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…and we’re off.

after a typically too-short respite at home.
i’m dashing this one off before i leave for the train in about 10 minutes….trying to clean out the collection.

i’m feeling slightly used and abused, not enough sleep lately and too many little things to cram in before leaving for the states tour.

random image dept…….

this is me, chip and e steven frederick the night of the election, in my local bar/cafe where we went to watch the returns with bated bated breath.
beth took this shot while we were watching obama’s acceptance speech…..
i think this might be my favorite photo. ever. taken.

the vinyl came. it’s gorgeous. i signed piles and piles with the help of beth and the whole danger ensemble…..

an amazing photo of the last night of tour in tilburg….

yes, this would be coin-operated boy with a very NAKED dave “psycho” hughes, my esteemed soundman, and another very NAKED jeff “” maker, my sesteemed lighting guy. yes, that is a red bull and vodka he is holding – drink of champion lighting men around the world.
it looks illuminated. that’s why they love it.

and from the danger ensemble…..steven on the far left, mark on the far right….


speaking of the danger ensemble, sylvie drew a picture that i love.
it’s us….all tripped out.
free cheesecakes if you can get all the movie references.

trippy, terrifying, and wonderful all at the same time.


i stumbled across this site on a random google for something else and got weirded out:

including such amazing topics as: Ordained Compulsive Overeaters, Unite!
jury is out on this one….


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