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WE MADE A RECORD AND IT’S OUT (8in8 “nighty night” – it’s aliiiive)

hola dearest comrades

it is done!

me, neil, ben folds, and damian kulash have finished our crazy project, and we’ve officially titled the album “nighty night.” the band is officially called “8 in 8”.
here we are with it:

while we didn’t manage to record 8 songs in 8 hours (studio time was roughly 12 hours, from 4 pm-4 am, in which we knocked out SIX completed tracks), we all considered the project a 100% success.

it’s ready for you to download (for now, exclusively) at bandcamp:

the whole album’s available for a minimum donation of a buck, and for the first two weeks, all of the money donated is going to Berklee City Music Boston. they’re one of a few like-minded music programs in cities all over the U.S. who are providing kids with every opportunity to see their musical potential. so, a dollar. for six songs. please feel free to donate more if you can, and tell your friends. you can use this link we made for you on twitter, facebook, sky-writing-airplanes, etc:

<a href=”” _mce_href=””>Nighty Night by 8 In 8</a>

the thing i’m most happy to report:we accomplished what we actually set out to do, which was to spend time together, create something beautiful that never existed before, and see what we could do by giving ourselves a deadline, some parameters, sushi, and the ingredients for some relatively decent gin and tonics.

if you didn’t get a chance to tune in, we’ll hopefully have the footage cut and posted about the internets, soon. and if you DID manage to catch it (or even crazier, watched the WHOLE THING), thank you, from all of us. a lot of people tuned into the webcast, and the comments on youtube, twitter, and getglue were all awesome. neil was asking questions via the #8in8 hashtag, and sourcing song titles and lyrical-inspiration from it.

here, he’s fielding memorable-first-kiss stories:

what an incredible fucking fantastic world it is that we live in where we can not only make an album like this, but make an album drawing on inspiration DIRECTLY from our incredible friends and fans.

all of the lyrics were almost entirely originated by neil with the help of our twitter army, but every single song was then frankensteined by its song captain…for instance, “the problem with saints” is 100% neil, but “i’ll be my mirror” wound up being 71% me, and damian took a lot of control for “one tiny thing.” ben started the lyrics for “because the origami” from someone answering a twitter call from neil for “ways love goes wrong.” other great questions that led to song-lyics-inspiration were “most memorable kiss”, which neil wrote but we didn’t have time to turn into a song, and “name of famous people”, which yielded both the nikola tesla song and the joan of arc song (aka “the problem with saints”) when someone on twitter complained that they were sad that nikola tesla won neil’s vote.

here is the tracklist:
1. Nikola Tesla
– vocals and piano by amanda
– drums by ben
– bass and synth by damian

2. Because the Origami
– vocals by ben & amanda
– piano by ben

3. One Tiny Thing
– vocals and ipad’ing (bed piano) by damian
– mellotron by ben (i think, have to check)
– additional acoustic piano by ben
– handclaps by amanda, neil, damian, sean (@indecisean, not slade, we had two sean’s), super kate, and hayley

4. 12 Line Song (but it’s pretty much being called “The Squirrel Song”)
– vocals and piano by ben
– acoustic guitar and tambourine by damian
– drums by ben
– back-up do-do-do’s by damian and amanda

5. I’ll Be My Mirror
– vocals and piano by amanda
– omnichord and guitar by damian
– drums by ben

6.  The Problem with Saints
– vocals by neil (i’m so happy he sang this one. he sounds awesome. and so british)
– piano by ben

someday we plan to release a 23 CD box set with extensive re-mastered tracks. it will come encased in a plastic coffin and weigh over 2 tons.

now would be a really good time to thank all of the people who helped make this project not only possible, but fucking great and flawlessly easy to produce…

our producer, sean slade, who jumped on at the last minute and without whom there’s NO way we would have gotten such rad-quality sounds.

here he is, waving his arms madly:

