a little background on the patreon video….

here it is, the patreon video.

a little story behind it….if it isn’t obvious, the video was shot in the exact same spot we shot the kickstarter video – almost exactly two years later to the day…it was shot RIGHT as i was finishing up the five-week-marathon during which i wrote “the art of asking”, in february of 2014.
i was lucky that my original kickstarter film-patrner-in-crime, jim batt, happened to be in melbourne at the time. it was like groundhogs day: i sourced a keytar, went to same shop (deans art in fitzroy, on gertrude street) to buy some fatty markers and posterboard, spread those fuckers out on the floor of the same rental apartment i was in during the making of “theatre is evil” (which was when i made the kickstarter video), and went to work.
 jim writing on me
this time we had help: jim brought along his brother tom batt, and i brought my friend fiona koski, and they helped us dodge oncoming automobiles. fiona also sat and helped me decorate ALL THE THINGS – i did the lettering, but that poster with the spangly sparkles and ribbon on it was ALL HER. i cannot take credit.
also, the Game of Life was donated by @marsofanne from twitter – i asked if anybody in melbourne had one and she popped over.
i am dead serious about wanting to write a short book/story about how truly fucked the Game of Life is.
it was one of those moments i had when i couldn’t believe i wasn’t stoned or tripping and it occurred to me HOW FUCKED UP IT TRULY IS.
it’s so fucked up.
we also, if you can see towards the end of the video, started to RUN OUT OF LIGHT, because we didn’t start filming this sucker until later in the day. we therefore reverted to the old “let’s use the car headlights” trick (i’ve done it in videos before – it works!) but neglected to think about the poor car battery.
we therefore have one more person to thank: david gates (from the band Tripod​), who was the only other person i knew in the neighborhood with a car. he came over and gave us a jump.
so thanks to all these people, ESPECIALLY jim, who edited the shit out of it and waited A YEAR while i got my shit together.
you’re a trooper, dude. if you want to follow jim on twitter, he’s @battsignal. (better yet, hire him to make a video for you).
why did i wait so long after making the video to launch, you ask?
it’s a good question.
i really wanted this to WORK, and i wanted to have enough free time to launch in correctly, and THEN to not keep everybody waiting too long for The Things.
launching it while i was working on the book seemed absurd: i barely had time to answer my basic emails. and then, because the book was turned in so incredibly 11th hour, i had no time off: i went straight to bard (literally the DAY after i handed the manuscript in) and started daily work on The Bed Show at bard. then it was the holidays. then it was the australian book tour (and on top, the south african house party trip).
now feels like the first time in over a year i actually have my head back and can start thinking about Making Things again.
so that’s why.
the response so far is insanely wonderful: there’s over SIXTEEN HUNDRED patrons, and i’m looking at a salary of over $16k per piece of content. i cannot wait to start working, honestly. this is going to kick my ass.
if you haven’t supported yet, i hope you do.
this is going to be awesome.
i’ll be sending out my first message to all the supporters later today/tonight.
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  • Omega

    I love that you love Melbourne – because Melbourne loves you! :)

  • melodyg

    I didn’t see where else to reply to your informal poll about social media, but this was the link in your email, so here you go.
    I use Facebook and Twitter daily. I use Instagram a few times a week, but I often crosspost that to Facebook and/or Twitter as well. I do like having a photo only feed, but I share it to other social media sites for coverage, basically. I know not everyone is on instagram. Hope that helps!

  • Debby-Lee Ellis

    I’m big on facebook simply because i’m expat Aussie lisving in Seattle and have kids so use it A LOT. I’m pretty slack on following twitter but will see stuff on there eventually.

  • Renee

    As far as FB and Instagram go, I use both regularly, but am trying change to Instagram and Twitter. I’m just trying to figure out the twitter thing.

  • Chandra

    I use fb more than the other social media sites; I also have it set to alert me to any posts your page makes.

  • Jann McKenzie

    I use FB all the time (in part in case my daughter posts pics of my adorable grandson!)(in spite of the corporate fascism, it still keeps me connected to friends, etc.), twitter sometimes (I follow too many people and the feed gets overwhelming but I like the immediacy) and instagram not at all as I don’t have a phone that can use it.

  • Shauna VB

    I use twitter the most as I feel you interact with people that share the same views rather then communicating with the people you have known your whole life. I do enjoy Instagram though, it is nice scrolling through seeing awesome pictures while having a cup of coffee.

  • imogen

    I use Facebook because I have to and Twitter because I love to.

  • Cecilia Tan

    I’m on Twitter constantly.

    I hate Facebook and the way they have throttled the feed from professional pages is just stupid: fewer than 5% (and as low as 2%) of the people who “like” a page see what is posted there. So I’m there for social stuff but it’s useless for “audience engagement” unless you pay to play. Ugh.

    Instagram I use like a photos-only twitter, but it’s so limited because there’s no instant reblogging. I use it as a quick and easy way to feed photos to all my other social media feeds, though, including Tumblr.

