steubenville. (trigger warning)

while we’re on the topic….i just read about this in the new york times.

online version:

summary: in steubenville, ohio, a very drunk girl was allegedly raped by members of the local football team. they allegedly fingered her, urinated on her, left her topless in the street after she vomited, and dragged her unconscious body around from party to party….while bystanders in their wake allegedly twittered & face-booked pictures and videos of what was going on.

from the sounds of it, nobody tried to help her, nobody called the cops. from the sounds of it, almost no witnesses have cooperated in the investigations.

i don’t have any words for this one.

i made a drawing instead.



what in the name of all that’s holy is happening out there?
is it just because i’m off tour and paying attention to the news again?

i’m going to bed. wake me up when things get sane.


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