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all i want for christmas is burning love

hola comrades!!!

i’m currently at home, practicing away for my show on new year’s eve with the pops. those of you who haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you still can, HERE!

those of you who have: i can’t wait to see you all, hopefully dressed to the nines; i’m talking ball-gowns and tuxes… it up, people…have fun with it!

secondly, in boring business: there are NEW TOUR DATES UP!

i am playing solo in france (in bordeaux – mmm, wine – and in mont de marsan) and in vienna at the end of january!
also, my australian and new zealand dates for feb/march are coming together!
also, the first few LONDON Evelyn Evelyn shows (that will be ME, JASON, the TWINS and sxip shirey!!) have been announced!
go, go go to the tour page to get tickets and info and buy tickets!!!!

so……….um………would you like to know what i would like for christmas?

i’ll give you a hint…it is not a pony….


….it is not a hot british studmuffin waiting to make sweet love to me in a comfy cosy bed
(well, wait a second, i sort of already have that. skip.)


it is not my own personal jesus, mary and joseph “precious moments” plush creche set….


….it is not even word peace!



though all of those things are nice, they would be difficult to arrange.

so, i will tell you.
it is not unlike what i asked for for my birthday, and it costs you no money, just a few minutes out of your life to be slightly creative.

here is what i would like.

do you have a record album that you REEEEEEEEALLY like?
could be anything!!….maaaaybe even…oh i dunno, a record about astronauts and love and stuff with a pretty dead girl on the cover?

make sure it isn’t ILLEGAL to copy this music, because everybody knows what the law says!

now, do you have a blank CD?



do you have some sharpies or some other colorful permanent markers???



do you have a computer that can burn CDs?



you know what to do!!!!!!!!

go for it and please go hog-wild making your hand-decorated CDs as cool and pretty as you can!

(and if it’s especially pretty, send it to so we can see!!!!)


that’s it!

i sure hope you can find some music out there to put on that CD!
so many things are illegal to copy nowadays, it’s really a bummer!

though…we all know that if you copy music it’s really awful for the artists of the world, because they HATE it when terrible people like you
flaunt the law and copy their record albums for their friends and loved ones for christmas!

and now for my final trick, here’s a nice christmas card to go along with your totally legally burned CD!!!


print it out, sign it and give it to someone you love!!!

AUTOMATIC JOY!!!!!!!!!!!

all my love,


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