    Don’t forget Tumblr. It’s crappy for “engagement” because you can’t have a conversation, but it’s great for viral sharing. So for me using Instagram as a tool that feeds Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and itself has been useful.

  • Daisee

    So, apparently Disqus ate my comment as I tried to register with them. Here it is again:

    Use Twitter pretty much constantly. Have always refused to have a Facebook account. Consider them to be almost as evil as google. Have never used instagram in my life. Created a Tumblr account. Think I posted twice. Presumably it’s still out there in the ether.

  • David

    I use Facebook to counteract the race hate and climate change denial stuff that fills a lot of my timeline in the UK. I post fact based stuff and it starts healthy debates. I also try to enlighten “friends” who post the crap. Twitter is great for now happening stuff, breaking news and insight. I’m not that interesting for my stuff to be included so I read loads but tweet little. My schoolkids use Instagram and that’s about it. HTH

  • hk mouse

    I have FB but it irritates me so much I’m rarely on it. I’m on Twitter more regularly.

  • Randy Zack

    I tend to use Facebook the most, but also hate that I can’t see all the posts.

    I’m afraid I just don’t understand how to use Twitter (too much info, too many retweets that I have already seen, probably just a case of not knowing how to filter).

    Instagram is not something I have ever even tried.

  • Nyx Finn

    I use Facebook the most as it’s the social media platform that I’m connected to the most people. I half-assedly use instagram. And I got a Twitter just so I can follow both you and Neil, although I forget about it most of the time….

  •!/KoleBigEars Kole

    I use Twitter a shit ton, however I always feel like I miss a lot of stuff. Facebook sucks. Instagram is used but yes, sharing sucks ass with that platform. Ello has fallen by the wayside. Is Google+ still around? LOL I kid…but really I don’t think there is any good answer for this.

  • Silver Jones

    signs in using facebook. I never use facebook. tumblr for life. no twitter, no instagram. i love the patreon updates in my email. i love you.

  • Betty Widerski

    I am on Facebook and Twitter constantly during weekdays. I have Tweetdeck set up to post ghostly popups of everything that comes into my Tweet stream – which I don’t see everything (I do get up sometimes!) I usually notice when something important in the world pops up, plus I have filtered columns of tweets from the people and sources I care most about so I can see stuff from some time back that otherwise would be lost in the stream.

    I use FB for social contact, but though I play the game of posting to my band and blog Pages I do not expect most of my followers to see any of it. I don’t particularly look for you there because of that.

    I’m on Instagram and post (mostly cat pics), but I only visit it to look at what others post once or twice a week.

  • kleementyna

    Filming in the same location as the previous video is a nice touch, a wonderfull full circle, in a sense (:
    As to the platforms: I’m on FB constantly, which unfortunately doesn’t mean that it’s easy or even possible for all the content I’d like to reach me. I’m not on instagram, I periodically check certain profiles to see what I missed (not much, at least not enough to convince me to join). And onestly, I joined Twitter only to be informed about your ninja gig in Poland, but I stayed, as a lurker mostly. I’m pretty sure that less frequented, but more dedicated channels are the way to go in this instance ;) Although FB is of course the best place to scream from the rooftops about anything you need to.

  • Sylvia Rodemeyer

    I use Facebook and Instagram often during the weekdays. Twitter is more of an evening thing… I don’t know why. I like the visual structure of FB & Instagram better–and the logical arrangement of posts/interaction, but I love the the way Twitter behaves and inspires brief interaction and feedback.

  • Heidi Spadter

    I’m on twitter and Facebook but I’m not thrilled with FB. I check my twitter feed often and FB once or twice a day.

  • Cile Stanbrough

    Just signed up for Twitter after putting that off for years. You are dragging me into the 21st century, Ms. Palmer. Now I have to go back and read in your book where Neil explains how to use it. So to answer your question FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

  • Stephanie Koehnk

    I use Facebook & Twitter. I like Patreon as platform with the emails. One thing for your video stuff: Please maybe think about another platform than youtube, they constantly block your videos for german users (stupid Gema!). I know there is a way to give you a fake IP but that can’t be it…

  • Jantar

    I have started using FBook a year ago, to get back into contact with one old friend who lives on the other side of the world. (I don’t have a mobile, he kind of hates computers but his girlfriend did give him a smart phone that he now wears with the expression on his face cats have when you put a bell on them…: it’s complicated.) I really dislike it as a medium but I can ignore the obnoxious bits most of the time.

    I am really not the best one to ask, since I am not exactly linked up with the world. As I said, no mobile phone, no Twitter or Instagram and whatever else is out there.

    I would miss your presence on FBook, because it’s about the one thing I like there (apart from talking to a handful of friends who live in far-away places. I did put up some of my poems and short stories there but only because I could. I think I have some fisteen FBook friends and since all of them are real world friends the ones who wanted to have already read them.)
    Still, there’s always your blog and now I also have the patreon link.

