“You Show Me Yours, I’ll You Show You Mine”: neil & amanda show films @ the historic brattle theater

hello from the fine old american northwest…
where i just delivered one of the first series of kickstarter parties in seattle, about to do one in portland, and will blog bad-ass photos when i get a sec.

AND i just bought a package of band-aids at the local QFC for the nasty blister i got on my hand from playing BIKE POLO!
i didn’t even know bike polo existed. now i do. i also bumped my pelvic bone against some bike handles.


most of you in boston/cambridge will already know the brattle theater, it’s one of the great art house cinemas that has managed to not shut down.
i’ve performed there three or four times on different occasions (including a month or two ago when nick flynn was there promoting his new book, “the re-enactment”)
and don’t forget the fucking post-modern-ness of this moment when we parodied sesame street parody-ing “1 2 3 4″ by feist:
(warning: tommy smith’s bare ass cheeks & postmodernism)

that was 2008…and in my short little lifetime i’ve seen more movies in that wonderfully warm and worn little theater than i can count.
it’s a home base and it’s part of the gasping, slowing bohemian heart of harvard square as the malls and chains stores eat it alive.

the brattle folk recently ran a (successful!!) kickstarter and raised about $150,000: bit.ly/KSbrattle
(and neil and i donated ourselves to some of the upper backer levels).

and we’re going to finally do something we’ve been talking about for ages: SHOW EACH OTHER MOVIES AT THE BRATTLE!

so, presenting….

“You Show You Mine, I’ll You Show me Yours: The Neil & Amanda Double Features”

since the beginning of our relationship, we’ve kept a list of movies that we wanted to show the other one, as
became a recurring theme in our everyday conversations. so…we each started a list,
and the idea was that we’d block off a romantic weekend,
get some popcorn and wine,
and shut ourselves in for a marathon.
then, being us, we thought: wouldn’t it be more fun to watch the movies on a big screen and invite everybody else?

so that’s we’re doing, and we’re going to give all of the proceeds of the event to the brattle, so they can stay alive and keep being awesome.

it was HARD to narrow down the movies, since we decided, in the end, to only show each other TWO EACH, but here’s what we got it down to.

Saturday, May 18 | RSVP on facebook

Introduction by Neil Gaiman
at 6:30pm | Tickets

(1988) dir Peter Greenaway w/Joan Plowright, Juliet Stevenson, Joely Richardson, Bernard Hill, Jason Edwards [118 min]
Three women in the same family (all named Cissie Colpitts) each drown their troublesome husbands – and convince the local coroner to help cover up the crimes. It sounds simple but in the hands of masterful visual artist Peter Greenaway, the film becomes a baroque meditation on the nature of life and games – and the game of life.

Introduction by Amanda Palmer
at 9:15pm | Tickets

(1989) dir Alejandro Jodorowsky w/Axel Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra [123 min]
Alejandro Jodorowsky’s wildly unrestrained flights of cinematic psychedelia are legendary midnight movies and SANTA SANGRE is no exception. Fenix, the scion of a circus family has entered an asylum after witnessing his mother commit a heinous crime and get both her arms cut off. Eventually she secures his release and forces him to become her arms.

“This is a movie like none I have seen before, a wild kaleidoscope of images and outrages, a collision between Freud and Fellini. It contains blood and glory, saints and circuses, and unspeakable secrets of the night. And it is all wrapped up in a flamboyant parade of bold, odd, striking imagery, with Alejandro Jodorowsky as the ringmaster.” – Roger Ebert


Sunday, May 19 | RSVP on facebook

Introduction by Neil Gaiman
at 6:30pm | Tickets

(1968) dir Lindsay Anderson w/Malcolm McDowell, David Wood, Richard Warwick, Christine Noonan, Rupert Webster [111 min]
Lindsay Anderson’s searing excoriation of British boys school traditions features the screen debut of Malcolm McDowell.
Digital Presentation

Introduction by Amanda Palmer
at 9:15pm | Tickets

(1966) dir Philippe de Broca w/Alan Bates, Genevieve Bujold, Adolfo Celi, Jean-Claude Brialy [102 min]
This counter-culture cult classic screened for over five years straight in Cambridge during the late ‘60s and one can see why. Alan Bates plays a Scottish WWI soldier dispatched to disarm a bomb left by the retreating Germans in a French town. When he arrives he discovers that the supposedly abandoned hamlet is actually still inhabited – what he doesn’t realize is that it’s been taken over by the cheerful lunatics from the local asylum.


