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so, THE DRESDEN DOLLS VS PANIC! AT THE DISCO video is now up, and it’s awesome:
everybody who has seen it so far seems to love it, but i did make a serious mistake sending an initial email to folks saying that “this is what i did in place of killing them or myself because the tour was so difficult”. i guess you don’t make jokes like that. i can’t gloss over the fact that that i thought the tour WAS HELL when i was in it, despite the fact that i loved the guys in the band and, against all odds and everybody’s assumption, really respected what they were trying to do.

i read their cover article in SPIN magazine the other night, which actually read like a 3-4 day tour diary of a chunk of time we were with them. it brought me right back to that month, which i have shelved as a distant nightmare. but the truth is the truth, even if it’s only mine. if anyone watches that video and doesn’t see the love and two bands having a good time, which we were, fuck ‘em. that said: it’s very difficult when a band exists as a concept in one world, as a musical entity in another, and as a group of human beings in yet a third. i know, because we are very much at the mercy of the same triple-edged sword. i’ve met or heard about tons of people who don’t like my band simply because they think they shouldn’t. and they’ve never seen us live, much less heard the music. sometimes it’s hard to not take that personally.

why do i bring that up? because it’s fucking difficult for me to try to navigate the fact that although i had plenty of love for the actual human beings in Panic! At The Disco, and beyond that a real sympathy and admiration for what they (and especially Ryan, the only one who I really got to know) were trying to achieve, i didn’t have any fucking love for the environment i was in when we toured with them. some of their crew were downright mean, and many of their fans were the antithesis of Rock Love. however, since the tour, it’s actually been really therapeutic to see some more crossover and gap-bridging between our fans and theirs via our forums (and plenty of our fans were just as judgmental and nasty as the panic fans) and i assumed that this video would dissolve that bullshit even further. so far, it has. i;ve learned more about who was there and paying attention. the panic fans that sucked the most were also the most vocal, and i’m only now seeing the nicer ones come out of the woodwork. people are way more likely to shout out “YOU SUCK!!!” than “YOU RULE!!!!” at an inopportune and quiet moment in a song. respectful and open-minded people will simply be listening. and plenty were. so thank you, you new fans who saw us on that tour. we’re goddamn glad you’re here. to any of the other panic fans who hated us: you’re probably not reading this, but do us a favor…make yourselves useful and send us some concrete hatemail to post on our site. we’re running low nowadays.

whatever, as i always say, this is how wars start. but for the record (and this IS THE RECORD, motherfuckers): it was also wonderful. i managed to have good times. i had fun making this video. i made some friends. i got our music out to the few people who were interested. i learned a lot of really, truly valuable lessons. i will never again regret i wasn’t famous at 18. it could have been worse, the band COULD have easily been assholes and actively treated us badly. they weren’t. they were sweethearts. looking back, would i do it again? fuck, yes. i don’t believe in regret, and everything happens for a reason one way or another.

so that’s the word on that. enjoy the movie.

meanwhile….i’ve been keeping a running tally of what to share about the last european/japan/aussie tour on paper and in my head, but i’ve been sleeping instead of putting it altogether. we leave for the US tour in a few days and i’ll try to do it once i get my shit packed and together. i’ve been catching up all week, trying to act human, trying to pretend i don’t feel buried. my right index finger is slightly sprained, giving me a wonderful excuse not to practice, but making me a but paranoid about how it will hold up on tour. i went to see the secret machines play in the round the other night at avalon in boston and they were intense, excellent musicians and fantastic people….if you have a chance to still catch them on tour, go. tonight, regina’s playing tonight in the same club with her new band and i’m giddy….just about to leave to see her. fuck packing. i’ll pack when i’m dead.

see you out there


go see “little miss sunshine” – best movie i’ve seen in ages.


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