    Nah, if it’s not too much trouble for you I think I’d prefer it if you stayed on FBook, if only for the reason that the place sucks so much that it is good to have some things/people there who brighten the bloody place up…

  • Tammy Stockwell

    I’m on fb a lot mainly to touch base with friends. Instagram I could give or take. I’m tired of these folks selling out. I hear Etsy will be doing that as well. Fanfuckingtastic! I’ve subscribed to your papatronage and get your blog as well, so I believe I hear more news from you this way, than any other way, but as far as you reaching a bigger audience this day in age the fb and instagram are the way to go. I remember in the mid to late 90’s before the internet blew-up. I would be part of musicians street teams. I’d get a bunch of media mailed to me and go to clubs and bars with them and leave it there for others to discover. Ahh, those were the days. Interacting with humans without electronics aside from a phone.

  • Arwen

    I use Facebook and Instagram but not Twitter. I suppose I should re-join so I can follow your stuff, but I’m feeling overwhelmed by social media. Perhaps switching out FB and Twitter might be a good choice.

  • Dandy Serenity

    I mainly use fb to keep in touch with friends that live far away from me, but.. since I don’t often “tag” them or fb seems to decide that they’re posts aren’t important to me -_- and personally I don’t do anything on instagram. Though I did find the rss feed for one artist on there to go to my feedly. While I don’t like fb and have had my troubles with it I do check it more than twitter (like every other day). I do check fb and youtube every single day though. :)

  • Cory Haugen

    I recently left FB and feel rather liberated having done so. I rekindled my love for twitter and use instagram regularly.

  • Chase Gray

    I use all of the above, but my true unfiltered self is on Twitter. Facebook is where I have a lot of professors who have an eagle eye on me haha. And Instagram is shakey. I feel like I’m not interesting enough to post a pic unless i took a particularly good selfie.

  • Gareth Skarka

    Twitter. I use Instagram only because it allows me to directly post photos to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, and I’m only on Facebook because a large percentage of my family is, and that’s the only social network they use.

  • Megh McConnell

    All the things!

  • Justin E

    I’m on Facebook a couple of times a week, though I don’t like it much either. I don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account. I don’t mind getting emails via Patreon, though relying on email does seem a bit antiquated these days, I guess. I will roll with whatever you decide to do.

  • Anna

    Facebook multiple times a day, instagram most days, twitter occasionally obsessively and then i forget about it again for a while…

    Good luck!

  • Sabi

    Twitter! I use Instagram and I think that Patreon is pretty cool. Hate Facebook, never used it.

  • Roy Henderson

    Facebook = love/hate relationship. Use it for networking musically, promote gigs and pointing people to my Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Website. It and much that is on it drives me fucking crazy but I’m there most days. Twitter is becoming more my regular and I actually prefer it. Have instagram but dont really use it for much at all. Actually, I miss the early days of myspace!

  • Steffanie Yeakle Lemasson

    facebook, but I really love getting mail from you. Google + and twitter once a month.

  • Tianna Whitaker

    I don’t use Instagram at all, I’m trying to use twitter more because it’s a good way to stay up to date with things. I’ve all but stopped using Facebook. I didn’t like the changes to the site and app, and forcing me to download multiple applications was kind of the last straw for me. I still have it and will check my notifications once a week or every other week because a lot of my friends who are away at college still use it to post things for me, but that’s really it.

  • Susan Adsett

    twitter all the time. Instagram on occasion (there are some artists I follow who post more work on Instagram than twitter) Facebook only to make sure my friends are still alive – everyone I follow on fb I know IRL.

  • john doherty

    It is a catch 22 I am on my comuter a ton during the week for work and those times it does not really matter how info is shared as I have access to everthing in a moments notice.. For most people ( especially those not sitting at a computer ) I think off line /mobile/Hand Held communcation is the best method of sharing . right now I think FB is in the hands of more people

  • Rachel Gollub

    Facebook and occasionally twitter, no instagram (yet).

  • Joel

    Facebook. I’ve tried but just can’t get into Twitter – it feels like they took Facebook and stripped away everything but the status updates, and set a character limit. I have a Twitter but rarely ever check it. I don’t have an Instagram.

  • Laura Wood

    Facebook and I are on a break right now, just because it’s all-consuming sometimes and shit can get INTENSE, you know? But I am on there generally. It can be quite annoying about not notifying you of everything from a group/page that you follow and I’d hate to miss stuff.
    Instagram and I had a brief fling. I’m no photographer. And I get fed up of seeing photos of people’s meals.
    Twitter and I are currently going steady. It’s my social network of choice. That said, I follow between 500-600 people so I don’t read everything.
    Please keep sending stuff into my e-mail inbox!
    I am so excited about this, Amanda. Much love to you xxx

  • Rick Bunker

    Facebook. Very occasionally twitter. Instagram only to follow a link someone sends me.

