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i wonder how much of myself i’m really entitled or expected to reveal.
everybody sees something different, desires something different, everybody including my own various incarnations from day to day.

perhaps these posts would be more satisfying if they self-destructed within fifteen minutes of creation.

The truth changes the moment we utter it….we edit, we rethink, we press 3 and erase and record again…trying to find the perfect words.

sometimes i feel like a complete paradox. some people assume that i am this self-confident woman full of purposeful direction. but it’s all relative. some of the most convincing arguments are borne of clever

i have the sinking feeling that the more people know about me and my life (and the more fulfilled my little narcissistic fantasy becomes)the more danger i am in; yet the more opportunity i have to take it all and knead it like bread and pound it into something good, something worthwhile, something….useful…?

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