you are willing to shift focus, shift attention, the pink elephant simply disappears. Which is what enforcing the idea of looking at the “individual” assists with. You don’t dismiss elements of them, you simply realize that those elements contribute to a “whole person”. An individual, which may or may not fit your expectations of the elements to any degree at all.

            For instance, the enforced idea that I am “privileged”, being white, able-bodied, male and heterosexual, suggests that I should look at anyone who isn’t so, as “under-privileged”, because they are not so.

            Talk about justified bias and prejudice.

            Who am I to decide what your experience is individually, because you tell me you are gay?

            “Wow, gee, I’m sorry, life must really suck for you.”


            And when I offer a perspective, whereby someone in the group they assign as “privileged” may not feel so, they dismiss that perspective as me, being disgruntled. Truly I’m not, simply because I don’t blame anyone else for my experience. I own it. I’m simply offering that just because you decide that someone belongs to a specific “social group” does not actually mean that they experience what you expect them to, as part of that “group” you’ve defined and chosen for them.

            Hence the idea that: The map is not the territory.

            If it really makes you feel better to categorize and label people, if you simply can’t live without doing so, then feel free. However, remember that such grouping is for your own comfort level, so you can justify not actually connecting to or understanding individual experience.

            But keep in mind that such is just that. For your own comfort and convenience. People are NOT the groups you assign them to. They are people. Individuals. With individual experiences. And ones who truly enjoy and thrive in defining themselves, are going to resist your attempts to pigeonhole them so you can decide what is best for them as a group. Or dismiss them, as a group.

            And, this is likely why they are really offended by Amanda. She resists classification. Categorization. She loves to buck the labels on anything she finds, to express a new perspective on things. And yeah, when you’re dealing with people’s sacred cows, that means they are going to cry foul sometimes. I say, let them.

            Maybe at some point it will get them to resign from the herd and think for themselves. To actually connect with individuals instead of marginalizing their individuality into a group that they seem to fit from one’s own perspective.

            Be well, Kaytor.

          • mightykaytor

            I agree with a lot of what you are saying and I think it is the crux of why I am starting to separate myself from the feminist movement as a whole. Certainly some people are so gifted by circumstance that the sun may as well shine out of their butt, and they might take it for granted as well, but just as many are not too bright, or not too attractive, or have the sort of personality that most people just look right through- life presents each of us with our own challenges.

            And while it is undeniable that certain groups have more influence in the cultural landscape, I am certain that the solution to this does not lie in fixating on what makes us different. I don’t want people to see me as a queer woman, but simply as another person. My grandfather spent most of his adult existence in a wheelchair, but no one who knew him even registered his paraplegia. He was simply a marvelously wise and witty storyteller who was sorely missed upon his passing.

            No matter how well intentioned, you simply can’t speak for all parties in a group comprised of individials… unless you happen to be the Lorax.

          • kevinjusticevanderende

            By the way, dread:

            “thing the first: if you don’t want to come off as angry, phrases like “How about you listen?” and “I don’t honestly give a shit” are poor rhetorical choices.”

            Who said I cared whether or not I came off as angry to you or not? I simply said I wasn’t.

            I was simply pointing out that, once again, people are working from their assumptions, rather than considering that what they assume by way of their expectations and assumptions, is not “what is” all the time.

            If you need to see me as angry because that justifies ignoring my perspective, feel free.

            You seem to need to come up with a lot of reasons and justifications why someone’s perspective is valid or not.

            Personally, my perspective isn’t threatened by someone else’s. Not even yours. They can exist, side-by-side. Generating the experiences they do.

            You are most welcome to see me as angry, if that serves some purpose in you. Do you care if it is accurate or not to me, or my perspective? I don’t think it really does. I think the only thing that matters to you is whether what you can say about me, or try to point out about me, serves your purpose.

            I get the feeling, that your perspective is the only one that matters. Hence why you feel the need to create it as some objective structure that everyone should agree with.

            Perhaps because you feel your own diminishment of individual perspective and realize, that affects your own by association. Individual perspective, “obviously” cannot stand on it’s own. One must bolster it with “the herd” in order for it to have weight and meaning.

            Well, there is a little secret here. That isn’t really necessary.

            One day, you may actually learn to value your own individual perspective enough and others, that you do not need to group up for support and thus, attempt to do the same to other individuals to diminish or lend weight to their perspective, depending on how much it aligns with your own.

            And by the way, you may notice that if you eliminate your idea that there actually are “other groups” as some reality beyond the consensus you are trying to enforce, then you don’t have to worry that Amanda Palmer, or anyone else, will encourage the dismissal of some “othered group”, because individual voice is what will matter most.