  • Jim Hoffman

    I rarely look at Twitter unless it is something specific. Just too much noise. I check out Facebook every week or so, but not a huge fan of it.

  • Dave Eagle

    Email because it waits for me. Some Fishbook. No Twitter cos I have a life.

  • Alice Bremner Watt

    Twitter! No facebook, no instagram but emails are my favourite because they are as near to letters as you can get. Twitter is cool though

  • Michael East

    I use all three regularly. The Facebook pay to post issue is a big one, I really don’t like the way things are going.

    As a software developer I understand their problem though, in general most of us expect to use services like Facebook and Twitter without paying for them, the problem is running a service the size of Facebook costs an incredible amount of money. Advertising is one way of making money but it just isn’t sustainable long term.

    Services that have tried to charge have generally been unsuccessful, springs to mind, I do wonder if a patreon style model could work for an Facebook like service. I don’t have an answer to that, if I did I’d probably be developing something now!

    it seems that the Technology and Music industries have something in common.

  • Russ Grazier

    Mostly Facebook, some Twitter, and rarely on my Instagram account. I’m obsessive about my e-mail, so it’s the easiest way to update me. Thanks for asking!

  • james riley

    I successfully cut the chord on Facebook. Twitter and email are win.

  • C. A. Bridges

    I’m on all three constantly for work, but for me:

    Twitter in bursts, to post and keep up with friends and see what’s happening. But I often miss stuff that streams by when I’m not looking.

    Facebook for friends, but it’s a pain that I can’t get regular updates from people/pages I flat-out told Facebook I’m interested in.

    Instagram a couple times a day, to post photos and see what my favorite photographers are doing.

  • Jennifer Wald

    I use Twitter. I take links to Instagram & Facebook when they’re posted on Twitter.

    It seems like a potentially stressful balancing act for you, now that the private Patreon feed is in the social media mix. Private things on Patreon are awesome for tightening the net & I am so excited. But you still have the work of widening the net & continuing to connect on the usual social media platforms. That seems exhausting for you to keep up with. I want the Patreon experience to put you in a good head space to make art. You do so much for your fanbase & don’t want you to feel stressed by so many online obligations.

  • madfoot

    I use facebook and twitter daily, instagram less so.
    I do think, since you mentioned it, not that you asked, but I don’t think it’s crazy for FB to charge for a service like that. That’s not really fascism. People don’t work for free.

  • Angela Fiore

    I use facebook daily, but I hate it too. I hate the fact that it will ban the shit out of nipples, but is perfectly ok with racial slur, homophobia, swastikas and bullying and I hate the sneaky little ways it has of trying to squeeze money out of people. Unfortunately it is still the handiest social network both to promote stuff (which I occasionally do) and to stay in contact with loved ones (which I, being an expact, also do), but I can’t wait for a new and better SN to happen and give facebook a massive kick in the butt. I also use twitter, though not as regularly as facebook and find it far less annoying, less phony and more direct. And I do use instagram, but that is more of a compulsion, though I don’t really use it to communicate with people.

  • Kristi Myers

    I use Facebook all day, every day, even though I complain about it regularly. I am trying to post to Twitter once a day right now, and I almost never check Instagram. My 12 year-old LIVES on Instagram and says it is the big thing.

    • Meg Zahn

      My 10 year old is the same! I’ve heard from multiple people that Instagram is what all the “kids” are using these days, and that Facebook is for older folks. Gotta love it!

      • Terry

        Right there with ya Meg. My family can’t afford smartphones. Going to give whats left of our income to the new Patron this month. Wish us luck.

        • Meg Zahn

          It’s worth every penny, don’t you think? I’d like to find someone for my daughter to support – i think it would be a huge learning experience for her – paying it forward, karma, whatever you want to call it, it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Vee Queue

    Instagram and Twitter are wonderful. A lot more positive interactions. Facebook is vital, unfortunately, to promote. However, I’m an avid user of the former two social networks. I’m proud of you! Keep striving!

  • a(me)

    FB is persistent, in that posts don’t disappear into the ether…IF they make it to your feed. A discussion on this same topic on our FB page (we have 102k+ followers) has concluded that the only way to make FB work for people who want to see content without the artist having to pay for FB ads (which are dubious in their effectiveness, btw) is to create a list of the pages you want to follow. Then it’s up to the user to check the list regularly.

    I personally love Instagram best, but am with you on the lack of linkiness. It’s frustrating as hell, and doesn’t invite a lot of conversation.

    Twitter is lovely, but if you miss a tweet, then you miss out.

    I do like getting the Patreon messages, actually. Then come to the blog to talk to you. Seems sensible.

  • Wendee Abramo

    I’m on Facebook all the time. I don’t love it, but it’s where everyone I want to connect with is.
    I rarely use Instagram, and I never use Twitter.

  • M.M.J. Gregory

    FB and Twitter. Which I use more depends on the day. I see more of your stuff on FB.

