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black, black, everything BLACK

the theme of this blog is BLACK.
yeah, that’s right, motherfucker.

the power went out last night. around 11 pm. it didn’t come back on until 5 am. the whole neighborhood.

we ate sushi by candlelight and finally i had to admit that it was still possible to practice the piano without electricity.
lee brought a candelabra from upstairs.
i drank red wine and practiced jacques brel.
i felt like such a good bohemian.

i love blackouts.

beth came upstairs and took a picture.



The date for Amanda’s in-store with surprise special mystery guest Neil Gaiman in Dublin @ Chapters is on TUESDAY 17 FEB,
which was incorrectly listed as 16 Feb in our last mailer…..sorry bout that. neil will read from the new book.
i’ll play ukulele. all will be love.

wear black.

Tuesday 17 Feb
Dublin, Ireland
Chapters Book Store
All Ages
5 PM

speaking of neil, he just won the NEWBERY AWARD for “the graveyard book”.
no, i didn’t know what it was either, but apparently it’s a huge fucking deal because he made the cover of the new york times and got a call from 14 librarians to give him the news. yay neil
AND he’s got a bad-ass movie called CORALINE which comes out on the 6th of february (the book is awesome too):

(neil is not black.)


the infamous “black cab session” is up on the internetz, and apparently people are loving it:


the black cab sessions are a great project filmed in london in the backs of black cabs.
one song. one take. one cab.

i love black cabs. there’s so much space in them.

i did mine THE DAY AFTER BRIAN WILSON did his. that is awesome.
as you can see from this still, my foot was still wicked broken.
i played “creep”, because that was, at the time, the only song i could play on the ukulele, and a piano would not fit in the back of a black cab.

(but now i know several more songs on the ukulele!. in other news, the universe keeps expanding).


in other news, i am not black.


harry belafonte is black (and amazing)….


listen to THIS:

our new president?

he is half black.


morrissey has a new record out, containing the lyrics:

“I’m throwing my arms around paris
nobody wants my love
Nobody wants my love
Nobody needs my love
Nobody wants my love”

his soul is black:



everything’s as it should be…..awesome.

oh, wait

there is one thing that is not awesome:

just got word from the powers that be in the UK and apparently “oasis”, which was supposed to start being a single over there right about now is being rejected out of hand by every single TV/video and radio outlet because it makes light of abortion and date rape.

apparently someone over there does not effing understand black humor.

instead of releasing an official press release, i will post to this blog to share my effing feelings about that.

in short?
someone missed the point.


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  • Kabouterprinses

    good news for you: belgium is not rejecting oasis, i heard it on the radio a while back, right after the obama discussion they were having.

    see you next week,

  • Kimmii


    If it makes you feel any better, there are only a handful of decent musicians on the radio in the UK.

    I’d say that you being on the radio, would make you rubbish.

    Hahahaha. Would’ve been nice to see the vid on TV though.

  • ThisBeDutch

    Sounds like the media here in the UK being really cautious regarding topics that may offend, humorous or not, due in large to recent events such as Sachs-gate. Which sucks, because Oasis is a song that I would gladly tune into the Beeb to listen to :/

  • Jaime

    I love the black cab idea! That is fantastically cool! And I love our new president…. he makes me so happy! And I love Neil Gaiman and that is such exciting news! I have been reading his books and graphic novels for upwards of tenish years now I think. I can’t wait til you come back to the states! Please come to Pittsburgh when you do!

  • maxine

    your lack of power experience is beautiful.

    in december we lost power for about five days. i peaced out and hid at my grandma’s; i could not quite make it a badass experience.

  • Sally

    I love how you have a picture of Morrissey and then a mini-rant about someone in the UK not understanding black humor.

  • katya

    dear AFP, you are on the lineup for coachella on the event website… details?!

  • yorksdevil

    As soon as people find out it’s been ‘banned’ it’ll be straight to number one. That’s how it usually works or so I’ve been lead to believe.

  • andy978

    Those British people are wrong! Date rape is HILARIOUS!

    Man, everyone’s being really lame with their reactions to WKAP. Stay strong – you made the best damn record of 2008, and you know it.

