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the weekend with tristan was beyond magical. i’ll post a whole blog about it complete with pix and some music to tease you.
we collected OVER EIGHT GRAND on kickstarter to put towards his CD. and the kid KILLED IT, positively KILLED IT in the studio.
here we are, done recording.
i am unfathomably proud of and happy for the boy.
i’m so happy i could scream, in fact.


and yes, there is more happiness….in doll-land:
we’re bringing it all HOME, my comrades.
in style.
after halloween night in NYC, we’re going to play NOVEMBER 2 & 3 at the wilbur theatre, a beautiful theatre in boston we’ve never played before.
it’s in the theatre district, right down the street from my house…where brian and i are actually going to be KICKING it and rehearsing for a week before
we start all this nonsense. it’s so old-school, it’s new-school. it’s so in, it’s out. it’s so beautiful i’m going to just… a photo:
this isn’t us, obviously, it’s the dandy warhols. but you get the idea. it’s BEAUTIFUL.
we’re going to be kicking it OLD SCHOOL STYLE for our TENTH BIRTHDAY and play both of our records….
all of “the dresden dolls” on night 1:

and all of “yes, virginia” on night 2:

and lots, lots more….seeing that the albums will only take about an hour each.
please come celebrate with us and we dig up the past in fucking floral death technicolor and scream and bang and (most likely) cry all together.
and dress to fucking impress, this one is special, my friends. HATS. i want HATS.
and please, please if you know you want to come….get tickets WHEN THEY GO ON SALE.
the new york show sold out in NINETY MINUTES….i expect that these won’t be too far off.
here’s the low-down on tickets:
• they are set to go on sale friday september 24 (THIS friday) at 12PM noon EST
• the show on the 2nd will be on sale HERE, and the show on the 3rd will be on sale HERE
• we will do our best to tweet from @AFPwire and @DresdenDolls exactly when they go up in case it’s a few minutes before or after (ticketmaster’s clocks seem to be off a tad)
• please RSVP HERE for the show on the 2nd and HERE for the show on the 3rd
(and by proxy, from somewhere in europe, i’m sure bizzle viglione is sending you his psychic love…)
photo by troy ferguson

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