• our onsite team, fielding/helping/making things work: okgomike, super kate, sean, and hayley
• everyone at berklee and rethink (especially allen bargfrede, tony brown, reggie lofton, rob rose, and scott mabuchi)
• the miracle-making (incredibly patient and rad) people at getglue (fraser kelton, kimber myers, matt, dominick daniello, and karen teng)
• cassandra long, for her kick-ass album artwork (and for letting us tell the story about our cab ride to the studio in “i’ll be my mirror”)
• youtube, for hosting our insane-webcast
• ethan and jen (and everyone else) at bandcamp. shit’s so easy to setup and get out into the world on bandcamp, if you’re a musician and not on there yet, you gotta sign up. it made this crazy project a little less crazy, knowing we’d have a home for the songs as soon as we mixed them

and especially everyone in the studio who cranked with us for four and a half hours longer than they had expected to, without a single complaint:
• pope and noah (who kicked ass in the webcasting department)
• benny grotto, master of the board. here’s benny & sean slade  hard at work:

and last but not least, the incredible plaid-clad assistant engineers – j. saliba and adam hand – who executed our every whim; helping us musically, lyrically, and technically, those guys were flawless.

this whole project would not have been possible without these people’s help, so all of you should give them a round of applause. really.

here’s the whole band, right before we started:

(photo by phil farnsworth)

and here’s me, casey and neil, at around 3 am:

(photo by ben folds)

we discussed the album at a panel this morning at the rethink music conference after only four hours of sleep. you can watch it here:

we all went off to take quick cat-naps before our performance, which we’re mere minutes from taking the stage for. edit 4/28: it was also webcast, and as always, people tuned in via at

if you missed it, you can see the whole thing here (i come out to introduce us about an hour in):

here’s who played:
• 8in8 (playing both band-songs, as well as some of our solo stuff)
• the wonderful young talent tristan allen (who joined me for a song some of you may know)
• basia bulat
• black joe lewis and the honeybears
end of edit

and with that, i’m off. see you on the other side.


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  • Ben Bradley

    The live show is just now over, yall did great, even if you did have to have your lyric sheets in front of you! The studio recording is wonderful, I bought the FLAC file, but you should REALLY release this on vinyl! This would make a great 10-inch “EP” at high-quality 45-rpm with three songs per side. If that’s too complicated (because only the really old Garrard and BSR changers will play 10-inch records), just make it a 12″ 45, like the high-end classical LP’s.

  • ak

    Congrats to all of you guys and thank you for letting us all be a part of this, even if we are an ocean away. If possible next time you do something as brilliant as this please try not to do it two nights in a row. Some of us are actually sleepless for almost 48 hours because we didn’t want to miss a thing and trust me when I say we don’t look good at work!!

    Love all the way from Greece

  • Dana

    Ben, Amanda, Neil, and Damian: Thank you for this project. I personally don’t really know all that much about what goes into making music in a studio and watching you all work last night was both entertaining and interesting in a way that I’m not used to at all. (I tuned in from about 6pm until the very end). I really feel as though I have a greater appreciation for these songs than if I had simply heard them all without having seen you hammering them out from nothing. Bits and pieces of lyrics and music were flying all about last night and when I go back and listen to the music now I can hear the more subtle bits (such as Ben during the do do do do part of the squirrel song) and remember having seen it raw as it was being created. I suppose its an awful lot like when I do a painting. Sure, you can often see my brushstrokes but you can’t always see the strokes that inspired the ones on that ended up on the final surface. Fantastic job guys. <3

  • Amanda Jordá Avisati

    Tomorrow is my birthday so I considered the whole concert tonight an early present, and Tristan playing with you was the cherry on top of the awesome-filled and amazingly wonderful flavored cake :D Keep making weird shit spontaneously. To me at least, seeing people doing things in the most unexpected and unconventional ways is half the wonder. Whether the songs are good or not, I’m already happy something so odd happened and I was allowed to watch. And the songs are GREAT! Seriously, I need more wonderfully strange things in my life, and thank you so much for providing me some of them periodically with your webcasts and #LOFTNOTC, it’s heartwarming to know I have a crazy, talented, insane namesake out there giving me reasons to stay up late.