  • Shannon Smithee

    I am in Arkansas and my power was out for about 20 hours, no fire place either. But we do have a gas water heater. There are still about 20,000 people in surrounding areas with out power. I feel lucky that mine is back on. I am going to volunteer at the local shelter.

    I have to say that the time we had with just the candles was nice. Everything was so quite.

  • Brianne

    I haven’t been in a blackout in a very, very long time. Or a black cab. I’m currently in a black shirt, but that’s not half as exciting.

    • bre_anachronism


      Perhaps we should duel?

  • curlybap

    Seriously? the Oasis thing totally sucks… i’m a teen in the uk, and absolutely love it – and none of my friends would object, either…

  • Jodie

    the UK sucks politically correct dick.
    i love your album and i’m totally ashamed of my country for not wanting to listen to it all day long like me.
    all my friends love oasis even though they’re not a fan of your other work, which just proves how excellent it is.
    like somebody else said, when people start to hear it’s banned, it’ll fly off shelves.
    i love afp.
    x Jodie.

  • cg_regan

    I am officially ashamed of my country – sometimes the powers that be in the UK are a bit shit.

    Hope it hasn’t put you off playing here next week!


  • Derek

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you fucking rock radiohead! I like creep, but I like it even better when you sing it.

    I too love blackouts, and I am wearing black.

  • Randy

    Candlelight is wonderful. In the evenings there`s always a candle and my laptop unless I`m reading. I love darkness.

    I am currently reading Coraline. Amazing.

    I`ve got so many things to look forward to: Coraline in 3D n the 15th (it has been a few years since I`ve seen a movie in 3D…I`ll be such a kid), colege all dya until 6pm, your show on the and Morrissey`s new album on 16th, and the signing on the 17th…I`ll try bringing my ukulele.

    And I will note the black dress code.

    Such a shame about Oasis. Maybe that`s why I don`t listen to the radio much. I feel that whatever I listen to doesn`t tell me much about how I live my life.

    Peace and love

    Can`t wait to see you.x

  • Rembrand Le Compte

    Good thing I’m in Belgium then :p
    Awww, I want to be in Dublin for that session/reading. Damn job. I’ll have to send some Irish friends over there instead.

  • lentower

    coraline has been the zoetrope ad southbound red line
    from harvard square for the last month
    i haven’t been between south station and broadway for a while …

    neil has only worn black when i’ve seen him,
    and in all the pics/videos i’ve seen of him

    you wear black often, but not as consistently

    obama is likely slightly more than half black
    as most white americans have an afro-american ancestor
    {someone might do some google research and try to find out?
    the curiousity-vs-time tradeoff isn’t there for me ; – }

    wif any brit fan will make a black cab with a piano inside

    SAD that the brits have their own forms of political correctness

    • Loretta

      I find it fun to think about how, if science is not failing me, we are all truly partially black, as the earliest humans known to date–our ancestors– were black…

  • JJ

    The UK can suck ass sometimes. And I’m a UK resident for half the year. But I love oasis, so y’all don’t have to hate me :)

    I love blackouts… I was there in NYC. Yeah, I sang in the street with total strangers. Yeah,I danced with them too. Yeah, some of them were black.

    It rocked.

  • Martin

    Media outlets rejecting it out of hand more than likely means they’re running scared of anything that could be remotely considered offensive at the moment.

    It’s weird the different standards that different countries have – I seem to remember a couple of years ago that Ben Folds (who provides great backing vocals on Oasis, hence me thinking of him) was allowed to have Jesusland as a single in the UK but not in the US, because of its anti-organised religion theme.

    I always find it a little strange that other people get to decide what I’m going to like and what I’ll be offended by. Thank God for the Internet.

  • feeblemind

    If the power’s out in the heart of man….
    take it from your heart
    put it in your hands

  • Ceci

    That was an awesome post and I especially love the picture of you at the piano. You keep fighting, I’ll keep fighting (as in you have no power but plow on anyway and I …well had a life defeating day yesterday but I’ve decided to go to the mattresses!)

    As for the UK, I think your fans will still see it and you know that this little internet army helps spread things pretty virally, don’t you think?

    The odd thing about it is how they can be so up front about certain things (Like the BBC series Skins in the UK is soooo much better there than the BBC American edited version which cleans it up) and not about others.

