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i found a new piano, finally……a yamaha. we’re still getting to know each other, it’s awkward, but going well.
things have been going along at an oddly calm pace, what for all that’s been happening.
Lollapalooza has been confirmed, the “girl a” video is being aired on MTV2, and wait a second…

so we spend our days pondering what all this means. not being in any rush to be rich and/or famous, it’s all a very interesting learning experience if nothing else. it’s certainly a little strange, sometimes nice, and sometimes disconcerting to watch how people change. they glaze you with a faint air of celebrity and treat you differently. sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s just ridiculous. but we have each other, thank god, so hopefully no-one’s head will get lost in this process.

i began working, finally, on a song i’ve had in my head for months. it’s almost a play in itself….with lots of back-and-forth diologue.
it’s a breakfast meeting between me, tori amos, courtney love, avril lavigne, bjork, pink, and liz phair.
it’s hilarious.

i’ve been organizing…tyring to organize….tapes and minidiscs and thousands of hours and ideas and papers and unfinished songs galore, there’s not alot of hope yet but i’m working on it.

i have the feeling the next record will be even odler stuff thatn the first record…and i’ll just keep reaching back….by the time we make our sixth record we’ll be arranging the songs i wrote when i was 12. then nobody will like us anymore.

i am in love with Regina Spektor:

i haven’t found a musician i am quite so excited about in years.
her disc “Soviet Kitsch” has been stuck in my head for two weeks.

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