me and ondi and everyone we know

this is me and ondi.


if you missed the announcement elsewhere, i’m heavily involved in a kickstarter project that has only a few days to go. the goal is to help filmmaker ondi timoner fund “a total disruption“…she’s basically crowdfunding her business from the ground up, and her business is to tell stories like mine, so the whole thing fell into place and made a lot of sense when we met down at SXSW.

the day ondi filmed me for the video you’ll see below, i was sorta a mess – running around SXSW at top speed, trying to cram everything in, shouting over the sound of the music outside.
i really fucking like ondi, and her films. check out “dig!” if you’ve never seen it, it’s amazing and won her the grand jury prize at sundance…it’s a documentary about the dandy warhols, the brian jonestown massacre, and the bizarre paths the two bands took and how they mirrored each other – it’s a rock doc classic. ondi spent YEARS following those guys around.

she also made a film called “we live in public” (another sundance grand jury winner – she’s the first person in history to win that award twice). it’s a super-intense and disturbing look at what the dot-com boom did to one man and community around the turn of our last century. in short: i really like what she’s doing and how she does it….and i think it’s important. she’s a film-documentarian trying to uncover the deeper, important stories of what’s going on in the world right now and why (and how) it’s happening – she’s like the alan lomax of current tech and companies and crowdfunding.

she’s already achieved her goal, but the more funding she gets, more coverage she’ll be able to give to this year ahead, as she trails behind me with her camera slung around her shoulder like a weapon of mass information. she’s hoping to show up at a lot of gigs, parties, and really try to tell the story not just of ME, but of this entire community and what we’re about, and what we stand for. how we help each other. what we’re really like. and all that. ondi gets it and i’m really proud she picked us as her specimens.

so here you go: this is the mini-documentary that ondi just posted up of me at SXSW, and she’s going to release a second part soon (i’ll let you know).
watch her wield her weapon here:

and now go….if you haven’t seen her kickstarter, this is it, last call. as of posting this (at around 1:00am EST early sunday it closes in 54 hours and is currently at $131,253 with 683 backers: kck.st/ATotalDisruption

i appreciate you all to fucking bits, and thank you from me and ondi if you do back this one.

these last few weeks have been particularly rough and you guys have been wonderful.

i couldn’t ask to be around kinder, more intelligent people.
i’m about to head to NYC for a lot of meetings and to do the philly kickstarter house party, i’ll see a bunch of you there….get ready for love. (i hear tell of hand-made pizza. i look forward to this immensely.)


p.s. neil took this photo today in cambridge.
the cherry blossoms are out and what the fuck else can you do but shake em all over:

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