  • Divaqueen883

    Well. I’m going through some life changes right now. my husband is terminally ill, diagnosed with esophageal cancer in January, and i am home, watching him LIVE, together ushering in spring, planting the garden, remembering whens, and, talking about Things. One thing (one tiny thing) is he thinks i am a writer. he knows it is in me, has always been my #1 fan, and yet, i haven’t ever put it out there. I could come up with a million excuses, but now, with my life morphing into this vacuum of aching freedom from some of life’s quandries-work, drudgery, worrying about $-i am finding what it means to really let yourself go. Time at home, watching him sleep, listening to birds, i have no reason not to begin. As he slept, i watched you all last night, tweeted and giggled and talked to the laptop, i realized that you all have done much more than make an album to prove a point to the music industry or to extol the virtues of social media; you’ve proven genius is wherever genius puts itself out. That anything is possible. That passion + belief =creative possibilities. So forgive me if i tweet you and Neil a little too much, i am not stalking, really- i am drawing on your energy. i say it all the time-you are a beautiful creative inspirational goddess, and I love you. Thank you for your compassion and spirit-brilliant wonderful magic this was.

  • Clare

    This was an amazing experience. I couldn’t tear myself away until I took my internet crashing around 2:30AM CST as a sign that I should go to bed. Listening to those wee baby songs all grow’d up makes me so happy.

    TLDR: Fuck computer science; I’ma be a rock star.

  • Wishme

    What an awesome, fun collaborative experiment for a bunch of friends. You kick ass. And I’m kind of in love with “The Problem with Saints”
    Snarky History geekery? WIN.

    Thank you for having such a fun time doing what you do. That makes everything just a zillion times better


  • Julia

    this album made me so so happy. are the lyrics gonna be up at any point?

  • John Dutton

    FANTASTIC! I watched as much as i possibly could last night it was interesting, entertaining and educational. Watching live as i tried to keep up with twitter on my phone was pretty fun too ;) and the show tonight BRAVO! I wish I could have been in the audience to add to the cheers, pioneers you are.

  • AmyK

    I was fisting some raw chickens while listening and keeping and eye on the webcast. It was a neat concept and I liked the finished product. I bought it :)

  • Graypennell

    I watched 90 percent of the whole production. I found it to be entertainment and learned a lot that I can share with my music producer brother. I have the album and am amazed at the quality. Thank you sleep good tonight you four deserve it.

  • Vex Mesmer

    Apropos of nothing at all: I love how gangster you look in the band photo. :3

  • Tina Bits

    I thought the idea itself was great enough, but then I heard the album and it just exceeded all my wildest expectations. Congratulations and thank you, this was an incredible thing to do!
    And there’s something extremely surreal about the whole thing, cos I live in a small European country called Estonia where nothing ever happens and I get to watch (exhaused, but still supercreative) people making music here and now while I’m eating my breakfast – and being able to hear the album a few hours later. Makes me think that the world is so very small, so very freindly and so very brave.
    Thank you!

  • melissa

    You know, I had a really rough week (not as rough as Divaqueen883, OH, sending you some love. And writing “I have no reason not to begin” somewhere on my body). And this whole project has put such warmth in my heart. And a bit of a knot in the pit of my stomach for my long lost days in a band, writing music (in the days before digital recording and internets and things). But not in a bad way. It was like being home again to watch this whole mad project take place, and then to hear it all put together today made me so, so happy. (And Neil’s Joan of Arc song made me laugh every time I listened to it, which I did not think was possible this week. I remember when he was first looking for the word, yelling “bifurcate!!” at the screen. But of course my twitter account is protected so I could only hope someone else had the same thought! Well done on getting him to sing it.)

    Thank you, all four of you and your lovely producer (isn’t he adorable!) and everyone else involved in the project (including whoever was making the G&Ts) for involving us in such a wonderful, crazy moment in time.

  • lentower

    Mass Art Friday

    8I8 the last two days


  • Lifeonthehorizon

    This record exceeds all expectations. Absolutely brilliant !!

  • Brooke

    Now that my day has been thoroughly made…..

    Im going to sleep.

  • Puzzleclocks

    Listening to that album after being absorbed in it’s production for the better part of the whole thing is like listening to a recording of a concert you were at that was made up entirely of the performers jamming and people singing at them and dancing on stage with them!