  • aaron bailey

    I see most of your posts via Facebook as generally things get lost in the swell of twitter feed, and I don’t spend much of the day on twitter to keep anyway possibly up to date with the amount. Wasn’t aware of fb’s new scheme and don’t really enjoy using it anyway – I’m ALL ON for Patreon being a vehicle of photo updates!

  • Leo Mörö

    To cut it short: I use mostly facebook, but also twitter sometimes. So for me it would be great, if you can post pictures in patreon too.

  • Joey

    I use Facebook regularly. I rarely, rarely login to Twitter or Instagram. Hardly ever. Mostly just to check something, or if I get a notification, or I need to use Twitter to login to something else (like I’m doing here for this comment!). :)

  • Karyn Davis

    I don’t use Twitter or Instagram. Only use Facebook to stay in touch with family – their choice, not mine. I tend to do RSS feeds for blogs that I follow, so everything ends up being emailed to me. Kind of old-fashioned, but it works for me. However, I’m happy to go with the flow – basically whatever works best for you.

  • Rose Root

    I use Facebook on a daily basis but not twitter or instagram. However, if you decided to stop using Facebook I would understand and follow you where ever you go because you are fucking amazing and I need all of the wonderful things you create in my life.

  • Robin Collins

    Once upon a time, I was on Twitter. I have an Instagram that I find myself uninstalling every few months. I find that I’ve only ever used Facebook consistently.

  • Ben Pitman

    I’m constantly on Twitter if I’m online. I maybe check Facebook once a day to see what some friends are posting. I don’t use Instagram at all.

  • Melina Fahrenheit

    I use Twitter, Tumblr and FB daily. I find Twitter and Tumblr much better for communicating with people en masse, I use FB only to catch up with friends.

  • Nico Z. Padden

    I went to college in the height of the Facebook age…..when I was a freshman, it was the “new thing.” So, we all got on facebook. Unfortunately, that is my biggest social media network right now. I’ve really tried my darndest to get into twitter, but I find it more difficult because fewer people that I actually know are on twitter. Being a musician, I find that my followers are lots of musicians I don’t know looking for likes on their own pages, and music biz companies (lots of “how to get your music out there! type posts.) Very few people that I know in real life seem to be on twitter, and at the level that I”m at, that seems to be the most important thing. And I do love instagram–I share all of my Instagram photos on facebook.

  • William J. Stewart

    Facebook daily (hate it as well, but it has become a communication tool), Twitter occasionally, Instagram rarely.

  • Rachel Dickenson

    Hiya – I use Twitter, regularly but not obsessively. I have the exact same reservations (a nice word for it) about Facebook as you do and ONLY use it to have a link to friends with whom I am no longer in direct contact… I don’t have an Instagram account, but not because I have anything against getting one.

    And I’m excited for this whole Patreon business!

  • Mike S

    I despise FB, but it is my first point of subscription, because that’s where the critical mass of people.
    I have more respect for twitter, but I go through phases of looking at it a lot or not – funnily enough “a lot” often corresponds with when you are in town or about to announce a tour. Unfortunately the mobile interface doesn’t support lists, so it hard to look at an intermediate level between 1 user and “all follows” when I am out and about.
    Tumblr is much more reactive, and I don’t go there much unless I think there is something I want to see. At least half my follows are AFP fans

  • mary packard

    I use twitter mostly for you. Facebook gives me anxiety for so many reasons. Instagram is great when I’m traveling and taking artsy photos.

  • Meg Zahn

    I am on Facebook ALL THE TIME. Instagram I probably check every couple of days. Twitter very rarely, but happy to be on more often if it’s the communication of choice.

  • MidNightTheMagnificent

    I use Facebook mostly. A ton of other accounts on art sites and stuff too, but for IRL people to keep up with, I use Facebook. I had a Twitter, but only started really using it recently! For the longest time, I didn’t even add a profile pic until I got blocked by a friend who assumed blank accounts are spammers!
    I have a ton of accounts on art websites like etsy(to buy direct), deviantart(to find artists to buy direct from!), and an old account at Fictionpress but I haven’t really written anything in ages! I might want to start again, I guess?

  • Meg Zahn

    You can always make a private group on Facebook if you’re concerned about privacy and over sharing. I’m in one with my close friends, and it works really well.

  • Lexi Achterhof

    I’m not sure if my comment I tried to post earlier went through, so here I am again! I use most social media platforms all the time, especially facebook and instagram. BUT I do feel the same about the problem of the institutions behind them…I love how easy it makes it to connect and communicate, I don’t love much of the other stuff about it. I’m down for email updates- we should make email have a huge comeback. Cause it’s a way to share things without the weird middle man of a social media platform.

