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STRIP CLUB WIN! (+ninja uke gig today in portland, OR!)

hola comrades!

well, via the power of twitter, we hit strip club last night, and damn if a group of @amandapalmer fans in  strip club isn’t a joyous thing.
and people in portland, and in the northwest in general, just rock so hard, period. i love it up here so much.

about 20-30 folks showed up and for a while i felt like i was existing in a world that was a cross between twin peaks and reading rainbow.
all the love!

here’s where we went….

…there were three girls rotating (quite literally, come to think of it) throughout the night.
we all picked favorites.

one looked like a cross between avril lavigne and debbie harry and had wicked tude.
one was a blond who just never stopped grinning and winking (she was my favorite).
one had enormous breasts that she could do wonderful tricks with (she was lots of other people’s favorite).

no fake tits to be seen, which always makes me happy.

the girls were so comfy being strippers, there was an authentic sense of fun in the place, lots of joking and talking between the girls on stage and the folks at the bar and LOTS and LOTS of michael jackson.

i think i managed to hang out with everyone for at least a few minutes.
i felt like a hostess. in a strip club. maybe ……i’ve found my calling.

here’s the cash register….

and here’s the twitter-registry i put together on the fly, photo taken upon return to my hotel….

my hangover is doing just fine, thank you for asking.

going to spend the whole day catching up on work and have plenty of deep thoughts that i’d love to share about how awesome it is to be living in a world where you can take over a dive strip club for a night with a simple twtiter from your blackberry, but i want to announce before it gets too late:


bring fruit, water, aspirin, flowers, ponies, knitting, instruments, whatEVS. and neckrubs.

around 6 pm-ish.

davis street, between 8th and park, in front of the customs building.
if anyone has a good camera and mad photo skillz, bring dat shit, so we can take some group shots.
bring stuff for signing. i will play ukulele to the best of my hungover ability.
as usual, i will put out my case for donations.
musician, stripper, all the same, honey. we work for tips.  and there’s an off-chance that jason webley might join us… he is on a drive down to eugene to play the county fair tomorrow. life up here is just getting wholesomer by the minute.

here’s a map:

see you there mofos!!!!!!



p.s. speaking of all this NAKED, if you want to join in the fun “put a naked magic-markered amanda on the cover of rolling stone” art project, head over to…

…to see the magic and apply your photoshop skillz.

there’s more naked there than you can shake a stick at.
i’ll post some of the work here when more entries roll in. no deadlines, just absurdity.

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