2012.12.02 blog

boobs 4 humanity round-up (NSFW)

if you missed it, last night i got depressed.
SOMEONE got the wise-ass idea of sending me a twitter picture of boobs to cheer me.
the inevitable happened.

here are a bunch of the pictures that became the #Boobs4Humanity phenomenon, including some that i didn’t re-tweet. (there are still dozens and dozens more if you look at my @ replies)

apparently, many people on earth cheered, i got thankful fan mail from across the globe, from people who had no idea i was a musician, thanking me for spreading the job of #boobies. here are some (click to enlarge):

above collage featuring a fuck-ton of boobs (pierced, tattooed, boys, girls, drawn-on…there’s even a dog boob). full credits at the bottom*

and while i’ve got your attention, you should watch this. really, you should.

fuck, i love boobs.

also, if you were wondering if my depression was lifted….yes it was. but it was also because i left the boobs behind and watched “titanic” on DVD.
don’t judge. it really helped. also staying up until 7 in the morning and trying on new soul-clothes.

also nick cave is getting all new media-y and it’s making me orgasm.

all off-topic.

all love.


p.s. a late-entry, BOOB SHIRTS!!! (via @MellyG14)


* boob collage photos via (in no particular order): @cyndaelle, @MarisaRoss3, @wtfjohnnyboy, @tangledpearls, @serenwraig, @VeronicaFoale, @enchantedtrash, @Jo_EQ, @ThiefOfTheThief, @mamajoan, @_jenneryy, @argylepiratewd, @LittleJanelleS, @bloodytestbunny, @KatieEegs, @KristiSwadley, @Effulgentart, @marylingus, @UCheyenne, @gomigirl, @sofckingchuffed, @ephemerayla, @madfishmonger, @drewcromwell, @BattyRx, @nikanika1987, @TURBOCUNT, @LmAbbyo, @angelicslayer31, @kbriwagner, @ActorBenjamin, @Feehlo, @sailorstclaire, @AlphaTwat, @SisterDecadence

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