Tickets for individual films are $10 general admission; $8 students, seniors, Brattle members
Double feature tickets are $15 general admission; $12 students, seniors, Brattle members
A limited number of full weekend passes are available for $30
Brattle member passes will be accepted for individual screenings at the door only.
We strongly advise that you buy tickets in advance.

ticket link: bit.ly/YouShowMe

feel free to dress up, come themed for the films, make strange friends. again, you can RSVP on facebook HERE (night 1) and HERE (night 2).
AND when you come, hit harvard square early and give money to the buskers, they come out like mad on the weekends.

recommended bars/cafes/restaurants in the walking-around area:
• grendel’s den (bar food)
• upstairs on the square (schmnacy for food, but amazing pink mirrored tigerprint cocktail bar)
• red house (get a table in the front room with the fire)
• charlie’s tap (punk rock jukebox, burgers, CHIMAY! FRAMBOISE!)
• cafe algiers right upstairs from the theater has wine and good middle-eastern fare (mint coffee!!!)
• russell house tavern (oyster bar! semi fancy bistro food, sit downstairs)
and of course…
• cafe pamplona, which is a little bit of a walk, but worth it. get the gazpacho.

we hope you come, support the brattle, and love these films as much as we do….
i don’t know about neil’s picks, but “santa sangre” and “king of hearts” are two films that raised me and made me who i am.
you’ll get why when you see them.

come and be with us.
we love you.


p.s. also….if you’re in boston, and a writer, or want to hear me talk to a bunch of writers, i’m giving the keynote speech at the grub muse writers conference on may 4th at 7 pm.
you need to register, but its FREE! more info HERE.

….and if you missed it, i have a hella-bunch of new tour dates up all over the states, UK, europe, and australia/NZ. here: bit.ly/blog040213

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  • http://twitter.com/FelixMarques Félix Marqués

    I recently discovered all of Jodorowsky’s work (I only knew him from his comic “The Incal”, drawn by Moebius). I’ve spent months reading his fascinating books on using symbolic, theatrical acts as psychological cure, and I’ve watched several of his films (my friends and mother had to endure a showing of “The Holy Mountain”, and were amazed and quite horrified).

    “Santa Sangre” is probably the best introduction to Jodorowsky, it’s like Caligari written by Lorca, and that cannot fail.

    I don’t know if you are aware of it, but after several attempts to finance new films throughout the past few decades (he’s 84 now, and producers feared he was too old to direct anything), Jodorowsky recently used crowdfunding to finance a new film, “La danza de la realidad” (“The Dance of Reality”), based on his wildly surrealistic childhood memories.

    The support his fans showed him was such that he ended up being given four million dollars by a producer, and he decided to return all the money he’d collected from his fans back to them.

    The film was recently finalized (his son, Adanowsky, is a musician and recorded the soundtrack) and it will come out later this year! :D

  • http://twitter.com/jgerlich Jessica Gerlich

    I will not be able to attend (since I’m in Chicago with important plans for the evening), but I think I’m going to try to procure these movies and watch them (hopefully with friends!!) on these days at home. MOVIE PARTY…………..

    • RiverVox

      That is a great idea! We could review them on the Box or the Blog.

  • RiverVox

    Viva la cinema! The Brattle also serves beer and WINE. See you Sunday for the not-so-late night double feature picture show.

  • Niki

    Me and my boyfriend are thinking of roadtrippin up from Maryland. Any cheap hotel/motel/hostel suggestions for the area?