  • Emsy

    Hey, look! A red jeep!


  • Jim B

    Really wonderful cover of “Creep”, AFP. Moving! (Both in cab and in spirit) Thanks for using the ukulele as a real instrument (not a comic toy) and thanks for posting that video.

  • Just another Matthew

    But… Poms love black humour…
    Something has gone very wrong in the world.

  • Mike

    Morrissey is love. I’m listening to him now.

    Black humor is under apreciated.

    My shirt is black as well.

  • bre_anachronism

    A/ I am wearing all black. I do that alot, for the slimming purposes more so for the goth effect.

    B/ That doesn’t suprise me about Oasis. As catchy as the song is, a lot of the people I’ve played it for have been horrified. It’s hard to explain satire and black humor to the average bean.

    C/ My closest friends, who think the ONLY humor is black humor, and I have been known to blast the song with the windows down, sing it in the mall or in the halls at campus, hum it during lectures, etc. etc. etc., so you’re doing something right.

    Black out

  • Shiny

    my friends and i made a video for ‘the sheep song’ and (i thought) it was really good. but we saved it wrong, and so dont know where the file is located

    we’ll remake it as soon as we can (in a few weeks). would you like to see it when its done amanda?

    oh and i love wearing black. and purple

  • Skankenstein

    Morrissey! He wears black on the outside because black is how he feels on the inside.

  • wakingdreaming

    I wish you would send out another e-mail announcement to correct the Dublin information. Please remember that not everyone has the time to check this blog or the Shadoxbox or myspace or livejournal often.

    On the same note, I have been helping people on livejournal who did not realize that your alternate tracks actually did get released on Christmas Eve, like was promised. The only place it got announced was deep on a thread of complaints on the Shadoxbox, and at least a handful of people missed out on the opportunity to download the tracks. If you guys could be more communicative about important stuff like that in e-mail announcements, it would really help out a lot of people. Especially an issue like that, where people paid money in part for the opportunity to receive the alternate tracks and some people still don’t have them who should.


  • Justfire

    HAHA, that’s awesome, 6 chords and you fuckin’ rocked that cab with a World Class performance. I know some kickass musicians that are terrible performers, and it really hurts them. I’ll have to show them that vid so hopefully they’ll see that being able to perform well a huge deal.

    Sucks about “Oasis.” It’s like The Man’s out to get you, first the video series off YouTube then this BS. Eh. Good luck with the tour!

    Also, our president ROCKS!

  • Beck

    Ohhh.. Which Jacques Brel songs? I grew up listening to the soundtrack from “Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris”. My husband thinks it scarred my for life, but I just adore the music and lyrics.

  • Ramsey

    Anyway, all that is awesome, bar none. But I jsut wanted to thank ypu for tyhe “steppenwolfe” hit onyouyr myspafce. The book hekoped a lot with a lot of existential crap I was going through.

    drunj k blogging is awsome.

    Just counting the hours before I turn thirty, and the day sbefore I get laid off.

    go get em lady..

  • Librarian Idol

    Wha-at? I thought the Brits were *better* at understanding irony than the ‘Merkins…

    Meanwhile, here in Australia, I saw the video for “Oasis” on Rage at, like, one in the morning, and it lit up my life.

    – A.

  • Shayla

    most of Indiana was in a blackout a few weeks ago. I didn’t have power for 3 days and my manager at work lost his for a week. It was too cold to enjoy ):

    but really? oasis? Of all the songs in the world that make light of things like abusing girlfriends and drug use and such (all of which are SERIOUS songs) they can’t take a joke about abortion? There are much more tasteless things that you could make light of. I thought the UK was supposed to be more open minded about those things than the US…

  • kuRi

    awesome news i’ve got about you not from you!
    ok.. that sounded awefull… the thing is…
    you have not announced your show at COACHELLA
    maybe you can meet MOZZ that day! and… you know, california is not thaat far from mexico so…
    you should come here and tell us all about you’re 2nd coachella experience…
    i love you, wish i could go to coachella…. except from MUSE(which are not permorming on the fest) all of my favorite bands and artists are going to perform there…
    ok… i love you, big kisses… come to mexico god damn it!

