Footage of The Evelyn Twins

This blog was originally posted to The Dresden Dolls Diary.


I am slowly crawling out of my mute stage, but it’s no fun.
will relate more soon but i am holed up working hard on the text and
layout for the new songbook (i finally titled it & i went with the
very stately: The Virginia Companion).


i had to retreat out of my hole for a moment to share this youtube
clip with you.
it is a clip of the conjoined twins Evelyn & Evelyn performing their
very first live set when jason & I were out in Seattle finishing up
their record last month.
they were REALLY REALLY NERVOUS, it was their first public appearance
ever and getting them to do it was a herculean task.
this was a song they had just written called “you only want me ’cause
you want my sister”
at the end of the clip, they take a break for a snack.


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