    In short, this was truly a Ninja-album! Thanks to everyone, especially the AV team for letting us all be part of the process!

  • Curtis Stellfox

    Wow, this is absolutely spectacular. I love this wonderful experiment!!

  • PolitelyOffend

    Loved the album. It was really good. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to an album where I’ve liked every track on it.
    Thank you for being so crazy and hard working <3
    xo P.O.

  • Félix Marqués

    Amanda, could you please please please add the lyrics to the songs on Bandcamp? It doesn’t take much time and it’d help many of your fans who aren’t native English speakers understand what is sung in them. Yesterday, for instance, I wanted to show the Nikola Tesla song (which is AWESOME) to my friends, but I didn’t because they couldn’t have understood it. I can’t make out a couple of words myself.

    I think many musicians underestimate the usefulness of written lyrics and lyric booklets, and forget that most of their foreign fanbase mostly know written English and haven’t got a chance to learn spoken English.

  • E. Christopher Clark

    This was amazing to watch happen, and the end result is fantastic. Congrats to you all, and thanks for both entertaining and inspiring.

  • Alison

    I was watching the live bit when you were doing Because the Origami and went to sleep with it tripping through my brain. Downloading now so that I can hear the rest!

  • Félix Marqués

    Also, the “Most Memorable Kisses” song will be recorded some day?

  • ACoates

    Last night’s show was absolutely AMAZING!! I had the opportunity to sit in the balcony and watch the absurd awesomeness that was 8 in 8 (or 6 in 12), and I have to say it was the best concert I’ve been to all year. Please please PLEASE collaborate again with Neil, Ben and Damian (although get some sleep first)!!

  • angelica

    this is just soooo freaking amazing!! and love that tracks describing : handclaps — amanda, neil.. hahaha lol so freaking awesome! :D <3

  • Flyingseth

    Gosh… seen nothing, heard nothing, working, exhausted, having a shitty day when suddenly…… this HEAVENLY newsletter arrived! Amanda, Ben, Neil and Damian thank you for the effort! You saved my soul today.
    too bad I didn’t see it happen. thank you thank you! this record is so much fun to listen to!

  • Ellen Monroe

    You guys are fabulous – and since I heard you recording Nikola Tesla, I’ve had it stuck in my head. Will bandcamp it RIGHT NOW.

  • Trev

    Love listening to Neil’s voice, but…. Work some celebrity magic–you know you got it–and get us a Danny Elfman voiced and produced cover of The Problem With Saints. ;-)

  • Shine Maverick

    Okay, I haven’t read the blog (yet) but I couldn’t resist the urge to comment.
    OMG this is sooooo awesome! ITs amazing what you can do with so little when you just throw yourself into a situation that necessitates it.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for being brave and adventurous. THIS is what art is about!
    Okay, I admit, I’ve only listened to 1 and a half songs (so far) but I just love it. It sounds like the the kinda jam session that just perfectly unfolds in your living room at the most unexpected of times…only even better!
    I love it I love it I love it! Everything about it is wonderful, from the process to the freedom to daringness…and the songs are actually really fucking good (I expected them to be good, but this is better than good, this is…I don’t even have words for it, I’ve run out of adjectives. But my point is, this is beautiful and incredible, and I hope there is more of it to come!)
    And now I’m too excited and inspired to sleep.
    Which is a good reason to go make art and music instead.
    Which is kinda cool because, in a sense, art and music is fueling more art and music, which makes me feel like it’s perpetuating itself, and we are only it’s instruments. I kinda like this idea, but then I have to wonder where does the artist end and the art begin…
    On that note, I must go do artisty things.
    THANK YOU for the inspiration!