  • kuRi

    one more thing i forgot…
    in the black cab sessions, the only one not shoot on a cab or streets were the arcade fire… shoot on an elevator…
    not necessay information… just good one…

  • Kelley

    It’s alright about the oasis thing, though I wish that they would play it over there, and over here, jesus. No one understands. However, my friend does an unbelievable impersonation of Sarah Palin, and was actually Sarah Palin for Halloween. We play music together all the time, and next week we’re playing a show, and we have a grand oasis/palin inspired plan.

    She’s going to dress up as Sarah Palin (did I mention that she looks like her too?!) and sing a song that we wrote together, as Sarah Palin. It’s a ridiculous song that is actually very odd because my friend is extremely conservative, and likes Sarah Palin, while I’m TOTALLY liberal and I’m not too fond of her. So the song is a wonderful mix of mocking Palin and appreciating her.

    Anyway, she’ll sing this ridiculous song as Sarah Palin, and then when she’s done, I’m going to cover oasis with a bunch of friends that’ll run up from the audience to sing the backup part, and we’re going to dedicate the song to her, as you did. Hopefully, forcing our fake Sarah Palin out the door and down the street or something.

    Who knows how the audience will react, this being red New Hampshire and all.

    I have no idea why I just shared that, but it’s two in the morning, and I don’t even know why I’m still awake!

    Hope all is well.


  • merve

    hey mandy,the black cab session is amazing.
    i just watched the trailer of neil’s movie too and i think coraline looks like you =)))

  • June_Miller

    Man, my faggy goth heart just explodes with excitement every time I see the previews for Coraline. Not just for Neil, but for using the same animation as The Nightmare Before Christmas. Fucking finally. Not just some CGI bollocks, thank god.

    On a similar note, I can’t help thinking of Beetlejuice whenever I hear/see Harry Belafonte. Thank you.

    I adore that picture Beth took. No proper words to describe it, just love.

    My sister’s half-black and we’re both Philippina, but she’s adopted. So…maybe I’m black by default? I did tend to listen to her rap and hip hop tapes a lot as a youngin. PS TLC is and always will be the motherfucking shit.

    Along with Boyz II Men.

    And basically our president looks like a bad motherfucker in that picture. Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good. I kind of wish he was doing finger-guns at the camera and giving a wink, but I’m not complaining.

    Morrissey’s humor is blacker than black, and he’s British. And they reject your shit?


    I know you’re kind of on the fence about WKAP being considered one of the ‘best overlooked records of ’08’, but when you think about it…that’s where most of the good shit actually IS. I’m sure most of the records you’ve enjoyed in the past, along with others, have had a similar title stuck onto them, or have gained such notoriety through word-of-mouth. I was telling a couple of my co-workers about the crime scene photo campaign to promote the album, and they thought it was delicious.

    Anyway. Don’t get too black.

    You’re off for proper tea. I’m off for prison ghosts. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Wish me luck. Have fun out there, ma’am.

    One time, when I was walking out of the library, I had my headphones on but I could still hear a bit of these two homeless guys talking as I passed them. I knew one of them was trying to say something to me, but I didn’t really think much of it. Then, as I get down the block, I hear him yell:

    ‘Black witch!! CHANGE YOUR EVIL WAYS!!’

    I pretty much only wear Morticia Addams-type skirts.

    Should I update the wardrobe? Nah.

  • Marlee

    I had NO idea Neil Gaimen wrote the book Coraline. guess i was in the dark (pun intended…) But now I just want to see it even more. oh and sometimes it’s ok for things to be a little blackm

  • Jen

    :( :( :(
    The whole UK thing sucks. I thought that my country was a bit more…. liberal? Kick-ass? intelligent enough to get it?
    Argh!!! It makes me maaaaad!!!!
    But yeah, like other people said, hopefully it getting banned will get it some attention.
    Clockwork Orange Amanda, Clockwork Orange. ;-)
    I really hope it, and the whole album get’s the attention it deserves, because it’s fucking gooood.
    Hugs and cookies to you.

  • Natalierose

    Amanda Fucking Palmer, I wish I were a fraction as cool as you are, you fucking rockstar. <3

    "Yes Means Yes!
    Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape"

    Also, do you know about the Center for New Words?

