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true to form, i’ve ignored this for a while.

winnning the rock and roll rumble was the most surprising event of the month.

who’d have thought.

i spent a few days lurking on the noise message board, reading the horrible things the old boston rockers were writing about me and our band. bummed out for a day or so, and finally decided that it was nice to have some local critics.

it’s been months since i wrote a song.

every day is filled with endless busiwork.

brian and i sit across from each other, eating fish and vegetables in my kitchen, and muse about what the fuck is happening to our band.

we played at the tweeter center on sunday….it was astounding. i’ve gotten so used to playing in clubs and bars, where everyone is over twenty-one, that it was a shocking revelation to learn that teenagers liked our music. i hadn’t given it that much thought.

we gave our studio disc to perry farrell and dave navarro. they said they’d listen to it.
we think they’ll like it.

it’s depressing, though. my arms were out of commission for a while, so i decided to just not think about the fact that i couldn’t work on new stuff and focused on the management of the band. well, that worked….and here i am, uncomfortably used to not being a writer. this, i am told, happens to everyone.
i have 50 unfinished songs and ideas and very little pateince.

tonight, i am going to listen to the many new cds i’ve accumulated over the week (johnny cash live at san quentin, laura nyro, talking heads, many others….) and try to find some things to sell at the yard sale tomorrow.

i’m reading an excellent, excellent book. for anyone interested in the music industry (especially if you’re from boston), i’d say it’s a must-read: The Mansion On The Hill, by Fred Goodman.

the song of the week is by this excellent group from new york, melomane, and band we will hopefully play with in the fall. it’s called “fighting guitars” and may prove to be the soundtrack song of the summer.
it’s a slow, dreary, carnival-esque waltz with double male/female vocals:

“she was the corporal at arms
of the fighting guitars
nobody wins
in these weaponless wars…”

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