            And, you’ll likely recognize as well, that Amanda Palmer is a prime example of such individual voice that bucks categorization, grouping and champions the individual perspective that can be respected for what it is, without it needing to support or undermine some “imagined” group.

            Personally, I find it easier to dismiss “groups”. For that is just a label. I don’t have to actually look anyone in the eye to dismiss their perspective as “inconsequential”. You likely find such easier as well. A bit harder to look someone dead in the eye and say: You and your opinion do not matter.

            So, do you have the guts to strip away the shield of grouping and actually look individuals in the eye, without all your labels and classifications? To challenge yourself to see them as more than the elements you would assign to them? To wait to form your opinion of them, until you’ve actually gotten to know them, beyond your classifying of them?

            I wonder.

        • mightykaytor

          Ugh, replied in the wrong spot. Disregard.

    • Your FACE!

      LMAO Did you feel better typing all that? Jesus Christ, what did you do, intently study blogs and psychology for the past few months in order to come up with this term paper? Chill out, creeper. WHO CARES?? Unless you’re a suffering artist who’s jealous =P

  • mattconnolly

    ‘Do You Swear To Tell The Truth…’ has given me much inspiration and warm feelings since i’ve been listening to it. thanks.

  • whina

    YES! congratufreakinglations. finally.

  • Elsa

    Hurrah! Congratulations! :D

  • VoodooGal

    Grand, simply grand.

  • Beaulieu

    Amanda, this is a happy day, no doubt! Life is all about sharing what you have to give to the world and we all have a lot to give. Each of us have particular skills and it would be grand if we could all just have what we want (materially, that is) by sharing our personal gifts. I share your gift of music and love that you want to share it with all os us. Thank you!!

  • feeblemind

    In the words of a postcard I have: Congratulations on your divorce – now you can come out and play.

    I think it shows your greatness that you wrote such a nice letter to your former label people. It proves you’ve not grown bitter. I really appreciate that.

    Now, off-topic but fun, this is something I bet you would have liked:

  • mrmorizon

    Gongratz, Amanda! I most definetely admire you and have to say that you are a huge influence in writing songs and composing and on life and…everything.

  • ericka hiatt

    just gave downloaded the uberneato song, thanks, it said something important and i’m still absorbing it… gave you $5, not for the music, because free things should never be dishonored by the baser crap in life like $$ for eating and rent and shit like that, but so you could go have a drink and look out at the horizon and get really giggly happy about what’s out there waiting. wow. i’m getting excited for you, too. this is a cool feeling! thanks for THAT, as well! rock on, sweetpea! :} e

  • Elena

    I’m in love with you.

    In a non-stalker kinda way, you know :)

    Good luck from now on!

  • Shiloh

    I’m not certain that any of the people criticizing your choice of words have actually listened to the song, or Evelyn Evelyn for that matter…not to mention the fact that you’ve been exactly that level of “offensive” for years…why was no one crying over you actually writing a song about performing back alley abortions? (Or, I don’t know, were they? Probably not this many people…)

    This is all about that Jezebel article. They wanted you to be their new feminist super-hero, but you weren’t politically correct enough for their ultra-specific brand of feminism. Of course, if you were even the slightest bit politically correct, I’d just be here whining that you revoke your punk status. :D

    Or, in other words, the people criticizing you were never fans to begin with (or at least, they weren’t listening very carefully to your lyrics!)

    • mightykaytor

      Used to read Jezebel when I was bored. I thought it was great that they were spreading the word of a talented and wickedly funny artist like AFP. Ever since that article though, well…. guess it’s safe to say I’m OVER them :)

      Did you read the comments in that thread? Most of the vitriol was being poured on by two or three people who acted as though AFP had rape-murdered their puppies. The fact that they were being cheered on by everyone but AFP’s actual fans really made it infuriating/depressing. I’m tired of all the Gaga Praise and Lindsay Lohan’s personal problems anyway….. Although, I can’t wait to read that NYT interview they got her!

  • JaniceJoplin

    Thank you, Jesus. I thought you were going to tell us that you were pregnant with Neil Gaiman’s child and that the show was over…….rock on, for the love of God……..!!!

  • Margui

    I’m so damn happy for you! :D

  • metamorphosisxx


    That’s fantastic Amanda! I’m downloading that song and donating money to you right as we speak!
    LONG LIVE PUNK CABARET, in a free and exciting style!