  • Sarah Beetson

    Hey Amanda! I am VERY excited about this venture and Patreon in general! I must admit to being an Instagram fan – it suits me being a visual artist as I can share my work in progress, and present how an artwork comes together in stages. Plus, if I’m working on a commercial illustration job, more often than not clients are happy for me to share little sneakpeaks of the job – where’s B.I (Before Instagram) everything was kept totally secret. Twitter is fast becoming my 2nd platform as my Facebook fanbase is sooooo much smaller than both of the others. But it’s less good for image content. Hope that helps! Love from Queensland xxxxxx

  • Clinton Ouderkirk

    I’m on Facebook and Twitter all the time. You’ve thanked me for being a Patreon sponsor there the other day. I’m on Instagram occasionally.

  • BriAnna McKissen

    I don’t really use Twitter. Why I like Facebook: comment threads feel like a conversation. The intimacy isn’t just between you and the audience, it’s also the connections we make amongst ourselves. Replying on Twitter feels like yelling “hey, Amanda! I have a thing to say” with little realistic expectation that you have time to care. Replying on Facebook or the blog feels like “hey, Amanda and fellow Amanda fans! I have a thing to say” and there’s always someone who agrees or argues or is inspired by what you had to say and then says their own thing.

    Maybe Patreon can replace that sense of community, but dropping to *just* Twitter would make me very, very sad.

  • Leila Soffen

    I use facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. Several artists who I follow have had to revert to linking to blogs due to FB wanting to charge for getting message out to fans/followers. I actively use Twitter the most. I have instagram but I think I personally have only put 2 pictures out on it. But I follow favorite artists so I can see what is up with them.

  • Meghan E. Halloran

    I use Facebook and Instagram multiple times daily, Twitter not so much.

  • phoenix

    I figured out a long time ago that Facebook makes me sad (and also all the reasons you listed). As a single Mum with limited time, twitter eats my time, and instagram is too self-indulgent. My priority is not being online too much, so emailing directly is great. Completely appreciate overwhelming nature of communication via so many mediums, which, although empowering, can also eat up all your time. Really looking forward to this ride – saw you at MONA-FOMA – suggested that they rename the festival after you. Your ninja gig was incredible. My four and five year-olds now know all the words of coin-operated boy off by heart.

  • Billie Jo Beats

    I use Facebook because I’m far from home and it keeps me in touch with loves ones. I don’t like Twitter. It encourages pithy remarks and soundbites. I get enough of that dealing with my FOX News watching coworkers. I’ve never bothered with instagram.

  • Fen

    I use twitter most of the time, however it has its disadvantages. For example, I’ve just spent 3 days in bed and I’ve missed almost everything that went on during that time. Sure I could go back and read everything, but I don’t have the energy. Twitter, I believe, you get back what you put in. You have to interact for it to be a positive experience.

    I love instagram, because I am into photography, but I wish it were more of a community. I miss the days where Flickr was like that.

    Facebook I use mostly to keep up on others news. I don’t use it a lot.

  • Noelle Martine Perera

    I grudgingly use Facebook daily and constantly, but my platform of choice is Twitter. I like Instragram for just looking at things and not having to think about what a piece of content means or what I need to say about it.

  • Nabs Dantès Lamperouge

    I am on Facebook at LEAST three times a day, and I do look for your updates on FB for example, like if I haven’t seen any of your posts in maybe a week or a couple of weeks, I look for your page to see if you have posted anything I might have missed, like a blog entry or some big news- I KNOW their new “pay for your posts” thing SUCKS though, I also have my artist page and I constantly have to pay to get seen, which is really awful- so for this exact same reason I do check my favourite pages just to see if I didn’t miss anything.
    So I do go on Facebook the most, it’s just easier to find what you are looking for without having to go through a lot of stuff like on twitter.
    Likewise, I check my Instagram several times a day (since I am a painter it is especially handy for me)- but I don’t look for updates on Instagram, though it is always nice to see your posts anyway.
    I don’t check Twitter that much because usually I have to read a lot of tweets to get to important news, so for updates not so much- but when you came to Mexico for example, I was on twitter all the time to hear updates from you (like the ninja gig and stuff), so for that sort of thing twitter is The Place to go.

  • Tom Steiger

    Twitter constantly. Instagram no. Facebook HELL NO.

    • Terry

      I can’t afford a smartphone to use Instragram. We are in the same boat.

  • metronv

    I use Facebook primarily. I use it as a means to keep in touch with old distant friends, to organize various group activities and to subject my captive audience which is only made up of family, friends and locals, to the whims and thoughts that circle round my head.

    I very rarely tweet unless I have a good reason to, for I am much too longwinded for the brevity that Twitter demands.

    I’ve only logged into Instagram a few times.

  • Zoë Hinis

    Hello from sunny Joburg, Amanda! We miss you already. I am really enjoying the emails from Patreon – I am always on email, then probably Facebook next. Twitter is great, but it is so easy to miss things. Can’t teach Twitter what I like the same way I can teach Facebook. But wherever you post from, we shall hear you!

