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order me and put me in your mouth


i’m sitting in the whole foods parking lot in Cambridge…in the dark…blogging from my iPhone, again. and hungry. the best way to blog.

I just had some meetings at the Café Pamplona, where I’ve actually been added to the menu. yes folks, it’s true, now you can drink amanda fucking palmer for the low low price of $4.25 plus Massachusetts state tax:
what’s in it? you’ll have to go find out. I’m not telling. braaaaaains.

Then went and spent some heavy brain-time with the folks at the berkman center at harvard law. i’m trying not to take for granted that I live in one of the most intellectual cities in the world and am surrounded by (actual) braaaaaains. we talked about the future of music and the net and how people think. we’re, like, dating.


the big news is that tristan’s record release was a huge fucking success – and the feedback about the record has been outstanding. here’s just a little bit of what some people have been saying:

…Tristan Allen made my head heart & soul dance in tandem tonight!” – @Estrella_Mar

Tristan playing reverberated in me and made me stop breathing. He was that fucking awesome.” – @TroubleUnawares

That’s it. I quit playing the piano, because I will never be as amazing as Tristan.” – @ShiversTheNinja (please don’t quit, btw)

It is so so sad that I have to go to sleep now. Everything is beautiful, Tristan creates awe inspiring music, I will sleep happily.” – @AllSplicedUp

Oh. My. God. Seriously, weeping from the greatness. Tristan is AMAZING.” – @christine_9774

…just listened to Tristan. I was expecting really good. I was expecting awesome even. On the first track, I was even saying to myself: George Winston. By the second, I was like: ‘Hold on, this is not what I expected. This is differentnewexceptionallyoriginalWOW. Brilliant. I am not one for geeking out on things, but I am so bummed that I am on the wrong coast tonight.” – Tor (via reply to the last blog)

tristan and I signed CDs for all the kickstarter pre-order folks at my house yesterday (here’s a YouTube clip of me giving tristan autographing advice, it’s pretty hilarious)…

and here’s a photo of t signing, that’s his girlfriend kaylyn (@leptocephalus) helping out, and that’s lee filming the movie within the movie….

the record release show at Berklee last night was absolutely magic and you can watch the entire webcast:

(or click HERE if the embed is giving you grief).
the quality is SUPERB, there were lots of cameras, a beautiful grand piano, and the sound was state-o-the-art…so go see webcasting done like it will blow your mind dude.

I played about an hour including a bunch of new stuff i’d never played in the States before (from the forthcoming “Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under” record), tristan played for about 45 minutes, and then we did a long (great) Q&A, and talked with the audience.

I told tristan the sure sign of his impending success was that so many of the staff and crew working at Berklee asked for copies of the CD. when someone who has no connection to me comes asking, that’s when you know. and they all did. tristan literally blew people’s minds with his talent and his magic fingers. I’m no match for the kid. watch him, too.

afterwards, we all went out to celebrate at theOTHERSIDE cafe. here’s me, cormac bride (who, if you were there, was in my apartment on that fafteful day I dragged tristan over), and the man of the hour himself:

most of my team came, some of tristan’s family came as far as canada, and it’s the happiest I remember being for ages. why is everything so awesome lately?

If you haven’t downloaded the record yet, it’s FREE+donation and you can get it RIGHT NOW at
….for those who missed the deets on the limited edition CD in this blog: only 1,000 were made. they’re almost completely sold out. only the first pressing is going to be in the big extra-special-fancy large-size case. if you’re thinking about getting one, or you want someone to get you one for christmas…NOW. IS. YOUR. CHANCE. @indeciSEAN brought them all down from vermont for the show yesterday, and late last night @bethofalltrades took them back to post-war-trade-land in brooklyn to get them ready to ship off to all y’all…

BTW, some of you have been asking/apologizing that you can’t afford to donate anything for the download just yet. firstly, the album isn’t going to go away. that’s one of the great things about it finally being out: it’s OUT, it’s REAL, it’s FOREVER – and because of that, you can always come back and throw some money into the “tip jar”…but also, you can help in other ways. here are two (leave a comment if you have suggestions for others/tried something you saw work):
TELL PEOPLE ABOUT TRISTAN & THE RECORD. tweet, e-mail, IM…post on facebook or myspace or tumblr or all of them at once. shout from the highest mountaintop, play songs on your radio shows, make music videos…here’s an easy to remember link for it: (that’s “TA” for “tristan allen”, “EP” for “extended play”, and “BC” for “bandcamp”)…
• for you facebook types: while you’re at, please click the “Like” button.

I’m so incredibly proud of him. dyam.

here’s some more pictures from last night…



(photo by @LauraVogel)

(photo by @LauraVogel)


(photo by @HayleyFiasco)


(photo by @LauraVogel)


(photo by @HayleyFiasco)


(photo by @LauraVogel)

playing a yann tierson piece from “amélie”, and breaking my heart:

(photo by me)

killing it:

(photo by @HayleyFiasco)


(photo by @LauraVogel)


(photo by @LauraVogel)


(photo by @LauraVogel


(photo by @LauraVogel)


(photo by @HayleyFiasco)


(photo by @HayleyFiasco)


(photo by @HayleyFiasco)

and one for my moxy from the signing line:

(photo by @HayleyFiasco)

next up, I promise, loads of info on the australian/NZ record and tour. we’re getting all of out cane toads in a row here….

love from the parking lot,


broccoli awaits.


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