    If you ever need money, come to Australia and ask your fans, we’re more than happy to put into that hat you’re passing…. and just to see you ;)

    Love you. X

  • izpogreba

    My congratulations!

  • Alicia

    Hi, Amanda. I’ve been a fan for about 7 years and I was just wondering if you’ve ever heard of Diamanda Galas, she’s a solo performance artist who is at once and absurdly talented gothy jazz pianist and vocalist using influences from her upbringing in the Greek Orthodox Church and also an artist driven to despair by the AIDS epidemic in the 80’s which ld her to create Plague Mass, a work in which most of the vocals are howling and chilling chants that mimic speaking in tongues. I just thought you might enjoy her work as I have been really struck by her power.;;

  • katieparkerson

    I LOVE YOU AMANDA!!!!!! and the roadrunner photo made my day…

  • katieparkerson

    congrats Amanda! your roadrunner photo made my day btw….and I love the new song! and you should come sing in houston texas! woot! LONG LIVE PUNK CABERET!

  • xaxaxax

    Many have been calling it pathetic that Amanda Palmer has to stoop so slow as to try throwing racial slurs around to get attention. Because she is so quick to include a disclaimer she must certainly be aware of how offensive the statement she is making is regardless of it’s origin. What bothers me more is that no black person on the face of the earth is going to want to investigate her reasons for naming a song this way. It seems that although her primary intention with the song is just to get attention, she doesn’t mind it one little bit if along the way she has to offend every single black person that hears about her.

    If the public’s interests in Amanda Palmer’s songs were not dwindling so much, this move may seem exciting in a push-the-boundaries-of-racism kind of way. But as time goes by Amanda Palmer seems less and less interested in making good music rather than getting hits from search engines. Both devout fans and more casual listeners have become increasingly annoyed by this once quasi-celebrity stooping so low as to try out YouTube tactics such as covering the most popular songs of the moment to increase the likelihood of getting your link clicked.

    Were it not for this kind of of desperation one could reason that Amanda Palmer really was so naive as to think that a song with such a racist title couldn’t possibly be racist because Dr. Dre said it first and who could love black people more than Dr. Dre? But what comes across more clearly is that Amanda is not concerned with offending black people in the slightest since she is obviously never going to have any black fans anyway. Instead, she is actively trying to simply make a spectacle of herself in the hopes of attracting any attention at all.

    And the icing on the cake? The song in question feels meaningless, emotionless, and dull. It is a song in scientific terms but lacks quality to the point that one must wonder if it was written solely to justify naming something–anything–with the racially offensive title.

    Both former Dresden Dolls fans and people who never liked her in the first place regularly trash Amanda’s blatant disregard quality. Those of us closer to Amanda are even beginning to speculate that she is nearing a nervous breakdown over the fact that she is lucky to get twenty people at a solo performance without a larger act backing her up. Most of us, though, are just sick of her showing up at shows with acts we actually like watching and hoping that she fizzles sooner rather than later.

    • bloodmun

      I’m just going to put this here, because I wandered here while looking to see if she’d done any new music, I saw your comment.

      I am black and very much a fan. If I can listen to DMX or Nas, or anyone else use the N word endlessless I can handle her using it in jest (or however she may have used it). I like the music, I’m not offended and I don’t use the word at all myself. Just a little FYI. ;]

      • kevinjusticevanderende

        Cool of you to speak up. One thing I found interesting in xax comments was this:

        “What bothers me more is that no black person on the face of the earth is going to want to investigate her reasons for naming a song this way.”

        Alright, number one, this sounds pretty racist to me. Are you suggesting that no PoC can think for themselves or investigate something they potentially find offensive to consider the reasoning behind it?

        Two, it sounds pretty stereotyping to suggest that one segment of the population is always going to react a certain way to something. It contradicts individualism. The ability to respond to something as an individual. With an individual perspective, or opinion.

        This is the problem I see often times, when someone wants to cry bias, or prejudice. They often then turn around and start talking about “group perspective” as if it is absolute and determined by the individual’s skin color, level of ability, etc.

        The same thing I pointed out in regards to someone saying “As a disabled feminist, I disapprove of this.”

        How about, As an individual, who happens to be disabled and feminist, I disapprove of this?

        I mean, there’s nothing wrong with using your self-imposed labels for identity purposes, but to actually imply that you speak for everyone else who has chosen these labels, (or had such labels chosen for them) is ludicrous and devaluing of individual perspective.

        It encourages others to look at “outward forms” and to judge what that individual’s perspective “must be”. When such is not necessarily the case at all.