  • gabakulka

    POLL! :)
    I like Twitter best (…and Tumblr as well, although it’s not the best platform to comment and have a conversation on).
    I’m on Facebook very often, but it seems unpredictable which messages are filtered, and which end up on my wall – I often miss important news for no particular reason. It definitely has something to do with prioritizing payed-for messages (I observe this when I post stuff on my own fan page).
    I don’t use instagram at all. I couldn’t get used to the the way it operates.

    So… 1) Twitter 2)… (long pause) 3) Facebook 4) Instagram

  • straitjacketlily .

    Hate Facebook, use Instergram the most because its easy to check you phone when out and stuff

  • Deniz Bevan

    Twitter, I love. I check all the time.
    FB I use only because family insist on putting photos there. I’d use your app too, but no time (baby!). Instagram I never got on, because I’ve already got tumblr and pinterest and a blog and even an ello and google+ and it’s getting a bit much already.

    Yay for a German album!

    And also, how awesome that you called it your salary. Yes! That’s exactly what it is. We need to start using these kinds of words so that people get over the whole oohshesitsonapileofmoneybags nonsense!

    • Terry

      Cannot wait to hear all my favorite classic songs in German. YAY

  • riotbug

    I use Facebook all the time, but mostly to keep in touch with friends, and not really to keep tabs on any particular artist I like? I complain about it ALL OF THE TIME! And my partner is never bloody off it. I rarely use Instagram or Twitter these days. In fact, I only post pictures of my awesome cat to Instagram. I think the Patreon website is going to be a much more effective way of keeping in touch with your base, but you’ll probably still need to keep Zuckerberg’s apps of doom going to net the rest of the folk who might not know about the possibility of ALL OF THE THINGS!

  • Alice

    I left facebook about 2 years ago and check twitter and insta daily. Tumblr can be fun but is sometimes too demanding for my little computer’s memory buffer thingy, so I usually avoid it.

    • Terry

      Computers are really expensive and that buffer thing scares me alot.

  • Melissa Cameron Blythe

    Twitter is my first love, but over time I’ve got to the point where I’m on Facebook all the time. I rarely use Instagram & have never posted, but I do have an account. I end up there when people put a link in a tweet or on FB.

  • anna

    I finally watch the patreon’s video. It’s been a few days that you posted it and…well, i usually don’t watch videos. (except yours of course but i take time)
    I think i’m a reader.
    I’m a fucking reader.
    I don’t need pictures really. I love reading stories. Yours especially.
    So i read your facebook. I LOVE reading your stories on facebook.
    Twitter ? It’s too short for me and a little bit messy. Maybe i’m too old for that :D but it’s hard for me to follow a conversation on twitter.
    And Instagram ? Well…I use instagram since a few weeks but it’s only pictures so, for me, it’s frustrating.
    I feel close to you here and on facebook.
    And i LOVE you.
    For real. I’m happy to become one of your patrons.

  • Seryse

    I’ve only just revived my Twitter, I’ve always found it difficult to navigate :/ Always on Facebook and Instagram though I do agree with your sentiments regarding both

    • Terry

      It can be hard using social media when you have little or almost no friends. This I have discovered myself.

  • Zelesca

    I use facebook but that is mainly to keep in touch with out of state friends. Keeping up with celebrities is a perk and I can take it or leave it. I don’t use any other social media.

    • Terry

      Ever since we got married and moved onto the compound we have really no need for internet except when permitted, like now. :) Can’t wait to here the new songs on patron. Now I have so much free time between raising all these other children, and using patron to spend what is left over from my allowance. She is amazing. Can’t wait to hear the new music.

  • Ruth Morton

    I’m facebooking every day because I’m an expat living far from my family, but anything you decide is fine with me. I’ll go wherever. Your process intrigues me and your book knocked me on my ass.

  • toimhseachan

    Never used Instagram. I’m on Twitter when I remember to check it and mainly on Facebook.

  • revsparker

    I’m on all the things, but more to create content and connect with my congregation(s) than to find stuff. I would love if you used Patreon more–in part because it still feels relatively intimate (instead of commercial) but also because I want Patreon to flourish and your presence there can help that happen.

    • Terry

      You sound like a minister of rock.

  • Kate

    I use Facebook, but almost by force. I really don’t enjoy it, and I can go a week or more and forget to post/check. Twitter I use rarely, because I forget, and it’s hard work to condense something into so few characters. Instagram, I use sporadically and it auto posts to Facebook and Twitter. I think more of my pics on Instagram are of my dogs than myself at this point. I think my band has it’s own Instagram too…I think. Ugh. :)

  • somedayoneday

    Re: social media- I just, well, don’t. Twitter doesn’t bother me, but I don’t need info streaming in constantly, as cool as it is; I refuse to FB and am not interested in Instagram/Pinterest. I rely largely on RSS feeds for things I want to see.