  • Marygrace

    Such a weird moment of cosmic-ness. Husband and I also have a list of “Holy cow, you haven’t seen ___??” movies. It was the fact that I had never seen Braveheart that brought us together, and we celebrate our Braveheartiversary every September (by not watching Braveheart again). Funny how love makes us want to share things, but also makes us glad we don’t like all the same things….

  • Johnny Alpha

    You should definitely show the film “The Battle of Algiers” as it is famously sympathetic to folks who plant bombs at the feet of little children. Wouldn’t want the message about how we all need to have compassion for remote control child murderers to get lost in the fluff of a spanking new blog post, would we? Did this one take you longer than 9 minutes to write?

    • Underhill

      Are you still here? Dude, seriously… get a LIFE.

      • wilder125

        Amazing isn’t it. You’d think he’d find a singer’s blog that he would have something positive to say about instead of waste his own time on one he doesn’t care about.

  • bostonbred

    Um … but you’re not a writer, as displayed in humiliating form by your “poem” from last week. Good God, what a waste of money going to see you talk about “writing” would be.

    • http://twitter.com/sevastra2213 Samantha Dekle

      Why spread the negativity man? We’re all just people on this earth making our own kind of art. Who are you to judge? If people focused on spreading positivity in this life instead of hate, don’t you think we’d all be a little happier? Art is art is art…who cares how we make it?

    • http://www.facebook.com/MamersNotMame Ay-me Wok-er

      Everyone is a writer. Small people believe in boundaries.

    • Félix Marqués

      Do yourself a favor and, instead of judging her writing ability on a short sketch of a poem, go listen to her first album, “The Dresden Dolls”.

      Listen, for instance, to “The Jeep Song” or “Half-Jack”, which are chock-full with amazing wordplay and cultural references which I’m still noticing after years of listening. Or check out “Runs in the Family” off “Who Killed Amanda Palmer”, which has an incredible sense of rythm and alliteration, and more occasional witty wordplay to boot.

      Seriously, judge her poetic capacities on those works.

  • http://twitter.com/sevastra2213 Samantha Dekle

    I fear I’ll never get to experience these wonderful things living down here in Ga. :/ I bet this evening will be an amazing one. <3

  • http://twitter.com/KlementineBS Klementine Sander

    Oh, the frustration of being in Australia. But maybe I can find the movies somewhere here and do the long-distance version..

    • RiverVox

      I watched Santa Sangre this weekend and it was mind-blowing. I understand the Dolls and Amanda’s other work on a whole new level.

  • Claire

    My friends and I played bike polo in the park in our street 40 years ago – the year we all got bikes for christmas. Loads of fun. Cut up our mum’s broom handles to make the mallets and collected the old balls from the local (real) polo club matches to use.

  • k1mberrlee

    im pissed that you’re seeing a lot of hate lately. i have been listening for almost 10 years and never thought you were capitalizing on my feelings. your fans are your fans; those who have heard about you through negative press are others. as you told my girlfriend, ‘keep making art’. please, keep making art, and may it never be censored. you are beautiful. let it be.

  • Hectevon

    Wish i could be there.

  • JaneAustinsFightClub

    To the people who are angry at amanda palmer for her recent blog post. When you dehumanise criminals you deny the world the opportunity to understand why they committed the crime and by extension the opportunity to combat it. At the end of the day the bombers weren’t scooby doo villains, they were people like me and like you with normal worries, normal hopes and normal feelings. I understand that’s scary, to admit a normal person could do such a thing but don’t you dare take our your fear on Amanda Palmer and don’t you dare shame me for empathising. I do care about the bombers, and you know why that is? IT’S BECAUSE IM BETTER THAN THEM. If we cast them as demons , we will never work out what drove them to do this (wether it be mental illness, extremism or anger at the world) and this will all happen over again. Thank god people like afp aren’t taking the easy route of mindless hate and anger because at times like this, pitch forks and torches aren’t needed. It’s understanding and empathy which will bring about real change. Amanda Palmer, love you forever and for always

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