  • Lydiat15

    This album is freaking awesome. I especially love I’ll Be My Mirror. I used it to reintroduce sanity after a slightly hellish day yesterday involving my mum’s ex boyfriend, my brother’s inability to move quickly first thing in the morning so I could make sure he’d had his meds before I left for school (fyi, yelling “I AM!” but not changing speed at all is not hurrying) and then the dog getting diarrhea absolutely fucking everywhere (by far the grosses thing I have EVER cleaned up). It helped me find my stressyness, and the whole situation, actually, funny. Thank you :) x

  • Supergirl911

    I really enjoyed the album, thank you. I bought it and have listened to it multiple times and shared it already. :) On a tangent though, I have something to share with you that is off topic with this particular post but I figured the best place to put it that you would likely read it was in the comments of your newest blog-post. I stumbled across an article last night that seemed to me like a story of a girl in an alternate universe, where technology, connectivity and online social networking have become a means of isolation. I thought of your world with the twitter ninja-gigs and connecting with all kinds of people all over the place in real, meaningful ways, seemingly constantly as some sort of idealistic opposite to this bizarro-world that this girl feels she exists in and it really made me sad. The article is long and has a lot that is redundant and can be skimmed, it’s easy to get the story. The last part of her interview just made me want to cry and give her a hug. she said- “How do you even meet people?” Kiki asks. “Like, how do you connect with people? In person, it’s just so weird, no one talks to me.” Even online, surrounded by hundreds of fans, Kiki feels alone. “I feel like a butterfly in a jar,” she says. “They’ll watch me. And they’ll take from me. But no one ever connects.”

    the link is here-

    I would be very interested to hear your thoughts about this, if you have time! Thank you for being you.

  • Andrea Probert

    Superb superb work – much better than a lot of bands manage in months! And what an awesome challenge to set yourselves! Very impressed, congrats and look forward to your next unique project xx

  • Bridget Sweetin


  • Gudrun Thäter

    What one sees in the concert – the material complete works with the audience. So nice to see.
    Congrats to everybody.

  • Cazlake123

    My stream of the panel discussion keeps on cutting in and out, so I’ll post a comment while it re-loads. I love Damian’s point about the distinction between music music and recorded music (and I think he implies that there’s a more subtle relationship than with live v recorded music that he’s playing at) and his hypothesis that the people watching the webcast probably got the most out of this event/outcome.

    I wonder if there’s something here about music/process AND new media and audience engagement. Have new media tools allowed us to re-explore music as an experience rather than a product?

  • misssahara

    crossposting from shadowbox:
    i wish there was a chance you’d put up all the lyrics from the unfinished songs (kissing song…) so we musiciany people could try our hands at them…that would be so much fun. especially since i’m inspired now but don’t have any videomaking skills…

    but that may be a somewhat radical thought for audience participation… and admittedly it’d only promote your art on a very subtle level, compared to musicvideos and covers… and maybe you still want to use the lyrics yourselves? :-/ ah whatever, thought i’d ask! <3

  • R Rabin

    I’ll be your Mirror was fantastic- clever and true and musically interesting. Great, great song.

  • Bill’s

    just bought it and started listening .. so far .. amazing :-)

  • Bill’s

    just bought it and started listening … awesome

  • theansweris42

    I wanted so badly to participate in watching the webcast and tweeting in suggestions, but alas, I was at work pretty much the entire time you guys were in the studio! I can’t wait for the day I actually am able to sit down at watch one of your webcasts live! Just bought the album and am considering doing a video if I can get my hands on a camera!

    This reminds me so much of the time I participated in a 24 hour theater project at UC Santa Cruz. We locked ourselves in the theater (which is an old barn from the 1800s that was converted to a performance space) from 8pm to 8pm, during which the 14 or so of us did bonding exercises and theater games and brainstormed and rehearsed to come up with a show that would be presented to an audience at 8pm at the end of the 24 hours. It was one of the hardest, most fun, and exhilarating things I’ve ever been a part of and I grew so much as an artist from just jumping into the opportunity to create art without regard to polishing or what people would think of it, but to just DO it for the sake of getting art out there to people. It was amazing.

    If you haven’t participated in the past, you should also try doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) or NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) one of these years, if you’re looking for more opportunities to make art in awesome time restraints!

  • Bragiola

    NEIL GAIMAN!!! OMG!! The brazillians loves your works!!

  • gattopardo

    dear amanda & gang
    congratulations on the culmination of such a mind blowing. I can only imagine that the air in the studio was so charged with creative energy you were all lucky you didnt get your asses propelled into outer space. I can’t wait to dig into it. best from lisbon, portugal

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