  • Kelli Ewing

    I also hate Facebook. I hate that there is zero customer service (I’m half convinced no human actually works for Facebook, that everything is done underground by gremlins or something), I hate that they put bullshit in my feed that I have to opt out of. Oh and of course their “we own your content” attitude. But, I’m a big fat hypocrite, and use it all day, everyday. I use it because everyone I know is on it, and I know lots of people that I don’t get to see very often, and it’s a super convenient way to keep in touch with people. I like instagram, and I have an account but I don’t really check out the feeds that often. I rarely ever look at my twitter account.

    • Terry

      Right, facebook? There is this zero customer service that web sites lack. I hate that they post bs stuff to my bs feed of stuff that is mostly bs.

  • Allie

    Facebook when I have to, but it’s a little scary to let my freak flag fly there because I work for a school and have students’ parents as friends. Instagram pretty often, and have a small group there. Twitter is where I live, and where I’m not afraid to be me, and where all the people I really like to keep in touch with are.

  • Ranee Hilbers

    Twitter = all day, every day (reading, not always posting).

    Instagram = only when someone on Twitter links or a family member posts. I have posted from a Con or the St. Pat’s Parade (kinda like Dallas’ Mardi Gras).

    FB = Never — I quit over 3 years ago (I will occasionally log into my mom’s account whenever she needs help with a game).

  • Stuart Baker

    I use facebook to stay in touch with friends and family, and I hate it. I don’t really use instagram, I would if it intergrated with feedly better (I get most of my content through RSS feeds tied into that app). I use twitter occasionally, but not regularly enough to use it as a reliable source of updates.

    • Terry

      I never use facebook. And when I use facebook I don’t really use it. Sometimes when I do use facebook I kinda use it but then I don’t really use it. You know?? Well, whatever. Haha. Facebook is cool.

  • Stacy K

    I’m not big into any form of social media. But that being said I do use facebook to keep in touch with some people and I use Twitter a little more than I use facebook. I check my email way more often than either of these two and I would much prefer to get email updates than facebook/Twitter/whatever

  • Noelle Park

    I only use Facebook to talk to a small handful friends that I don’t have the cell phone numbers of to text and I use it as a promo tool for the record label and music promotion company that I do promotional work for because they want me to post there.
    Honestly, though, it’s a terrible promotional tool for the sake of the fact that most people aren’t even able to see the posts I make and due to the fact that most of the people my age and younger from what I know of from casual conversation (I’m in my early 20’s) don’t even use Facebook anymore because their parents and extended family have them added on it and they have to be guarded in what they say on there because of that and they feel like it’s a waste of their time for them to use it if they can’t type out or post everything they really want to say without getting into an argument with a cousin that lives 8 states away that they’ve never met.

    I use Twitter occasionally.
    I love that it lets me communicate with people I may not otherwise get the opportunity to, but simultaneously, it feels really impersonal to me due to the character limitation on posts. The pro’s of one-on-one interaction outweigh that for me, however. It’s a social media source that I definitely feel would be advantageous and useful for you to keep using thanks to that ability it provides to you to make both mass announcements and to connect and interact with people in a one-on-one manner.

    I don’t use Instagram all that much.
    When I do, it’s usually to post about a trip I’ve gone on recently or about an event I’ve gone to or pictures I’ve recently taken. I’ve attemtped to use it as a promo tool for those aforementioned groups I do work for, but it’s absolutely TERRIBLE for that. People avoid advertisements like the plague on there.

    I use Tumblr literally every single day.
    That’s easily my favorite social media site. I’ve made a huge amount of friends that have become friends in real life for me on there (such as the 21 people I traveled to a IHOP with at 3AM following a twenty one pilots concert I flew up to Ohio to see last fall), the individuals I help run the themed blogs of, and it’s honestly one of MY sources of information for news of all sorts: news of new music, new tours, new bands, current events, world events, and so on.
    I know that a lot of other individuals within my age group and friend group also regularly use Tumblr as well, which is why I highly recommend it as a strong social media site for you to communicate through fans with. The ability to directly respond to both posts and messages (privately or publicly, depending) is a nice cherry on top of that pie in my humble opinion as well.

  • Mercedes Vaughn

    I am on Facebook *all* the time, and don’t currently have Twitter or Instagram accounts. FB is where all my friends are, as opposed to the chunks here and there on other platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Ello, Google+, etc.), and so it’s the easiest way for me to keep up with all of them and engage in conversation with the communities that I’m a part of. That being said, I totally get your lack of love for it.

    Also, I’m super excited about the German album and the book about The Game of Life! (I’m sure the French album will be great… :)

  • Nicole Marie

    I taught a global economy class for kids last summer and a big thing that we talked about was how the game of life is not like real life at all. We also rewrote the rules to make it more true to life. You would be surprised as to what amazing things 10-13 year olds can figure out when they are given freedom to create rules of their own. It also had this underlying feeling of if you don’t like how everyone is doing something do it your way.

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