    Check it out.

    I loved the blackout of 2003, when the entire East Coast went out. I was at Wal-mart with my mother and it was my parents 20th anniversary. We cooked fish on a tiny grill in the backyard.

    Oh, and I actually came over here to ask a question:
    Have you ever thought about re-releasing/recording the tracks on "A for Accident" that haven't already been on another album? And if not, why not?

    I think I have all The Dresden Dolls CDs now. It pleased me. I stole WKAP from my best friend, though, since s/he had TWO copies. I mean, s/he loaned it to me, I just don't actually intend to relinquish it.

    I hope I have money to buy the yours and Neil Gaiman's book when it comes out. <3

  • SpookySpiderChandelierOMDD

    I have three things to say
    I adore YOU.
    I adore that picture of YOU at the piano.
    I adore the stripey suit.

  • Dearbhla

    Hey, Amanda, I was wondering if the Danger Ensemble are going to be at the gig in Dublin? And also…I was looking at a video of the performance you gave in Temple Bar in Dublin in October – specifically Umbrella, with the Danger Ensemble following unsuspecting randomers about while you sing….a group in my college is pretty fond of flash mobbing (we’ve done singing on public transport,following strangers in single file, etc), I was wondering if you’d be up for doing anything like that while in Dublin, or just have any suggestions? :)
    And incidentally, I’m so so happy about the appearance with Neil Gaiman in Chapters…yay! and thank you!

  • Andi

    Oh honestly. Its things like that that make me ashamed to LIVE in Britain.

    Are you doing anything fun before/after the london gig? Can you play football again yet?

  • Chihiro

    Italy is not rejecting oasis either, a friend of mine heard it few days ago..and today i heard leeds united on the radio, while i was having a coffee i a bar.
    I would love to come to your winterthur concert but I don’t know any place where i could spend the night..i hope i’m gonna find a way.
    Black love

  • Lorna

    You have to be kidding?! It would be wonderful for Oasis to be a single over here, and it’s a shame because Britain used to have a reputation for dark humour. It seems those days are gone…

    See you at the Electric Ballroom on Wednsday =D

  • T

    AFP team,

    i have email you with the utmost importance asking a rather important request!!

    i hope you have the time to respond before the 4th of February! i realise i’ve cut it a bit short.
    FUCK PROP 8!

  • Aphasia

    You should be in Melbourne right now. We’ve been having heat-related blackouts for days. The city is falling to pieces.

  • David_Levine

    Love this BLACK post! One thing I’ve always loved about your music is its blending of darkness and light. Fuck those assholes who don’t find Oasis funny. Check out this blog post by Chris Zell (lives somewhere outside Boston) wherein he thanks David Letterman for correcting a mistake he made 16 years ago cutting a Bill Hicks segment from his show. What makes me think of it is Bill’s take on the “pro life” folks humorlessness, which maybe is apropos of this non-awesome item. … annoying fundamentalist Christians …

    Glad that you’ve been posting so much on your new blog space.

    Have a great time touring in Europe!

  • mozluvr21

    THE MOZ!!!

  • Arran

    I think Oasis was a brilliant song & would make a fine single.
    They obviously didn’t listen to the rest of the album then.
    Context: It still fucking matters.

  • HornyHeather

    We should try bombarding Kerrang! radio – they play more alternative stuff. Not good alternative stuff by all accounts but worth a try to get some decent music on the air!


  • bip0lar

    heh, you said ‘effing’. x

  • killbillfanatic2005

    I Love You, Amanda!!! Sadly, I wasn’t able to see you in concert in Pittsburgh! I was sooo sad, because your solo album is like the best thing ever!!! Will you ever tour in Ohio? I know, its lame and corn-fieldy, but you have many fans here that would be ecstatic to see you!!! Good luck on the rest of your tour, and with your music. And btw, I loved Oasis, as do many of my friends. The music video was phenomenal!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  • m0echtegern

    I love Oasis. I learned it on guitar, played it at a party, and had people asking me what it was even though my singing did NOT do it justice AT ALL.

    I live in Germany and just booked my flight to Dublin! Can’t wait to see you live for the first time on the 17th! :)

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