        Learn to value your own perspective enough as an individual, to put such forth in just that manner. Encourage others to have voice regardless of what category or label they may at times wear, or be saddled with.

        Grouping people either to attack, or defend them, is still a grouping of them into a category that may or may not fit the individual self-definition, or be representative of their perspective.

        Yet, we fall into doing this for some bid to “authority” to append to our arguments.

        “Not only am I saying this, but everyone in the group I’m a part of must feel this way as well.”

        Sorry. I cry: Bullshit.

        In my own span on this earth, the one thing I have discovered is that everyone has a different opinion that is not necessarily determined by their culture, religion, sex, abilities, skin color, etc.

        Yet, in an unfortunate blindness, both those who advance bias and prejudice directly and those who work against it, fall into this grouping and labeling to serve their own ends and both, lend to a diminishing of individual perspective based on how someone looks to us on first glance.

        Fortunately, we have those such as AfP around to show us when we are doing this. One who loves to burst categories and groups wide open. To show us the labels we will append without much thought. One who will challenge our perspective on people, ideas and who will express their own individuality without compromise or apology.

        And most of the people I see trying to trash her, miss this. And seem really only to be threatened by someone who is operating outside of their own, self-imposed boxes.

        I can understand not wanting to be boxed, pigeon-holed and labeled. So, stop doing it to yourself and others and perhaps others will stop colluding with you in this.

      • Tony

        whoa! Gotta love how white folks get their knickers in a twist on black folks behalf….AfP’s no racist, go give Panzerbastard some shit if you want to do something about musicians being soft on racism, there’s nothing for you here

  • June_Miller

    Dude, (Palmer), I really gotta advise you to probably address peoples’ concerns with you and racism. Not because I’m seeing anything personally, but just because this isn’t something people aren’t going to let go of easily. And yeah, even whenever you try to clear the air, there will still be a handful still claiming that you’re an attention-whore who looks down on people. Then they can go, having heard something solid.

    Also, hi, she just got dropped from a major label. People who were seriously pressing her to whore herself out for an image. This isn’t something that she’s just been wanting since the inception of Twitter or Gaga, this has been going on for a good few years.

    And this: ‘But what comes across more clearly is that Amanda is not concerned with offending black people in the slightest since she is obviously never going to have any black fans anyway.’

    Is a blatant lie.

    The most bad-ass Dresden Dolls fan I have EVER FUCKING SEEN looked like Mr. T if he were cast in a Tim Burton film.

    I also feel, though, that Amanda may also have to clear the air around that comment because it may have struck such a chord with Goth Mr. T (if he were to hear it) that he may also pull the racist card. And that would suck.

    But that’s just me.

    edit: And really, I hate to pull the ‘newbie fans’ card, myself, but I’m curious how people were desensitized enough to enjoy pop-y numbers about date rape and back-alley abortions, or how they weren’t distressed over the somewhat ambiguous lyrics on such tracks as “Bad Habit”? My argument is that, you’re obviously dealing with someone who says off-color (forgive the pun?) remarks, and has a bit of a morbid way of putting things into perspective.

    Fucking, I’ll play the new track backwards, and smear virgin blood all over my naked body because the hidden message told me to do so.


    That’s what the crazy, hardcore AFP fans do to show their support. Post it to your Facebook.

  • metamorphosisxx

    After listening to this the other night I decided to add a few extra verses to make it more relevant to me.
    I’m a writer and I know how awful it is, but it was spur of the moment so it’s allowed to be shit haha.


    When I was nineteen
    You were my favourite thing
    I played your songs all the time
    When you split with roadrunner
    There was a free download
    To which I donated ten dollars

    And I started listening
    To the free music
    And played it about six more times
    I contemplated calling my best friend Kate but she was
    Coming around in less than an hour

    So I sat here waiting for her to arrive
    And I kept playing the same song over
    She’s still not here yet
    And I’m still nineteen but
    I know I’ll love this song forever

  • Ashley Rieflin

    Congratulations Amanda! Once again, you fucking kick ass.

    This type of music marketing is the future of the music industry, when musicians take control and offer their OWN music for however much they choose. It has a lovely tune, and I am excited for this next venture in your career.

    AFP records is sure to be badass.

  • x7holly7x

    Amanda, I just want to say that I am so proud of you and so excited for you and for us (the fans). This is a great change (losing that label) and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

  • Teresa Jusino

    How exciting! :) Congratulations. The world is now your motherfucking oyster. And oysters, from what I hear, are an aphrodisiac!


