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first, a note about bloggage:
i am making a commitment to try to write a blog a day for the next while.
don’t know how long. maybe until i realize this is a ridiculous thing to try to do.
it’s insane how many drafts of blogs i have in my inbox on different topics and i just Never Write Them.

my recent twitter-experiences have proven to me that this information is just a stream.
i’ve had weird blog constipation problems all my life. the cycle is evil. i get ideas of things to write about all the time, but by the time i sit down to write them there’s been some event that takes center stage.
then i get paranoid that my blogs are getting to long. then i worry that i don’ blog enough. then i worry that i blog too much,


i recently had a girl on twitter who posted a message saying: “i’m unfollowing @amandapalmer. being her fan is too much work”.
granted, she’d only joined twitter to follow me, which was evident from her posts, and she was grumpy that she hadn’t won tickets to a show, and was grumpier that i wasn’t following her back.
i took the time, this time, to explain that i can’t possibly keep up with the lives of 37,238 people. nor should i feel like i have to.
also: being a fan should not be work. if it is work, it should be the kind of work you enjoy. we had a nice talk. she understood.
i like twitter. have i mentioned that? i love how that one ended up.

but on this note: twitter and the blog are like streams. they are a constant flow of information from my head.
you can come fishing anytime you want. it doesn’t matter. the fish don’t fucking care.

given that, please also note, since people always ask, YES, i do read all the comments (on both and myspace).

if you have questions?…., you can always post em up in comments. you can also send questions through the twitter feed.
as for blog topics, i’ve been promising a bunch for a while….about the music biz, about body hair, the godforsaken robert smith letter which i keep not finishing, about god the fuck knows what else, and all will hopefully get squeezed out now that i’m giving myself rules.

if you have an idea for a good topic…hell yeah, throw it my way. i aim to please.

i’m also thinking of starting a book club, because i’ve been reading so much good shit lately that i can’t stand not talking more about it. more on that later.

here we go, yo. this is what amanda looks like in her off time. caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t stop typing.

MUsT exert



right now ??

sitting in hotel in san francisco, newly landed from the airport. our digs are at a schmancy hotel at a ridiculously low rate care of one of neil’s fans.
we weren’t sure where to stay here and neil twittered for suggestions. chances are, when you’ve got 700k people following you on twitter, ONE of them is going to be a neil gaiman fan in san francisco with a SWEET hotel hook-up powers. so it goes! here we are, with an adjoining room for neil’s teenage daughter maddy & her dancer friend ms. claire. it’s a rock and roll family vacation.

i love this city. there’s so many freaks here, of all kinds. good, bad, ugly…not just the acid causalities yer thinking of, but they gots them too. i recorded parts of Who Killed Amanda Palmer right near here (at Hyde Street Studios) and my engineer justin told me about the freakshow parade he would watch while standing outside the buklding, smoking. he once saw a grown (crazy, we assume) man, fully nude, wrestling one of those municipal waste bins that was bolted down to the sidewalk. the dude managed to overturn it and then proceeded to roll around in the scattered refuse in the street. naked. this was in broad daylight. i love san francisco.

movements in the bay area of wickedness…we’re hitting the google offices tomorrow out in mountainview, where neil’s son mike works and where i vow to get some good footage of me playing “i google you” (they got me a piano!), preferably with the google employees doing something obscene (ideas, anyone?).

my show at the fire arts festival is saturday (tickets are still available i’m sure, check the site – and i’ll be twittering some away tonight and tomorrow) and a kick-ass bunch of san fran performers called damage control dance theater ( are going to be fleshing out the performance with their talents (they’re joining me for a bunch of songs including guitar hero, strength through music, astronaut, oasis…and the billie jean cover, which i’m reprising and QUITE looking forward to as one of the girls is doing a solo piece to it…pregnant).

then on monday i’m hitting the twitter offices in downtown san fran and have NO idea what i’m doing there except just being awesome but i thought i should try to learn some twitter-appropriate ukulele song. again, ideas would be appreciated. all will be youtubed.

then heading to vegas for a day and then to san diego to get ready for comic con….which is shaping up to be rather packed.
in addition to the show with vermillion lies i’m going to be doing a bunch of different signings and a MASTER CLASS in which a trio of well-known comic artists are going to paint me from different angles in front of a group.

more info on all that soon.

i’ll also probably do a twitter-y gig while there in san diego so if you don’t have con tickets, prepare. probably will happen right near the con on thursday afternoon.
san franciscans might also get a twitter-gig on monday, not quite as likely but i’ll see how i feel in the morning (for real – that’s how i roll nowadays. i wake up and check the wind.)

also also, very very happy to see that people are FINALLY starting to receive their WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER books. hallelujah.
people have been posting pictures of them & book up on twitter.
for ya’ll UK people, neil and i will be signing and selling the books at the london (AND…i know it’s sold out BUT we’re adding another show) and the edinburgh shows and it looks like we’ve found a few stores to vend them.

more…tomorrow, if i don’t crack out.

time for dining




ps note the jason webley tshirt on mr neil

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