hallelujah (live, for anthony)

what the subject said.

live at the paradise, november 17th, at the very end of tour.
anthony was supposed to be there, i’d been hoping to play this and dedicate it to him live.
but the cancer treatment was knocking him out and he couldn’t make the show.

so this clip is for him.

sarah (@slazzle, bless her) finally uploaded it.

anthony gave me my first ever leonard cohen CD, “songs of leonard cohen” when i was about 14 or 15 years old.
those songs changed my life, or at least, they changed my songwriting.

the night of this show, i was still really sick, getting over the killer european flu i’d had for weeks.

my voice was cold and broken….i daresay it suited the occasion.

(click here if the embed doesn’t work for you)


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