  • Teresa Jusino

    Just listened to the song, and I LOVE IT. :) It’s weird how stuff comes at you when you need it/are ready for it in this life. I’m at a point where I’m going to be leaving a secure job for freelancing uncertainty to pursue my writing more fully, and this song is the perfect addition to my life’s soundtrack. Thanks! :)

  • va_va_voom

    Congratulations!!!!!! The pic to roadrunner is just amazing..

    “Vive le cabaret punk.”

  • One of the Tupsala Twins


    I am so happy to hear that you finally got what you wanted.
    It must be extremely relieving to decide what becomes of what you created.

    All the best for your future, we will stay online and watch!

    Love, x

  • guest

    that was an amazing letter, amanda. i especially love the included photo.

  • donammon

    Congrats, Amanda. I kn0w you were unhappy with that situation. Glad you and your blaclk ass are free. LOVE the EVELYN EVELYN album. Please bring the show to Pittsburgh!

  • patzuo

    Congratulations and thanks, the ART world needs people like you.

  • Donna

    Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. I hope everything goes well for you.

  • OKgary

    waaaaah, you got a bad record deal.
    First off, Roadrunner is a label that deals mostly with heavy metal bands. If I had to guess I’d say you weren’t a good match from the start. Maybe Projekt or The End would have been better support.
    Nobody twists artists arms to sign with their label. What really sucks is people have to listen to twits like you and other ‘artists’ who constantly complain. Maybe the reason the label to promote the Dresden Dolls second album was because it SUCKED! I loved the first one and couldn’t wait for the second, but was very disappointed.
    What about the general public? How about when we make bad record deals and buy crap?
    It’s no wonder bit torrent is huge.
    Good luck in obscurity, Amanda, you’ll need it!

    • Able

      $15 thousand…90 seconds. Enough said about obscurity.

    • Tony

      oooooh get a room!

    • KelJen

      You’re an idiot. Of course no one twisted her arm; they just quit helping later. And if they quit being a good record company for the Dolls because the second album sucked so much, why didn’t they drop her when she asked? Hmmm… MAYBE because there was money to be made. And why does no one else bitch and Roadrunner Records for Projekt or The End? People like you make me laugh because you’re not a true fan and I have a feeling that Amanda doesn’t care about you, the “general” public, because us less general people are the true support. Suck it!

    • JS

      “What really sucks is people have to listen to twits like you and other ‘artists’ who constantly complain.”

      I fail to see precisely who it is that’s twisting your arm to force you to read this blog.

  • Loukulele

    The letter is amazing. There is nothing wrong with passing the hat around & congrats on getting your freedom. Thank you for your beautiful music. All the best =] x

  • alaska

    oh damn amanda, you are sooo awesome!! love you very much, congratulations, let your fucking record label burn in hell! greets from moscow)

  • dorcas and christie

    Congratulations and best of luck wherever you go! :)
    ~love Dorcas and Christie

  • Jeremy

    You’re a true poetic vagabond, an inspiration to the lost souls of the carousel of dreams. I adore you and hope to hear so much more from you in the future.

  • Sean

    “working too hard to juggle business-ing and musician-ing” – feeling that. Creative community, staying afloat, culture where it’s real, Dada frufra yaya. Much luck and floatiness!

  • Traps3sp

    I play in an anarchist band, come on in comrade the water’s fine (plus, you look great in black)

  • yourkaledrina


    Everyone seems to be fighting on here and writing 10 pages each on shit that has not much to do with the initial blog, so I wanted to say:

    LMFAO at the song, it was great. The letter to 3R made me laugh just as hard. It kicked ass. I used to work for them and they SUCK. At least, a lot of their employees. I felt like they were sexist. BUT!! I don’t regret it either because through them I got to meet you =)


  • yourkaledrina

    Oh yeah and to everyone being uptight about things:

    IF AMANDA OFFENDS YOU, QUIT FUCKING READING AND WATCHING EVERY THING SHE DOES. And get a job that takes more of your time so we can read the good comments on her blogs =)

  • Mei

    Congrats Amanda! Own it! You are art!

    And to the fighting/debating/bitching on this blog – you’re missing the point. This is a celebration.For people who have sooo many issues with Amanda, you sure do looove spending lots of time talking about her.
    It’s like that thing I keep seeing on the net; “Love me or hate me. Either way, you’re still thinking about me.” <3

  • Mike

    If someone buys the Evelyn Evelyn vinyl, can they also get a download code for the Bandcamp download? Bandcamp has the capability to do this, I believe…

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